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  • "Only because you allowed yourself to perceive beyond what you thought you knew. When I saw that, I knew you were ready to experience the sensation."
  • The priests of her College, he informed us, numbered three hundred, never more nor less, and there were also three hundred priestesses. Certain of those who desired it were allowed to marry, and from among their children were reared up the new generation of priests and priestesses. Thus they were a people apart from all others, with distinct racial characteristics. This, indeed, was evident, for our escort were all exceedingly like to each other, very handsome and refined in appearance, with dark eyes, clean-cut features and olive- hued skins; such a people as might well have descended from Easterns of high blood, with a dash of that of the Egyptians and Greeks thrown in.
  • Bane picked up the cruel headgear that allowed him to control the dragon. Vicious spikes were attached to a thin chain bridle, and gouged the beast's muzzle whenever Bane jerked on the reins. He pulled it onto the cowering beast's head and fastened it so it could not be shaken off. The trolls shuffled away as he threw the thick woolly skin over the animal's back and mounted. The dragon writhed, hurt by his touch. He prodded it with a sharp metal goad, making it lurch forward into its smooth flowing run with a resentful hiss.
  • Diogenes had waited with what patience he could muster until the last of the numerous train had defiled under the Koppel poort. Then he, too, got to horse. Despite Socrates' many protestations, he was not allowed to accompany him.
  • Also, did I question a quantity of my own judgments concerning her. I had taken Korol to my simasabode, and allowed such warm sentiments to build up between her and them, my dasi, and my sobi.
  • During that evening and the next morning some of the men were busily engaged in their berth, into which they allowed no one but themselves to enter.
  • If water on the roof underlay is allowed to drain under the valley it can drain through the holes worn in the underlay.
  • I think an hour had passed before I willed my eyes open, the stones now held only the hint of dampness, save for where my body had prevented the water from evaporating. I stood and looked up at the distant opening to the well. Damn. The air allowed more light to reach the bottom than before but the grate still provided the majority of the illumination, casting a radioactive green shadow on everything. The hole my arm was trapped in remained.
  • 'I have forbidden him this morning,' Laurent pursued, 'to supply you, without my special direction, with any drug whatever, and I have given him particular orders about the eau'des Carmes. I am now about to tell the hotel people that you are under my care and treatment, and that you will be allowed only a measured quantity of wine per diem.'
  • In the evening, when the day's work was done, Saat was allowed to sit near his mistress; and he was at times amused and instructed by stories of Europe and Europeans, and anecdotes from the Bible adapted to his understanding, combined with the first principles of Christianity. He was very ignorant, notwithstanding his advantages in the Mission, but he possessed the first grand rudiments of all religion--honesty of purpose. Although a child of only twelve years old, he was so perfectly trustworthy that, at the period of our arrival at Gondokoro, he was more to be depended upon than my vakeel, and nothing could occur among my mutinous escort without the boy's knowledge: thus he reported the intended mutiny of the people when there was no other means of discovering it, and without Saat I should have had no information of their plots.
  • Rasonius removed his hand. He allowed one glance to Lanyan's crossbow but did not inquire. "I am glad to hear it. Was it only the border you wished to speak to me about?" Lanyan bowed in agreement. "I see. Then I will allow you to return to your group. Be safe, Lanyan."
  • Kerrion glowered at the assassin. "I should have been treated better than this. I should have been allowed to wash before meeting you, Queen Minna-Satu. I have not been accorded the right of my rank."
  • "Was he denied tenure?" she pressed on. "If so, I thought assistant professors were always allowed a year to appeal if they turned down?"
  • The day was going fast, and the weather promised to shorten it. Ned was now wearing an oilskin, for he would not have allowed any amount of rain to have driven him below. He and all the rest on board the Goshhawk were aware that their pursuers were again beginning to gain on them perceptibly. It was a slow process, but it was likely to be a sure one, for the men-of-war could do better sailing in a heavy sea and under shortened canvas than could a loaded vessel like the saucy merchant bark.
  • "And against the law," Amaranthe said. Slavery hadn't been allowed since the Revolt of 654 had threatened the imperium from within. And human pit fighting had been illegal in the capital even longer.
  • "There is no such thing," he said dryly. "She once forced one of her ladies-in-waiting to present her a magnificent black velvet, pearl-embroidered gown as a giftand the woman was wearing it at the time! White and black are the queen's favorite colors, and pearls her favorite adornment, and no one is allowed to outshine her in her own court. Or anywhere else."
  • At noon Jarvis and Sousi came back jubilant; they had seen countless Buffalo trails, had followed a large bull and cow, but had left them to take the trail of a considerable Band; these they discovered in a lake. There were 4 big bulls, 4 little calves, 1 yearling, 3 2-year-olds, 8 cows. These allowed them to come openly within 60 yards. Then took alarm and galloped off. They also saw a Moose and a Marten--and 2 Buffalo skeletons. How I did curse my presentiment that prevented them having the camera and securing a really fine photograph!
  • World War II: Starting in 1942, the Medal would only be awarded for action in combat, although the Navy version of the Medal of Honor technically allowed non-combat awards until 1963. Official accounts vary, but generally, the Medal of Honor for combat was known as the "Tiffany Cross", after the company that designed the medal. The Tiffany Cross was first awarded in 1919, but was unpopular partly because of its design. The Tiffany Cross Medal of Honor was awarded twice for non-combat. By a special authorized Act of Congress, the medal was presented to Commander (later Rear Admiral) Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett for their flight over the North Pole in 1926. In 1942, the United States Navy reverted back to a single Medal of Honor, although the statute still contained a loophole allowing the award for both "action involving actual conflict with the enemy" or "in the line of his profession." Arising from these criteria, approximately 60 percent of the medals earned during and after World War II have been awarded posthumously.
  • Of all these missiles, though a pistol and carbine had gone off as the ferocious Indian flung them at my head, and the naked scimitar, fiercely but unadroitly thrown, had lopped off the limbs of one or two of the musnuds as they sat trembling on their omrahs, yet, strange to say, not a single weapon had hurt me. When the hubbub ceased, and the unlucky wretches who had been the victims of this fit of rage had been removed, Holkar's good-humour somewhat returned, and he allowed me to continue my account of the fort; which I did, not taking the slightest notice of his burst of impatience: as indeed it would have been the height of impoliteness to have done, for such accidents happened many times in the day.
  • On more than one occasion, she had almost pointed out that she was the one who earned the money but if shed ever allowed the words to leave her mouth, she probably would have ended up with a few less teeth.
  • Her smile widened, lighting her face, and Bane turned away, chuckling. He stood before the fire and basked in its hot caress as he allowed the flames to lick at his clothes. It could not harm him. The dark power protected him now as it had done in the Underworld, where any Overworld creature would perish within moments from the heat without the Black Lord's protection. Once Bane had mastered the dark magic, he had no longer needed his father's protection.
  • Frank said nothing. He did not possess quite the same sanguine nature that his cousin had. Andy seldom allowed thoughts of possible disaster to annoy him, but on the other hand Frank was always trying to head off trouble.
  • On the following morning it was so fair all the boys begged to be allowed to go ashore and do a little exploring. The captain was willing, but told them to be careful. Billy Dill was to go with them, and they took along a pistol, a shotgun, and some provisions.
  • The weeks passed slowly at Kisoona, as there was a tedious monotony in the lack of incident;--every day was a repetition of the preceding. My time was passed in keeping a regular journal; mapping; and in writing letters to friends in England, although there was no communication. This task afforded the greatest pleasure, as I could thus converse in imagination with those far away. The thought frequently occurred to me that they might no longer exist, and that the separation of years might be the parting forever; nevertheless there was a melancholy satisfaction at thus blankly corresponding with those whom I had loved in former years. Thus the time slowly ebbed away; the maps were perfected; information that I had received was confirmed by the repeated examination of natives; and a few little black children who were allowed to run about our courtyard like so many puppies afforded a study of the African savage in embryo. This monotony was shortly disturbed.
  • The more Toby allowed this idea to sink into his brain the stronger grew his conviction that he had really hit upon the truth. What tickled Toby most of all was the fact that the escaped animals should select his back yard above all other places of refuge in the good old town of Carson.
  • Disulfide chemistry, these subunits are allowed to assemble around a guest.
  • The boat was all ready to lower and in a jiffy they had it in the water. Tom was allowed to go along this time, but Jeems Howell was among the missing, he absolutely and steadfastly refused to go on the excursion.
  • Roger moved quickly to the other end of the cell, and, standing below the grated opening, allowed Harry to clamber up his body and finally to stand upon his shoulders.
  • Frances smiled and the subject of Michaels injury was allowed to drop. For the next thirty minutes or so, she directed the conversation to more pleasant issues, such as the cricket, Riverview, the International Exhibition, the Regatta, and lastly to Michaels kittens, both of whom had just scampered into the room, and were chasing each other over the furniture. Afternoon tea was promptly served, along with Francess muffins, and while Frances and Michael ate and drank in companionable silence, they watched the kittens frolicking.
  • The monks said it was a judgment, when they traveled from village to village and town to town, taking stock of what places were still standing, figuratively speaking. Oh, there were buildings aplenty, but no people to live in them. Anyway, they said it was a judgment on Stoneport, where the ancient mages had practiced in days bygone. They said that there were those that still practiced magic in the city, in secret, and that the gods had allowed the demons to strike them as punishment for their wickedness.
  • "I was sent to those schools where I should meet the scions of the aristocracy. I was taught to dance, to ride, and to play. I was allowed spending money at will, and could call for champagne, and drink it, with any of my companions. At the end of my college life, I was sent upon my travels. I made the tour of the Rhine, of France, and Italy; and after some years spent in this way, I returned to England-- sent for, to be present at the death of my father.
  • Galloway and Antone were allowed to come again into the room, and of Galloway, quite as though no hot word had passed between them, Norton asked quietly:
  • So they joined the circle around the temporary "hospital." The doctor had not allowed the anxious crowd to press in too closely, for he understood the value of plenty of fresh air and working room when engaged in cases of this kind. Besides, most of the picture players knew from former experiences what they must do, and were only eager to be of any possible help.
  • Besides, continued Paul, misconstruing his silence; "I am under heavy obligations to you for coming to my assistance when you did. You saved my life and you are a regular life saver like Mr. Peake. There must be some way in which I can partly cancel that debt. You are allowed salvage by law when you save a vessel, Darry, did you know it? But for your coming my poor little Griffin must have gone to pieces, not to mention what would have become of her owner. Now, how can I settle for this indebtedness."
  • His second stock of sticks becoming exhausted as the first, he again revisited the earth; again allowed himself an interval of rest; and then ascended as before.
  • Sallis took the sword from her and he inspected it carefully. He allowed the Gift to flow, but got nothing in return. The dead could not be followed, so their possessions never showed the way. He touched the leaping stag etched onto the blade.
  • There were four rooms in the temple, two only of which had been cleared. They had often been in the others, but as they had no use for them, they were left unmolested. The goat and the kid were stabled nightly in the hall, but as she had become so tame as to return at nightfall, she was allowed to roam at pleasure through the day. Following her instinct, she sought her food among the crags and defiles of the mountains, thus relieving them from the trouble of providing for her. When the snow first began to cover the ground in early winter, it caused them much anxiety as to how she was to be provided for until spring. Her milk was of too much importance to think of killing her, or turning her loose to run wild again, and she was at first tethered so as to prevent her wandering away. This was relinquished after a while, when they saw she returned of her own accord.
  • What if, Rose wondered, hearing Alicias loud cries. Rose peeked down the row to her left, Carl Hester wiping his eyes. Alicias ex wasnt sitting in the front, but had been allowed the second row, where Rose and Petra sat. Two old women were between Rose and Carl and they seemed heartbroken. Older than Margaret; were they crying for their eventual destination? Many of the mourners seemed far more infirm than Roses aunt. When that age was reached, was it only a matter of who came next?
  • They had done so many a time, and as no harm had happened to the children in their absence, such a course became habitual with them. Jan and Truey were cautioned not to stray far from the nwana, and always to climb to the tree, should they perceive any animal that might be dangerous. Before the destruction of the hyenas and lions, they had been used to remain altogether in the tree, while the hunters were absent. But this had been quite an imprisonment to them; and now that the danger was not considered much, they were allowed to come down and play upon the grassy plain, or wander along the shore of the little lake.
  • Russ fell back onto his bed and allowed himself a little groan. He slung his arm across his eyes to block out the light, and listened to the ringing of his ears. He could feel and hear the rattle of congestion in his throat as he inhaled. He lay there for a few moments, closing his mind to thoughts of Marcy and Kyla. Whatever . . . he told himself over and over, and eventually he relaxed a little, and pictures of Liseli flitted across his mind. He could see her again, standing over the griddle, her back to him, fiery golden hair drawn up away from her neck, curling in the ponytail that swished back and forth as she moved. She looked good from the back. Today shed been wearing a dark blue shirt with thin horizontal black stripes, and a pair of khaki capristhey looked good on her. Everything did.
  • He also knew the humans were tired, probably incapable of fighting off another assault. He knew of the powerful wizard, but he understood magic and how it would take time for the magic caster to regain enough energy to return to a true threat. He knew of the great damage to the wall, and as this allowed him clear sight of Burbon's streets, the destruction of so many buildings offered him little surprise. Indeed, he knew much, and he knew the great opportunity which awaited him.
  • The country people, having kept up the dance till late, withdrew to their own homes; but the rejoicings were prolonged by the company in the house. There was a grand supper, and at bed-time the vicar-general pronounced the blessing of consummation. Seraphina undressed the bride, and the lords of Leyva did me the same honour. The ridiculous part of the business was, that Don Alphonso's officers and his lady's attendants took it into their heads, by way of diverting themselves, to perform the same ceremony: they also undressed Beatrice and Scipio, who, to render the scene supremely farcical, gravely allowed themselves to be untrussed, and put to bed with all nuptial pomp and state.
  • At that point my importance ceased. Apparently seeing that the game was up, Mr. Camp later in the morning asked Mr. Cullen to give him an interview, and when he was allowed to pass the sentry he came to the steps and suggested,
  • Gonzague allowed his chin to fall upon his breast and an expression of deep gloom to overshadow his face. "Yes," he said, and his voice was as a requiem to buried friendship.
  • Oh, look here, Hawksbill, he commenced, "I'm glad you've come on board; I wanted to see you in order that I might repay you the sovereign you lent us the other day. Here it is,"--selecting the coin from a handful which he pulled out of his breeches pocket and thrusting it into my hand--"and I am very much obliged to you for the loan. I really hadn't a farthing in my pocket at the time, or I wouldn't have allowed Tomkins to borrow it from you--and it was awfully stupid of me to let you go away without saying where I could send it to you."
  • This allowed the additional fullback ( who used to play center half ) to mark the opposition center forward.
  • "What actions do we then take? Evil such as his cannot be allowed to go unchecked. Nay, he must be outright destroyed."
  • "When I needed to hide my identity I used my mothers name April. In jest, aping me, my daughter Beverly used my name for herself. She met Nathan as Emily and the names stuck ever since." This bit of information allowed her to speak, but she was still in shock and lapsed into silence.
  • Whatever it was that had startled Baltook, it was quite plain that he was in flight, and that the danger behind alarmed him more than that in front. He allowed Dusty Star to approach to within a few feet, though his wary gaze was fixed upon the wolf, who now came up slowly to Dusty Star's side.
  • Some children may also have allowed their road safety skills to become rusty over the summer holidays.
  • Mrs. Sylvester, the wife of the secretary, received a note from Edna which brought her to the hotel as fast as horses were allowed to travel in the streets of Paris, and arrangements were easily made for the ceremony to take place at four o'clock that afternoon.
  • "I know, I know." He looked at the quill he still held. "It's just that, well," he looked up at all of them, panning his view. "Her decisions are variably irrational," he began. The rest remained silent and allowed him to air his grievance.
  • Syrill sighed. "Naunsthey don't look as much like us, do they?" He allowed his buck to a canter. "Blix has been trying to tell me for the last quarter league that he wants to run."
  • Cyril was really a nasty little piece of work. He was allowed to take his council car home at night; it was strictly for council use only. However so he could use the car at weekends Cyril disconnected the speedo during the week to make it look as though he was only doing council business. Not that this has really got anything to do with the story, it just demonstrates the sort of person Cyril was. (As Pearl had said, humans are always trying to cheat each other).
  • Egypt recognizes only three religions; Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Other faiths practiced by Egyptians, such as the small Baha'i community, are not recognized by the state. Individuals wishing to include such religions on their state issued identifications are denied, and had been put in the position of either not obtaining required identification or lying about their faith. A 2008 court ruling allowed members of unrecognized faiths to obtain identification and leave the religion field blank.
  • Aerial proscription was therefore peculiarly suited to arab psychology as it allowed the rebel leaders to submit to overwhelmingly superior odds without losing face.
  • There was one day Master Gibbons declared a holiday. Truly a great burden fell on him for there were many petty squabblings and arguments for him to settle. The conflicting testimony before Williams courts was the source of much valuable information, to supply missing titles and gain acknowledgement of the lordshipsrights. But it wasnt always easy for him to end these squabbles favourably to the estates. The previous day wed seen him worn out. Rubbing his eyes at the yards of writing and endless complaints, I heard him excuse a tenants rent in a way hed never do normally. We were amazed. So this day I had a holiday, I was allowed to ride out alone.
  • Mother Tess blinked hard a few times, then gave up and allowed the tears to trickle down along the deep creases in her cheek. Marle took her hand, stroking it gently, a delighted smile on her own face. "Who ever would have believed …" she whispered, but apparently could not find the words to complete the sentence.
  • At the end of the alley, he could see his destination. The faded and chipped sign above the inn had always been a welcoming sight, but now Benjin knew better. The Zjhon religion declared churches and libraries sacred and decreed that they must not be destroyed during the conquest of a city, but it was the soldiers who declared inns sacred. It was a long-standing practice that those the Zjhon conquered were allowed to continue a limited and heavily taxed business, and it appeared this was still the case, for the sounds coming from the Watering Hole indicated the inn was still operating. Benjin could only hope that Miss Mariss was well and still running the inn.
  • The next day Madame de Montrevel was obliged to return to Paris, her position in Madame Bonaparte's household not admitting of longer absence. The morning of her departure she urged Amlie to accompany her; but again the young girl dwelt upon the feebleness of her health. The sweetest and most reviving months in the year were just opening, and she begged to be allowed to spend then in the country, for they were sure, she said, to do her good.
  • At last we were admitted into the cars, utterly dejected, and far from dry. For my own part, I got out a clothes-brush, and brushed my trousers as hard as I could till I had dried them and warmed my blood into the bargain; but no one else, except my next neighbour to whom I lent the brush, appeared to take the least precaution. As they were, they composed themselves to sleep. I had seen the lights of Philadelphia, and been twice ordered to change carriages and twice countermanded, before I allowed myself to follow their example.
  • "I intend to, my dear fellow. She is not your style. I begin to wonder whether she altogether suits my palate." He drew out his snuff-box and offered it to his host, and the other men finding that he was proof against their railing, allowed the subject to drop.
  • Jefferies allowed employees to choose between receiving last years bonuses in stock, or in cash at a 25 percent discount. The memo didnt say that cash bonus payments for 2012 would be discounted. The firm will maintain clawback policies on year-end compensation if an employee leaves for a competitor, a provision established for 2011, according to the Dec. 7 memo.
  • Had the men been allowed to follow their inclinations, the frail boats which formed the fleet would have been swamped even before they pushed off from the shore, for every member of the troop was eager to be with the first division, and it was only after considerable difficulty in the way of restraining the men that the different craft were properly and safely loaded.
  • I thought she was lying. But Ive been thinking... she did see the bodies of the changelings. Nobodys allowed to see that. So maybe she found some things out when she was trying to rescue her brother. Maybe escape is a possibility for her.
  • "Bah." Valentin allowed himself to be towed outside, then slipped away while Cassius was distracted. He heard Cassius bellow, "Valentin!" and waved a dismissive hand at the corner around which he had escaped. Cassius would give up and go home soon enough; as far as Valentin was concerned, the night had barely begun.
  • She felt a tugging on her arm and saw that Roland had dropped to his knees in the mud. She resisted. She would never bend her knee to such priests. But if she refused she risked being found out. If only she'd been allowed to go openly to death as a Cathar! She swallowed hard, knelt, and made the sign of the cross.
  • December Carrero ran as fast as one could into a swarm of people. On being recognized by Loris coach, she was allowed to be next to where Lori lay, poolside. Moments later, Larry, me and the filmmakers were standing with Pat McCormick, as a nurse cracked a vial of smelling salts under Loris nostrils. She shook her head and opened her eyes. She smiled at December. Lori stayed flat on the stretcher, but on looking to the crowd and medical team, she burst into tears. December went to her knees and wrapped her arms around her. Loris parents made it to their daughters side.
  • As she walked, gradually, her mind seemed to quiet and her thoughts faded away, making it easier to picture Threnn. She began to get used to walking on this place's ground, as strange as it was, and her steps grew longer and more confident. She began to feel like she was being pulled into a trance, and at first, scared, she tried to fight against it, but then she realized that this might be the 'right way' that Threnn had spoken of, so with a small shudder of dislike, she allowed her mind to go blank except for the image of Threnn.
  • I was in Nawadlook's room when I saw Stampede pick up the wad of paper from the floor, she was saying. "I was looking at the slipper a few minutes before, regretting that you had left its mate in my cabin on the ship, and the paper must have dropped then. I saw Stampede read it, and the shock that came in his face. Then he placed it on the table and went out. I hurried to see what he had found and had scarcely read the few words when I heard him returning. I returned the paper where he had laid it, hid myself in Nawadlook's room, and saw Stampede when he carried it to you. I don't know why I allowed it to be done. I had no reason. Maybe it was just--intuition, and maybe it was because--just in that hour--I so hated myself that I wanted someone to flay me alive, and I thought that what Stampede had found would make you do it. And I deserve it! I deserve nothing better at your hands."
  • Those who oppose abortion for fetal abnormality have been allowed to assume the moral high ground in the discussion.
  • Donald was moving toward the canoe, when his steps were arrested by another consideration. What would become of Bullen? In their rage at the flight of one captive, the liquor-crazed savages would surely kill the other. Could he abandon a comrade to such a fate? Certainly not. If he escaped at all, it must be in company with the little paymaster who had proved himself so loyal. So this opportunity must be allowed to slip by, for poor Bullen was somewhere up there in the camp, cutting wood or performing other of the menial tasks allotted to him.
  • Only basic changes were to be allowed in the new restrictive environment. Vampires could use their blinding speed, sharp teeth and extra-long fingernails only during nightly battles. The protectors and hunters were also limited to their set changes only after midnight. Protectors confined to house cat, wolf, hippopotamus, bottle-nose dolphin and Orca killer whale, while the hunters fell back on their pit bull, ram, grizzly bear and hawk roots. So, Cal and Hartwell went over to the boxing gym as two men, not two supernatural beings that could deliver and withstand almost unlimited levels of punishment.
  • Katharine was grateful that Matthew was keeping the group around him entertained with tales of the some of the more interesting places he had dived, so that she, in her distracted state, did not have to make conversation. Even though Matthew knew little about underwater photography, he could hold his own in any conversation on the subject of diving. He had begun diving at a young age near his home town of Mobile, Alabama. The Gulf of Mexico was rich with dive sites, including many wrecked ships, which called to a young man looking for adventure. Later, his job had allowed him to dive some of the fabled sites from around the world. Katharine noticed how his blue eyes flashed when he grinned as he told of a dive he had taken in his teens. She realized his boyish charm and confidence was what made him so appealing. His entertaining tale of woe, told in a smooth, slightly southern accent, drew in women like kittens to catnip.
  • All of you are unworthy to name yourselves Dragons,’ she snarled. ‘Brood after brood of hatchlings are raised soft hearted and mild mannered instead of fierce and proud as we were meant to be. Then this final degradationa pitiful two legs allowed to lock eyes with a first born son. Such abomination should be wiped out! Fenj teaches you to take only what you need; he says killing for sport is a wrongness. Hah! Dragons are hunters, fighters. We could empty the world of all the tribes of two legsthose of the plains whence came the creature I would see deadthose of the hills and of the deep woodlands. They are uselesseven as food.’
  • All hunters do not have skillets when they're in the woods, said Rob, as he took a long splinter he had prepared, thrust it into one of the saddles, and then, poking the other end into the ground close to the fire, allowed the meat to get the benefit of the heat.
  • This remark touched a chord in Alric's breast which at once turned his thoughts from himself, and allowed his native courage to rise. During the foregoing dialogue his left hand had been nervously twitching the little elm bow which it carried. It now grasped the bow firmly as he replied:
  • This was good advice certainly, and the boys acted upon it. They walked up and down the banks of the river admiring the beautiful scenery, but seeing nothing of wild animals. They heard the whirr of a flock of birds overhead, alarmed by the apparition of two human beings, but the luxuriant vegetation allowed but a glimpse of them as they shot away.
  • When Isaac was come within hailing distance of the few sentinels who had been posted to guard against a surprise, he was astonished at being halted after having announced who he was, and the laxness of military discipline can be understood when it is said that, after being recognized by the recruit at that particular post, the boy was allowed to enter the encampment without further question.
  • Although surveillance tapes were not allowed to leave the building, footage of Sam and Gretchen wasn't technically considered core surveillance because the audio-visual equipment wasn't technically government issue.
  • The matrimonial stone was interesting enough. It was a double vessel carved out of a solid stone, a perforation being made in the partition between the two vessels. It seems, when marriages were performed, that the Incas placed a red liquid in one vessel and some water in the other, the perforation in the central partition being stopped up until the ceremony took place, when the liquids were allowed to mingle in emblem of the union of the two lives. Curious, too, was the pipe-like arrangement, called the kenko, ornamented with a carved jaguar head, also used at their marriage ceremonies.
  • An increase last year in patient capacity at Safis mental- health facility added pressure on him to put in more hours, said Ed Caden, his lawyer. As chief psychiatrist, Safi was required to cover shifts when others wouldnt and was allowed to do some of the work from home, phoning in needed prescriptions to nurses, Caden said.
  • For a single instant they connected; she allowed him back inside her head. Gabriel closed his eyes, and he knew where she was.
  • My good host was greatly concerned, and begged to be allowed to take the damaged headgear away and have it brushed. After a little I consented, promising to walk round and look at the baths while he was gone. The next moment he had disappeared.
  • The condenser aperture controls the fraction of the beam which is allowed to hit the specimen.
  • It won't be necessary to have Link Merwell testify against Porton, declared Dave. "I've got a document here that shows up Porton for just what he is;" and later on he allowed his father and the others to read the paper which he had had Obadiah L. L. Jones sign.
  • Mark ran to him at once, but was stopped by the guard. A few words from the Secretary, however, sufficed, and Mark was allowed to speak to the slave, which he did through the Secretary.
  • This, with a very significant look and gesture from Ned Frog, quieted the audience to the extent at least of inducing them to do nothing worse than howl continuously for ten minutes, after which they allowed the performances to go on, and saved the keeper of order the trouble of knocking down a few of the most unruly.
  • Mappel pulled his cloak tighter around his shoulders to shield him from the strange chill. He allowed himself a moment to inspect his surroundings. The room was much bigger than Matthew's chamber at the church and included many more lavish decorations, but Mappel found this room uninviting. As he turned his head about, he noted the dark paneled walls that appeared newly cleaned. The thick rug also appeared fresh, and clear of dirt. The air smelled of disinfectant, and the windows remained closed. The office was almost completely devoid of life and nature. It certainly held no inviting hand to an elf, and for perhaps the first time in his life, Mappel felt his age.
  • "We have time tonight that we will not have in the days to come, when we won't be allowed this freedom. Your brother, the king, Twiten…"
  • The rod is a split bamboo, his father said, "and if the line breaks it will be because you've allowed the fish to jerk. Anybody can catch fish with a heavy line, but the fish hasn't got any chance, and there's no sport in it. It's on a par with shooting quail sitting instead of flushing them. Good angling consists in landing the heaviest fish with the lightest tackle, not in securing the greatest amount of fish.
  • By lunchtime, all of the subject streams had gone down. First it was Dave, then Nathaniel, and finally Hannah was completely off-line Not a heartbeat, not a murmur, not a pulse. Kandhi was the first one to panic. As soon as she noticed, she had promised herself she would "keep it together". When Dave had logged off, Kandhi had chalked it up to normal. All of them were under contract, of course. They were allowed to turn off the engagement stream by means of the swiping gesture, but the terms were clear about everything else. The connection could only be broken if the wristband was removed, and the wristband was NOT to be removed, under any circumstances. Death itself would not have been a good enough excuse. Something must have gone wrong, because Nate's connection was not only dropped, it was gone. And then Hannah's went too. At that, Kandhi nearly fell off her chair.
  • The more Toby allowed this idea to sink into his brain the stronger grew his conviction that he had really hit upon the truth. What tickled Toby most of all was the fact that the escaped animals should select his back yard above all other places of refuge in the good old town of Carson.
  • It was a library. High pieces of furniture, of black violet ebony inlaid with brass, supported upon their wide shelves a great number of books uniformly bound. They followed the shape of the room, terminating at the lower part in huge divans, covered with brown leather, which were curved, to afford the greatest comfort. Light movable desks, made to slide in and out at will, allowed one to rest one's book while reading. In the centre stood an immense table, covered with pamphlets, amongst which were some newspapers, already of old date. The electric light flooded everything; it was shed from four unpolished globes half sunk in the volutes of the ceiling. I looked with real admiration at this room, so ingeniously fitted up, and I could scarcely believe my eyes.
  • No one had said anything to her about Gladys. Apparently, aside from her immediate circle, she was the only one who was aware of the servants absence. It gnawed on her and made her so unhappy that she was unable to sleep a night through. Instead she lay awake, imagined arguments between herself and her husband running through her head at top speed in which she condemned his relationship with Gladys and he had no good answer; in which she was scornful and blistering and made him, at last, finally understand how beloved she was to everyone in her uncles house and how shamefully he had been treating her. Sometimes, in these imagined conversations, Longsword was so chastened by the truth of her accusations that he capitulated and allowed her to leave Rhuddlan.
  • Once more the morning was bright and all of nature in good spirits. The little family plot containing Thomas, Eadie and Abigail now held Aletia also, it was my home and all that I could want if only I were allowed to join them. Does it sound strange to say it was beautiful? When Aletia died all my strength of purpose gave way. I remember nothing but weeping till my red eyes could cry no more.
  • As he spoke, six young warriors were seen to work their bodies about in a very remarkable way, and give utterance to still more remarkable sounds, which gradually increased until the singers burst out into that terrific yell, or war-whoop, for which American savages have long been famous. Its effect would save been appalling to unaccustomed ears. Then they allowed their voices to die away in soft, plaintive tones, while their action corresponded thereto. Suddenly the furious style was revived, and the men wrought themselves into a condition little short of madness, while their yells rung wildly through the camp. This was too much for ordinary canine nature to withstand, so all the dogs in the neighbourhood joined in the horrible chorus.
  • Well, after all, I can't say that there is much romance in a sea-life, exclaimed Carstairs, stretching out his legs, as he leaned back in an arm-chair on deck, and allowed the smoke of his fragrant Havana to rise curling over his upturned countenance, for there was very little wind at the time, and from what there was we were running away.
  • Urgency swept over the delver. He gave one quick glance at the end of his sword to ensure its direction, and then took a more discerning look at the space within the reflectors. The area immediately surrounding the sphere was clear of shadow trees. Ryson could only attribute this to the sphere's great power. Its reason was not as important as its existence, for it allowed a clear path to the sphere, if the cliff behemoth would take it.
  • He immediately locked sight on the small scrap of sleeve he had knotted to the tree branch. With his marker located, he angled the scope slightly back to the ground where he pinpointed the false trail. Ryson followed the path as far back as possible. His elevated position allowed him a greater perspective than at ground level, but the rocky landscape prevented a clear view for any real distance.
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