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  • He allowed Dan to spend all his spare moments with him in the pilot-house; and as the Captain could shoot the sun and figure latitude and longitude and talk with fair understanding upon many other elements of navigation, the young man's time was by no means wasted. Later, Dan arranged with the director of a South Street night school of navigation for the evenings when he was in port, and by the time they made him mate of the Hydrographer, he was almost qualified to undergo examination for his master's certificate.
  • Could I have foreseen the results which were to flow from an act of kindness, and that as this family had indirectly been the cause of my triumph so they were in turn to be the cause of my ruin, I would have destroyed the whole street with dynamite before I allowed them to set foot in it. However, they came, bringing with them two children, a little girl of four, to whom Jane took a great fancy, and a baby of eighteen months.
  • "The thing of it is Jennifer, Im not allowed to discuss ongoing investigations. Thats a matter for our communications office, something you seem to have avoided."
  • Military tactics before World War I had failed to keep pace with advances in technology. These advances allowed for impressive defence systems, which out-of-date military tactics could not break through for most of the war. Barbed wire was a significant hindrance to massed infantry advances. Artillery, vastly more lethal than in the 1870s, coupled with machine guns, made crossing open ground extremely difficult. The Germans introduced poison gas; it soon became used by both sides, though it never proved decisive in winning a battle. Its effects were brutal, causing slow and painful death, and poison gas became one of the most-feared and best-remembered horrors of the war. Commanders on both sides failed to develop tactics for breaching entrenched positions without heavy casualties. In time, however, technology began to produce new offensive weapons, such as the tank.
  • Other midshipmen present spoke in the same vein. Farley, who wanted to be popular at all times, presently allowed himself to be advised.
  • Mr. Gibson also allowed that fusion should be coppered by Nevada, and Noisy Smith whispered his assent, and the resolutions were adopted unanimously.
  • Nothing! cried Mike; and the lobster-pot was allowed to sink back into the deep water among the rocks as soon as it had been examined to see if it contained bait.
  • The true King of Fools, he'd read, had been the personal jester of the gods. They had bestowed upon their jester a suit of magic, and had given him the power of prophecy. They'd also gifted him with a tongue of silver that allowed him to speak freely to the kings of men without fear of repercussion. Stupidly, the fool stuck out his tongue, and checked it in the looking glass. It wasn't silver, nor was he getting premonitions of what was to come. The assassin had given him the long dead Joker's magical costume, but it seemed as if the gods themselves were the only ones who could grant him more.
  • Tray and I had overslept this morning and then, had to rush around like two lunatics in order to get ready. I was forced to dress in my gym suit because I knew I wouldnt have time to change when I got to school. So my school clothes were stuffed in my backpack instead of the other way around. It would have to go in my regular locker because it was much closer than the one in the girls locker room. Backpacks arent allowed on the tennis courts and there was no place to hide it. That meant after gym class I would have to rush to my main locker in my gym shorts. That was not an appealing prospect, but that was my only choice.
  • It was true. Malborns were not allowed to mingle with my people. He saved me and doomed me at the same time. I glared at Kandek, who still sat in his chair. But my anger was rising and it wasnt Kandek who would bear the brunt of it. I turned to Ivy, who stood by with a smirk on her face.
  • Armour section armor plate was used throughout the assembly process, which allowed the use of heavy armor.
  • So Rob did as he was told. Accustomed to giving orders himself, he at the same time could obey when the necessity arose. Perhaps it was with considerable fear that he allowed the child to leave his grip; but the joyful shout arising from his chums below assured him that all was well.
  • Mark ran to him at once, but was stopped by the guard. A few words from the Secretary, however, sufficed, and Mark was allowed to speak to the slave, which he did through the Secretary.
  • Elizabeth climbed onto the bridge and allowed the wind to dry her hair. She stood close to Ben. The two security guards had retreated to the cabin for refreshments.
  • "I know you need to practice them for more than an hour a day, but you are not allowed to practice the dance without me by your side. I dont have a trampoline handy anywhere around here and I havent sprouted wings yet. Oh my Creator please help me, I sure hope I dont end up needing them…" Tray announced and covered his face with his hands in exasperation.
  • I knew that was a flawed theory. Spiritwind allowed Brick to take a step into the hallway before teasing him further details. "I think you may have been doing it to impress the girls we met."
  • "The driver was nothing. A low caste." He shrugged it away. "You are an important feringhi. You would not have been harmed. You should never have drawn a pistol. And then you allowed yourself to be captured. It was an act beneath honor. The women spat on you and your horse when you were brought through the streets. I have no doubt theyll kill us both now."
  • Reuters examined the breadth and depth of this historic redistribution of income through an analysis of decennial Census data, which allowed a detailed look at state-by-state trends.
  • A Memphis gentleman gave me an amusing account of the reception of the news of the fall of Fort Donelson. Many boasts had been made of the terrible punishment that was in store for our army, if it ventured an attack upon Fort Donelson. No one would be allowed to escape to tell the tale. All were to be slaughtered, or lodged in Rebel prisons. Memphis was consequently waiting for the best tidings from the Cumberland, and did not think it possible a reverse could come to the Rebel cause.
  • "Nonsense," the Master of Ceremony decided. "He has his duty to the Empire and he should fulfil it unless he is seriously sick. I do not believe he is. I am sorry, milady, but you are not allowed here. We shall continue when the Baron is present." The meeting was concluded by a collective groan.
  • Dear Mrs. Littell! Betty already loved her dearly, as indeed did every member of the household. She was so unaffected, so affectionate and generous, and she allowed money to change her simple, happy nature not at all. The Littells had not always been wealthy, and the mistress of the beautiful mansion did not hesitate to tell of the days when she had done all of her own housework and taken care of two babies.
  • Five steps forward and the bronco halted. Then up in the air he went, a distance of six or eight feet. He came down "on all fours," good and hard, and had Dave been resting in the saddle he would have had the wind knocked out of him completely. But the youth was standing in the stirrups, and he allowed his body to spring with that of the animal he hoped to conquer.
  • So there you have itone more chapter and you finally get to see how the trees are madeunless another mishap happens to provide further distractions to the course of the story. Not that Im saying something is going to happen, but Im also not saying that something is not going to happen (yes I realizes there are two "nots" in that sentence, but Im a librarian so Im allowed to get away with itI dont know why). Basically what Im saying is youll have to read to see. Dont you hate chapters that leave you hanging?
  • It's no surprise that I'm feeling nervous when the room comes to a halt and the doors open. I peek out like a fox through a hedge, but the coast is clear. There's nobody around. I'm in a narrow corridor with stairs at one end and an outside door at the other. Buddha said don't stray too far from the exit, but I'm sure I'm allowed to go through that door.
  • She allowed him to steer her into the chiefs house. Henrys cries, nearly lost in the hubbub outside, filled the hall and she bent over him, trying to soothe him but knowing that as long as she remained distressed it was a vain endeavor. In her current state, his wailing had the effect of making her want to howl alongas well she might after hearing Rhirids story.
  • Mrs. Sylvester, the wife of the secretary, received a note from Edna which brought her to the hotel as fast as horses were allowed to travel in the streets of Paris, and arrangements were easily made for the ceremony to take place at four o'clock that afternoon.
  • It didnt matter to me now if my death was the result. I could never run with Seth again, as this feeling of love and completeness couldnt be hidden. The pack would feel the change in me instantly, and be disgusted. None of the pack could be allowed to see this. They wouldnt understand. Jacob loving Renesmee was one thing, but this was unforgivable. The shame stung like fire.
  • His gallant crew cheerfully obeyed, and the next instant twenty Moors were seen struggling or dead, prostrate on the deck of the Rover, which made a vain attempt to haul her tack aboard and sheer off. Again the English crew loaded their guns ready to fire, as with a crash she ran alongside. This time they were pointed at her hull, and fearful was the execution they caused. Many of the Moors endeavoured to spring on the deck of the Esperanza, but they were driven headlong back with pikes and battle-axes, too late to regain their ship, which broke clear of the Englishman, and they fell headlong into the sea. Then fearful shrieks arose as the Esperanza sailed on--the Sallee Rover was sinking. Was mercy to be shown to those who never showed it to others? The choice was not allowed them. Before the canvas could be taken off the English ship, the Rover had sunk beneath the sea, and not a Moor remained struggling on the surface.
  • Setting aside the sceptre, he retrieved the scroll cases from further down and opened one up. The lenses that allowed him to see in the dark didn't provide illumination, as such, so he couldn't make out what was written upon the scrolls. For that, he needed light, and the only light available was the torches being used by the Akorans, who wouldn't be interested in sharing with him.
  • I lighted another lucifer, just as she hesitated at the step. She made as though to put out her right foot, and withdrew it. Again she shifted, and extended her left foot. I faintly saw proof that nature had carried out her scheme of symmetry, and had not allowed wrist and arm to forswear themselves! I saw also that this foot was clad in the daintiest of white slippers, suitable enough as part of her ball costume, as I doubted not was this she wore. She took my hand without hesitation, and rested her weight upon the stepan adorable ankle now more frankly revealed. The briefness of the lucifers was merciful or merciless, as you like.
  • "Put on gas masks!" came another order, and in the six seconds allowed for this operation the masks were donned, making the men in the long line look like so many goblins.
  • And then they saw standing before them the man they had freed. And he bowed to Rodriguez like one that had never bowed before. I do not mean that he bowed with awkwardness, like imitative men unused to politeness, but he bowed as the oak bows to the woodman; he stood straight, looking Rodriguez in the eyes, then he bowed as though he had let his spirit break, which allowed him to bow to never a man before. Thus, if my pen has been able dimly to tell of it, thus bowed the man in the old leathern jacket. And Rodriguez bowed to him in answer with the elegance that they that had dwelt at Arguento Harez had slowly drawn from the ages.
  • Ceramic tiles should be thoroughly degreased, rinsed and allowed to dry.
  • She grimaced. As always, Sally hated it when I brought up the fact she wasnt allowed in the lab. Sometimes I saw her staring longingly at the "Restricted Access" sign on the door to the underground labs. But she wasnt hired to do scientific work; she was hired to assist me in other ways. Some days she just couldnt grasp that concept, and I had to remind her. Like today, for example.
  • The shag handled the incline of the hill without the slightest difficulty. If anything, moving on a slope, even an ascending slope, added to the creature's speed and dexterity. The uneven ground aided the shag's movements, movements which were designed for even the taller slopes of mountains. A tractable joint at the creature's hip actually allowed the shag to proportion the extension of each leg to adjust for the slope of any hill or mountain, an attribute duly noted by the delver. Level ground rendered this sliding joint rather useless, but slopes in any direction allowed for full utilization and an advantage over those with fixed hip joints.
  • "Yes," Mareth continued his circuit around the coven until he once again stood before Merca. The servants escaped silently out of the building fearing an impending confrontation. Good, that allowed Mareth to speak plainly. "I remember my previous three deaths as well, but do not worry I am not here to settle those debts."
  • When old man Sanderson died a few years earlier, and George Webb and the rest of the staff wound up owning the Spearfish Lake Record-Herald, Mike McMahon had become the news editor, and allowed himself to dare dream that hed finally be able to quit grubbing around with the newspaper circulation on Wednesdays.
  • They read: Shout surprise when she arrives and keep making noiseits a celebration. Price of admission is one gift for the birthday girl. Pat her on the back or give her a hugshe loves to be touched anytime she parties. Cameras and other video equipment are allowed and even encouraged
  • Sarah stood beside him while saying "Gladly." She walked up to the door and opened it and allowed his grandparents in and they were followed by Jenny, Kara and Mark. Before Jillian and Jack entered; Jillian looked up and elbowed Jack in his side. She pointed up to the eve above the door and giggled. He turned to look at Connor with a smile while saying "Subtle." And he entered lastly.
  • Having had as much claret as they cared for, the gentlemen fluttered gaily into the drawing-room, and Puddock, who made up to Miss Gertrude, and had just started afresh, and in a rather more sentimental vein, was a good deal scandalised, and put out by the general's reciting with jolly emphasis, and calling thereto his daughter's special attention, his receipt for 'surprising a weaver,' which he embellished with two or three burlesque improvements of his own, which Puddock, amidst his blushes and confusion, allowed to pass without a protest. Aunt Rebecca was the only person present who pointedly refused to laugh; and with a slight shudder and momentary elevation of her eyes, said, 'wicked and unnatural cruelty!' at which sentiment Puddock used his pocket-handkerchief in rather an agitated manner.
  • Although Christie accepted this advice, he did so with a bad grace, for he was feeling very keenly the loss of his post; and the meal was eaten in an embarrassing silence. When it was finished, they rid themselves of its dbris by simply removing to another place, where, though many eyes watched them curiously from all parts of the camp, they were allowed to converse unmolested.
  • If Cuthbert had allowed himself to ruminate upon this subject all sorts of suspicions might have been aroused; but he was by nature too frank and generous to judge a stranger before he had been given a chance to explain; and the more he looked in the face of the lad, and noted the calm depths of his gray eyes the stronger grew his conviction that Owen Dugdale, as he called himself, could not descend to anything wrong.
  • Frank was in a decidedly disturbed state of mind. From being angry he got dejected, and for some time he allowed his thoughts to wander unrestrained. He actually envied Ned Foreman and his wandering career. If it had not been for his loyalty to his parents he would have hunted up the grinding wagon to ask the man who had relieved Ned to give him a job.
  • The meeting dragged on and I was getting bored. From what I could tell, without bugging Cecily for more answers, each species and sub-species had a representative at the table. For example, the selkies, skin-walkers, and werewolves were all part of the Were-creatures group but they each had a representative to speak for them. The representative was the only person allowed to talk and each of them was moderated by the djinn.
  • To the ordeal of being blindfolded Eustace submitted without a word. He recognised its force. They were nearing their destination. Even a captive, probably foredoomed to death, was not to be allowed to take mental notes of the approaches to the present retreat of the Paramount Chief. Besides, by insuring such ignorance, they would render any chance of his possible escape the more futile. But as he walked, steered by one of his escort, who kept a hand on his shoulder, he concentrated every faculty, short of the sight of which he was temporarily deprived, upon observations relating to the lay of the ground. One thing he knew. Wherever they might be they were at no great distance from the sea coast. That was something.
  • The fellers they sez I dassent cross over tuh t'other end uh the bridge; an' I allowed it could be done easy like, he went on to say; "what d'ye think 'bout me adoin' the same? Is she safe enough?"
  • Captain Snig was long past retirement age, yet he was not allowed to retire. His unique skills and experience were still required, especially in cases like this. He'd been through the procedure many times, and was not disturbed any longer. Still, he wore large dark sunglasses to protect his mind. The glasses seemed to cover most of his face, leaving only a narrow nose and unusually tiny mouth exposed below, and a balding, spotted cranium above. He wore a uniform that might have fit him long ago, before his body had shrunk so. Now he was all hunched over, a mass of wrinkled blue cloth and that face of a bespectacled ancient turtle. He hobbled over to the other metal chair, facing Edeline, who cleared her throat and prepared her defense.
  • Ah, well, he said to himself, "there's another good chance gone for good and always. What a cantankerous beggar I am." And then for a moment his thoughts went elsewhere, and he got out paper and a stump of pencil, and busily scribbled an elegy to some poppies in a cornfield. The lines had just flitted gracefully across his mind, and they seemed far too comely to be allowed a chance of escape. It was a movement characteristic of his queerly ordered brain. After the more ugly moments of his life, Captain Owen Kettle always turned to the making of verse as an instinctive relief.
  • Yes,’ I agreed, ‘but Sherborne wasnt prepared properly for a siege, and its stone walls were no sure defence against cannonnot like our earth banks. And they werent fighting for the Lord as we shall be. Anyway,’ I comforted her, ‘there was no massacre. The garrison were allowed to march away and the townspeople werent harmed.’
  • After several moments ducking Spiritwind lost interest in the mission. He'd reached the favourite part of any screwball experience: the bubble gum, and invading aliens or not he was going to savour it. He precariously balanced the chilled ball on his flat, wooden spoon; slow, pensive movements guiding it towards his awaiting mouth. As the safety net of his tongue reached beneath it, relaxation allowed the faint shimmering of his hand to cease. Lovingly dropping the confectionary onto the centre of his tongue, he left it to rest, the heat from his mouth melting the remaining ice cream. The soft, vanilla essence assumed entirely liquid properties and trickled down his throat, caressing each taste bud as it passed. Only when the ball was clear of ice cream did Spiritwind skilfully lift the strawberry flavoured sphere onto his back tooth, leaving it to rest while he lapped up the pleasure it gave him. Once satisfied he bit down, cracking the shell and releasing a puff of flavour into his welcoming mouth. He paused in appreciation, before chewing more vigorously.
  • Baannat almost allowed a cackle to slip across his tongue, but he held it back in order to torment his guest further. "Opposites, youve talked about that with me before, havent you? Opposing sides and such, it is almost necessary according to your concept of existence. It is all for the sake of balance. Isnt that what you always say? And balance is so very important. It explains those things which you cant explain. Perfection is impossible to obtain because perfection is out of balance. These lesser creatures must face hardships for the sake of balance."
  • I shook my head, "No, you're wrong, Sarah. You haven't seen the things I have seen in the last few days. There are things out there that cannot be allowed to do whatever they want to people. And right now, you and I are the only way to keep them in check. Cecily?" I turned to her for support.
  • The domestic sheep, which were once the prey of the bears, no longer range in these forests, and so far as the depredation of bears among cattle is concerned, it is of so trifling a nature as practically not to exist. It would seem that a nation of so vast wealth as ours could afford to indulge in an occasional extravagance, such as keeping alive these few remaining bears; of maintaining them at the public expense simply for the gratification of curiosity, of a quite legitimate curiosity on the part of those who love the wild life, and every last vanishing trait that remains of its old, keen energy. So far as danger to man is involved by their presence, the experience in the Yellowstone National Park is that there is no such danger; when allowed to do so, they draw their rations as meekly as a converted Apache; if they err at all, it is on the side of exaggerated and rather pitiful humility.
  • They advanced upon me, and for an instant I thought of resistance. It would have been a heroic death, but who was there to see it or to chronicle it? I might be only postponing my fate, and yet I had been in so many bad places and come out unhurt that I had learned always to hope and to trust my star. I allowed these rascals to seize me, and I was led from the room, the gondolier walking at my side with a long naked knife in his hand. I could see in his brutal eyes the satisfaction which it would give him if he could find some excuse for plunging it into my body.
  • Yet in spite of that, his relation to her--considerate, delicate, and loving--not only remained unchanged, but it sometimes seemed to Princess Mary that he was even glad that the family connection between them allowed him to express his friendship more freely. She knew that she loved for the first and only time in her life and felt that she was beloved, and was happy in regard to it.
  • He had the appearance of one who was solemnly promising himself that if only he might be allowed to reach a haven of safety again he would never more be guilty of attempting such a silly act on account of a dare.
  • Anna wrapped an arm around his neck and their lips met. Gently he kissed her and tried to prevent himself from crowding her consciousness. With growing trust she allowed herself into his hands and into his mind.
  • Oh, it's the thermos bottle, called Sahwah, who had run out after the two. Ever since Slim had taken the thermos bottle full of hot chocolate with him the time they went on the snowshoe hike, he had never been allowed to forget it. Wherever Slim went that thermos bottle was taken along for his benefit. The Captain had even taken it along to a school party and gravely handed it to Slim when he was trying to appear especially dignified in the presence of a stately young lady. This time Slim caught the Captain and downed him at the head of the path and they struggled for its possession while the onlookers held their breath for fear they would both roll down the hill. Slim finally got it away from the Captain, and succeeded in hiding it where it could not be found in time to take along.
  • The tidal generators were dozens of six-foot long slabs that were later connected into what resembled a hundred-foot floating pier. The 'piers', assembled locally, consisted of joining the slabs with hydraulic rams acting like joints that allowed each segment to rise and fall independent of each other while holding rigidly against lateral movement. Acting like compressors, the rams drove a generator that pumped electricity to the mainland via marine cables. Any excesses or insufficiencies due to the irregularity of the waves were stored pneumatically in a large pressurized tank at the end of the pier.
  • Night came on, and a very dark night it was, but the darkness would favour my design. Instead of being allowed to turn in when it was my watch below, I was sent aft by the cook with a dish of devilled biscuits to the cabin, where the captain and the first and second mates were taking supper, while the third mate had the watch on deck. I intended it to be the last time I would turn into my bunk. I had not been long in the cabin before I observed that the captain and mates had been drinking, and seemed disposed to continue their debauch. The devilled biscuits which I had placed before them still farther incited their thirst, and the captain ordered another bottle of rum. I noticed that the steward, when I told him, got out two bottles, one of which he kept in the pantry while he took the other into the cabin.
  • 'Indeed, Master Allan; it iss ahl ferry unlucky indeed; and it iss ferry sorry I will be for puir Neil and for Mrs. Macdonnell. You will be knowing the night before the robbery wass committed Neil will have been spending the evening with the MacAlisters. He wass expecting a letter; and it will be a stormy evening and the mail steamer will not be coming in till ferry late so that the letters wass not sent away that night, but Neil wass allowed to look among them for his own. There wass a registered letter for the laird; and it come out in the evidence that Neil would see it, and that no one else but only Mr. and Mrs. MacAlister and Neil himself could have peen knowing that it wass there.'
  • I was allowed to stay home from school for a couple of days, but I ended up getting bored after the first day and going to school on the second day any way. I was lucky that it was winter and I could get away with wearing long sleeves and gloves - after the first two class periods of everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - asking about my bandages I got extremely aggravated and just kept my jacket and gloves on through each class period.
  • Each time that this thought came to Mr. Ford it seemed to him more repugnant. First, that he should have blamed Tavia without investigating the matter himself; next that he should have allowed a man like Squire Sanders to "humbug" him.
  • A quick step forward at the instant of feinting with his right, and Zeigler again let fly with his left straight from the shoulder. It was a vicious blow, and, had it landed, would have done damage; but a flirt of the head allowed it to glide harmlessly over the shoulder.
  • Launched in 1991, Japan's Yohkoh (Sunbeam) satellite observed solar flares at X-ray wavelengths. Mission data allowed scientists to identify several different types of flares, and demonstrated that the corona away from regions of peak activity was much more dynamic and active than had previously been supposed. Yohkoh observed an entire solar cycle but went into standby mode when an annular eclipse in 2001 caused it to lose its lock on the Sun. It was destroyed by atmospheric re-entry in 2005.
  • Harmar, in his official account of this affair, claimed the victory, although the Americans seem clearly to have had the worst of it. At his request, he was tried by a court martial, and honorably acquitted. The enemy had suffered so severely, that they allowed him to return unmolested to Fort Washington.
  • "I suppose you will find out soon enough." Monson could tell that Mr. Gatt was trying very hard to hide his amusement "Freshman students have a six-period day. Four of your subjects are chosen for you: English, Math, Social Science, and Physical Science. You are allowed to pick two subjects on your own. I do not usually let freshman students into my history classes, but if the three of you really want in, I'm willing to make an exception. "
  • The winds died as quickly as they began, but the night and darkness remained. Sarge looked over to the visitors dugout and realized he could no longer see inside. It was as if a black curtain had been thrown over it. It allowed no light. It reminded him of the black box they kept Marielle in during his days in France.
  • The governor laughed, and said he thought that might be arranged, and even allowed them another five minutes, while they talked of what these clothes should be. Then he departed with Bernaldez, leaving them alone.
  • "I had known of Marta since the early days of training. No one really knew how long she had been with the academy. Some say she had arrived before the Colonel, others hinted that they had arrived together. The truth had long since been lost in antiquity. It was well known that she was the confidant of the Colonel and his closest friend. This relationship had allowed her to avoid her duties as a hedge witch leaving transient younger witches to perform her duties. Over time she had assumed the role of the leader of hedge witches. It was not an official position. She used her favor with the Colonel to create the job. She seemed totally unaware of, and unconcerned by, the resentment that her laziness and bullying caused amongst the knights as well as the hedge witches."
  • Russ fell back onto his bed and allowed himself a little groan. He slung his arm across his eyes to block out the light, and listened to the ringing of his ears. He could feel and hear the rattle of congestion in his throat as he inhaled. He lay there for a few moments, closing his mind to thoughts of Marcy and Kyla. Whatever . . . he told himself over and over, and eventually he relaxed a little, and pictures of Liseli flitted across his mind. He could see her again, standing over the griddle, her back to him, fiery golden hair drawn up away from her neck, curling in the ponytail that swished back and forth as she moved. She looked good from the back. Today shed been wearing a dark blue shirt with thin horizontal black stripes, and a pair of khaki capristhey looked good on her. Everything did.
  • The Indians, instead of binding Mike, as I expected they would do, allowed him to come and sit by me under the tree; narrowly watching him, however, though they did not interfere with us.
  • To this proposition, however, some of the miners demurred, and the law-giver found that, although in criminal law he had been allowed to have it all his own way, in civil matters he must listen to the opinion of others. However, after much wrangling this law was agreed to; and it was also arranged, among other things, that as long as any one left his tools in his claim, his rights were to be respected.
  • Sazar allowed his larger shag to follow as a guard for most of the journey, but as the serp closed on the oasis deep in the harsh heat, he bade the monster back. If he were to succeed, to gain the true crux of his plans, he would have to meet the sorceress alone.
  • For three days the paddles were kept going, each taking alternately six hours' sleep, and working together for twelve. Jack having nothing to do was the most uneasy of the party, sometimes lying down with his nose between his paws, sometimes getting up and giving a series of short impatient barks. Early on the second day they were fortunate in passing through a large shoal of herrings. Godfrey laid in his paddles and attended to the lines, and in half an hour had forty-five fish. After that they paid no further attention to fishing, being now amply supplied with food. The herrings, too, required less water than the dried meat. They fried them over the candles, and whenever their mouths were parched they chewed a piece of raw herring and found great relief from it. Jack was allowed two raw herrings a day; with that and a very small allowance of water he did very well. On the third day a light southerly wind sprang up, and they at once hoisted their sail and found that it eased their labour materially.
  • This enclosure was then made, the posts and rails on one side coming close up to the space intended for a garden; and a further intention was to board it closely for a defence on that side when time allowed.
  • The men gingerly picked up the bows. They looked at them curious. Peter allowed them a minute or two before continuing, "I want you to form a circle with your thumb and your index finger. Look through that circle at a faraway object."
  • I didn't believe in the people opposite, in spite of their references being said to be good. You may say that's because of what followed; but it isn't for I didn't like the looks of the stiff elderly Miss Mimprisses; and I didn't like the two forward servants, though they seemed to keep themselves to themselves wonderfully, and no man ever allowed in the house. Worst of all, I didn't like that handsome young Miss Adela, sitting at work over coloured worsted at the dining-room or drawing-room window, for young Mr Barclay was always looking across at her; and though he grew red-faced, my poor Miss Virginia grew every day more pale.
  • As far as I could make out from the obscurity where I was there was not a trace of the sand having been disturbed the water had removed it all; but I trembled as I thought of the consequences of some Indian eye having seen the golden vessel, for I knew that we should never have been allowed to return alive.
  • His arm always felt great. It was his damn eyes that were failing him. The chemicals the army used on them during his missions in Belgium and France were finally catching up with him. They allowed him to see in pitch black as if it were high noon and that was certainly the kind of ability to have when your job was spotting vampires on nightly prowls, but now it seemed his vision was fading and he suffered from booming headaches unless he wore his shades. For the first time in his life, Mink Cosgrove felt his age - and it scared him.
  • A chill ran up Catrin's spine, and the words drove her feet. She and Mother Gwendolin pounded up the stair, following a stream of armed men and women. Benjin charged among them, some three turns above her, and still Catrin wondered at his appearance without his hair. He had let it grow for so long, and she felt guilty for getting herself into trouble. Otherwise, she was certain he would not have allowed his head to be shaved.
  • I am delighted to know all this, the officer told them. "It has been quite a pleasure to have met you, although under peculiar conditions, I admit. And the more I see of you, young messieurs, the more I am convinced that you can look out for yourselves. At first I considered it was a shame that three tender boys were allowed to travel over this dangerous country. I no longer feel that way. If anybody should know how to take care of themselves, I surely believe you know, and are equal to do it. I am proud to shake hands with you, and wish you all a successful journey."
  • Stans thought about what Smith had said as he took his turn on watch. His mind alternated between the darkness and his disgust at what Smith had told him. He didnt want to believe that there was so much corruption but it did make sense. The Army was a closed system, cut off from the outside world with its own values and ways of doing things. They had their own courts, their own justice system, their own currency, and their own system of ethics. He remembered a friend in Basic Training who the Drill Instructor kicked through the infiltration course because he kept getting caught on the barbed wire. Drill Instructors werent allowed to kick recruits but they did it anyway.
  • Baritone Juicebox, as well, would not return to his family, at least not yet. He had heard from a cloud porpoise after the game that they had been brought safely up to the clouds, and there were being allowed to live their lives amongst them, apart from the savage humans which ravaged the lands below. World War 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971 had taken its toll on all of civilization, but the humans that were willing to leave with the cloud porpoises and not just destroy the clouds were being welcomed amongst their ranks, with full accommodations and sweaters. Knowing that all was well, Bari wished to travel back through some of the lands he had seen, and some that he had not seen, this time in the form of a relaxing vacation. He would eat all the pizza he wanted, but as a treat, and not a necessity for survival. The lands they had travelled were mostly rural and unexplored, and he feared not the effects of World War 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971. He'd be far from the battlefields where the battles had raged so recently.
  • For some time in lock-up Carstares had cudgelled his brain to think out a possible mode of escape next day, but try as he might he could light on nothing. If only Miles were not to question him! It was hardly likely that he would be allowed to retain his mask, yet therein lay his only chance of preserving his incognito. He prayed that by some merciful providence O'Hara would either fail to recognise him or would at least pretend that he did not. Having decided that there was nothing further to be done in the matter he lay down on his extremely hard pallet, and went to sleep as if he had not a care in the world.
  • Laylan almost covered his eyes. They have no idea what they're doing. It occurred to him that Chance had not been allowed to bring any of his father's experienced interrogators from Danda-laythat, or he'd been too proud to ask. These were foot soldiers who'd served under Chance when he fought in the cat wars. They're accustomed to interrogating cats, not shelts.
  • He was not long allowed to indulge in such reminiscences at least in the open air. Acting under orders from the chief, two of his captors conducted him into a dark chamber in one of the stone houses; and, giving him a push that almost sent him face forward upon the floor, closed the door behind him.
  • Benjin allowed the men to aid him as he walked. The steady flow of water beneath the bridge was unnerving, and Catrin feared the bridge would collapse under their weight. The thought of falling into the frigid water nearly drove her to a run, but she restrained herself and matched the pace set by Benjin and his escorts.
  • "Marcher lords are allowed to wage war on one another without royal interference," Goronwy said. "But Prince Llywelyn is not included in that understanding."
  • Arthur Danbury was conceived 9 & 1/2 months earlier and whose birth time had arrived. For a couple minutes after that first breadth, Lib observed the physician and the mother that allowed the passage to take place through her and then felt remorse about being taken away from Abi. Lib remembered the silent air above the mountain peak before drifting into a conscious state of cognitive oblivion.
  • While Grahamas expected hours upon hours of grueling labor, over the weeks he learned it would be nothing of the sort. To his relief, the work was more intellectually strenuous than it was physical. The Duke was incredibly lenient regarding Graham's freedom. If the horses were taken care ofwhich he could do so in only two hoursGrahamas was allowed to use the rest of his time to study, explore and anything else he wished, so long as he stayed out of trouble. When Graham did work with Tallvas, the Duke would tell him stories of the past, how Highlace came to be; he would share his knowledge of art, literature and virtually anything Grahamas said he wanted to learn. Overtime the youngster ended up spending as much time with the Duke as he did in the library.
  • Ella Mae went on to list rules that were pretty common for foster homes. Lights out at eleven. No boys allowed upstairs. Keep your hands to yourself. Dont take anything that doesnt belong to you. All standard rules. Then, as if it were just another rule, she said, "And never, under any circumstances, are you to go up to the third floor."
  • He was going round it like a wild beast, and, drawing it eastward, he allowed them to pursue. But he did not attack. Perhaps he still hesitated? I wished to mediate once more. But I had scarcely spoken, when Captain Nemo imposed silence, saying:
  • The entrance was always kept closed, and we should have been in darkness had it not been for a rude lamp, fed by bear or deer fat, which stood on the table. The old hunter and his companion had stored up a large supply of dried grass for the horses, so that it was not necessary to turn them out to feed. He allowed me to sleep as much as I could, and when I was awake he generally seemed disposed to enter into conversation. He told me many of his adventures and escapes from Indians, and appeared to like to have me talk to him, and to hear all about my uncles, Aunt Hannah, and Lily.
  • Facings for regiments of horse was allowed to continue, the kdg retained their blue.
  • It is contained in those roots, answered Sekosini, pointing to a bundle of bulb-like objects also suspended from the roof. "The method of preparation is simple. A root is taken, cleaned from the adhering soil, and boiled in water until it is soft enough to crush between the fingers. Then the liquid is allowed to cool and strained through cloth. This liquid is of a dark colour, almost black. To administer it, add enough water to stain it very pale yellow, and let the patient drink as he will; the more he drinks the quicker will be his cure."
  • She must be getting paranoid. No wonder, considering the events of the past twenty-four hours. She was allowed to be a bit spooked.
  • There was no doubt about it. The little craft was going down. Later it was learned that a leaky valve had allowed the air to escape, and a break in the boat's rubber sides had let in the water.
  • My heart sank as I approached my cluttered cubicle. It was a damned shame I was so uncomfortable in the office, because the work itself still pumped me up when it engaged my writing skills and allowed me a small measure of involvement in the nations affairs. My only hope of neutralizing the outsized, potentially lethal personalities whod been playing office politics at my expense was to demolish the piles of projects in front of me.
  • "Slowly they allowed people to live on their own in small towns, like this one, as long as they followed the three rules. But breaking a rule meant death. Not just for the outlaw, but for his family. They slaughtered half of the population in ten years."
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