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Dil: İngilizce



all-out için örnek cümleler:

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  • Chu's Chihuahuas stared at the Alien Posse over the two bodies on the ground, neither faction sure of how to proceed now that all-out war had been declared.
  • One might expect that with so much at stake, the Fachee would slaughter animals indiscriminately. But the Fachee dont underestimate their foes. They believe that an all-out slaughter would cause many species of animals to ally against them, and the Fachee, as boastful as they are, know they would not stand a chance in a one-against-all battle, even with superior intelligence and throwing ability. Instead, the battle is fought mainly in skirmishes--five Fachee meet up with an angry bear, or a pair of eagles dive-bombs a stray Fachee child. At this rate, the battle might take thousands of years to win, but the Fachee are long-term thinkers, and in the meantime, the world remains in relative balance, no species ever gaining a clear advantage. The lives of the Fachee maintain the weighty sense of purpose that comes with dedication to a cause, while their occasional victories help reassure them that they are making progress.
  • Rolls' eyes twinkled. "No, not undertaking. You wait--you won't be so fidgety when Africa once gets its grip on you. Even this Karoo seems to you now a meaningless reach of plain, doesn't it?--no trees, nothing--yet it has a meaning of its own--says something, sings something. Hark! heard that cry? A riet-bok that is, out there in the vastness and darkness--never saw a train before: I know it from the way he whistled. He's living still away back in the bottomless pit of the geologic ages, that chap: all this Africa is. Wait till you see a geologic river washing solemn along, with the hippo's nostril snorting out in the choppy mid-channel: he's pretty old and knowing, that cove. But, of course, we'll be looking as lively as we know how: let's only hope we're not crossed and balked any road, for the enemy has a long arm. I'm all-out gallied now about not getting to see that sick man's face aboard. I wonder what's wrong with his mouth?--'inflamed mouth': never heard of that disease in man. I looked out at the landing, but no sign of him."
  • While we all stared as if stunned, Ralff shouted, "The front!" And there a mule had broken loosefrightened by the thunder of the great guns, running straight away. Coming after was the other bear. They slanted across our front, the mule going all-out in its fear, the bearimpelled by ferocious hungergoing faster. Instinct made me raise my gun but it was too far for any musket shot.
  • Pete looked into the crowd and saw a sea of West Valley's familiar blue and gold colors blanketing the stands. There would be no shortage of support for the Rockets on this night. This was Pete's first taste of the big time, but no usual pre-game jitters were going to slow him up. He really liked the East City court; its big size gave him more room to shoot, and the rims were soft like melted butter. Pete would foul out the entire Helmsdale team if it meant that his team could win the championship. This would probably not be another record-breaking night, but Pete was ready to go all-out for 32 minutes.
  • Now nursery nurses have voted by four to one for an all-out strike in an attempt to show how frustrated nursery nurses are.
  • Sam and Carla were scheduled to be married in the middle of November, yet the planning for his bachelor party began at least for month earlier. Sams bachelor party was seen by his friends as their ticket to heaven; an event that would go down as one of the greatest nights of their lives. I hate bachelor parties and everything theyve become! What should be a nice evening shared my male friends has become an all-out dildo-flying, morals-forgetting, stripper extravaganza. It goes against every principle of commitment and fidelity, and I guess thats what makes it so alluring to so many scum bags.
  • "Because it would be uneconomical. An all-out offensive would severely weaken the desert armies, leaving us vulnerable to the nomads and start another war with your ally to the west, King Jan-Durval. You think the carnage is bad now, but we are only fighting a low-grade war, little more than a border skirmish. You may lose a thousand men in a moon, more or less, but a full Cotti invasion would cost you more than that in a day.
  • What a half of basketball. Confusion and frustration reigned in the Helmsdale locker room. The Knights were barely challenged all year, but had run up against a hot ball club that wasn't scared anymore. Ross Parker knew his team was tense, but wanted them to play all-out when they stepped on the floor.
  • Ken had information he needed to know and he had only 30 minutes to extract all of the pertinent data. Instead of sticking out like two sore thumbs at the Manhattan Life cafeteria, Ken took Henry out to the deli for a quick sandwich. They ordered and then Ken went on an all-out assault. He greased the wheel in the the first few minutes and then slowly moved in for the kill.
  • Hartwell looked over at Cal, who was also having difficulty putting the emotional pieces back together while kneeling over Sharon. He had spent his life fighting Hartwell, and that left little room for love. Extreme like of Sharon, turned into all-out love for Cal that night. It was the most conflicted he had been in his entire hunting career.
  • "Many did, yes. And it was suicide for them all. The stories are too ghastly to believe, or to see, as I have. As far as Vanerrincourt was concerned, the king knew he could not fight the Gyssian navy toe-to-toe and expect to survive. Conor Kieran has given the order: the people of Vanerrincourt are to evacuate immediately north along the Eternitam. It is why the Temple before us is deserted. Usually it has many hundreds of visitors, many hundreds of devotees. The Vanerrincourtian navy has been ordered to prepare for all-out war. It is a very dark time, very frightening. I still have nightmares about it. The image of thousands of people fleeing north, their possessions in tow, some with none, their faces full of fear.... Many of them simply Transformed and flew away, leaving all their possessions behind. But young children cannot Transform; still others are incapable of it for any number of reasons. The king ordered a healthy percentage of his navy as a dedicated support for the evacuees, to guard them as they traveled."
  • Benedict had his forces all laid all like chess. The soldiers were surrounding the castle in a wolfish fashion, ready for what they hoped was the end of Peter de Vere. Benedict had ideas for the first wave, having his archers move up from the forest edge towards the meadow straddling the castle. Their orders were to unleash several volleys of arrows in hopes of distracting the enemy garrison. Meanwhile, the spearmen and mace men would launch an all-out assault on the castle. He had the ladders ready, the far-reaching kind that Jacob could only have dreamt of centuries before.
  • Brandon Justice had never participated in all all-out battle, because his own vampire family didnt receive the necessary time it needed to grow. While he was aware of Carla as his hunter, he never reached his 18 years as a vampire in order to be presented with the greatest gift of all as a vampirebesides the sharp teeth, the blinding speed, and the keen fashion sensea protector of their very own.
  • With the immediate work futures of the training class and the trainers decided, it was time for an all-out party at Jinny Corys house in Massapequa. Mom and dad were bringing ex-boyfriend Tom up to Rochester, New York for a weekend of renewing faith and what they called a thorough "retraining."
  • The underlings hated humans more than any other race on Bish. Humans always had the greater population, but the underlings had the greater lifespan. The underlings were patient, and they were accustomed to all-out war. At this time in particular, the underlings had lost patience, not with all humans, but with one. A lone human had been causing irreparable damage to the underling population for the past several years. Now, the surface-dwelling pest was in the wonderfully wicked City of Bone. He was the one that the underlings, as well as many others on Bish, called the Darkslayer.
  • Much fun it is to play in the woods having an all-out battle with these.
  • The two Koreas are technically still at war from the all-out conflict between them in the 1950s. Smaller scale clashes have occurred since then, most recently in November 2010 when North Korea shelled a South Korean island, killing several people.
  • In swatting at Aradia, Kaiser had left himself precariously balanced. Aradia grabbed Kaiser's outstretched arm and twisted it so swiftly and viciously that before he had a chance to react, he was on the ground. His friends were taken just as by surprise as he was. Aradia knew she only had moments before this erupted into an all-out brawl, so she pressed her edge while she had it. She flipped the pack's leader onto his belly and jammed her knee into his lower back. She took hold of a handful of his scruffy hair and yanked his head as far back as she dared. He would be in pain if he struggled, but more importantly, he was facing his crew and his ear was right next to her mouth.
  • This was just as us troops were preparing with british help for an all-out assault on fallujah.
  • As I turned off the water I heard a humming. It was audible even with the noise of the bathroom fan. I thought nothing of it as I used the dryer on my new jet black hair. In the mirror I looked like an all-out goth. They use make-up to look pale, but I was a natural. I turned off the hair dryer.
  • Preoccupation with the all-out war on terrorism has circumscribed the global agenda.
  • Her words rocketed through my mind and I was instantly awake. I jumped to my feet in an all-out panic. Ember wasnt supposed to be in the car without me or Willow, much less messing up the car without us being there
  • The consequences of an all-out effort by our armed forces in the nuclear age became literally unthinkable.
  • Work was about as strenuous as vacationing in Hawaii. Its true what they say, "Its good to be the king." Maybe I wasnt the king but I was close enough to the throne that the pressure of pulling myself up, was off. This lack of professional stress helped me focus more on my personal life. It was full steam ahead for MarryJew.com and my all-out search for a new love in my life.
  • In burma and nigeria today, civil resistance offers the one slim hope of avoiding all-out civil war and new killing fields.
  • "Look, schnook, Im no fish. Im a mammal like you. Use your head for something more than a dandruff holder. You can swim. Does that make you a fish? Certainly not. Nowlets talk shop. Ive been floating near the dhow all the time. Theyre speaking German, which is close enough to Yiddish, so I can pick up most of it. Tomorrow is the first day of Pesach. Theyll all be together at the ceremony, Hitler, his two flunkies, two high-ranking Arabs, your brass, foreign dignitaries, the press, TV, etc. Theyll make a few speeches and when Der Führer proposes a toast to unity, friendship and all that chauserai, itll be the signal for an all-out attack. Youll get it from every which way ... ground troops, naval batteries, Soviet-built jet bombers. In the confusion, Loxfinger will be flown by chopper to some Arab hideout. So now you know. Dont stand like a klutz; do something. The ceremony starts at 3 p.m. tomorrow. I wont be far away, so look for me."
  • Sol a. go all-out on placed slightly wider with your back should be aware.
  • The men were surprised. Theyd spent the days since the attack on Llanlleyn sharpening swords and flexing their muscles. Theyd been looking forward to an all-out assault on Rhuddlan.
  • It was hard to believe what I was watching was anything less than an all-out bid to kill each other. Isaac ducked a vicious swipe from James, and then knocked the smaller hybrid over with a backhand blow I was pretty sure would've crushed rock.
  • Talks between managers and trade unions aimed at preventing an all-out stoppage at the plant are to continue on monday.
  • The General wasn't really sure if challenging the Archmage to a duel was a good idea. He tried to explain that to the paladin, but to no avail. Furthermore, he had even more doubts about filling the courtyard with soldiers. Should the mages start an all-out battle, having all the targets in one place kind of played into their hands.
  • The North's National Defense Commission said the moves would feed into an "upcoming all-out action" that would target the United States, "the sworn enemy of the Korean people."
  • Instead of running, I stayed and took a beating until I could get the frosting uncorked. An all-out food fight then ensued in my kitchen and we all wound up on the floor in a complete mess. Kathy and I started kissing, as Kim said she was going to take a shower. The girls seemed to be very territorial with their men and it seemed that the taller Kathy wanted first crack at chopping down the big tree.
  • The Afar hit the first row of trucks as human battering rams. Vane heard isolated rifle shots, a young mans cry of anguish, and what may have been a Gatling gun. And the Afar went right out of their minds, shrieking and whirling and diving, firing with one weapon and cudgeling with another. Trailing youngsters and seniors, hunched like spiders, tore down the aisles formed by rows of parked vehicles, leaping on occupants with total disregard for their own lives, savaging the trucks and jeeps, smashing their windshields, shooting and pummeling the bodies. As horror took the disintegrating ranks, soldiers howling to Allah began dashing through the maze of vehicles in zigzagging spurts that became all-out runs, crowds of kicking and caterwauling Mamusetans hard on their heels.
  • The hallway outside the gym was always a hotbed of activity for Dave. He talked to many college coaches, broke up an all-out brawl during a game, and even experienced his first French kiss
  • Sandra Heart was the ringleader for Bunk 11 on the girl's side of camp. She was always flaunting her "cool" stuff in our face and we had seen enough of her parade of coolness. We let it slide when she paraded the newest Gameboy in our faces, but when she crossed the line and lit us up with her huge Super Soaker it was all-out war.
  • It was early November when Sam and Merryl met at the Refreshment Stand of Love. Nearly three months had passed by and the relationship was heading to Sam-like proportions. The signs were all there for a complete collapse. He was a master of the bail out, holding his all-out retreat for the moment when the woman was hopelessly in love and ready to make a life-long commitment. This way the pain of her broken heart could let him know that he was loved, even though he had no plans to reciprocate the feelings.
  • Then i saw an all-out awakening, followed by the second coming of christ.
  • I took the phone away from my ear again and listened to Petie. "It damn near happened," he declared. "Just what I been waiting foran all-out war between us and the spics. Trust me, its gonna happen on some ball field one day real soon."
  • Gil and Leslie decided to take in a movie while the interviews commenced. He was as protective as if Kelly was his own son. It had been months since Stanley Wilson and Gil had spoken. Ever since Kelly Thorpe came on the full radar, the relationship between the two men had grown conspicuously quiet. Gil expected his protg to go all-out for the client of the century, even though he knew Gil was sitting in the kid's backyard.
  • A truly all-out indefinite general strike, therefore, immediately demands the effective de facto expropriation of the capitalists.
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