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  • Then boys and girls alike clamored to be allowed to "just dance" and Ed Roberts had plenty of opportunity to try his new Hesitation with Gladys. But after she had danced three or four times with him in succession she left him for another partner. This made him cross and he would not ask any one else to dance until a quiet word from his Counsellor sent him rather unwillingly on to the floor again. "Mayn't I have this one?" he pleaded every time after that, but Gladys smilingly declined, saying she had promised every one of the boys a dance and would not get around if she gave him any more, to which he assented politely, fuming inwardly, and wanted Gladys to himself more than ever.
  • Therese looked upon the delver and saw only more confusion. She did her best to make her point clear. "You yourself pointed out these tunnels were created for us to attack the humans of Connel, and attack them we did. We offered no quarter and allowed no mercy. We took the lives of many in that battle, many that did not deserve to die. We did all of this because we wanted to believe they were a threat to us, when in truth we were the ones creating the threat. These humans had never done anything to us. In truth, they did not even know Dunop existed until we rose upon their streets for the sole purpose of trying to prove our own superiority."
  • Father, still in his face paint and dance regalia, went to the edge of the balcony. Like the kiva, the adobe house had been painted white and the mud walls of the balcony rose organically out of the lower story of the house. For defensive purposes, none of the houses in the tribehold had doors on the first story. Ladders allowed access between the balcony and the street.
  • Looking up at her old office building, Serenity felt a pang of regret. She had liked her job; even been good at it, when shed been there. Her position included taking care of the engineering companys payroll and overtime. She coordinated who covered should someone call in sick on a major job. Though a predominantly male environment, the situation suited Serenity just fine. She knew all men werent like Jackson. If she worked with women, they would want to know about her; ask questions about her life, her husband, the things she liked to do. Invitations for drinks would come, worse, requests for her and Jackson to come to dinner. Instead, Serenity kept herself to herself, and the men allowed her aloof behavior. They thought her standoffish, probably called her a bitch behind her back, but she didnt care.
  • Turning away, he allowed the man to rise as he stalked over to the altar and leant against it. Agden glared at him, gesturing again to the throne.
  • "When I needed to hide my identity I used my mothers name April. In jest, aping me, my daughter Beverly used my name for herself. She met Nathan as Emily and the names stuck ever since." This bit of information allowed her to speak, but she was still in shock and lapsed into silence.
  • Benjamin found a bucket of his own to sit on, and plonked himself down next to Lilac. He felt shaky, and slightly sick in his stomach. "Are we allowed in here?" he asked, unsure as to whether his nervousness was down to tiredness, the exhilaration of fame, or just everything.
  • The boys had, of course, been stopped quite frequently. With war in the land this was only to be expected. Still the papers they carried always won the day, and they were allowed to proceed. This could hardly be wondered at when one of those little documents was written wholly by King Albert himself, and contained an express desire that the bearer and his friends should be given every possible courtesy by loyal Belgians, as they had proved their friendship for the little kingdom to the utmost.
  • Her mother reached a gentle hand to her face and forced her to look. Elena resisted at first, but gave in as something new and bright and bold and joyous tugged at her heart. When she finally allowed her gaze to turn, her mouth dropped open.
  • Six hours had passed. Not for five minutes had Tory allowed the fire signal to die down. No one had replied either by another signal or by coming to their rescue.
  • "Aye. Most cannot enter Sayassa, however a few chosen have a marked soulone that is either unknown or allowed by the barriersome who entered did so unknowingly, a few have even sought Fate. Though they can pass, the mists are no less forgiving to them and in order to protect perhaps the greatest weapon in existence, the traveler's body, mind, and faith are tested. But an ordinary test would not suit everyone, so each is different. The mist is able to draw out and bring life to each person's greatest fears, desires, and regrets. As much as I wish I could Grahamas, I can't tell you what trials you'll encounter because I don't know. All I can say is whatever you truly fear is what you'll face inside."
  • When it was finished, the Wizard took one last look at it and covered it, so weary he could barely move his fingers, let alone stand. Yet before he could rest, before he allowed it, one final task demanded completion.
  • Runners were sent into the jungle to procure the all-important macasla herb, and that night the mixture was prepared. Macasla, chilli-peppers, carot, and tobah shrub were pounded together in an old dug-out canoe. Wood-ashes, earth, alcohol, and water were added, and the mixture was allowed to ferment. Early the next morning nearly all the inhabitants embarked upon the short journey to Parang-Parang, their seaport barrio. Every available boat was filled with the merry throng, and the river sang a soft accompaniment to their chatter; pet monkeys, parrots, and mongoosen joined in the hubbub, and the din echoed through the forest, to be taken up by nature's wild children. Bal-Bal was forgotten, for the moment, by all except the bereaved parents, who had remained behind with the aged, to mourn their loss.
  • But once more Baby Akbar was silent, and Down told nobody--unless it was Tumbu. Perhaps he did know, because he allowed Down's kitten to play with his tail!
  • Escobar's out of the runnin'. Barlow's eyes glinted with his satisfaction. "He's corked up here tighter'n a fly in a bottle. He isn't allowed to stick nose outside the walls after dark; and he isn't allowed to ride out of sight in the daytime. Those are little Escobar's orders. And, by cracky, I'll bet he minds 'em."
  • Alan had determined on a record flight. He allowed the Cibola to rise higher than it had yet flown, about 5,000 feet, and then setting the aeroplanes on a slight incline he headed the car on a down slant for Mount Wilson's just visible peak, thirty miles away.
  • The commander allowed it wouldn't be many hours before all hands of you came back, so he went aboard the pungy to keep ship.
  • Romessee dismounted. "We must get you off your horse and look at your injuries," she said. Finnegaff allowed her to aid his dismount. She sat him against a tree.
  • Now I could go on and provide even more details about this completely fictitious person and the fictitious fire department he works for and perhaps even pretend that this blog is a scalding commentary about the inefficiencies that are allowed to go unchecked in a communist society but the point is this ... is the image of a fire department racing to a fire but having to stop at every red light and perform a Chinese fire drill the funniest damn thing you've ever imaged?
  • I curled into a small ball and allowed reality to suspend. I found it hard to breathe right, my chest still felt too tight from the emotions that had overwhelmed me during Tomas' embrace. I waited but the hole in the wall remained, letting me see the night sky. I was feeling overwhelmed but it helped centre me. It was all too much so I stepped outside myself and took control. The snarling, growling noises were getting louder. I rolled myself up, crawled forward, and looked down, carefully leaning on a patch of wall that looked solid.
  • A pig--a common or garden pig--was at the bottom of it all. The natives are very fond of pork indeed, and nearly every household boasts of at least one porker, which is allowed the entire run of the house and looked upon almost as "one of the family." The air in the town where I was staying at the time had suddenly thickened with rumours of war; and it was a well-known fact that some thousands of men were ready to shoulder their rifles at a given signal and, with a few well-tried veterans at their head, to make a mad and murderous rush upon anything and everything belonging to the Government.
  • Tears started running down Jessamine's cheeks and she sobbed on her beloved's body. Only nine years together and then this stupid war and even stupider death! Why did he have to go so early? Why did the Goddess call him when she had allowed her own daughter to reign for one hundred and fifty years?
  • Jennie insisted, "Ill do it. I dont mind." She spooned out a scoop of the soap and allowed it to cool. She then placed a tiny drop of the substance onto her tongue. She quickly wiped it off again. "Its done," she proudly stated. (If the soap had a bite to it or if she felt an acidic burning sensation, it would need to be cooked longer.)
  • By this time we were so nearly winded that it was impossible to continue the flight without a breathing spell, and the old man allowed us to halt when we were close upon the city.
  • "You enjoy being allowed to move around the castle. You enjoy having a room to sleep and to keep your stuff in without a need to threaten anyone. You enjoy having access to the finest knives our blacksmiths can produce. You also enjoy the fact that you're not being searched for too diligently after you murder some shady individual. Or fifteen of them, as it happens sometimes." Vannard didn't even blink. "Such a long-term agreement would be out of the question with any other High Lord, I'm pretty sure of that. Also, they are not known for their generosity."
  • Yachtsmant anglian was designed to appeal to both cruising and racing yachtsmen and a one-design would not have allowed this.
  • Just as I was prepared to bid them farewell, he gave a deep sigh; and said 'he thought he should soon come to London. He wished he knew where I might be found, and, if he should leave the country, it would be a great favour done him if he might but be allowed to come and ask me how I did. If I would allow him that honour, it would make his heart very light. He had been many years in his present employ; and perhaps his master would be sorry, if he were to leave him; but he had given him fair notice. At one time, he did not believe he ever should have left him; but he thought now he should be much happier in London.'
  • "Our storage facilities are top notch. Only authorized members of the survey are allowed access to the collections. I can assure you that your bag and its contents will be safe here."
  • I forced myself to read the lesson plans for the next month before I allowed myself to start the Verne, and once I started, I found I couldn't stop. Mama had to drag me away for dinner.
  • Matty, being Irish, allowed her soul to gush out too obviously in her tones; so that her feelings towards the Eagle, though unexpressed, were discernible.
  • By the time they had finished equipping her, Nellise looked ready for anything. The helmet was open-faced but protected her brow, the sides of her face, as well as the top and back of her head. A gap up the back of the helmet allowed her fair hair to taper out, after she had tied it up in a tail. The only thing she wasn't eager to use was the sword, which remained on the weapon rack.
  • By the 18th century, new technology began to be developed which allowed reclamation of " waste areas " .
  • Torman raised an eyebrow. "Indeed. Normally children of farmers are not allowed to enter the Academy. Your son is a special case. As far as I can tell he taught himself to read. He must be exceptionally bright. He also has nowhere else to go. I will recommend him."
  • The men returned exhausted from the slow trek home. They came in forty minutes later than normal and instead of freshening up before dinner, they allowed dinner to be served so the children wouldnt have to wait.
  • My captors allowed me to turn enough to see the speaker, a captain in breastplate and helmet. For a moment I did not recognise him in his armour.
  • There was a large banquet that evening and I had an envious position of being seated under the table between the king and queen, so there was no want for tasty morsels. The royal couple sat on either side and I could hear them discussing different matters of state, from alliances to mutual enemies. I heard Isoms name mentioned at one time, but my attention quickly turned to a rather sizable hunk of meat that the former owner so carelessly allowed to slip from their grasp. "Thank you, grease!" I thought, as I pounced upon it. After the meal was finished and the evening prayers were said in the temple the royals retired to their chambers. As all were sleeping I decided to go pay a visit to the chamber of the "loyal" advisor.
  • The shadows had used those darkened paths as a distractiona ploy to lead me further away from Tray. They would take our souls if I allowed it. I would sacrifice everything before I would surrender him to my shrouded fate.
  • The carriage door opened at this moment, and his master's voice was heard saying: "Mademoiselle Charlotte, will you tell your mistress that I have just arrived from Paris, that I have called to leave my card, and to ask permission, not to be received this evening, but to be allowed to call to-morrow, if she will grant me that favor. Ask her at what hour I shall least inconvenience her."
  • Some children may also have allowed their road safety skills to become rusty over the summer holidays.
  • Nothing was gone from the camp; and yet he was quite certain that any one speaking a native African language understood by Congo, could not be capable of acting honestly if an opportunity was allowed him for the opposite.
  • Scotty scoffed at the idea. "They aren't sports lovers, Chahda. They are gentlemen of culture. I think the conference is about motion pictures. My idea is that Lazada and Nast are visiting Nangolat in order to get an Ifugao opinion on whether the hero should be allowed to kiss his horse in western pictures."
  • "I suppose so," said Paul. "I have heard before that they would do that. They say, you see, that all they wanted was permission to send their troops across Belgium to reach France. Perhaps they really believed that we should not resist. If we had not, they would not have damaged the country, and perhaps if they had won in the war, they would have paid for whatever injury was done. But how absurd! If we had allowed that, without making any further attempt to stop them, we should really have been just as badly off."
  • This allowed the temperature on the grass to fall to -1.8c, the lowest of the month, that froze dew formed.
  • To Ambrose's astonishment he saw the troopers dismounting. Flinging the lines over their horses' heads, they allowed the beasts to crop the rich grass of the bottoms.
  • Laylan almost covered his eyes. They have no idea what they're doing. It occurred to him that Chance had not been allowed to bring any of his father's experienced interrogators from Danda-laythat, or he'd been too proud to ask. These were foot soldiers who'd served under Chance when he fought in the cat wars. They're accustomed to interrogating cats, not shelts.
  • The kids had been allowed to watch TV as the couple discussed the when and how and even some thoughts toward dinner. In their bedroom, the door cracked, both accepted it would take a fire to pry their offspring from the couch, but the thought of doing more than holding each others hands seemed inappropriate. They had done far more than that, enough that two kits sat on Grays dresser, out of view if the children did barge into the room.
  • The older lord persists. "If it please thee to return with us, and to take the captainship of our Athensthine and oursthere thou shalt be met with thanks, allowed with absolute power, and in thy good name live with authority!
  • Before the camp on Long Lake was broken up they hoped to have a ceremonial camp fire, but there were gatherings almost every night around the big fire that was not a luxury and an ornament at Long Lake, but a sheer necessity, since the nights were cool, and at times chilly. This fire was never allowed to go out, but burned night and day, although, of course, it reached its full height and beauty after dark, when the flames shot up high and sent grotesque shadows dancing under and among the trees, and on the sandy beach which had been selected as the ideal location for the camp.
  • Galloway and Antone were allowed to come again into the room, and of Galloway, quite as though no hot word had passed between them, Norton asked quietly:
  • All the same he knew very well that neither of the Bird boys could be forced to ever accept one penny from his hand, no matter what good Dame Fortune allowed them to do for him.
  • Not being with her was torture. Every part of him longed for her, but if he truly loved Serenity, he would do what was best for her. True love should be self-less. How he felt didnt matter. What mattered was Serenity should be allowed to live her life as a normal human being.
  • Jim had a restless night. He was sadly disappointed with himself, that he should have so carelessly allowed his enemies to triumph over him. He could not imagine for what purpose he was now detained, and he was very determined upon seeking an early opportunity to escape.
  • There had once been a time, so very long ago, when Trinos's life was filled with joy, sorrow, adventure, and love. But all of her dreams had come true once her race learned the greatest secret of the cosmic expanse itself. And this discovery had allowed her race to become immortal.
  • "I know, I know." He looked at the quill he still held. "It's just that, well," he looked up at all of them, panning his view. "Her decisions are variably irrational," he began. The rest remained silent and allowed him to air his grievance.
  • By degrees his eyes grew wearied of that object, and he allowed them to travel languidly upwards and along the roof until they rested on the spot directly over his head, where they became fixed, and, at the same time, opened out to a glare, compared to which all his previous glaring was as nothing--for there, in the thatch, looking down upon him, was the angular head of a huge python. The snake was rolled up in a tight coil, and had evidently spent the night within a yard of the professor's head! Being unable to make out what sort of snake it was, and fearing that it might be a poisonous one, he crept quietly from his couch, keeping his eyes fixed on the reptile as he did so. One result of this mode of action was that he did not see where he was going, and inadvertently thrust one finger into Moses' right eye, and another into his open mouth. The negro naturally shut his mouth with a snap, while the professor opened his with a roar, and in another moment every man was on his feet blinking inquiringly.
  • "Looking like that, you wouldn't even be allowed past the front door. You and Pacian both need to clean yourselves up, if you want anyone of high station to pay attention to you." Aiden glanced down at his apparel. He wasn't as covered in dirt and blood as Pacian, but he was far from presentable. He could probably do with some new clothes as well, for Nellise was right about the condition of their boots.
  • It burned down, and through some mistake of a clerk part of the insurance was allowed to lapse, so that we will not be able to collect on more than half. Isn't that hard luck though, Tom?
  • A dread of seeing the sad, disfigured creature seized her now, as she reached the darkened stoep, and held her back for a moment. She stood wondering why she had come and how she could expect to find Roddy there where the children had never been allowed to penetrate. But, in the very act of hesitation, she heard the boy's voice ring out.
  • Only basic changes were to be allowed in the new restrictive environment. Vampires could use their blinding speed, sharp teeth and extra-long fingernails only during nightly battles. The protectors and hunters were also limited to their set changes only after midnight. Protectors confined to house cat, wolf, hippopotamus, bottle-nose dolphin and Orca killer whale, while the hunters fell back on their pit bull, ram, grizzly bear and hawk roots. So, Cal and Hartwell went over to the boxing gym as two men, not two supernatural beings that could deliver and withstand almost unlimited levels of punishment.
  • "This service so done is notservice!’ Being thus allowed but to apprehend draws us a profit from all things we see!
  • Gun control groups are attempting to turn upside-down the politics of guns after nearly two decades in which the pro-gun rights lobby has effectively blocked any major new gun restrictions. A ban on certain semiautomatic rifles known as assault weapons was allowed to expire in 2004.
  • Did students not forget their grammar if they left off classes? This was the same. Father Francis allowed himself to be convinced, not because he believed it but because he liked this earnest young man, maybe he could help with teaching. Edward joined the classes: gaining the only official students access to swords in the University. Though, by official edict, all Father Francisswords were kept under lock and key.
  • But little else of value belonging to Roger was found, and their own things the prisoners were allowed to retain, all but their weapons. Those, even to their pocket-knives, Tom Dillon confiscated.
  • You were right, he said to Edgar moodily. "To be successful, such a rising should have been prompt. They should have wasted no time in killing tradesmen and plundering their shops. They should have hurled themselves at once upon the troops and cut them to pieces before they had time to recover from their surprise. Had they acted thus they might have succeeded. Now they have allowed the whole of the French to gather, with their guns, and after what happened in the battle, I fear there can be little doubt of what will occur when we attack them; but this does not alter my determination to do my best towards gaining a victory.
  • Great ox-waggons full of refugees, all in their best clothes, came in from side-roads. None of them were allowed on the roads we were retreating along, so I suppose they were pushed across the German front until they fell into the Germans' hands.
  • A quick step forward at the instant of feinting with his right, and Zeigler again let fly with his left straight from the shoulder. It was a vicious blow, and, had it landed, would have done damage; but a flirt of the head allowed it to glide harmlessly over the shoulder.
  • "I protest, your honor, that this man should not be allowed to interfere with the case," said one of the plain-clothes officers. "He was not a witness of the transaction. I think it would be more proper to hear Simpkins' version of the affair."
  • "Good choice." The woman showed the girl how to loop the yarn onto the needle and allowed her to place on several more loops by herself.
  • With the words they felt a sudden heavy strain, and knew that the speaker had allowed himself to swing clear of the ledge, as he suggested he would do.
  • The Arab merchants had purchased from their late hosts three donkeys, upon which the white slaves were allowed to ride in turns. Harry Blount, however, was distinguished from the rest. As the nephew of the rich merchant, "For God's sake buy us!" he was deemed worthy of higher favor, and was permitted to have a camel.
  • Holli sensed all of this. First, however, it was necessary to review the full breadth of the town. The tower she now stood upon held that opportunity. She could inspect the structures and the lay of the land from this vantage point. It also allowed her to watch the departure of Lief and Ryson. As for the delver, he was relatively safe. She doubted there was anything that posed a threat to him in the open lands he now traveled. She doubted anything could catch him. Though his speed of movement held her fascination, it was Lief that held her concern.
  • Of course the children were shown to Mike and the old Indian smiled as he allowed his hand to light gently upon Bab's yellow curls.
  • Why the United States Government, to increase interest in airship navigation, and construction, especially for army purposes, has offered a prize of twenty thousand dollars for the first flight from the Atlantic to the Pacific, or from New York to San Francisco, by an airship carrying at least three persons. Only two landings are allowed during the flight, to take on gasolene, or make repairs. Why don't you try for that?
  • Sams eyes widened and dilated. Noticeably and almost comically, I thought. I was trying to be aware of my perceptions, but I thought even Doug would have picked on this vivid reaction. "Whoa, thatsthat would be an amazing concept," he exclaimed. "If there was some miniscule slippage, something the conscious mind was unaware of, but some tiny bend that allowed just a bit of communication, at the neurological level. Would it be the same ones in the same spot over timeno theyd have to be slightly different, maybe mis-aligned just for an instant?"
  • When I reached it I wanted to embrace the first man I saw. I somehow expected that he would want to embrace me, too, and say how glad he was I had escaped. But he happened to be the ship's purser, and, instead of embracing me, he told me coldly that steerage passengers are not allowed aft.
  • As Lucien said this, he levelled his short rifle and fired at the advancing animal. The bullet seemed to strike her on the flank, as she turned with a growl and bit the part. This delayed her for a moment, and allowed Lucien time to swing himself to a tree. Basil had thrown away his rifle, not having time to reload. Francois, when he saw the great monster so near, dropped his gun without firing.
  • You are not allowed to snack and you are encouraged to take herbal appetite suppressants.
  • The chiefs of the Ama Ngqika, Sandili and the rest of them, have acted like children, replied Eustace, with apparent irrelevance. "They have allowed themselves to be dragged into war at the `word' of Kreli, and against the advice of their real friends, and where are they now? In prison, with a lot of thieves and common criminals, threatened with the death of a dog!"
  • 'We can't actually ask him,' Um blurted out. 'Were not allowed to talk with him unless he invites us, and even then we are under strict instructions that we must only speak of the specific subject of which he wishes to know more.'
  • "If I may be allowed to suggest, Your Majesty, the feringhi needs a woman. Give him this dancer. Let him amuse himself with her until you can find a suitable wife for him."
  • Reuters examined the breadth and depth of this historic redistribution of income through an analysis of decennial Census data, which allowed a detailed look at state-by-state trends.
  • 'Oh, just think of it as a world wide communication system which allowed everyone in the world to talk to each other and to trade on a one-to-one basis,' explained the parrot. 'It revolutionised the way the world operated. Governments crashed, international boundaries ceased to exist, countries disappeared - all this within a single century. Society as it was known, literally fell apart.'
  • Rather than having allowed her experiences to destroy her, her pain has become a spearhead for change.
  • After some hesitation Asgeelo was allowed to go. As before he plunged into the water, and remained underneath quite as long; but now they had become familiarized with his powers and the suspense was not so dreadful. At the expiration of the usual time he reappeared, and on being taken into the boat he again announced that he had seen nothing.
  • Yes, said he. "You have, indeed, a noble nature, Edmond, and I see by your paleness and agitation what is passing in your heart at this moment. No, be assured, I am not mad. This treasure exists, Dantes, and if I have not been allowed to possess it, you will. Yes--you. No one would listen or believe me, because everyone thought me mad; but you, who must know that I am not, listen to me, and believe me so afterwards if you will."
  • All this could not hide from him what he felt to be the disgrace of the thing. So ashamed was he of himself that he could hardly find courage to tell them about it at home; and although, easily appreciating the whole situation, Mr. Lloyd had only words of cheer for him, and none of condemnation, Bert still took it so much to heart that the following Sunday he pleaded hard to be allowed to remain away from the Sunday school, as he did not want to face Mr. Silver and his classmates so soon. But his father wisely would not suffer this, and so, much against his will, he went to school as usual, where, however, he felt very ill at ease until the session was over, when he had a long talk with Mr. Silver, and told him the whole story.
  • The House was not nearly so fearsome by day -- just a featureless old box of a place that had been plunked down in the middle of nowhere and allowed to decay past recovery. On the east side, facing the road, were the flaked remains of a Coca-Cola sign, invisible at night. It would have been easy to find the door there, perhaps under the flaring tail of the big C. On the west side there wasn't any paint at all. I had to search for fifteen minutes, running my fingers over the broken boards, before I found what I was looking for.
  • Before the time comes he will have disappeared, cried the mountaineer, with a harsh laugh. "Do you think Don Eduardo's son will be allowed to live? Accidents, señora, are common in Peru!"
  • "Thank you," I mouthed at him. He smiled and dipped his head towards me. I couldnt have been happier seeing how my people lived and how they laughed in their free time. After years of slavery I didnt realize that somewhere outside my little world people were allowed such simple freedoms.
  • One occurred shortly after, during an address to his people when a random crowd member pulled a crossbow and took aim for the King's chest. He had only fired one shot before the guards took him. Grahamas had been too far away to step in front of the attack, but it wasn't necessary. The arrow slowed a few feet from Reiskin's body, enough so that the fabric of his robe and the tunic beneath allowed only the tip of the arrow to go through. It barely broke the skin.
  • Arkin had said that Venefica had specialties that showed themselves when they hit a class four or five. One was that of healing. Being able to take anothers pain was a gift of the healer. The magic allowed them to take on pain and suffering without destroying themselves. Still, taking this on and still shielding his sanity strained his magic. Eventually the pain would crush the Venefica and they would let go.
  • This led to a request that he might be allowed to see it; and gradually it all came out that we were bound on nothing less than a voyage to the Pacific.
  • During the day Harry and Terence asked for an interview with Golah; and, accompanied by the Krooman, were allowed to sit down by the door of his tent while they conversed with him.
  • Each then saw what Dick Sand had seen, some very distinctly, others with the eyes of faith. But on the part of the novice, so accustomed to observe sea horizons, there was no error possible, and an hour after, it must be allowed he was not deceived.
  • When King Shandor pulled Blade to his feet, the assassin bent his knees a little, lest he appear too tall for a woman. Shandor placed an arm about Blade's waist and leered at his officers, who laughed and called encouragement. The assassin allowed the King to lead him to the tent, and only once had to avoid the big man's hands when he reached for his wrist where a dagger was strapped.
  • From the start the German officer made himself, perfectly at home, and, although the boys had thought of remonstrating, he was allowed the freedom of all parts of the ship. He went below, when, he felt so disposed, and returned when he was ready.
  • We found our seats about midway up the stadium. I couldnt believe how many people were here. There must be thousands of students and their families surrounding us, all gathered to watch the game. The humans cheered in anticipation of the starting whistle. I thought it must be a little boring for Emmett, having to pretend to be amazed at the humansfeeble sporting prowess. Now if my family was allowed to play, then we would see a real game.
  • Yep, but some women too. I still dont get why some CEOs allow these inadequate individuals to get into positions of power where they are allowed to bully and intimidate those under them. Its at almost epidemic proportions in some parts of the business world.’
  • Graham drew both of his blades from their sheaths, flicked his head and charged in. Sam followed, going in the opposite direction. The Kremises turnednot yet on their guardas they thought it was Rhimaldez. That allowed Graham to get a jump on one, burying his blade in its stomach and tugging it out quickly as the other four approached him. Graham was far too quick though, and he was able to get a second launch from his sword while they were still a good distance away.
  • Contrary to Bessie's expectations, when they reached the Living Camp, Eleanor made no appeal to the girls to refrain from trying to get even with the raiders. Eleanor knew that if she gave positive orders that no such attempt was to be made she would be obeyed, but she felt that this was an occasion when it would be better to let the girls have free rein. She knew enough about them to understand that a smouldering fire of dislike, were it allowed to burn, would do more harm than an outbreak, and she could only hope that they would not take the matter too seriously.
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