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  • The doctor, haunted by the deep, fiery eyes of the gunfighter, stepped into the room to minister to his patient. He had a vague feeling that, if Bull Hunter died, Pete Reeve would blame him for lack of care. In truth, Pete seemed ready to blame everyone. He threatened to destroy the whole village if a dog was allowed to howl in the night, or if the baby next door were permitted to cry in the day.
  • The youth's shaved head is allowed to grow its hair. He hangs around his brow a dangling string of bright-coloured bird skins stuffed out in the shape of little cylinders, so that at a short distance they look like curls. For something like a month of probation he wears these, then undergoes the rite. For ten days thereafter he and his companions, their heads daubed with clay and ashes, clad in long black robes, live out in the brush. They have no provision, but are privileged to steal what they need. At the end of the ten days they return to the manyattas. A three-day n'goma, or dance, now completes their transformation to the El-morani class. It finishes by an obscene night dance, in the course of which the new warriors select their partners.
  • This successor was Benedict XI., a man of low origin, but who might perhaps have developed into a man of genius, had they allowed him the time. Too weak for an open struggle with Philippe le Bel, he found a means which would have been the envy of the founder of a celebrated order two hundred years later. He pardoned Colonna openly.
  • So the talk went on. If my father had lived I believe it would be going on now, for both the disputants were quite inexhaustible. Meanwhile Indaba-zimbi was allowed to live on the station on condition that he practised no witchcraft, which my father firmly believed to be a wile of the devil. He said that he would not, but for all that there was never an ox lost, or a sudden death, but he was consulted by those interested.
  • After a long parley, he allowed me six hours, when I promised to give him an answer. My mind, however, was made up--as soon as he was gone, I threw myself on the sofa and fell asleep.
  • "Don't bother, I'm here already," a hooded woman replied in a sweet, melodious voice that was nonetheless firm with resolve. She had stepped out of the brush right next to Colt, giving them all a start. Colt whirled around to face her, hand on the hilt of his weapon, but relaxed a little when he saw who it was. She pulled back the hood on her cloak, and allowed her honey-coloured hair to tumble down around her shoulders.
  • But something was still missing. None of the Bio-Teks could laugh, love, be sad or happy. They just functioned. They were good at maths, geography, history and all sorts of knowledge. They remembered every bit of information allowed to them. And on top of that, they could run, swim, do any sport, needed no sleep, and just got by with a check up and maintenance once a year. Their powers of hearing, eyesight and smell were above human capability. But because they needed no food and had no emotions they lacked a sense of taste or touch. If an arm fell off, they would feel no pain, just take it to NASA-Fuji for repair.
  • Professor Anderson stared at the retreating figure of Duvalier and refocused on the closed door after it was slammed shut. He wondered again how he had allowed the situation to develop like this, how the same thread of his rich tapestry led him to be standing on the verge of scientific greatness and to the deaths of his fellow trustees.
  • Now suppose I allowed you to organize for a robber hunt, and suppose that, during that hunt, some robber was so unfair as to fire real cartridges and hit some member of our expedition. What good would it do to tell the boy's mother that her son was brave, or helpful, or adventurous, or daring? What would it avail to tell her that in preparation for manhood scouts must develop daring and courage?
  • Mr. Nielson, a middle-aged man who wore thick glasses and had a bit of a spare tire, rambled on and on in front of his chemistry class. Hed drawn some molecular formations on the board, and he was explaining the different parts. An employee of Springdale High School for two decades, the man obviously enjoyed teaching, and he smiled most of the time and called the students by name. Sprinkling nerdy chemistry jokes or personal anecdotes into his lecture, he often allowed himself to indulge in a good-natured chuckle.
  • "There are five spells Witches are never allowed to cast. They are considered pure evil. They are automatic death sentences for a Witch. One is called The Double Soul. The Witch forces the soul of a dead person into the body of a living one, essentially creating a being with two souls. Two souls cannot inhabit the same body. A war begins within the being as the souls battle for dominance. It causes the mind to break. They do crazy things and eventually, the stronger soul will win. It isnt always the original soul. But what the soul wins is a damaged psyche. The brain is essentially corrupted. They usually go insane within a year and die. My mother once told me that Jack the Ripper was caused by a double soul."
  • If Jimmie isn't tied up hand and foot, Frank suggested, "if he is allowed to move about, under guard, and help in the cooking, he could easily build two fires, and the outlaws wouldn't know what he was up to. That is how Dode came to signal to us, you remember. The counterfeiters never suspected that he was making Indian talk!"
  • Well, it is highly probable--nay, almost certain, that I shall be accused of drawing an idyllic picture of native life from first impressions, which, if I had only had sufficient subsequent experience among the people, I should have entirely altered. All I can say is, that although I did not live among them ashore, we had a number of them on board; we lay in the island harbour five months, during which I was ashore nearly every day, and from habit I observed them very closely; yet I cannot conscientiously alter one syllable of what I have written concerning them. Bad men and women there were, of course, to be found--as where not? --but the badness, in whatever form, was not allowed to flaunt itself, and was so sternly discountenanced by public (entirely native) opinion, that it required a good deal of interested seeking to find.
  • Following World War II, Ruanda-Urundi was a United Nations Trust Territory under Belgian administrative authority. During the 1940s, a series of policies caused divisions throughout the country. On October 4, 1943, powers were split in the legislative division of Burundi's government between chiefdoms and lower chiefdoms. Chiefdoms were in charge of land, and lower sub-chiefdoms were established. Native authorities also had powers. In 1948, Belgium allowed the region to form political parties. These factions would be one of the main influences for Burundi's independence from Belgium.
  • I was allowed through the gate and into the yard, where I loosed Brownie's girth once more, letting him drink from a trough kept filled for the purpose. I tied him at the rail, and up the steps I ran to pound on the door and call for my uncle, the Master of Caldridge.
  • They drank so much on Christmas night that they ended up fucking on the living-room floor, she not caring who he was, and she even came. It wasnt great, but it was better than fighting. The next day, appalling hangovers allowed them to pretend nothing had happened. She left that evening, relieved that Christmas and its obligations were over. She put the idea of pregnancy out of her mind. On New Years Eve she went to Christchurch, and rang in the New Year and New Decade, dancing with strangers with as much abandon as if she believed they held a promise of happiness. She went to a party off the South Circular Road, where there were so few men that several women danced with each other. They were several drinks ahead of her and she felt awkward, so she walked home around three, ignoring the boisterous calling from passing cars. At least she hadnt been alone for the first few hours of the year. That was symbolically important. She took down the redundant calendar and burned it, hoping all her bad luck would go up in smoke.
  • Without another word, Enin raised his hands. He looked first to the sky then to the blind spot as defined by Ryson. His fingers curled, pulling in the magical energies that flowed freely in the very air that surrounded them all. He tapped into his inner power as well, the energy he allowed to fill his core. He became a siphon and a conduit, mixing the power of himself with the free flowing magic. Two intertwining circles of a pale white hue formed around his wrists.
  • Iraq has been under comprehensive economic sanctions since 1990, and is only allowed to export one commodity, oil.
  • Two busy days passed. While attending to his traps, in the early hours, Ralph never once allowed his rifle to lie beyond his reach; yet a third day went by, and he had no chance for a shot at the coveted birds of prey. Several times he caught sight of them hovering above the gray cliffs where he knew they were preparing to build a nest, but each time they were too far away to risk a shot.
  • For a time Macora remained silent, but at length made reply, by saying that he should never feel safe if the usurper were allowed to remain in the community.
  • "I'm not really sure what happened," he lied, "I woke up in the snow, and I knew I had to try and save you all. It was only through the aid of the relics I'd recovered from Ferrumgaard that allowed me to pull off that rescue, though. I wonder what Clavis would have thought of that?"
  • Two days later, however, a cold rain set in, and the troops, who had been suffering greatly from heat, felt the change painfully. On the 3rd of March they arrived in front of Jaffa. A Turk was sent in to summon the garrison to surrender. The commandant simply ordered his head to be struck off and sent no reply. The fire of the field artillery in a few hours effected breaches at several points. The French, in spite of opposition, burst into the town, which was given up to sack, and a large number of the inhabitants, as well as the soldiers, were massacred. Between 3000 and 4000 prisoners were taken, among these doubtless were some of those who had been allowed to march away from El-A'rich. The difficulties in the way of provisioning the army were great. Many were ill from the effects of the change of climate, and the position was becoming serious.
  • A 1862 law determined that the territories under control of Argentina but outside the frontiers of the provinces would be called national territories. This allowed in 1884 to establish the governorates of Misiones, Formosa, Chaco, La Pampa, Neuqun, Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. The agreement about a frontier dispute with Chile in 1900 created the national territory of Los Andes, whose territories were incorporated into Jujuy, Salta and Catamarca in 1943. La Pampa and Chaco became provinces in 1951. Misiones did so in 1953, and Formosa, Neuqun, Rio Negro, Chubut and Santa Cruz in 1955. The last national territory, Tierra del Fuego, became a province in 1990.
  • The next day I call The Mothers. They laugh at me. They remind me how there never was such a thing as Me Time in their day. The only Me Time they were allowed was when they gave birth. I thank them again for birthing and raising me and Nate and plead some child emergency to get off the phone.
  • Lord Pigoc led me through the front sandstone pavilion. Two large wings encompassed the austere entrance with three towers reigning over the cliffs. The hall was lined with portraits of kinsman who had ruled in the past. I wondered briefly if my father was among the portraits. I wanted to ask, but Lord Pigoc gave me no opportunity, having walked fast by all. Tapestries hung down upon the stone walls. Fenestral windows with lattice frames that were covered in fabric allowed light in or drafts out.
  • Svin was leaning against the low wall that separated the bar from the step-down floor holding the tables and dance area that surrounded the stage. The vantage point allowed him to keep his various charges in sight, not that any of them were showing any signs of wanting to be in sight. The same could scarcely be said of this Hazeel woman. She was obviously trying not to be out of his sight.
  • "To see the black tulip, Monseigneur," said Van Baerle, clasping his hands, "and when I have seen it, when I have seen what I desire to know, I am quite ready to die, if die I must; but in dying I shall bless your Highness's mercy for having allowed me to witness the glorification of my work."
  • For the season of the year it was a wonderful night even for Naples. The air was like balm, and was loaded with the scent of flowers. Lights twinkled here and there about the garden, and the moon shone broad and bright almost at the zenith, half drowning the lustre of the stars in the haze of light it spread. Scattered about the gardens were a dozen parties, more or less, all chattering gaily, and here and there disposed to frolic Their presence jarred on Paul, but there was no removing it He allowed Gertrude to lead the way, and she; strolling in pensive silence, brought him to a shaded avenue on the western side of the garden, where a gentleman and lady were promenading slowly arm-in-arm away from them. Gertrude laid a hand upon his arm, and stood still until the couple in front had strayed out of hearing, and then resumed her pensive march.
  • It was a battle, too, for she grew rapidly worse and soon was delirious, babbling of strange things which tore at the hearts of the Wag-boys. Day after day, night after night, she lay racked and tortured, fighting the brave fight of youth, and through it all the six thieves tended her. They were ever at her side, coming and going like the wraiths of her distorted fancy, and while three of them divided the day into watches the other three ran the bunk-house, keeping strict account of every penny taken in. They O. K.'d one another's books, and it would have fared badly indeed with any one of them had he allowed the least discrepancy to appear in his reckoning.
  • Fikna waved his finger at him. "Rord, you ought to have seized more opportunities for performance. Outdone that dolt Trenus. I always thought you allowed him to embezzle your thunder."
  • If he had been allowed to do so he would probably have completed the contract and rectified any defects.
  • A calf having been lassoed, it was hauled up and its head held down by a plank, when a hot brand was handed to a man standing ready to press it against the creature's skin, where an indelible mark was left, when the little bellower was allowed to rise and make its escape into another pen.
  • In 1781, in the era of Austrian enlightenment, Emperor Joseph II issued a Patent of Tolerance for Austria that allowed other confessions a limited freedom of worship. Religious freedom was declared a constitutional right in Cisleithania after the Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich in 1867 thus paying tribute to the fact that the monarchy was home of numerous religions beside Roman Catholicism such as Greek, Serbian, Romanian, Russian, and Bulgarian Orthodox Christians (Austria neighboured the Ottoman Empire for centuries), Calvinist, Lutheran Protestants and Jews. In 1912, after the annexation of Bosnia Hercegovina in 1908, Islam was officially recognised in Austria.
  • WITH John Carstares the winter had passed quite uneventfully. He continued his highway robbery, but he made two bad blunders--not from the point of view of a thief, but from that of the gentleman in him. The first was when he stopped an opulent looking chariot, which he found to contain two ladies, their maid and their jewels, and the second when the occupant of a large travelling coach chanced to be an old gentleman who possessed far greater courage than physical strength. On the first occasion my lord's dismay had been ludicrous, and he had hastily retired after tendering a nive apology. The old gentleman in the second episode had defied him so gallantly that he had impulsively offered him the butt end of one of his pistols. The old man was so surprised that he allowed the weapon to fall to the ground, where it exploded quite harmlessly, sending up a cloud of dust and smoke. Carstares then begged his pardon most humbly, assisted him back into his coach, and rode off before the astonished Mr. Dunbar had time to collect his wits.
  • Never was there a dwelling more appropriately named than the cottage of Mother Hays. It stood on either a real or artificial eminence between Sheerness and Warden, facing what is called "The Cant," and very near the small village of East Church. The clay and shingle of which it was composed would have ill encountered the whirlwind that in tempestuous weather fiercely yelled around the cliffs, had it not been for the firm support afforded to it by the remains of an ancient watchtower, against which the "Gull's Nest" leaned. Perched on this remarkable spot, and nestling close to the mouldering but still sturdy walls, the very stones of which disputed with the blast, the hut formed no inappropriate dwelling for withered age, and, if we may be allowed the term, picturesque deformity.
  • Larry allowed Gina to lead him into the bedroom. "Stand still," said Gina, who then proceeded to undress Larry, leaving him standing in just his boxers. "Now you undress me." Gina stood still, moving only to make it easier for Larry to remove her top, and to step from her skirt. She stood in a bra, panties and stockings before him. "What you see is the outside, Larry. It will change with time, and you will find out what is inside. First, we each learn about the outside.
  • For burton obviously relishes finally being allowed to get his hands truly dirty in the ichor.
  • About two weeks after the house party I had to write my final exam on campus. It was for an intro to German course that I was forced to take as the language requirement for my honours degree. It was mostly translating and we were allowed to use a dictionary. Usually we just had to make sense of a German article and answer a few questions about it. Very little of the course dealt with actual grammar and structure and tenses and things of that nature, so it wasn't very difficult. It was probably the easiest language course the University offered. I wasn't fretting about missing the review.
  • I looked round the cellar again. It was about twenty feet long by ten or twelve wide. The floor and walls of stone and the damp smoke-stained roof of brick allowed no hope of escape; the only possible way out might be the window.
  • Now I, perceiving that Saduko was about to ruin himself, thought it well to interfere, though what business of mine it was to do so I cannot say. At any rate, if only I had held my tongue at this moment, and allowed Saduko to make a fool of himself, as he wished to do--for where Mameena was concerned he never could be wise--I verily believe that all the history of Zululand would have run a different course, and that many thousands of men, white and black, who are now dead would be alive to-day. But Fate ordered it otherwise. Yes, it was not I who spoke, but Fate. The Angel of Doom used my throat as his trumpet.
  • The goldfinch had ventured back to the wire, for there was his mate, only a few inches above the man creature's head; and indeed, he simply must not be allowed to look up, so the brave little fellow rocked on the wire and piped, as he had done every day for a week: "SEE ME? SEE ME?"
  • Seamanordinary seamen, however, were on no account whatever allowed to land.
  • He wanted to know things, but the things he wanted to know were of no importance, and the information he extracted could not be of any assistance to him. His mind was largely occupied in such vital problems as what happened to the brooms which the Houssas used to keep their quarters clean when they were worn out, and what would be the effect of an increased ration of lime juice upon the morals and discipline of the troops under Hamilton's command. Had he been less of a trial Sanders would not have allowed him to go into the interior without a stronger protest. As it was, Sanders had turned out of his own bedroom, and had put all his slender resources at the disposal of the Cabinet Minister (taking his holiday, by the way, during the long recess), and had wearied himself in order to reach some subject of interest where he and his guest could meet on common ground.
  • Mirie knew what Anarion was seeing and she didnt imagine that her appearance abruptly riveted him. She was a young woman in her late twenties, apparently human, with pale blonde hair twisted efficiently into a French braid at the back of her head. The clothing was simple and utilitarian serving. A nondescript T-shirt covered her shapely top and pencil legged jeans her bottom. The autumn day had allowed a leather jacket that ended at her trim waist. A black pack sat on her back.
  • As Buffalo Bill was known to be the most successful hunter on the prairies, shortly after his capture of the herd of Indian ponies he received an offer from the Kansas Pacific Railroad Company to keep their workmen supplied with meat, and the terms allowed him were so generous that he felt he owed it to his family, for he had become the father of a lovely little daughter, Arta, born in Leavenworth, to accept the proposition, and did so.
  • Oh, I see. Im sorry to hear it.’ He allowed a few moments of respectful silence to pass. ‘And your bride,’ he added. ‘Have you informed her that there will not be a wedding?’
  • There was no reply, and he turned the hall light nearly out again, and went into his consulting-room to serve the gas jet there the same, and sank into an easy-chair instead; but he had hardly allowed himself to sink back when he sprang up again, for there, in the open doorway, stood the grotesque figure of Aunt Grace, in broad-frilled, old-fashioned night-cap and dressing-gown, a flat candlestick in her hand, and a portentous frown upon her brow, as she walked straight to him, wincing sharply as one slippered foot was planted in the pool left by the cabman, but continuing her slow, important march till she was about a yard away from her nephew, when she stopped.
  • Media attention was at it peak in 1983 when radioactive ruthenium was allowed out to sea and washed back onto the holiday beaches.
  • I nodded to let him know that I understood what he was saying. My brother sat in silence for a few minutes and allowed me some time to process the craziness.
  • Captain Horn had heard the story of Cheditafa, he walked away from the rest of the party, and stood, his eyes upon the ground, still mechanically holding his gun. He now knew that the great danger he had feared had been a real one, and far greater than he had imagined. A systematic attack by all the Rackbirds would have swept away his single resistance as the waters had swept them and their camp away. As to parley or compromise with those wretches, he knew that it would have been useless to think of it. They allowed no one to go forth from their hands to reveal the place of their rendezvous.
  • A quarter of an hour later, happening to look up the Sulphide road, I was rather surprised to see a horseman coming down, riding very fast. He was about a mile away when I first caught sight of him, and I could not make out who he was, but presently, as I stood watching, a slight bend in the road allowed the sunlight to fall upon the horse's side, when I recognized the pinto. It was Joe coming home again.
  • Day after day of unbroken fine weather followed. There was the halt of twelve hours at Cape Town, and the seven earnestly desired to be allowed to go ashore. But the captain refused to allow them off the vessel, as they had been placed in his charge by Mr. Runciman, and so they had to content themselves with gazing at Table Mountain from the deck of the ship, or rather at the tablecloth, as the brooding cloud was called, which hid the mountain from their view.
  • "Power," he said."Lo promises all who follow him great power.You see, once Ooln allowed his own power to be channeled, every god began doing it.All of his children, trying to be like their father allowed anyone who worshiped them to draw upon their might. To continue his campaign against Ooln and his children, Lo allowed his followers to draw upon his power."
  • And, although the country is very strictly ruled by a military junta, people are allowed to attend church.
  • What!’ said Lulu giving Louie a friendly smack. ‘Whats in the spare room that I havent been allowed to look at then?’
  • "Very well. Now we shall check whether all desired, required and allowed are present and ready to take part in the proceedings to ascertain the matter of succession after our late Emperor Cessorius the Thirteenth, may he rule for a thousand and three years, who tragically died without leaving a lawful successor and left us like those orphans in a burning orphanage without door nor window to get out, having to rely only on their wits and wisdom to come out uncharred from the predicament cast upon them by a cruel and unrelenting fate."
  • He moved closer to where he thought the sound came from, when he heard it again. A beautiful voice rang out, clear, clean and harmonious, as if it was creating its own accompanying notes. Monson wandered, searching, as the music rose and fell. He stopped and peered through the drapes of a willow tree and saw a girl with long dark hair standing maybe fifty feet in the distance. Monson wished he could make out the words as he found the melody very appealing; though he was standing close enough to hear her voice, he was too far away to hear the actual verse. Monson continued to listen and allowed his mind to wander. Suddenly, the girl turned.
  • "Art, were on your side here. If you want to make this easy on yourself, then you should understand that. The nurse will be in with your lunch and your meds in a few minutes, then youll be allowed out on the ward. Ill speak to you there more, if you want."
  • We may be sure that, all this while, Munson had worked out a good many schemes for effecting his escape; but, like a wise man, he knew that one unsuccessful attempt would infallibly result in prolonging his captivity and rendering it more severe, if not actually in his death. When he started, there must be no halfmeasures; all hindrances and difficulties must be foreseen and allowed for. He practised assiduously the art of following a trail, whether by land or water; already he had become very handy with a bow and arrow, for he was never allowed firearms; he did his best to become an expert canoeman, and lost no opportunity, in fact, of learning to outwit the enemy with their own weapons, all the while telling himself that, sooner or later, the golden opportunity must come.
  • "Oh!" muttered he, "my God, my God, Thou dost reward me for my innocence and my captivity, as Thou hast allowed two such flowers to grow at the grated window of my prison!"
  • "Hi," I responded back. I couldnt believe a human boy was talking to me. I tried not to smile. It was amazing. He looked about the same human age as me, but taller and more athletic. Of course, looks could be deceiving. There was no athletic pursuit that he could beat me in, if I had been allowed to compete fairly.
  • The Indian looked up in his face; for a moment it seemed as though he might be about to mutiny, and positively refuse the order; then his whim changed, and opening his fingers he allowed the shining blade to fall to the ground.
  • Early in the present year, the authorities at Davies' Bend, below Vicksburg, established a negro court, in which all petty cases were tried. The judge, jury, counsel, and officers were negroes, and no white man was allowed to interfere during the progress of a trial. After the decisions were made, the statement of the case and the action thereon were referred to the superintendent of the Government plantations at that point.
  • Like most civilized souls in East Africa, Somali-born Mudahid was a Muslim. Though he persisted in wearing the headpiece and traditional robes of his faith, a rebellious streak allowed him to refuse to face Mecca five times a day, to drink and smoke on occasion, and to eat whatever he wanted whenever he felt like it. To be sure, in his heart Mudahid was no Muslim at all. Nor was he an outright hedonist. He straddled the fence, leaning one way and the other, his conscience forever snagged on the barbs.
  • Why not, while the weather allowed it? Impromptu nocturnal jaunts would be out of the question once Winter set its teeth. She wondered if and how she could last an entire Ithaca winter, without a job, without a band.
  • Unfortunately, at this time, he was also very ill, failing and weak; and that worried Elizabeth because if he died, what would the twins do then? They could not run a plantation on their own; they would not even be allowed to. They might be able to stay with their cousin, Maureen, and her family, but she had enough to do with her husband and four children. Most likely they would be married off to whomever needed a wife, and the girls would not even have a say in their futures.
  • Alfonso smiled. "No. They only ran into a few main tribes. The Washoe Indians, just as they came into the Nevada territory, and then the Shoshone and Piute Indians later on. Instead of fighting with them, they made a deal. They allowed the Indians to ride on the trains for free, if they wouldnt attack them. This arrangement worked out real well for both sides."
  • Rule 3: zero in the numerator of a fraction a numerator of a fraction a numerator is allowed to take on the value of zero in a fraction.
  • Mounted on their bicycles, they now found their progress easy. The roads that led into Paris were crowded, to be sure. They passed countless automobiles carrying refugees. Already the Americans were pouring out of Paris in their frantic haste to reach the coast and so take boat to England. On Saturday night automobiles were still allowed to leave Paris. Next morning there would be a different story to tell.
  • "They basically looked the other way and allowed the distribution of these new poppers, as long as they were labeled, quote, ‘room odorizor,’ unquote, and marketed strictly to gay men."
  • In her absence Nicholas allowed himself to give his little daughter a gallop round the room. Out of breath, he took the laughing child quickly from his shoulder and pressed her to his heart. His capers reminded him of dancing, and looking at the child's round happy little face he thought of what she would be like when he was an old man, taking her into society and dancing the mazurka with her as his old father had danced Daniel Cooper with his daughter.
  • I don't think you need be uneasy, Mrs. Oliver, he said. "The house is guarded by sentinels, as no doubt you know. They are native levies, of course, but they are quite reliable"; and in this he was quite sincere. So long as they wore the uniform they would be loyal. The time might come when they would ask to be allowed to go home. That permission would be granted, and it was possible that they would be found in arms against the loyal troops immediately afterwards. But they would ask to be allowed to go first.
  • He continued moving without pause. If he worried over what might wait overhead, he showed no sign. Dzeb's height almost allowed him to see over the ledge that beckoned them. With but a few paces upon the incline, his head was over the precipice and all the flat clearing was now available to him.
  • Grudgingly, Delamere allowed himself to be maneuvered into the keep. As they passed through the hall, he noticed Eleanor sitting alone on one of the benches against a wall. She glanced up as they walked by; he saw Longsword nod to her. She responded with a small smile. Alans insinuation ran through Delameres mind; it certainly seemed confirmed by what hed just witnessed! He was well aware that arguing over women was the primary cause of discord between friends and he tried to keep his voice level when he confronted Longsword as soon as the door to the council room had closed behind them.
  • It was already dark by the time the party reached the farm-house, and after a cup of coffee all round they began to prepare the dinner. They were like a party of school-boys, laughing, joking, and playing tricks with each other. Two of them undertook the preparation of hare-soup. Two others were appointed to roast a quarter of venison, keeping it turning as it hung by a cord in front of the fire, and being told that should it burn from want of basting they would forfeit their share of it. The colonel undertook the mixing of punch, and the odour of lemons, rum, and other spirits soon mingled with that of the cooking. Godfrey was set to whip eggs for a gigantic omelette, and most of the others had some task or other assigned to them, the farmer's wife and her assistants not being allowed to have anything to do with the matter.
  • "Most likely. Managers arent allowed to call on password problems and IT usually doesnt set people up right. In truth, you may not even be able to login for a week or so."
  • "No. You see each competing craft is allowed to start when the pilot pleases, provided an army officer is aboard during the entire flight to check the results, and the time consumed. Two landings will be allowed, and only the actual flying time will be counted.
  • The people too seemed to merge together. Like a grey mercury stream that softened features and individualism and allowed a blending into the greater mass. Some individuals managed to break free of the clinging form, to slouch briefly in the lank streets, only to be pulled once more back into the mass as a flow caught them up and moved in the same direction.
  • Taf found she could not shrug while hanging on the branch. "Both, I suppose, unless you lived a very long time. It would be unlikely that I would be allowed back here. Of course I might not ever remember much more than an image of you, and that would take so long..." She sighed. "But I have been true to my order and served my purpose well, so death is nothing to fear." Not that she wished for death in the near future.
  • Steve argued fairly well, and Max did not attempt to press the matter. To tell the truth he was tempted to linger to the very last in the hope of being instrumental in doing more good. If one child had been sent adrift in the flood, perhaps there might be others also in need of succor. And so Max, usually so cautious, allowed himself to be tempted to linger even when his better judgment warned him of the terrible risks they ran.
  • Summer stirred the sauce so it wouldnt stick. Then she set parmesan cheese on the table; they would be squeezed what with Forests chair on the end, three kids along the bench. Summer allowed snacks in the living room, but not spaghetti.
  • For perhaps twenty seconds the two captured bravos were badly used. Then, thoroughly cowed, they were allowed to slip away.
  • 'Or, if you will, they are a kind of real yet invisible hob-goblins: by whom every human being is liable to be haunted. It must however be allowed of them that they are a pair of very active and convenient persons.'
  • In the morning we started early and made a good ten miles before noon. The Captain now seemed at the end of his powers and we allowed him an hour's rest while we cleaned our firearms. Margit gave no sign of fatigue: but I observed that she walked alone and in silence. Indeed she had scarcely spoken since our shipwreck.
  • Bessie knew the woods well, far better than Zara. Unerringly she led the way to a spot she knew, where a farm had been allowed to drift back to wild country, and pointed out some cherry trees.
  • Dzeb left a dazzled and bewildered delver in the corridor as he stepped, or actually perhaps crawled would be a better description, into the cell. The doorway in its original form would not have allowed access, but Dzeb pressed through with little care to the tight fit. The outline of the passage was left much larger after he had passed. Once within the cell, he had greater room to move, though he remained hunched over so as not to scrape his head on the stone ceiling. He nodded a greeting to the elf.
  • "But, what if he needs me. It already feels weaker." Caislyn hung her head and allowed the sorrow of the past year to sink into her bones. Then she shook it away and began to concentrate on the pull again. "I have to find out."
  • When the team is outspanned, which in the waterless country of forced marches is likely to be almost any time of the day or night, N'gombe Brown sought a little rest. For this purpose he had a sort of bunk that let down underneath the wagon. If it were daytime, the cattle were allowed to graze under supervision of one of the Kikuyus. If it was night time they were tethered to the long chain, where they lay in a somnolent double row. A lantern at the head of the file and one at the wagon's tail were supposed to discourage lions. In a bad lion country fires were added to these defences.
  • Blast of sparks. The beat, like a heartbeat itself, forced Jacobs to beat faster, trying to keep time. He was absorbed into the crowd, becoming part of the being which swirled around the room. The master pressed them harder, faster, until in a frenzy. Blast of sparks. The being was near exhaustion before the master relented and allowed them a respite.
  • Towards mid-day, when the weather was fine, he went forth and took a stroll in the country or in town, often entering lowly dwellings. He was seen walking alone, buried in his own thoughts, his eyes cast down, supporting himself on his long cane, clad in his wadded purple garment of silk, which was very warm, wearing purple stockings inside his coarse shoes, and surmounted by a flat hat which allowed three golden tassels of large bullion to droop from its three points.
  • The chiefs of the Ama Ngqika, Sandili and the rest of them, have acted like children, replied Eustace, with apparent irrelevance. "They have allowed themselves to be dragged into war at the `word' of Kreli, and against the advice of their real friends, and where are they now? In prison, with a lot of thieves and common criminals, threatened with the death of a dog!"
  • But his complacency received a shock as he stepped out upon the veranda. Not only Helen Blake awaited him, but the other girls as well, while out in front were a dozen or more cowboys whom Fresno had rallied. "Goin' to take a little run, eh?" inquired Stover. "We allowed we'd lay off a few minutes and watch you."
  • With this promise the guide was fain to rest content, and that night Dan and his friend were allowed to sleep untethered, which they did soundly.
  • But it amazed Dick not a little to find how long that journey was. Very different was the pace, too, from the previous mad gallop, and often would the poor horse have stopped had Dick allowed him. But this might not be. The shades of night were approaching, and the camp lay a long way ahead.
  • Unlike Skye, Erika didnt leap from the loveseat. She snuggled against her mother, offering the proper goodbye. The allowed departure time, what an eight-year-old had learned, better than to just abandon someone. Summer wondered what else Jodys death had taught their daughter.
  • Shortly before we crossed the Great Piper River a party of convicts had run away with a fishing boat. Although only three in number they made the fishermen take them to Banks Strait, where they forced a party of sealers to pass them over to Wilson's Promontory. Notwithstanding they were several weeks on the passage, waiting for fine weather at the different islands (the sealers, too, being twice their number) such was their vigilance that they never allowed them a chance of escape. These men were afterwards seen near Sydney.
  • The Austrian university system had been open to any student who passed the Matura examination until recently. A 2006 bill allowed the introduction of entrance exams for studies such as Medicine. In 2001, an obligatory tuition fee ("Studienbeitrag") of363.36 per term was introduced for all public universities. Since 2008, for all EU students the studies have been free of charge, as long as a certain time-limit is not exceeded (the expected duration of the study plus usually two terms tolerance). When the time-limit is exceeded, the fee of around363.36 per term is charged. Some further exceptions to the fee apply, e.g. for students with a year's salary of more than about5000. In all cases, an obligatory fee of17 is charged for the student union and insurance.
  • All athrill with excitement, Mrs. Gammit hurried through her morning's chores, and allowed herself no breakfast except half a dozen violent cups of tea "with sweetenin'." Then, satisfied that the weasel in the rain-barrel was by this time securely and permanently dead, she fished it out, and reset the trap in its place under the barn. The other trap she discovered in the swill-barrel, after a long search. Relieved to find it unbroken, she cleaned it carefully and put it away to be returned, in due time, to its owner. She would not set it again--and, indeed, she would have liked to smash it to bits, as a sacrifice to the memory of poor Red Top-knot.
  • I excitedly turned to Logan and showed him his beautiful butterfly wings. He shot out of his chair with a chirp, grabbed his wings and put them on. We ran to the full length mirror, and his smile stretched from ear to ear. As soon as they were in place, Logan threw his elbows back to flap his wings. After one flap of his wings, he removed the arm straps and allowed them to drop carelessly to the floor. He proceeded to walk out the door.
  • I didn't know he had even struck me until just now. You see Captain Harley allowed me to box with the sailors, and I learned how to defend myself. Jim says he is going to get even with me later on, he said modestly.
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