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  • She felt a tugging on her arm and saw that Roland had dropped to his knees in the mud. She resisted. She would never bend her knee to such priests. But if she refused she risked being found out. If only she'd been allowed to go openly to death as a Cathar! She swallowed hard, knelt, and made the sign of the cross.
  • "Its a long story but I will say that I fought alongside my immortal brethren for the freedom to live and survive as we were allowed when we were mortals."
  • He stopped but didnt look back. "Well, I dont recommend you contacting your son just yet. The Sires have not allowed any new creation to live since they changed the law." He walked out of the room and opened the front door. "Margret, you can come in now. Ill let you take care of the rest."
  • His next care was to separate the coarse outer husk or covering of the kernel from the finer parts that make the meal. He had no sieve. His net was too coarse. It let both bran and meal go through. "I must make a net or cloth fine enough to sift or bolt my flour," said he. Such was now his skill in spinning and weaving that this was not hard to do. He had soon woven in his loom a piece of fine netting which allowed the meal to shake through, but held back the coarse bran or outer husk of the kernel. Out of the dry corn that he had stored up he now made quite a quantity of flour. This he kept tightly covered in a large earthen pot or jar that he had made for this purpose. "I must keep all my food clean and protect it from the ants and other insects as well as dust and damp," he thought.
  • "That is a good question, and one we need to answer." The King allowed his gaze to drift towards the window. "Where... is Valaira?"
  • "When I died, Morrigan led me to what you would call heaven, and the first thing I did was look for someone. Unable to find this person, I spoke with God himself. There, in His presence, I was told of what is to come, and my place in it. I begged to be allowed to search among the dishonored not only for those who might aid Him, but for my friend, whom I believed far better suited to the times ahead than myself." Gawain stops, turning to Alastor slowly, methodically continuing. "Do you know of whom I speak?"
  • In fact, Turkey has devised a comparatively successful strategy to manage professionally qualified Syrians. By and large, they were not put into big camps, but left to become socialized in neighborhoods in the larger Turkish community. Many Syrians have rented houses in cities like Kilis and Gaziantep. Seeing Syrians shopping with Turks has become normal in daily life in Gaziantep, for instance. Turkey softened its relevant laws to ease the Syrians' ability to survive. A prominent example of this is that all Syrians who enter Turkey with passports are allowed to stay in the country for an extended period of time without further bureaucratic formalities. Despite their not having the relevant official papers, Syrians are allowed to use their cars in Turkey. There was even the quite rare event of Ankara appointing a coordinator governor to handle the Syrian refugee issue. The coordinator governor for refugees in Turkey is responsible for all procedures that concern Syrians in Turkey, including public services like health and education.
  • I saw not Cono during this time. I reasoned it was with reason to play this charade. Cono had made a stance for me. Determined not to disappoint him, I endured the journey in silence. Twiten allowed me only to transport into Yucca. From there I was directed in with the other pages.
  • He closed the throttle and, careful to maintain sufficient speed for steerageway, allowed the plane to drift backward in the heavy wind until the mouth of the little harbor lay off his port quarter. Exerting pressure on left rudder, he allowed the plane's nose to play off to port for the fraction of a second, then kicked her ahead and dead into the wind again, so as to take the advancing wave nose on.
  • William r. huntington we do not value as we ought our inestimable privilege of being allowed to worship god.
  • "Hold it! Didn't you demand of both Major Swann and Private Pierce that you be allowed to accompany them? And didn't you use espionage techniques to wile information from Pierce? Didn't you invade our training session with yet another demand to be taken aboard? Didn't you repeatedly and vociferously request to go on whatever type of expedition we organized, whether hunting or warfare? Correct me if I'm wrong in any detail."
  • I'm sure you can sense things which are beyond my reckoning, the reader allowed and once again his focus shifted to the lands to the west, "but what about the tremor itself? Wouldn't you consider experiencing a quake in these parts as out of the ordinary? I'm not even sure of when the last recorded tremor came upon these lands."
  • Where have you been? "Where did you come from?" "When did you get here?" "What made you go off?" "Did they seize you?" "Was it the old woman that did it?" These questions, and scores of others, came pouring forth into his astonished ears. As for David, he could not utter one single word. At length the yearning affection of Uncle Moses seemed to be satiated, and the boisterous greetings of the boys exhausted, and one by one they released their grasp, and allowed David to extricate himself.
  • This allowed him the free use of both his arms, which of course was the main idea he had in view, when getting rid of the lantern.
  • The fund charges a 0.48% expense ratio, which is the lowest of its peers and in line with other high-yield bond funds. The fund is allowed to engage in securities lending, and 65% of the resulting income is returned to the fund. Parent BlackRock reimburses the fund for any losses arising from securities lending.
  • Uncle John always traveled comfortably and even luxuriously, but without ostentation. Such conveniences as were offered the general public he indulged in, but no one would suspect him of being a multi-millionaire who might have ordered a special train of private cars had the inclination seized him. A modest little man, who had made an enormous fortune in the far Northwest--almost before he realized it--John Merrick had never allowed the possession of money to deprive him of his simple tastes or to alter his kindly nature. He loved to be of the people and to mingle with his fellows on an equal footing, and nothing distressed him more than to be recognized by some one as the great New York financier. It is true that he had practically retired from business, but his huge fortune was invested in so many channels that his name remained prominent among men of affairs and this notoriety he was unable wholly to escape.
  • IV. Soldiers will not be allowed to visit plantations without the written consent of the commanding officer of the regiment or post to which they are attached, and never with arms, except when on duty, accompanied by an officer.
  • But the boys now began to realize that they were, as Seth expressed it, "some tired," and they only too willingly allowed their folks to carry them off home, to get washed up, and partake of a good meal.
  • "I intend to, my dear fellow. She is not your style. I begin to wonder whether she altogether suits my palate." He drew out his snuff-box and offered it to his host, and the other men finding that he was proof against their railing, allowed the subject to drop.
  • REV. DR. FOLLIOTT. Sir, I deny our greater knowledge of anatomy. But I shall take the liberty to employ, on this occasion, the argumentum ad hominem. Would you have allowed Miss Crotchet to sit for a model to Canova?
  • One of his distant relatives, Madame la Comtesse de Lo, rarely allowed an opportunity to escape of enumerating, in his presence, what she designated as "the expectations" of her three sons. She had numerous relatives, who were very old and near to death, and of whom her sons were the natural heirs. The youngest of the three was to receive from a grand-aunt a good hundred thousand livres of income; the second was the heir by entail to the title of the Duke, his uncle; the eldest was to succeed to the peerage of his grandfather. The Bishop was accustomed to listen in silence to these innocent and pardonable maternal boasts. On one occasion, however, he appeared to be more thoughtful than usual, while Madame de Lo was relating once again the details of all these inheritances and all these "expectations." She interrupted herself impatiently: "Mon Dieu, cousin! What are you thinking about?" "I am thinking," replied the Bishop, "of a singular remark, which is to be found, I believe, in St. Augustine,--`Place your hopes in the man from whom you do not inherit.'"
  • The dna was blotted onto a nylon membrane and the probe to the transposon was allowed to hybridize to those fragments containing the transposon.
  • Gladys gently allowed her eyes to close. With one hand she removed her glasses and placed them on the bedside table beside her. It was the middle of the daybutwellit had already been a long one. With a drawn-out yawn Gladys turned over and, hugging her pillow close, allowed herself to fall asleep.
  • When Wyck, or Fred Philamore, left Sydney, he did so without leaving a trace behind him, for Joe Brown had returned to Queensland, after sending a detailed account of how the boys had been caught, and had received a tremendous thrashing. Wyck was overjoyed, and had sent him his other tenner. Now his intention was to get to England without delay, but as no boat was starting for a week, and feeling secure in his disguise, he gave himself up to enjoyment in Melbourne, and, becoming bolder every day, allowed the boat to start without him. The boys had visited Adelaide and Melbourne, and scoured the county, but could find no trace of the fugitive, and as Mr. and Mrs. Whyte had now arrived, they had gone to Tasmania with them and the girls for a short stay at Goodchilds'. They had only been there two days when Hal received the following telegram:
  • The Indians, instead of binding Mike, as I expected they would do, allowed him to come and sit by me under the tree; narrowly watching him, however, though they did not interfere with us.
  • Petro aroused him an hour later and still with that curious passivity Allard allowed himself to be cared for, measured, respectfully consulted. He even found himself ordering the old dishes for breakfast, specifying the old hour of service. And with the once familiar comfort came more restfulness.
  • The hills became steeper ahead as Ryson turned them to the southwest. They were now far enough north to avoid contact with even the outer limits of Burbon's farmland, and it allowed Ryson to draw a direct bead upon Sanctum. Its peak was not yet visible to them, but his delver senses allowed him to focus upon it as if it were right before him. They would avoid the growing inclines of the mountains ahead by cutting through the sliver of forest that separated Sanctum from these lands.
  • He laughed at her trembling with careless amusement. "What, still scared, my brown elf? Where is your old daring? Aren't you allowed to have any spirit at all in this house?"
  • The Rascal was in the best of tempers, he actually allowed Picton to stroke his face, pat his neck, and pay him sundry attentions; Rita gave him lumps of sugar, and said he was the dearest and best of Rascals.
  • The Jew having allowed him to ring out his alarm, condoled his misfortune, and gravely counselled the young lady to wean her affections from such an unworthy object, for he supposed her favourite was a man of no principle, or liberal endowments, otherwise her father would not exclaim so bitterly against her conduct. Charlotte, who wanted neither beauty nor understanding, assured him that her lover's character was, in all respects, unblemished, for the truth of which assertion she appealed to her papa, who owned, with reluctance, that the young man was a gentleman by birth, that he had served him with remarkable diligence and integrity, and that his accomplishments were far superior to his station in life. "But then," said he, "the fellow has not a shilling of his own, and would you have me give away my daughter to a beggar?"
  • Without choice, Gerin's nerves got the better of him. Not only had this stranger forced a thought in, he ripped one out. Again, he surveyed the companions, in fear they would strike, but they seemed more intent to decipher his current actions than they did attacking. So he allowed a moment, trying once more to determine who had spoken to him.
  • Two of the other four Masters had confided, in Sanychs long absence, that they felt she was too young to handle such responsibility, even though Temple law allowed her to quest at this age. In the short time since her return, they had also voiced opinions that the woman in her company must surely be an impostor. The other two Masters were wisely withholding judgment, as he was.
  • Now I know why you went after your gun, Frank! he remarked. "Not that I blame you a particle, remember. Don't I remember the dark face of that Jules, and how he stared at me, and ground his white teeth, when they took him away. All this time I've allowed myself to sleep sweetly, under the belief that, since he was bound to stay behind stone walls at least eight years, I needn't be afraid. But sometimes even walls can be scaled. Is it loaded, Frank--your gun, I mean?"
  • Romessee dismounted. "We must get you off your horse and look at your injuries," she said. Finnegaff allowed her to aid his dismount. She sat him against a tree.
  • The only thing i was not allowed to take was a very nice set of single ended spanners up to 1 inch.
  • But little else of value belonging to Roger was found, and their own things the prisoners were allowed to retain, all but their weapons. Those, even to their pocket-knives, Tom Dillon confiscated.
  • These men are placed there for a purpose, and one purpose among others is to prevent the illegal sending into the States of Chinamen. You see only so many foreigners from each nation are allowed to settle in the United States each year, and once that quota is reached, no more will be admitted. Naturally there are always men who want to come to the ""Land of Plenty"" and make their fortunes, but unless these men are within the quota for that year, they are forbidden to enter. All Chinese are forbidden entry and have been for several years."
  • That one encounter had changed him entirely, had inspired him to fight once more for the people he let down and allowed to suffer while he suffocated in his own guilt. He would free them, and in the processatone.
  • When Catherine l'Estrange came to us, however, during our first Christmas at Craymoor, I found that she was troubled with no such fancies, but declared that she delighted in queer old rooms, with raftered ceilings and deep window-seats, such as ours, and begged to be allowed to occupy the spare chamber. This I readily acceded to, as we had several visitors, and needed all the available rooms.
  • Urging on our steeds, we joined the throng of warriors, who were already forming at a little distance from our late camp. The chief laughed when he saw us, and exchanged remarks with some of his companions. We concluded that these were in our favour, for we were allowed to retain our steeds.
  • I read through the book, or rather, my eyes wandered across the pages. I put it down, and sat down beside Farbhann. He put his outsize head in my lap and allowed me to stroke him. I stared out the window, at the trees shaking in the wind. I didn't have to concentrate on that.
  • Instructions were being yelled out as to which line to stand in. Depending on what page number you were on in the manifest, determined which group you joined. When everyone on a single page was accounted for, only then were they allowed inside the palace building.
  • We don't; but it looks as though there were no help for it. The letter says that, after an investigation of our case, it has been decided that we shall be sent back to Berlin and that, if we are to be allowed to leave the country, such arrangements must be made by the United States ambassador.
  • To this very day, it has never been positively known among the scouts of the Wolf Patrol whether Landy met with an unexpected accident, or allowed himself to be deliberately dragged out of the boat, seized with a sudden overwhelming desire to end his spell of drudgery.
  • Not being with her was torture. Every part of him longed for her, but if he truly loved Serenity, he would do what was best for her. True love should be self-less. How he felt didnt matter. What mattered was Serenity should be allowed to live her life as a normal human being.
  • I am still one of the finest men in Europe, and at the time of which I write, when only two-and-twenty, I confess I was a little vain of my personal appearance, and not very willing to appear before my dear Belinda disguised like a blackamoor. I allowed Ghorumsaug to divest me of the heathenish armour and habiliments which I wore; and having, with a world of scrubbing and trouble, divested my face and beard of their black tinge, I put on my own becoming uniform, and hastened to wait on the ladies; hastened, I say,--although delayed would have been the better word, for the operation of bleaching lasted at least two hours.
  • The hours passed, and still no one came near him; he called, and the guard appeared at the door, but only to see what was the matter, and finding his prisoner safe, at once resumed his walk to and fro. The soldier did not, for his own sake, dare to enter into conversation with a prisoner under arrest for such an offence; he might be involved, or suspected. Had it been merely theft or any ordinary crime, he would have talked freely enough, and sympathized with the prisoner. As time went on, Felix grew thirsty, but his request for water was disregarded, and there he remained till four in the afternoon. They then marched him out; he begged to be allowed to speak, but the soldiery did not reply, simply hurrying him forward. He now feared that he should be executed without the chance being afforded him to say a word; but, to his surprise, he found in a few minutes that they were taking him in the direction of the king's quarters. New fears now seized him, for he had heard of men being turned loose, made to run for their lives, and hunted down with hounds for the amusement of the Court.
  • "Call it good measure," he said with a snort, dropping her limp body with a thud. He had drunk until he'd had his fill. Under normal circumstances, he would have shared the vessel's remainder with his closest men. Today, though, there was blood in such glorious, lavish, wasteful excess, that it could be allowed to flow freely.
  • Mr Marshall? responded the steward. "Oh, 'e's all right; 'e's smart enough, 'e is; not much of a chap to look at--bein' a small man and not over strong--but 'is 'ead's screwed on the right way. But 'e can't do nothin', because, ye see, sir, they keeps 'im in irons and locked up in 'is own cabin, 'cept when 'e was let out twice a day to take the sights and work up the ship's reckonin', and then either Turnbull or one of 'is gang was always alongside of 'im, and nobody else was hever allowed to go anigh 'im; whilst at other times--when I was givin' 'im 'is meals, I mean--either Pete Burton or one of the other chaps what was in with Turnbull was always about to see as 'e and I didn't 'ave no talk together. So, ye see, the poor man 'adn't no chance to do anything 'owever much 'e might 'ave been minded."
  • "We have more prizes to make before the day is over, lads," cried Waymouth, and at that instant another large Portugal ship driving against the prize, he, with the brave Ap Reece and a number of followers, threw himself on her deck. So fierce was this onslaught that the enemy did not stand a moment, but tumbling below one over the other, or in their fright jumping overboard, or casting down their weapons, they allowed speedy possession to be taken of their ship. Waymouth and his companions then lashed the two prizes together, and not without difficulty regained the Lion, on the other side of which more of the enemy were congregated. Of one Captain Wood had taken possession. Waymouth and Ap Reece now sprang on board another about midships, when, dividing their forces, one swept forward and the other aft, driving their loudly vociferating foes before them till the Portugal's flag was hauled down.
  • I had allowed Gwydion so much. His kidnapping, the bruises that had marred my face. His violence against me had been an unforgivable offense and yet I had still made my peace with him, over and over again. This, this assault of my sister's sleeping person, defended by a flimsy excuse, very likely a lie, was not something I could forgive him.
  • Simple as was the couch, they were not allowed to occupy it for long. They had been scarce two hours asleep, when one and all of them were awakened by a sensation that chilled, and, at the same time, terrified them. Their terror arose from a sense of suffocation: as if salt water was being poured down their throats, which was causing it. In short, they experienced the sensation of drowning; and fancied they were struggling amid the waves, from which they had so lately escaped.
  • Modern agronomy, however, has allowed us to increase the diversity of wheat varieties from this narrow genetic base.
  • With admirable skill each parried the strokes of the other, and at the end of five minutes neither had sustained so much as a scratch. Then their customary prudence began to desert them, and they made furious onsets, swaying backward and forward across the limited space which was allowed them, and smiting their blades until the sparks fell in showers.
  • Taf found she could not shrug while hanging on the branch. "Both, I suppose, unless you lived a very long time. It would be unlikely that I would be allowed back here. Of course I might not ever remember much more than an image of you, and that would take so long..." She sighed. "But I have been true to my order and served my purpose well, so death is nothing to fear." Not that she wished for death in the near future.
  • Now the horses, he said, and the three walked out into the starlight and toward the double gates. "Whatever you will say will go with the men out there. And be sure you say we are to be allowed to go for a ride."
  • Cortical Stimulation Mapping (often shortened to CSM) is a physically invasive procedure that aims to localize the function of specific brain regions through direct electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex. It remains one of the earliest methods of analyzing the brain and has allowed researchers to study the relationship between cortical structure and systemic function. Cortical stimulation mapping is still useful for a number of clinical and therapeutic applications, and remains the gold standard for the pre-surgical mapping of the motor and language areas of the cortex to prevent unnecessary functional damage. It is also often used in the clinical treatment of epilepsy.
  • Pacing the floor of his office, Captain Ramon allowed his wrath to grow, and thought on these things and many others. He had kept abreast of the times, and he knew that the governor arid the men about him were sorely in need of more funds to waste in riotous living. They had plucked those men of wealth against whom there was- the faintest breath of suspicion, and they would welcome a new victim.
  • 'I know it. What you have said and what you have allowed have so much of liberality, cool recollection, and dispassionate honesty, that they are, as I knew they would be, very honourable to you.'
  • "Not at all Battus. There is no sense doing anything if you do not intend to take it all the way. You're forgetting that the Vindyri and the Bhoors already share many of the beliefs I hold. They know the way of equality among all is the only just and fair way; even if their systems are not exactly perfect. Regardless of our differences, we all understand that no man should be allowed to stand above the rest. Each man must be raised up and made great with him.
  • During the earlier portion of the journey, as they encountered these obstacles, the mine boss urged, almost commanded, Derrick to go back and leave him to continue the undertaking alone. In spite of some faults the lad was no coward, and he begged so earnestly to be allowed to keep on that the other consented, on condition that no greater danger presented itself.
  • Lief particularly welcomed the warm sun on his face. The open air brought a renewed sense of freedom. The blue sky overhead reminded him that no ceiling confined him. He drank in the sweet air. For a moment, he allowed himself a quick glance westward. He could not see the tree tops of his home, but he knew they were there. It was all he could do to keep from tearing off his outer cloak and race away from this town.
  • He stood in the doorway while Alice cleaned the kids' rooms, jeering at her. She was a terrible mother. Not fit to raise his children. If he wasn't willing to protect her she'd be going to jail and never allowed to see the kids again. She was in tears, on her hands and knees getting dust out from under the beds. He trapped her there and disciplined her with the broom handle, to start with.
  • "My case is this: I am human. I also have supernatural abilities. Thus, humans are capable of supernatural abilities and should be allowed into the USB and remain under its protection." I slowly released my death grip on the podium and felt blood stinging back into my fingers.
  • For the tiniest fraction of a second he knew why. Then, instantly, it was gone. He lowered his arm, but allowed himself to keep staring upwards for a moment. It was when I noticed the atulphi, he thought. That was when the music changed again. But why? Overhead, the bustling skyscape remained unchanged: the flitting atulphi still flew; the glittering, shimmering clouds continued their meandering pilgrimages up high. What does it mean? he said to himself, as he brought his gaze back down to the emberquick. It had not stopped glowing, and neither had the music ceased.
  • Noah sat next to her bed, his head in his hands. He was wearing the same scrubs shed seen him in before, but his hair was beginning to slip out of its ponytail again. She wasnt sure how much time had passed, but she guessed that Noah probably had not left her side the entire time. Perhaps on instinct, or maybe he heard her soft movements, he lifted his head. It was somehow refreshing to see his blood-shot teary eyes. She had seen him panicked. She had seen him cold. She had seen him angry. But since they had returned to Santa Cruz she hadnt seen him express sadness. Perhaps it was good that they both finally allowed some of their inner pain to rise to the surface.
  • Though it was dormant season, the ground here was free of snow and ice. It had been dry so far this season and Joel was thankful for this. Still, the ground remained hard and frozen as the sun hung low in the horizon and direct light could not break the shadows of the thicker rows of trees. Evergreens allowed for greater cover and Joel used them to his advantage. He made it through the park in quicker time and stopped to gauge his next path.
  • 'No beggars allowed in this bar,' said one of the professional boarders jocularly, thinking the entrance a bit of playful masquerade.
  • It was a piece of coral of exquisite frailty, and Ganel remembered it from the building of his nest, and it allowed back into his mind all the woes that he had hoped to shut from it and he arose with a terrible roar and cast the coral far into the night.
  • I didn't know he had even struck me until just now. You see Captain Harley allowed me to box with the sailors, and I learned how to defend myself. Jim says he is going to get even with me later on, he said modestly.
  • It was the police and I could see Elly's brother stood behind them like a battered wife waiting for the police to remove her crazed husband so she could return to her children. I couldn't help but chuckle and we invited the police in for coffee and to make our complaint on the provision that Marvin wasn't allowed back in the house.
  • I finished the last of that mysterious stew, and then filled and lighted my pipe. I felt sure I would be allowed the half hour dinner spell the rest of the crowd had enjoyed, and I relaxed and puffed contentedly, determined to enjoy my respite to the last minute. For the sounds from the deck indicated a lively afternoon for all hands. But something occurred to interrupt my cherished "Smoke O," something that caused me to sit up suddenly and stiffly on the bench, while my pipe fell unheeded from my slackened mouth, and an unpleasant prickle ran over my scalp and down my spine.
  • By means of the cable, the sunken boat was pulled to the airship, and when the water was allowed to run out it was hauled aboard. Then it was examined, the leak found, and the craft was placed out in the sun to dry, after which it could be mended.
  • By this time we were so nearly winded that it was impossible to continue the flight without a breathing spell, and the old man allowed us to halt when we were close upon the city.
  • They could work up to some mind-numbing excursion, some crescendo that would kill them both. That was all she thought was left. Not that he did anything unusual or new-fangled, only that with Dan, Summer was liberated. She was allowed to be herself, whoever that was, and maybe that was the biggest part of it, discovering who she was post-Jody Sims.
  • But we should lead the barbarian to the light, said Meeker. "It is a dreadful example for Christians to set such people. They should not be allowed to carry such weapons--the practice leads to crime."
  • In previous years a concession has allowed a seven day period of grace before a late filing penalty is charged.
  • He believed the most important part of the painting laid in the space between the red and the green. Contrasting colors allowed for a stronger emotion to come from these color syllogisms. In life there are no hard lines only the appearance that they exist. You see a hard edge but take a step closer. Maybe it gets a little softer. Take another step in. You begin to see that that line is not solid but composed of dots next to each other. Take one step in closer and you see that between the red dot and the green dot is really only space. But take a step back and it is there in the space that the colors blend to become something stronger. The feeling of a hard edge without the edge. A stronger color.
  • Brad was bursting to share his experiences of the evening with someone. He was sure Harold wouldn't let him use the old wall-mounted crank telephone to talk to George. The phone was across the hall from his parent's bedroom and under no circumstances would he be allowed to do anything which might possibly disturb his mother. Behind the closed bedroom door she would be in her bed curled up in the same fetal ball. Suffering the same migraine she had been suffering since yesterday morning.
  • It is impossible, declared the lieutenant. "Right now you would not be allowed to go. And, in the second place, I took the trouble to inquire, when I first reached Lige, whether your mother was in Brussels. Your ambassador, Mr. Brand Whitlock, informed me that she had left the country."
  • Karema also was presented as his wife, having passed the Ordeal of the Matrons, but only, I think, because it was found that she was in the way to give an heir to the throne. For to them her beauty was ugliness, nor could they understand how it came about that their king, who contrary to the general customs of the land, was only allowed one wife lest the children should quarrel, could have chosen a lady who was not black. So they received her in silence with many whisperings which made Karema very angry.
  • Honest, Rob, I never knew what I was missing when I said toasted frogs' legs would do for Frenchmen, but none for Merritt Crawford, and, while making this abject confession, the speaker allowed a look of sublime content to possess his features, such as would remove any lingering doubt concerning his sincerity.
  • It says: Do you not look at the skies above you, which we have constructed in such a well-ordered and magnificent fashion? And do you not see how We have adorned it with stars and the sun and the moon, and how We have allowed no fault or defect? And do you not see how We have spread out the earth for you and with what wisdom We have furnished it? We have fixed mountains on it and protected it from the encroachment of the sea.
  • Yes, answered Sekosini--and the answer in nowise surprised Dick; "I know all. 'Nkuni is slowly dying of poison administered by me, the same poison that sent 'Mtatu and the other five chiefs along the Dark Path. The destruction of these men is preliminary to the destruction of the king, of whose method of government I and others disapprove. I might have destroyed Lobelalatutu alone; but if the chiefs whom I have destroyed had been allowed to live it would assuredly have led to trouble, therefore have I destroyed them first. When 'Nkuni dies the chiefs who think as I do will be strong enough to act without fear of opposition, and we shall be able to destroy Lobelalatutu and restore the system which prevailed when M'Bongwele reigned, the system by which the chiefs and the witch doctors were able to acquire much wealth instead of living, as we do now, in comparative poverty."
  • She unfroze momentarily and even allowed her eyes to move in his direction. There they stayed and watched him grab his canvas and hurl it across the studio only to come to rest noisily against the ancient plumbing that seemed to haphazardly poke out of every wall before disappearing back into the crumbling brick.
  • There was no way I could risk phasing again, as the pack could not be allowed to see the well of misery I had fallen into.
  • There was a crescent moon peeking through the thin layer of clouds that evening, providing enough light to see by. Sayana and Aiden took the lead, her natural vision, combined with his enhanced sight, allowed them to see any obstructions that would impair their progress sa as to steer the others around them. The dull roar of the sea could be heard somewhere up ahead, but it was a different sound that caught Sayana's sharp hearing, and caused to her stop dead in her tracks.
  • As the line continues drawing closer to the gate, James notices that unlike Bearn, the guards here are not asking questions of travelers before they pass through. This allowed the line of people waiting to get in to advance quickly. They took notice of everyone however, but beyond that scrutiny allowed all to enter unchallenged. The wall itself is about fifteen feet thick and as he passes through, discovers murder holes in the ceiling where defenders would be able to drop rocks or oil on anyone unfortunate enough to be caught inside.
  • The men broke through the dust. Kaymin moved quickly to engage the first, his heavy, two-handed sword quickly cutting through the attacker. Jian moved forward with him, his hands alive with sparks of white lightning or balls of energy that shot out at any who came too near. The prince could not help but observe the men as he fought. Their clothing varied from shabbily dressed peasants to those of noble standing, showing that Kauric was not at all discriminating in those whom He allowed to follow Him.
  • The rifle firing started ten minutes after dawn, and it was all over in less than half an hour; but I can't describe exactly how the finish came, because the wind was toward us and the morning mist blew along in blanketing white masses that only allowed you a momentary glimpse and then shut off the view.
  • Any one of the boy slaves would willingly have taken his place, and allowed their old comrade to rest for the night; but Bill had been selected by the old sheik, and from his decree there was no appeal.
  • We were, however, allowed but scanty time in which to take note of these matters, for the native canoes soon began to press forward upon us once more, evidently with the fixed determination to surround us if possible, and thus prevent our approach to the island. We knew that if this object were once accomplished our doom was certain, for in such a case, fight as desperately as we might, we must soon be overpowered by sheer force of numbers, and it consequently soon became, so far as we were concerned, an absolute race for life.
  • When this was concluded the Girl Scouts had determined to organize the searching parties among themselves. Mr. Hammond would join them; no one else was supposed to feel a sufficiently keen interest in the investigation to be allowed to take part.
  • He kept the sword point steady upward, but for the first time, he allowed himself a glance at the space below. He was still a full body's length from the floor, but it was now visible. The shadow trees in his path had either moved aside or had been consumed by those waiting clear of the light. A portion of the diamond crusted sheets which safeguarded the floor was now visible. It glistened from the sword's radiance and the reflected light helped to clear a path for his final leap.
  • Jaxon laid on the floor a moment, hoping the vampire would think he had hurt her a little and come closer. She could feel something inside her shift again. It was the same feeling she had when she fought Rick. She closed her eyes and allowed that feeling to take over.
  • The music of the forest seemed to draw closer as the minutes ticked by. I was distracted by the hauntingly beautiful melody. The cold weather was forgotten as I felt my internal fire respond to the forests beaconing. I sat down on the creek bank beside Boo and imagined a warm spring day. The celestial light welled up inside me and I allowed it to stream out into the water. I kind of expected to see silvery fog emanate from me, but it didnt. Only my pure white light flowed from my body.
  • Cameron smiled grimly. "I am a lawyer, and as such you will permit the smile at your mention of the equity court. You would not be allowed to enter its doors. For its first precept is: He who comes into equity must come with clean hands. Are your hands clean? I think not--neither your hands nor Orcutt's. But, the matter will never reach the courts. There is no question of a technical error in the contract, because there is no contract. The instrument I drew, and which was signed by Orcutt and myself, has no legal existence. No valid contract could have been drawn relative to the disposal of those lands until the options held by Mr. McNabb had expired----"
  • "Yes, although they aren't really assignments. The area we are allowed to use has plenty of rooms. You can take whatever room you want."
  • "Let us begin at a time when civilization was confined to a small portion of the surface of our planet. Society was then crude and unformed. It was a rude, selfish age. But the germ of better things was there, for the gospel of Christ had been planted in the world and was sure to spring into life when its time should come. But meanwhile our evil nature was strong and choked the good seed, and made advancement slow and uncertain. Power was divided among many rulers who were despots, whose principal occupation was war. The people were valued merely for their fighting qualities and enjoyed only such rights and privileges as their cruel masters allowed them. Being slaves themselves, they held in a still more bitter slavery every prisoner captured in war.
  • Mappel raised an eyebrow. His face softened, lines of age seemed to disappear miraculously. He even allowed a smile to cross his thin lips. "This is the second time I have been comforted this day. First, I hear of Shayed's return. Now, I hear a delver advising me of what I should already know. Thank you.
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