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  • There was no resisting Benjy's tone and eyes. He was allowed to take his place on the sledge as manager. Butterface sat behind to steer. Steering was to be managed by means of a stout pole, pressed varyingly on the snow on either side.
  • Union membership you are allowed to join a union membership you are allowed to join a union.
  • They would have allowed small boats to deliver goods directly to market without having to offload their cargoes at riverside wharves.
  • I hope you haven't allowed yourself to be at all influenced by any specious story you've listened to, Mr. Sheriff, the old man started to say.
  • Yash and I have narrowed the area to search for the Balance Weight, which the Linvaks have hidden. It is still far inside Linvak territory, which, as you are all aware, is a damp, treacherous ground with a jungle type of woodland over much of it. I wonder though if it is a false trail Yar was allowed to glimpse?’ They were all listening intently to Iska now. ‘You said he saw the Weight underground. The Linvak dwell in the Swamp Landshardly suitable ground to go digging tunnels in I would suggest.’
  • Have allowed it pulling out of and insurance coverage expat medical insurance policy analysts did.
  • The House was not nearly so fearsome by day -- just a featureless old box of a place that had been plunked down in the middle of nowhere and allowed to decay past recovery. On the east side, facing the road, were the flaked remains of a Coca-Cola sign, invisible at night. It would have been easy to find the door there, perhaps under the flaring tail of the big C. On the west side there wasn't any paint at all. I had to search for fifteen minutes, running my fingers over the broken boards, before I found what I was looking for.
  • Taking advantage of civil war in the Jin Dynasty, the contemporary non-Han Chinese (Wu Hu) ethnic groups controlled much of the country in the early 4th century and provoked large-scale Han Chinese migrations to south of the Yangtze River. In 303 the Di people rebelled and later captured Chengdu, establishing the state of Cheng Han. Under Liu Yuan, the Xiongnu rebelled near today's Linfen County and established the state of Han Zhao. Liu Yuan's successor Liu Cong captured and executed the last two Western Jin emperors. Sixteen kingdoms were a plethora of short-lived non-Chinese dynasties that came to rule the whole or parts of northern China in the 4th and 5th centuries. Many ethnic groups were involved, including ancestors of the Turks, Mongols, and Tibetans. Most of these nomadic peoples had, to some extent, been "sinicized" long before their ascent to power. In fact, some of them, notably the Qiang and the Xiongnu, had already been allowed to live in the frontier regions within the Great Wall since late Han times.
  • She allowed him to wrap the towel around her and lift her out. Though she had brought fresh clothing in, he did not pick it up as he carried her to his rooms.
  • "You know, if it were that simple, I wouldnt care," he shot back, angry. "Lets just drop it, okay? No more about the mind reading, and stop watching me that way. I need to be alone for awhile." He unlocked our front door, and it was only his completely ingrained politeness that allowed him to hold it for me. The minute I was inside, he strode off to the office and pointedly shut the door.
  • Next night we stuck a picture, which Tom drawed in blood, of a skull and crossbones on the front door; and next night another one of a coffin on the back door. I never see a family in such a sweat. They couldn't a been worse scared if the place had a been full of ghosts laying for them behind everything and under the beds and shivering through the air. If a door banged, Aunt Sally she jumped and said "ouch!" if anything fell, she jumped and said "ouch!" if you happened to touch her, when she warn't noticing, she done the same; she couldn't face noway and be satisfied, because she allowed there was something behind her every time--so she was always a-whirling around sudden, and saying "ouch," and before she'd got two-thirds around she'd whirl back again, and say it again; and she was afraid to go to bed, but she dasn't set up. So the thing was working very well, Tom said; he said he never see a thing work more satisfactory. He said it showed it was done right.
  • That evening a number of wealthy and influential ranch owners gathered at Diamond X to talk the situation over. As cattle men in a small way, the Boy Ranchers, as they were called, were allowed to "sit in" on the conference.
  • About 3 o'clock a newspaper photographer and a reporter arrived. The girls allowed a group picture to be taken and the reporter was granted an interview.
  • [FN233] "Follow the religion of Abraham" says the Koran (chaps. iii. 89). Abraham, titled "Khallu'llah," ranks next in dignity to Mohammed, preceding Isa, I need hardly say that his tomb is not in Jerusalem nor is the tomb itself at Hebron ever visited. Here Moslems (soi disant) are allowed by the jealousies of Europe to close and conceal a place which belongs to the world, especially to Jews and Christians. The tombs, if they exist, lie in a vault or cave under the Mosque.
  • About half a mile farther on the soil was riddled with ruffs' nests, a sort of layingground, out of which many birds were issuing. Captain Nemo had some hundreds hunted. They uttered a cry like the braying of an ass, were about the size of a goose, slatecolour on the body, white beneath, with a yellow line round their throats; they allowed themselves to be killed with a stone, never trying to escape. But the fog did not lift, and at eleven the sun had not yet shown itself. Its absence made me uneasy. Without it no observations were possible. How, then, could we decide whether we had reached the pole? When I rejoined Captain Nemo, I found him leaning on a piece of rock, silently watching the sky. He seemed impatient and vexed. But what was to be done? This rash and powerful man could not command the sun as he did the sea. Noon arrived without the orb of day showing itself for an instant. We could not even tell its position behind the curtain of fog; and soon the fog turned to snow.
  • "Marcher lords are allowed to wage war on one another without royal interference," Goronwy said. "But Prince Llywelyn is not included in that understanding."
  • The seat she chose was at the counter where the drinks were served. The odd plate and knife scattered about the bar assured her that she would be allowed to take her meal there as well. It was not the most luxurious of chairs, but with a handful of empty seats between herself and the nearest denizen of the bar to ease her nerves in such a rowdy place, it would do well enough. She sat and awaited the tavern keeper's service.
  • We have been trying very hard to forge a consensus that no nuclear weapons should be allowed on the korean peninsula.
  • "Candidates," announced the leader, "you are summoned here to take your first degree. It is simple, but no shirking is to be permitted. You are to do the one thing that you do best. As your names are called, you will mount the platform and comply. Four minutes is allowed for decision--on the platform."
  • Speed allowed this good-humor to banish his trepidation, and assured the foreman that Silas on Fifth Avenue must indeed be a very fine monologue.
  • One ran forward to see if it was charged, and brought back news that it was not. Lieutenant Knight and the little party of sailors worked desperately to pull down the props that supported the roof of the gallery, but they had little time allowed them for doing so. Had it not been that the noise made by the Turks had given the alarm so long before they reached the spot the work might have been completed. As it was, they had performed but a small portion of it when an officer ran in to say that they must at once come up, as the party could no longer keep back the swarming throng of the enemy. Colonel Douglas, who was in command, cheered on his hardly-pressed men, who had found the resistance of the French so desperate that they had been unable to drive them out from their advanced trench.
  • The fantom girl said, "Humans are not allowed to step into our lands. I gave you a chance to turn back. Now you must forfeit your life."
  • Even though Valerie knew that Brianna was done, she waited for her to thoroughly clean off the object of her affection and then reentered the room with Colleen after a little more than 10 minutes. Brianna sat back in her chair and would have lit up a cigarette if it was allowed in the offices.
  • What will we do now? asked Tubby, who was very happy in the knowledge that he had been allowed to have at least a hand, two of them, he affirmed, in the saving of the little one.
  • Then we were come to Upper Marlboro, after fording the stream, and the pleasure I felt at being allowed to sit down that I might rest my aching feet was so great that it cannot properly be described.
  • Meantime, the other boys had paid a visit to the Custom House to give bond for their airship, but as the collector could find nothing of the kind on the tariff list, as none had ever been entered at a Yukon customs house, he concluded it was exempt and allowed it free entry.
  • Dexter laid out his plans when they got there. Still no portal allowed them entrance, so he stacked sacks of powder about it, intent upon making one. It was only after he finished with it that he poured a line of the powder to where they hid; some dozens of feet away and behind a swell in the ground.
  • Gladyspuffy eyes opened wide and she leaned eagerly forward on the cushioned bench upon which Teleri had generously allowed her to sit in order to ease the swelling in her ankles.
  • She allowed him to sit by her on the window seat, and he again possessed himself of her hands. Did she love him? She hoped he was not going to be foolish. Of course not. He did not believe her, and started to plead his suit, imploring her to come away with him. In vain Lady Lavinia begged him to be quiet; she had stirred up a blaze, and it threatened to consume her. He was so insistent that, expecting Richard at any moment, and terrified lest there should be a disturbance, she promised to give him an answer next evening, at the theatre. She managed to be rid of him in this way, and, with a relieved sigh, watched him walk down the square. She was very fond of dear Harry, but really, he was dreadfully tiresome at times.
  • Muammar allowed himself a tight smile at the irony of hearing that he had a lot of potential again. "It is an abomination. It should be burned to the ground."
  • This time they were allowed to quaff their mugs of cool, fresh milk without any unpleasant incident to interrupt the ceremony. Tubby did eye the woman who owned the outfit rather suspiciously, and must have aroused her curiosity by the way he turned his head several times after they had walked off.
  • As soon as the Frenchmen had recovered, they showed a very different disposition to what they had previously exhibited. They then received the food given to them by the English with apparent gratitude. Now, however, when it was sent to them they seized it rudely, and grumbled because the supply was not larger. Captain Rymer endeavoured to explain to the French lieutenant that the arrangements made were for the good of all. He, however, either had no authority over his countrymen or pretended to have none. Still, as he associated himself with them, it was evident that he intended to side with them whatever they might do. This state of things gave considerable anxiety to the English officers. It was arranged that a strict guard should be kept over the provisions and water, and that no one should be allowed to take anything from the stores.
  • She had not put in an appearance up to the time of our starting at noon yesterday, nor have we seen any sign of her during our passage up the stream, was the reply. "You were due to return, you know, the evening before last, and when yesterday morning came, without your appearance, Captain Vernon became uneasy. He allowed you until noon, however; but when noon passed, leaving you still non est, he came to the conclusion that something was amiss, and despatched us in quest of you at once. So this is the scene of the struggle, eh?" as the boats grounded on the beach of the island. "A pretty scene of ruin it is."
  • Once she was high enough to feel safe she was exultant. She had done it, all by herself, without magic. She had never done anything brave without her magic. She had never, therefore, really done anything brave at all. She felt giddy with triumph. It was a real accomplishment for her. She did not even think about the string of astonishing co-incidences that had allowed her to achieve it.
  • When he had reached a point that allowed of a leap, Frank suddenly sprang forward. He did not know just what he might be up against and had even taken from his pocket the splendid new pistol which Colonel Josiah, himself a world traveler, had insisted upon giving each of his boys before they started on their trip south.
  • That mood, like so many of her moods, relapsed into dogged endurance. She took up the work again when Charlie promised that no more whisky should be allowed in the camp.
  • He allowed his weight to sink into the soft cushions of the stool. His arms rested upon the bar top. He gladly told Linda stories of his adventures, but not the most recent. He kept his stories to the times before the quake, before everything had changed. He told her of exploring the hills northeast of Connel, the caves he found. She listened with genuine interest and asked many questions of why he did what he did.
  • Runnion moved the adoption of a rule that no women be allowed to locate mining claims, and one of the strangers seconded it.
  • The reason is this, the ambassador explained, "this morning's train to Brussels was the last upon which foreigners were allowed to depart. The German government has given orders that all foreigners now in Germany must remain until mobilization is completed. So you see you are up against it"
  • "Theres absolutely no way to tell that. I heard your previous witness, Dr. Richardson, explain to you that the test kit itself has never been proven to accurately identify HIV antibodies. Maybe it does; but probably it doesntat least according to the scientific studies Ive read. The only thing I can add from my perspective is that a virus like HIV is not, by definition, capable of choosing its victims by gender. The fact that drug addicts, who are mostly men; hemophiliacs, who are all men; and sexually-overactive gay men, made up 99-plus percent of those testing HIV-Positive was evidence, at least to me, that one of two things had to be true: first, the HIV ELISA test itself was so overly sensitive that it was reacting with a lot of different antibodies these particular people carried around more than others; or two, the test proteins themselves were not specific or unique to HIV and therefore allowed antibodies created against other diseases to react with the test kit too often. And frankly, Ive decided that it was probably both."
  • "The Stars' curse, you would call it? We were given an opportunity to learn our lesson. The Stars allowed us to lose our technology and cultivate our meekness. We true believers have learned to renounce this earth and turn to salvation in death."
  • Shamsara smiled at the cat and allowed his gaze to wander on, lingering on a pool filled with flowering water lilies. Here was tranquillity and happiness, a sense of serenity he found most pleasing. The sand cat stretched and purred as a slender, petite woman brushed aside a silk hanging and entered his presence. Ink-black hair framed a fine-featured face in which feline blue eyes slanted between long lashes. Her creamy skin seemed to glow in the soft light, and her lips curved in a slight smile of greeting. Her graceful movements and air of contentment confirmed her cat kindred, and he would have known it even without the over-large familiar who lolled upon the cushions.
  • So well did he plead, and explain that they were all good friends of the burgomaster of Antwerp, that once again they were allowed to proceed.
  • At that point my importance ceased. Apparently seeing that the game was up, Mr. Camp later in the morning asked Mr. Cullen to give him an interview, and when he was allowed to pass the sentry he came to the steps and suggested,
  • Well! as I was saying, continued the young man, "I am delighted to travel in France and see what I am seeing. One must live under the government of citizens Gohier, Moulins, Roger Ducos, Siyes and Barras to witness such roguery. I dare wager than when the tale is told, fifty years hence, of the highwayman who rode into a city of thirty thousand inhabitants in broad day, masked and armed with two pistols and a sword at his belt, to return the two hundred louis which he had stolen the day previous to the honest merchant who was then deploring their loss, and when it is added that this occurred at a table d'hte where twenty or twenty-five people were seated, and that this model bandit was allowed to depart without one of those twenty or twenty-five people daring to molest him; I dare wager, I repeat, that whoever has the audacity to tell the story will be branded as an infamous liar."
  • During the fifteen days of grace granted under the terms of surrender, he had waited in camp with the other crusaders. Now that Diane and Perrin were safely off on the road to Paris, he felt impelled to be with the Cathars in their final moments, to bear witness. He had volunteered, despite his dread, to help escort the prisoners to their execution. Those Cathars who joined the Catholic religion would now be allowed to leave in peace, though they would be forced to give everything they owned to the Church and wear the yellow crosses for the rest of their lives. But those who clung to their faith would die.
  • The goal scorer screamed " leave it " as his shot squirmed under oldridge but the ref allowed the goal.
  • It meant stopping the race, it meant making the last of the two landings allowed them. And it was a landing in a wild and desolate place, seemingly, for there was no sign of city or town below them. And just now, after her repairs, when everything was running smoothly, it behooved Dick and his associates to take advantage of every mile and minute they could gain. Otherwise some other craft might get in ahead of them.
  • And Nagan said, ‘You are both still in body and must make gods between you. I am but a spirit and must join my fellows in the deep.’ But Yoal would not let him go, and for the love that had new-formed in Nagans breast and to expiate his own wrong, Yoal begged the Sun that he might build a place worthy of such a demigod. And the Sun allowed it, and so Yoal created Eyl above the skirting cloud, and Nagan was its first demigod and lived there ever after.
  • He laughed at her trembling with careless amusement. "What, still scared, my brown elf? Where is your old daring? Aren't you allowed to have any spirit at all in this house?"
  • Dawn stopped, a few feet short of reaching for the door to her camouflaged ambulance. The Colonel had demanded she paint over the highly visible white and red when she found it abandoned at a hospital, but he allowed the red cross on the side. There were still plenty of fishmen and a few other tribes of slave races that had escaped, but mostly they ran into humans and humans knew what the red cross meant.
  • Maurice and Phil, their heads resting on their coats, were lying close up against the grating. The hot atmosphere below deck was intolerable, and the indulgent guards had allowed a great many of the convicts to remain out, instead of driving them all below, as was the usual rule.
  • I wish him the best. This mighty task is not without its share of toil and heartache, but it can also occasionally provide the warm embrace of satisfaction. But I fear for the profession as a whole. Have we allowed the art to become watered down to the point where it's acceptable for the first thing you see inside a book cover to be a crude foreword that somehow tries to find it's humor by quoting a bumper sticker? Perhaps we have. And I throw the blame for this squarely on someone else's shoulders, because I have moved on.
  • I have seldom seen a man so surprised as was Aiken when I made this speech. His mouth opened and remained open while he slowly removed his feet from the table and allowed the legs of his chair to touch the floor.
  • Another thing Binney hated to do was to stand guard. This duty came to each one in turn, every three or four nights, according to the number of sentinels required, and on a night of duty each one was obliged to keep watch "two hours on and four off." That is, if Binney or Glen went on duty at six o'clock, he would be relieved at eight, and allowed to sleep until midnight, when he would stand guard again at one of the several posts beyond the camp limits, until two.
  • So the time passed without any excitement until November 23, when first we caught hold of a definite rumour that we should be granted leave. We existed in restless excitement until the 27th. On that great day we were told that we should be allowed a week's leave. We solemnly drew lots, and I drew the second batch.
  • The elf was not allowed to continue. Portions of rock slid away. Hidden compartments and tunnel offshoots were revealed immediately as a dozen dwarves fell upon the elf and delver. They stood with malice as Lief and Ryson froze. One finally barked a command.
  • "And that was why she shrieked and fainted when she saw the coronet," cried Mr. Holder. "Oh, my God! what a blind fool I have been! And his asking to be allowed to go out for five minutes! The dear fellow wanted to see if the missing piece were at the scene of the struggle. How cruelly I have misjudged him!"
  • Azathioprine used in combination with steroids allowed kidney transplantation to develop during the 1960
  • He at once set about considering the safest mode of attack; but was not allowed time to mature any plan. The elephant appeared to be restless, and was evidently about to move forward.
  • She was riding a horse pilfered from her wealthy fathers estate and was galloping down a forbidden trail, as she often did at that time. Her father wanted her to stay home and become educated, learn how to be a good wife. She was 20, and he was growing impatient to arrange a marriage with her and another powerful family. Her favorite horse, Umi, was a large black stallion, the swiftest in the stable, and he only allowed Suzana to ride him. On occasion her father would send one of his samurai after her, but no one was ever able to catch Umi. Even though he would be furious when she returned, Suzana was somewhat spoiled, and she knew she would not be punished.
  • Not quite."" I have said before, and I say again, that girls of this type ought not to be allowed to raise their eyebrows and smile faintly at the same moment. It amounts to a technical assault. I fancy she saw me set my teeth, for the next moment she put up her left hand and bent the broad blue rim over her face."
  • The night went on its slow way, and Talbot, stopping a moment to rest and listen for the skirmishers, calculated that it was not more than two hours until day. The long period through which he had watched began to press upon him. Weights dragged at his feet, and he noticed that his rifle when he shifted it from one shoulder to the other appeared many pounds heavier than before. His knees grew stiff and he felt like an old man; but he allowed himself no rest, continuing his walk back and forth at a slower pace, for he believed he could feel his joints grate as he stepped. He looked at the fires with longing and was tempted to go; but no, he must atone for the neglect of that chief of brigade.
  • That's telling the young whippersnapper, said Giseppe Macklino approvingly. "Kids today have it too soft. In my day, we had to sack a barbarian fortification before we were allowed dinner. And dinner was a wee bit o' dried rutabaga, with worms in it, if we were lucky."
  • In this fashion did he manage to keep them from dissatisfaction. At last he gave the word that allowed the various cooks to set to work. There was no lack of helpers, for every fellow hung around, watching the peeling of the potatoes with hungry eyes; but when a delicious aroma began to arise from the first frying pan set over the hot fire, some of them backed away, unable to stand it longer.
  • The existing pattern of development has allowed some areas to become deficient in services or only able to access them by the car.
  • How thoughtful. Zarg sounded sarcastic without effort. It had almost become his accent. He hadn't meant it and wished to apologise, but his teenage mind wouldn't hear of it. "That really is an apple sandwich." Zarg stared at his snack, maintaining eye contact with the food as he clambered onto his chair. An apple sat resolutely between two slices of bread. A small hole allowed the stalk to poke through.
  • Elryia pushed him down and then glided her hand across his chest, trying to ease his worries. "He's behind you. He was already sleeping when I went around." That, combined with the barrier, allowed the Champion to relax and his head fell back against the soft ground, Elryia laid hers on his chest and murmured "Good night Grahamas."
  • They all seemed to agree that I had had my fling, and should, as they persisted in calling it, "settle down." A most odious phrase. They were two to one against me, and when one finished another took it up. So that at last I ceased arguing and allowed myself to be bullied into looking for a position.
  • Aiden clasped it with his good arm, and allowed the big man to drag him out of the water, where he promptly fell in a wet heap on the rocky ground, the echoing sounds of water dripping nearby providing the only sound aside from their laboured breathing and the occasional cough.
  • "If Lady Teleri is speaking the truth, then why should she fear the presence of the earl? Sir Guy, we are men used to fighting, not speaking. Somewhere between a few days ago and today, someone misunderstood someone else. I believe the earl, as a peer of the realm, ought to be allowed to tell his version of the story in the presence of you and me and the knights we have with us—"
  • Of course Mr. Witherspoon expected to start out on the hike with the boys. His only fear was that he might not be allowed to finish the outing in their company, since he was liable to be called away at any time on urgent business.
  • "J. R.," says Jessamine, "I hate to do it. It's a painful duty." Craney says: "Just so. Say no more. You couldn't be expected to know the law of this state touching the person of the king. Fact is, foreigners ain't allowed to arrest royalty here. Fact, it's a new law. I just passed it the other day. You didn't mean any harm. We'll say no more."
  • "We shan't ask them to," Garterr Browne explained. "They may have happened; they don't happen now. Something has changed--the Stone has been exposed to the air or something. Rays... rays might have been exhausted. Tumulty and--and I'll manage a convincing statement. just keep it firmly in your mind that people must not be allowed to believe in it."
  • Not long afterwards, the first class passengers were allowed to leave. The people from the third class lower deck watched, as the elite clambered down the gangplank, hurried up the dock and disappeared from view.
  • Within the camp, I became like a shadow that no one took note. I was merely a page, a silent one at that. In that, it allowed me the freedom to observe. Keen observation of their soaring skills was needed to be able to protect my warrior in battle. I took to the task. I learned while I watched all; the strategic maneuvering meant only one thing to me: no immediate opportunity to do battle. The only action I had seen had been in my imagination. The waiting, anticipating was surely the worse, I thought, than the fighting would ever be.
  • The only real difficulty with such turmoil was keeping the hook hawk from grabbing goblins as prey. Hook hawks with their gnarled talons and bent necks flew more like swirling boomerangs in a tornado. Their curved bodies allowed them to circle and swerve with razor quickness and they easily snatched that which moved in the same type of haphazard frenzied direction. Those that ran in straight paths could often avoid a hook hawk, but goblins tended to run in mindless patterns and were thus the perfect prey.
  • The development drama, tho now somewhat ragged, was allowed to resume its course.
  • The owl perched on the rock a few feet away and faced Morley. It leaned forward intently, listening to the music. Gathering his courage, and careful not to interrupt the flow of the tune, Morley shrugged off his cloak watching the owl closely. It seemed to notice him immediately, but made no intimidating move. Its eyes were bright, but distant and dreamlike. Morley carefully sat down on the edge of the rock, balancing in the small hollow. He played for a couple more minutes, and then allowed the last mournful note to fade into the still night.
  • People who have convictions for dishonesty or who are un discharged bankrupts are not allowed by law to manage or control charities.
  • There were fifteen or sixteen Patriot officers of all ranks in the prison, and I found most of them jolly fellows. We lived all together in two large rooms, one of which was used as a bedroom. In addition, we were allowed at certain hours to walk up and down a long corridor, so that we got a fair amount of exercise.
  • No human words could convey any adequate conception of that night of carnage and terror. The assailants were allowed to advance far into the mighty maze of streets and byways with so little resistance, that they began to think that the great city would fall an easy prey to them after all. But as they approached the main arteries of central London they came suddenly upon barricades so skilfully disposed that it was impossible to advance without storming them, and from which, as they approached them, burst out tempests of rifle and machine gunfire, under which the heads of their columns melted away faster than they advanced.
  • They slowly made their way down the short hallway to the master bedchamber. Robert even allowed himself to lean on her a little. "So, the room as been cleaned then."
  • That date only saved the dowager from having to pay over her daughter's inheritance; but Markworth would never have allowed that mistake in the date to have occurred if he had known at first, as he knew latterly, what a great effect it would have in the working of Roger Hartshorne's will.
  • Yes, sometimes even the sharpest of them fall down, the head of the local police continued; "and before we're done with him Jules will realize that when he allowed himself to give way to temptation he did the most foolish thing possible, for it puts us on his track, and we'll get him again. I want to thank you too, Frank, because you see, there will be quite a little reward paid for the recapture of so notorious a convict as Garrone."
  • Before the two young men wrathfully turned their backs on the kainga, Hugh, who had a very fair knowledge of the Maori tongue, warned the natives that the pakeha law would punish them severely if they knowingly allowed his young brother to be harmed. But they only replied with insolent laughter.
  • But in the back of his mind, he was remembering several years back when he and Jamie would ride and race Tylers horses and how the wind felt on his face, and how it whipped his own blond hair back, and the feel of the horses powerful muscular body beneath his thighs. How they would laugh and whoop with abandon, feeling carefree, invincible and secure in their new world. It had been a time of regained innocence, a time to put the horrors of their lost childhoods behind them. Tyler had allowed that behavior, encouraged it, in fact, to make them whole again and to allow them times of unrestricted playtime before the responsibilities of adulthood would end all that.
  • We breakfasted off the strong, sweet tea that I have grown to like so much, and some bread, butter, and chocolate we bought off a smiling old woman at the warehouse gates. Later in the morning we were allowed into the town. First, a couple of us went into a caf to have a drink, and when we came out we found our motor-cycles garlanded with flowers by two admiring flappers. Everywhere we went we were the gods of a very proper worship, though the shopkeepers in their admiration did not forget to charge. We spent a long, lazy day in lounging through the town, eating a lot of little meals and in visiting the public baths--the last bath I was to have, if I had only known it, for a month. A cheery, little, bustling town Havre seemed to us, basking in a bright sunshine, and the hopes of our early overwhelming victory. We all stalked about, prospective conquerors, and talked fluently of the many defects of the German army.
  • The Hun craft pursuing him was the slowest of the three enemies. This Dave had already guessed. He allowed the other craft to gain for half a mile, then suddenly shot ahead. By this time several hits had been scored by both combatants, and the third enemy destroyer was maneuvering for a position from which she could render herself effective to send Darrin and his men to the bottom.
  • Then we started for the house, and I went in the back door--you only have to pull a buckskin latch-string, they don't fasten the doors--but that warn't romantical enough for Tom Sawyer; no way would do him but he must climb up the lightning-rod. But after he got up half way about three times, and missed fire and fell every time, and the last time most busted his brains out, he thought he'd got to give it up; but after he was rested he allowed he would give her one more turn for luck, and this time he made the trip.
  • When I got down to the lower deck I had no need to inquire as to the whereabouts of the gunroom. Such a din and babel of voices proceeded from the after part of the ship that I was certain, from what Dad had let out to me of his former experiences at sea, the noise could only have been made by a batch of middies and naval cadets in their moments of relaxation from the stern discipline of the quarter-deck, when they were allowed to give their superabundance of animal spirits full play.
  • Some of the trees were blown up by the roots, and if allowed to remain would in time form such little mounds as we children took to be Indian graves when we first came into the woods. Those little mounds are monuments, which mark the places where some of those ancient members of the forest stood centuries ago, and they will remain through future ages unless obliterated by the hand of man.
  • The seamen, though striving to the utmost, knew that the unavoidable catastrophe was approaching. Already the ship was embayed, and the captain was looking out for some spot where she might, with the best chance of preserving their lives, be allowed to drive on shore, should the last resource fail. The anchors had been got ready to let go. Trusty seamen stood with gleaming axes to cut away the masts. Hugh hurried his charges under shelter; for Captain Langton's uplifted hand showed what was about to occur. The shrouds were severed, the axes struck the tall masts, and one by one they fell into the raging sea. One anchor was let go, and speedily another.
  • Now, it appears that the bull, on his holiday, had spent a part of the first night in Carey's lower paddock, and Uncle Abel (who was out mooching about the bush at all hours, havin' a look at some timber"" or some ""indercations"" [of gold], or on some mysterious business or fad, the mystery of which was of his own making)--Uncle Abel saw the bull in the paddock at daylight and turned it out the sliprails, and talked about it afterwards, referring to the sliprails as ""Buckolts' Gate,"" of course, and spoke mysteriously of the case, and put on an appearance of great importance, and allowed people to get an idea that he knew a lot if he only liked to speak; and finally he got himself ""brought up"" as a witness for Ryan."
  • The general registrar has allowed humanist celebrants to sanction a wedding ceremony, after a long campaign by the humanist organization.
  • The deal allowed for China's state-controlled offshore oil and gas company, CNOOC, to prospect for oil in Kenya, which is just beginning to drill its first exploratory wells on the borders of Sudan and Somalia and in coastal waters. There are formal estimates of the possible reserves of oil discovered.
  • He laughed grimly. "Possibly some people would think it enough, Miss Standish. But the tentacles of his power are reaching everywhere in Alaska. His agents swarm throughout the territory, and Soapy Smith was a gentleman outlaw compared with these men and their master. If men like John Graham are allowed to have their way, in ten years greed and graft will despoil what two hundred years of Rooseveltian conservation would not be able to replace."
  • The door opened, and through the small gap, a fretful looking Charlotte appeared. Her face relaxed when she saw Michael, and she even allowed herself a smile. ‘Its all right, Franny!’ she said, addressing her cousin from over her shoulder. ‘Its not Mama. Its Doctor Brearly!’
  • "When I died, Morrigan led me to what you would call heaven, and the first thing I did was look for someone. Unable to find this person, I spoke with God himself. There, in His presence, I was told of what is to come, and my place in it. I begged to be allowed to search among the dishonored not only for those who might aid Him, but for my friend, whom I believed far better suited to the times ahead than myself." Gawain stops, turning to Alastor slowly, methodically continuing. "Do you know of whom I speak?"
  • Crouching in this corner, he glanced rapidly from right to left to learn whether or not his arrival had been detected. Satisfied that for the moment he was safe, he cast a glance upward to where the aerials of the radiophone glistened in the moonlight. From that point he allowed his gaze to drop steadily downward until it reached the windows of the sixteenth floor. There it remained fixed for a full moment.
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