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  • Hal stopped dead still, and almost allowed Prince Helgrim to skewer him. Mordiswords echoed within his mind, but they seemed to have no meaning.
  • The place called upon to serve as our home sat quietly a top of a hillside, a long, comfortable craft of a dwelling with a thatched roof of straw. The walls at places looked warped, bulging out, but if the truth be known of the times the house had been moved, one would wonder about the strength of such establishment. A stone hearth centered the kitchen with open shuttered windows on the bottom floor. The entrance door was wide and tall. No other entrance would be allowed where a Sordarin dwelled. Their wings would not allow for anything less. The ceilings were high and the rooms spacious and broad.
  • Ryson kept a pace which allowed Lief to maintain his distance. Only when the elf disappeared over the final ledge did Ryson increase his speed to utilize his own climbing abilities, as well as those of Dzeb. The last few paces were covered with the speed of a near sprint and the accompanying light which surrounded them announced their arrival. The radiance from his sword, increasing with the extending glow to the east, matched clear daylight upon the top of the mountain. It chased away the darkness as the weapon in his hand appeared more like a flaming torch than a finely polished sword. It brought light to all those who now stood upon Sanctum's peak and it revealed for all to see that the sphere was in Dzeb's hands.
  • "Remember you wondered why Edward was allowed to have them as a small child? I think they protected themselves, only Father Joseph knew what they really were."
  • Who wrote them? Mikail asked. "There are a few convicts who may years afterwards be proved innocent, and allowed to return to Russia, but they are not the sort that would write lies about this place, for if they did they would soon find themselves on the road again. There are not a dozen men who have ever made their escape. Some of them may have invented lies for the sake of getting pity, and make themselves out to be hard used. Have you ever read any books by them?"
  • They traveled through to the other end of the town where they fell in line with other vehicles heading east. A matatu was unloading passengers and men in uniforms were inspecting the cargo of a stopped truck. The driver drove around to the head of the line where they were fronted by a barricade manned by two soldiers wearing uniforms of undesignated origin. One of the men approached, a sullen youth, he recognized the Major and the two exchanged waives. In turn, he waived to his mate, who set the barricade to one side and allowed the vehicle to pass.
  • The suggested compact between father and son soon framed itself into a treaty. There was to be nothing faddish or unreasonable about it: wine should circulate in its accustomed manner at dinner, but here, once and for all, was the end of trays brought to Lord Tintagel's study. A glass or two of claret should be allowed at lunch, but the cocktails and whiskies in the evening were to be closed from henceforth. And the arrangement entered into appeared to be of a quality that sacrificed the desire of each for the sake of the other, or so at least it passed in their minds. Archie stifled the snigger of his inward laughter, and thought how clear was his duty to save his father, even at this late day, from falling wholly into the pit he had digged, while to his father the compact represented itself as an effort to save Archie from the path he had begun to tread. But even as they agreed on their abstemious proceedings, there occurred to the minds of both of them a vague luminous thought, like the flash of summer lightning far away which might move nearer....
  • And again the heavy day went on, and Paul wept and wept alone. But it happened that this was scouring day; and a sort of wooden fender which fenced in the foot of the eight-day clock being moved, the missing bit of silver was found behind it, and the martyr was released. There were no apologies; but Paul was told to clean himself, and was whispered by Dick that there was a tea-party that afternoon, and that he was to be allowed to be present at it.
  • General, exclaimed Jack, "if you did but know it you could scarcely have said anything better calculated to defeat your own wishes and make me declare that under no circumstances will I permit myself to be dragged into this business. To be perfectly frank with you, I do not believe that you have the slightest shadow of foundation or excuse for your suspicions of Senor Montijo and his family. But, in order to show you how little grounds there are for them--should such actually exist--I will do violence to my own feelings by acceding to your request, without consulting Senor Montijo in any way, to the extent of conveying a party of your men, not exceeding fifty, to Mulata Bay; upon condition that I am allowed to fly the Spanish man-o'-war ensign while engaged upon the service."
  • Tika found sleep impossible as the night crept slowly by, but at last it was near dawn. Fenj allowed Tika to move forward well shadowed between his shoulder and the rock wall. She bit her lip to keep herself silent. She had thought there were a great many Dragons outside Kijas nesting cave, but here the number was amazing.
  • There are chambers above for you to use, and Im sure Shan will enjoy scrubbing you.’ Gan allowed a tentative smile to touch his face. ‘Let me clean your sword and I will return it to you at breakfast.’
  • Once Jordy and I had been convinced that Tiger should be allowed to sleep, we began to play a game that involved sliding sugar packets across a Formica tabletop. When Ma brought our dinner, she put a saucer with a scrambled egg into Tiger's box and said, "I suppose you two didn't even notice the gorgeous sunset."
  • I put my finger on his lips to silence him. "Andrew." This time I sighed. "I have only ever allowed one other man to stay the night with me, and it was awkward. I ended up spending most of the night in my living room surfing the internet." His expression twisted into something unreadable. "But being with you," I continued quickly, "it was different. It felt right."
  • Mappel raised an eyebrow. His face softened, lines of age seemed to disappear miraculously. He even allowed a smile to cross his thin lips. "This is the second time I have been comforted this day. First, I hear of Shayed's return. Now, I hear a delver advising me of what I should already know. Thank you.
  • I made All State that year and was being recruited by over 100 colleges. The state championship was ours and a full scholarship seemed like a formality when I graduated in a couple of years. If they allowed me to skip from tenth grade to college I would have done it right then. I figured that once I made it to my senior year, college would be an afterthought to jumping right to the NBA. Talk about an enormous head
  • When she stepped into the living room, the game was nearly over, Mariano Rivera in a non-save situation. He allowed one walk, but no one scored, and the Yankees began celebrating as Summer took her first bite of chili.
  • The Laurel and the other ships, with their prizes, were at this time standing away from the land. The seamen grumbled not a little at having to give up their booty: they could not understand why the merchantmen should have been cut out, and they not allowed to keep what they had picked up on shore.
  • Thankfully, it had not run. Instead, when it moved, it stepped with a pounding steadiness. Time was not an issue for this guardian. It had waited for intruders for the passing of thousands of seasons, never growing bored, never growing tired. It held no emotions, not anger and not impatience. It would move based on its single-minded purpose, to block the path to the lower tier. Yet it was this slow, sure pace that had allowed the algors to finish their climb before the giant became a true threat to Ryson's position.
  • We breakfasted off the strong, sweet tea that I have grown to like so much, and some bread, butter, and chocolate we bought off a smiling old woman at the warehouse gates. Later in the morning we were allowed into the town. First, a couple of us went into a caf to have a drink, and when we came out we found our motor-cycles garlanded with flowers by two admiring flappers. Everywhere we went we were the gods of a very proper worship, though the shopkeepers in their admiration did not forget to charge. We spent a long, lazy day in lounging through the town, eating a lot of little meals and in visiting the public baths--the last bath I was to have, if I had only known it, for a month. A cheery, little, bustling town Havre seemed to us, basking in a bright sunshine, and the hopes of our early overwhelming victory. We all stalked about, prospective conquerors, and talked fluently of the many defects of the German army.
  • There was an amusement park not far from the hotel and the band concert was to be given there, in a large pavilion that was open on the sides. As it was but a short distance away, the boys allowed the car to stay in the shed and walked to the place. A big crowd was collecting, and by the time the concert commenced, the spot was jammed with people.
  • She felt the tempest responding to her, and the more she allowed herself to welcome it, the more aggressively it pounded the Pawelon forces with deluges of ice. Her instincts led her inward to even greater exultation. As she went deeper all capacity for rational thought disappeared.
  • The election held in 1988 saw the advent of the mlolongo (queuing) system, where voters were supposed to line up behind their favoured candidates instead of a secret ballot. This was seen as the climax of a very undemocratic regime and it led to widespread agitation for constitutional reform. Several contentious clauses, including one that allowed for only one political party were changed in the following years. In democratic, multiparty elections in 1992 and 1997, Daniel arap Moi won re-election. In 2002, Moi was constitutionally barred from running, and Mwai Kǐbakǐ, running for the opposition coalition "National Rainbow Coalition" — NARC, was elected President. Anderson (2003) reports the elections were judged free and fair by local and international observers, and seemed to mark a turning point in Kenya's democratic evolution.
  • "You look perfect. Dont get me wrong, I was jealous when I saw that you're allowed to wear trousers, but you should have one nice dress. Its an absolute necessity."
  • That confirms my idea exactly! cried the captain of the Stormy Petrel. "There is something in the wind. You must watch out, by all means, and I'll do the same. This man must not be allowed to do anything wrong, if we can possibly prevent it."
  • "Are we to assume you have limited gifts then, Sister Henries?" The pale blond man on my left asked the question, a small smirk creeping across his face. I let my own face go blank, the type of blank usually reserved for when a person's thoughts are far too wrong to be allowed to be seen. The smirk died away.
  • Ailleen looked at him steadily for a while, watching his confusion and discomfiture, and feeling more and more angry with herself for having, earlier in the day, allowed his words to have even a passing effect upon her.
  • Then the list started. Ankle pointed to a tall thin woman who was rather cute, her name was Virginia Slim. Then there was a red-faced man that was named Sundance and his friend, a woman with short hair called Butch. There was a white SUV that got a coned off spot next to the door. Apparently her husband threatened to kill her like two years ago and she said that she needed a close parking spot so she wouldnt get hurt. She was outside smoking or talking every time I went by a window and so I thought she was full of crap. Her smoker name was Handicap. When she wasnt in the office, we still werent allowed to take the parking spot; it was reserved. But when she wasnt in, her friend parked there. Its not like she was going to rat out her friend. Handicaps friend was called Lo Jack, and she sometimes hung out with a guy named Sure-cusses-a-lot. In total, the list of names was two full pages. It was impressive.
  • Pulling from her thoughts, she reached up and allowed her pale fingers to disappear in his hair againlike ivory daggers carving through a crimson ocean. His stature remained unchanged, and his attitude more directed at their task than her obvious affection, but she knew eventually he would turn.
  • Why don't you try it now? suggested Mr. Vardon. "We'll soon be at the limits of the aviation field, and I doubt if these machines will be allowed to go beyond it. So, if you want to beat them in a race now is your time to speed up."
  • Gladys gently allowed her eyes to close. With one hand she removed her glasses and placed them on the bedside table beside her. It was the middle of the daybutwellit had already been a long one. With a drawn-out yawn Gladys turned over and, hugging her pillow close, allowed herself to fall asleep.
  • Of course they could do nothing just then, and the drove that had come to drink was allowed to depart peacefully. The hunters knew they would return on the morrow about the same hour; and it was towards their return that the thought of all were bent.
  • Just ahead of the shepherd's body came some poor women, who were weeping, falling down at intervals, and kissing the ground. On reaching the wall round the land side of the town these women stopped, formed a circle, and kneeled on the sand while the body was passing them, then they leaned forward and kissed the ground, continuing in that position till all the procession had passed. There the women remained, not being allowed to go to the grave, and the singing and shouting were continued by boys, who kept running round the bier as it was borne along. On reaching the grave the body was put in with the face toward the east, and covered up with stones and mortar. Then the grave was filled up with sand, a brief prayer was offered--the mourners kneeling--after which the people went home.
  • To our surprise our antagonists, instead of taking refuge on board the brigantine, as we fully expected they would, took to their oars and pulled in frantic haste up the creek. In the dense darkness which now ensued consequent upon the cessation of firing it was impossible to send a shot after them with any chance of success; and so they were allowed to go free.
  • 'Okay. So, Daughters and Time Lords are of the same kind, but there were so few Daughters and they possessed such exceptional skills that they were treasured and looked after very well by all Time Lords. They were not supposed to leave the home world. In fact they were not allowed to travel at all, certainly not through time. So I am still puzzled how Lynne ended up on Earth. How she was able to get her hands on a TARDIS she could fly.' the Doctor explained to Rose and thought about it for a while.
  • More than once parties of men were allowed on shore, and upon these occasions Don and Jem encountered the tattooed Englishman.
  • And Diogenes gave that quick impatient sigh which was so characteristic of him, and very slowly, very gently, as if she were a sheaf of flowers, he allowed his beloved to glide out of his arms.
  • Seeing all of my classmates looking utterly bored as they allowed themselves to be herded through the most amazing building I'd ever seen, brought me back to my original train of thought.
  • "FEB. 9th.--After endless discussions and repeated messages exchanged with the king, he at length sent word that I was to come ALONE. To this I objected; and, upon my starting with my men, the guide refused to proceed. I at once turned back, and told the chief (our guide) that I no longer wished to see Kamrasi, who must be a mere fool, and I should return to my country. This created a great stir, and messengers were at once despatched to the king, who returned an answer that I might bring all my men, but that only five of the Turks could be allowed with Ibrahim. The woman Bacheeta had told the natives that we were separate parties.
  • The elf followed behind the delver. He allowed Ryson to choose the direction and path. Only occasionally would he lift his head to get his own bearings. To both his distress and satisfaction, he noted their westward movement, movement that carried them in the general direction of Sanctum.
  • Of course the children were shown to Mike and the old Indian smiled as he allowed his hand to light gently upon Bab's yellow curls.
  • The one aspect, however, that truly allowed the separatists to grow in power was fear, fear of the magic that spilled out of the sphere and now flooded the land. The dwarves could never utilize this power as the other races. Its reappearance was not welcome. The return of the magic truly allowed the separatists to fuel the fears of the other dwarves, and those fears grew despite Jon's pledge to further Dunop's independence.
  • Hello?! There was no one in the diner. Perfect! Porky began looking around, walking up and down the aisle between counter and booths. The seats in the booths were ox-blood red with patches of dull gray duct tape over the slashes underneath. On each table sat the old-fashioned mini-juke boxes with tabs that allowed you to file through the list of pop tunes dated no later than 1983. Porky fished out a quarter and chose a couple of songs, neither of which played. Instead an old ballad kicked up, one that both Porky and I remember from childhood, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray……".
  • Every afternoon I visited Jamie in the hospital, and we became close. Two days after she was released and life was getting back to normal, I took a walk during the break between lunch and dinner. Things had been happening fast; I needed to slow down. I followed a stream through a marshy area to a dry bank shaded by a tree where I stretched out and listened to the sounds of birds and insects. It was hot and the sounds began to still. A dragonfly darted back and forth above the stream. Movement caught my eye. A snake, three feet long, was winding along the opposite bank, unhurried, almost casual. A dark snake, unremarkable. It struck, too fast to see. It was falling back to the ground before I could focus, the dragonfly in its mouth. The snake caught the dragonfly in midair without coiling. Impossible. The most athletic move I've ever seen. It was as though the universe had stopped, allowed the snake to strike, and then started again for everyone else.
  • But on our flanks and in our rear there had gathered great numbers of Portuguese militia, of armed peasants, and of guerillas. These people had kept a safe distance all the winter, but now that our horses were foundered they were as thick as flies all round our outposts, and no man's life was worth a sou when once he fell into their hands. I could name a dozen officers of my own acquaintance who were cut off during that time, and the luckiest was he who received a ball from behind a rock through his head or his heart. There were some whose deaths were so terrible that no report of them was ever allowed to reach their relatives. So frequent were these tragedies, and so much did they impress the imagination of the men, that it became very difficult to induce them to leave the camp.
  • On coming on deck he shook hands with every one he met between the gangway and cabin, assuring them of his affection. I had to attend at the dinner, to which the royal party were invited. The ladies, however, had to sit aside, the king taking his place at the table at the right hand of the captain, while the minister, who carried his saliva bowl, squatted behind him. He ate voraciously, and washed down the solids with numerous glasses of Madeira. He drank the health of each person present, finishing well-nigh three decanters of his favourite wine. As soon as the king, the captain, passengers, and first mate had risen, the ladies were allowed to approach their dinner, which had been cooked on shore, and was now placed on the table. It consisted of a couple of roast dogs, several dishes of small fish, and a white mixture called pooah, of the consistency of flummery.
  • OK,’ he said slowly, trying to bring the conversation back to the point, ‘understanding that this crystal,’ he patted his pocket, ‘is so damn important, and Im not allowed to think about it, why dont you take it yourself?’
  • In the parts of Norway where there are no railroads the stage and sleigh lines, so called, are under the control of the government. The drivers are allowed to charge just so much for driving a person from one place to another, and the road-houses along the way are also subject to official control, and you can always get your meals for a stated price.
  • Crouching in this corner, he glanced rapidly from right to left to learn whether or not his arrival had been detected. Satisfied that for the moment he was safe, he cast a glance upward to where the aerials of the radiophone glistened in the moonlight. From that point he allowed his gaze to drop steadily downward until it reached the windows of the sixteenth floor. There it remained fixed for a full moment.
  • Curses, threats, and blows were expended upon them to no purpose, for the Christian dogs seemed only capable of doing much harm and no good. During the afternoon they were allowed to lie idle upon the ground, and watch their masters cutting the barley; although this indulgence was purchased at the expense of lacerated skins and aching bones. Nor was this triumph without the cost of further suffering: for they were not allowed a mouthful of food or a drop of water, although an abundance of both had been distributed to the other laborers in the field.
  • That date only saved the dowager from having to pay over her daughter's inheritance; but Markworth would never have allowed that mistake in the date to have occurred if he had known at first, as he knew latterly, what a great effect it would have in the working of Roger Hartshorne's will.
  • Through the glass-panelled front of the car, Jimmie Dale could see his chauffeur's back, and the hand that held the letter dropped now to his side, and Jimmie Dale stared--at his chauffeur's back. Then, presently, he read the letter again, as though committing it to memory now; and then, tearing the paper into tiny shreds, as he did with every one of her communications, he reached out of the window and allowed the little pieces to filter gradually from his hand.
  • The remaining five algors kept close in behind Dzeb with Jon and Tun following in their wake. The elder dwarf did not appear happy walking so far back in the line. He kept his right hand on his axe and glared with menace at the crowd. He would be more than willing to take out his frustrations upon any human that might try to lay a hand on his royal person. Lief concluded the line with his bow returned to his shoulder. He allowed a slight gap to form between him and the rest of the party, a buffer in case the crowd regained their courage. They never did.
  • His restless eye fell upon a bumper roll of chicken wire, rusting nicely in the middle of the deteriorated garden path, and striving to ignore the mooing of despair and frustration behind him, he allowed his mind drift back, as so often before, to that joyous moment, four years ago in Hyde Park, when he had found a wallet with fifty quid inside it.
  • The president gave his reins to an orderly and mounted the steps, touching his chapeau to the salute of guard and the shouting citizens, but his eyes were fixed sternly on me. I saw that he was deeply moved, and I wished fervently, now that it was too late, that I had told him of the street fight at the time, and not allowed him to hear of it from others. I feared the worst. I was prepared for any reproof, any punishment, even the loss of my commission, and I braced myself for his condemnation.
  • At the end of a long dark hallway, illuminated only by the inconsistent light of torches, we reached a guarded door. Seeing me, the sentinels bowed and allowed us entry. Down a spiral staircase of stone, I could hardly make out the steps in the dark, despite the guttering torch in Kershid's hand. Although the air smelled damp and my boots slipped more than once on a felt carpet of moss, the dungeons were clean, void of the telltale skittering of rats.
  • Jon took greater care in feeling the rock and examining the cracks, and he announced his observations to them all. "The force which broke the stone came from the other side. It did not press upon the door directly. It was also not a hammering effect. Whatever it was, it came in the form of a steady stream of great power. The force broke the seal and allowed air to rush through the cracks. Air continues to flow through even now."
  • Ellese thought back to the time when Mirra had been conceived. Larris's dream had seemed ridiculous, and many elder mothers had scorned her suggestion that it was a sign from the Lady, so at first it had been rejected. When no one could come up with a better idea, however, or received any sign, it had been reconsidered. Putting it into practice had not been easy. Much power was needed to make it work. First, a young healer had volunteered bear the child, knowing her daughter would never know her, nor would she be allowed to raise her. A man had been put into a deep sleep and brought to the abbey.
  • When old man Sanderson died a few years earlier, and George Webb and the rest of the staff wound up owning the Spearfish Lake Record-Herald, Mike McMahon had become the news editor, and allowed himself to dare dream that hed finally be able to quit grubbing around with the newspaper circulation on Wednesdays.
  • Liseli allowed herself to look full into the earnest eyes of the goddess. The light was more intense than ever, but it held her gaze.
  • The main part of the population in Andorra is made up of citizens without the Andorran nationality, which do not have right to vote (suffrage) in the communal elections. Moreover they are not allowed to be voted as a president or to own more than 33% of the capital stock of a private held company.
  • The woman chuckled. "Dead or not, there is still some of Threnn in you. Reckless and foolish girl that she was. It was that which allowed him to manipulate you so well - but I cannot fault him entirely, gods know I was blind to it for entirely too long."
  • Grahamas was a logical, intelligent man. He feared what foolish act he would commit if he allowed his emotions to overwhelm him. He imagined coming here would be the catalyst for such events.
  • A moment afterward the family, with the exception of Joam, went ashore. The jangada was able to approach near enough to the bank for the landing to take place without much trouble. A staircase, in a miserable state, cut in the cliff, allowed the visitors to arrive on the crest of the plateau.
  • Svin was leaning against the low wall that separated the bar from the step-down floor holding the tables and dance area that surrounded the stage. The vantage point allowed him to keep his various charges in sight, not that any of them were showing any signs of wanting to be in sight. The same could scarcely be said of this Hazeel woman. She was obviously trying not to be out of his sight.
  • Then Vulthian did retreat to the underworld and kept watch as his plan came to fruition. Cyra drank from the pool and the dark mud mixed with his blood. He was changed forever, though he knew not for it was a subtle poison in his veins. Cyra became aware of the underworld, and what he saw as the plight of its inhabitants. Cyra knew that Thelsyth was a vast place, he went to his master and his creator and pleaded with Thelwyn to release the creatures of the pit and allow them to live in the light. But Thelwyn denied his request, he told Cyra that if the minions of the pit were allowed to live in Thelsyth then one day they would make the whole world like their home, cloaked in darkness and bereft of true life.
  • Willow stood silently and allowed me to have a minute or two in order to get control of myself. I crouched down like a baseball catcher and tried to just breathe deeply. It took fifteen minutes, but I finally had myself back in check by the time I stood up.
  • I saw not Cono during this time. I reasoned it was with reason to play this charade. Cono had made a stance for me. Determined not to disappoint him, I endured the journey in silence. Twiten allowed me only to transport into Yucca. From there I was directed in with the other pages.
  • Urgency swept over the delver. He gave one quick glance at the end of his sword to ensure its direction, and then took a more discerning look at the space within the reflectors. The area immediately surrounding the sphere was clear of shadow trees. Ryson could only attribute this to the sphere's great power. Its reason was not as important as its existence, for it allowed a clear path to the sphere, if the cliff behemoth would take it.
  • This had been given him by his father as a parting keepsake, and he looked upon it almost as a kind of talisman; he therefore never allowed it to leave his person.
  • In europe breast milk contains more dioxins than is legally allowed in cows milk.
  • Realizing that the turn of affairs was making them appear ridiculous, the officer who had suggested that Bob be allowed to plead guilty, and receive a light sentence, if he would divulge the name of the two swindlers, hurriedly exclaimed:
  • But, though I spoke up thus for Good, I was not blind to the fact that, however natural his behaviour might be, it was obvious that he was being involved in a very awkward and disgraceful complication. A foul and wicked murder had been attempted, and he had let the murderess escape, and thereby, among other things, allowed her to gain a complete ascendency over himself. In fact, he was in a fair way to become her tool -- and no more dreadful fate can befall a man than to become the tool of an unscrupulous woman, or indeed of any woman. There is but one end to it: when he is broken, or has served her purpose, he is thrown away -- turned out on the world to hunt for his lost self-respect. Whilst I was pondering thus, and wondering what was to be done -- for the whole subject was a thorny one -- I suddenly heard a great clamour in the courtyard outside, and distinguished the voice of Umslopogaas and Alphonse, the former cursing furiously, and the latter yelling in terror.
  • She tsked over me, looking me up and down, and then noticed Anna. Id allowed her to wander off with a maid earlier, but shed come back, checking in with me as she always did, as if we shared an invisible cord that reeled her in every once in a while.
  • The true King of Fools, he'd read, had been the personal jester of the gods. They had bestowed upon their jester a suit of magic, and had given him the power of prophecy. They'd also gifted him with a tongue of silver that allowed him to speak freely to the kings of men without fear of repercussion. Stupidly, the fool stuck out his tongue, and checked it in the looking glass. It wasn't silver, nor was he getting premonitions of what was to come. The assassin had given him the long dead Joker's magical costume, but it seemed as if the gods themselves were the only ones who could grant him more.
  • As Dzeb carried the sphere free from the broken casing, Lief stepped as far back from him as the shadow trees would allow. He nearly allowed his shoulders to brush against the closest of the branches. He could only wonder as to which death would be more painful, being consumed by the shadow trees or the slow decay from the poison which even now was sapping most of his strength.
  • The image of the church remained crisp in her mind. It brought with it echoes of Connel. Memories of her last living days in Uton flooded back to her. Even now, she could still remember the great conflict between the forces she aligned and the magic casters. The stone church, where people prayed when the Wizard War reached its fury, served as sanctuary for many during the last terrible night of pitched battle. With the knowledge obtained upon her own death, she now knew how important those prayers were. Beyond the steps of the church, she could sense the ancient wall. She could almost feel the solid, powerful stones the dwarves labored to build around Connel. To this day, it remained mostly intact, just as the church stood upon its very same foundation. The image of the church and the wall allowed her a moment of confidence. If they again served in some way to aid those that battled the sphere, so much the better.
  • In some cases, productivity gains had allowed contracts to be delivered at the same quality of service while maintaining the price.
  • The defenders stated a general plea to relevancy, but by an interlocutor pronounced after debate the sheriff allowed a proof before answer.
  • Archaeologyurn allowed full access to the preserved archeology beneath.
  • Pacian made a nice tidy pile of bows and other equipment, as they dropped the extra gear they were carrying, and then set about scouring the place for any other possessions left behind by the hunters. Nellise threw a few more logs on the fire, while the rest of them sat down and ate their fill of the available foods, complimented by the last of the fresh vegetables they had bought from Culdeny. It was a welcome respite that allowed them to settle down after the adrenaline-filled morning they'd had.
  • In the centre of the island a rock jutted up, which was bald and flat on its summit. On the western side it showed a precipice of some forty or fifty feet in height, and on the eastern side it descended to the water in a steep slope. The tall trees which grew all around shrouded it from the view of those at sea, but allowed the sea to be visible on every side. Climbing to this place, they saw something which showed them that they could not hope to carry on any operations for that day.
  • There was a well in a yard, with a rope and a windlass, and an old wooden bucket all over trailing green mosses. Off the yard there was a blacksmith's shop, with a disused anvil and disused tools in it, and a cold hearth covered with scattered slack and iron filings. A dog, whose chain allowed him to come within a yard of the door of this workshop, woke up at the clank of the tools and barked. The child cried until his mother came and took him away with some show of angry impatience, not with his father's gentleness. He knew her for his mother, of course, but this was his first remembrance of her.
  • "Very well. Then if the Executive approve of the invention, you will be asked to join the Inner Circle at once, and to devote yourself body and soul to the Society and the accomplishment of the objects that will be explained to you. If you refuse there will be an end of the matter, and you will simply be asked to give your word of honour to reveal nothing that you have seen or heard, and then allowed to depart in peace.
  • What a horrid place! exclaimed Miss Mercer. "Look how it's been allowed to run down. Oh, I know where we are! This is the old Tisdall place. No one has lived here for years. That's why it looks so neglected."
  • It must have been a glorious sensation to the old aeronaut to be thus speeding along in a modern, up-to-date airship, after his enforced idleness for so long. Again and again did he express himself in that way, as he gazed over the expanse of country, and then allowed his eyes to rest fondly on the form of his boy, more dear to his heart than ever after what had happened.
  • The decision came quickly. Matanda received his copy courtesy of the solicitors office in London. It took the form of a summary opinion, twelve pages in length, and he read the end first. "For reasons provided the appeal is sustained." The Court did not regret to inform him and with those words the lower courts decision granting Bembe parole was reversed. For Matanda the reasons why mattered little beyond the conclusion itself. Looking at the decision his sense of injury returned. Didnt the Court understand what an imposition this was on him personally? What after all was their original sin, the commission of civil war and all that went along with it? And hadnt they paid the price of being on the losing side, detention and exile? And what of the Courts own culpability? The purveyors of selective justice that allowed them to sit on their hands while Kigali extracted retribution and Kabila et al committed serial kleptocracy in Kinshasa. Victors justice.
  • Aside from surfer Blake, Sharon had only known true pleasure through Hartwell. And he was about as far as you could get from being a storybook romance. He basically took it when he wanted it, and she was only allowed to initiate occasionallyusually after he was killed and his self-esteem was only overbearing.
  • Their bark is worse nor their bite,"" he explained. ""They wouldn't hurt yeou very much."" Then he asked about the train, and the students gave him the particulars of the mishap. In the meantime Mrs. Mellick bustled around and got Nat Poole some dry clothing and allowed him to change his garments in a side room that chanced to be warm."
  • Many of the new laws and regulations created resentment among devout Muslims and the clergy. For example mosques were required to use chairs; most men were required to wear western clothing, including a hat with a brim; women were encouraged to discard the hijab; men and women were allowed to freely congregate, violating Islamic mixing of the sexes. Tensions boiled over in 1935, when bazaaris and villagers rose up in rebellion at the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad, chanting slogans such as 'The Shah is a new Yezid.' Dozens were killed and hundreds were injured when troops finally quelled the unrest.
  • Still, after the worst was known and the last of the injured taken care of, no doubt the task of completing the picture would go on, just as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. These roving players become so accustomed to accepting risks in the pursuit of their calling that a little thing like this cannot be allowed to interfere with the main object of their business for any great length of time.
  • As the halt was for the night, the boy could hardly suppress his curiosity to see what shape matters would take. His strong hope was that he would be allowed to lie where he then sat, and that none of the warriors would arrange it so he could not change his position without awaking him.
  • WITH John Carstares the winter had passed quite uneventfully. He continued his highway robbery, but he made two bad blunders--not from the point of view of a thief, but from that of the gentleman in him. The first was when he stopped an opulent looking chariot, which he found to contain two ladies, their maid and their jewels, and the second when the occupant of a large travelling coach chanced to be an old gentleman who possessed far greater courage than physical strength. On the first occasion my lord's dismay had been ludicrous, and he had hastily retired after tendering a nive apology. The old gentleman in the second episode had defied him so gallantly that he had impulsively offered him the butt end of one of his pistols. The old man was so surprised that he allowed the weapon to fall to the ground, where it exploded quite harmlessly, sending up a cloud of dust and smoke. Carstares then begged his pardon most humbly, assisted him back into his coach, and rode off before the astonished Mr. Dunbar had time to collect his wits.
  • The arrangement allowed her to remain a single woman. In England it was proper for a widow to be in mourning for a full year, but in the colony, for mostly practical reasons, men and women remarried within months, even weeks in some instances after burying their spouses. Abigail had her share of invitations and advances from the numerous single men in the colony, all of them unwanted, so she was more than grateful for the brothersprotection. They escorted her to church every Sunday and she even accompanied them to the muster once a month, and every week or so Robert or Jamie would accompany her on a visit to her special friend across the river.
  • "I dont know why," I said. "He was always nice to me. In fact, its one of the few times I was allowed to see the outside world. He would open the shutters and let me peer out into the world. It was the only time I felt free," I whispered.
  • But the sharm docs should well know that a fit, well controlled diabetic is allowed to dive.
  • To-day I dined at a cheap ordinary, and sunk the secretary upon my messmates, till I should ascertain what solid profit might accrue from all my bows and scrapes. I had funds for three months, or thereabouts. That interval I allowed myself for casting my bread upon the waters. But as the shortest speculations are the safest, if my salary was not paid by that time, a long farewell to the court, its frippery, and its falsehood! Thus were my plans arranged. For two months I laboured hard and fast to stand well with Calderona: but his senses were so callous to all my assiduity, that it seemed labour in vain to build on so hopeless a foundation. This idea produced a change in my conduct. I left some greener fool to fumigate the nostrils of this idol; and placed all my own dependence on making my ground sure with the duke, by the benefit of our frequent conferences.
  • Rollout plan in the light of the pilot scheme should also be allowed for.
  • Spiritwind left his friend to recover, and investigated the oddness. Poking various objects quickly revealed a theme to the room. While Spiritwind worked on his thesis the feeling returned to Brick's fingers. He could think of nothing but vengeance against the curtains that had wronged him. Jumping up, Brick searched for his hammer. He felt owning such a thing allowed him to claim he had a tool kit, an essential part of any man's journey to adulthood. Spotting the handle beneath a pile of clothes, Brick stormed across the room to retrieve it. Taking a firm grasp of the bludgeoning device his mind turned and began the journey back to the offending house ware, unfortunately his body stayed attached to the hammer, and the hammer stayed attached to the floor. Brick's refusal to release his grip saw him join it on the carpet. Spiritwind peered over his friend and revealed his conclusion.
  • Yes; but your father was not allowed to fall. A being was commissioned to arrest the fatal hand of death about to descend on him.
  • The creation of the assured short-hold tenancy allowed those interested in building up a residential letting portfolio to do so in safety.
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