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Okunuşu: / ɑːftə / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce
Hecelenişi: af·ter
Türü: zarf


z. , edat. bağlaç sonra;
ardına, ardında;
(-dan) sonra;
ardı sıra;
tarzında, üslubunda.

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  • We pass some almshouses on our right that were established after the original almshouses in shoreditch became the geffrye museum.
  • The popular lottery - which is played in 42 states, Washington D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands - had not had a winner for two months. after no one won the top prize in Saturday's drawing, the pot had grown by about $263 million to $578.5 million amid a rush to buy tickets.
  • The words were not registering however. Instead, she could hear the thuds and voices behind the wall. Kate lowered the book and sat there looking into the fire whilst he must have finished his bathing and gone to his chambers. That short, shared ride had been enlightening. Another layer to the complicated man, who could be shockingly intimate one moment and somewhat bitter the next. She had to deal with males to some extent in her life, aside from her father, and the Duke too, as her neighbor, some had all the preconceived ideas about females and few treated her with any seriousness. Oh, she could not completely write off her steward, he tried to get used to dealing with only her after her fathers passing. However, it was bred into most men and women too, she had discovered in London.
  • Citymeals-on-Wheels serves the New York City area. In 2008, Citymeals delivered over 2.1 million nutritious meals to 17,713 frail aged in every borough of New York City. In addition, over 1,500 volunteers collectively spent 62,000 hours visiting and delivering meals to New Yorks frail aged. Gael Greene and James Beard founded Citymeals-on-Wheels in 1981 after reading a newspaper article about homebound elderly New Yorkers with nothing to eat on weekends and holidays. They rallied their friends in the restaurant community, raising private funds as a supplement to the government-funded weekday meal delivery program. Twenty five years ago their first efforts brought a Christmas meal to 6,000 frail aged.
  • Inspector Aichhinga now briefed the SP on his entire experience of the afternoon. after listening, the SP said: "Do me a favor, Steve. Rather than me calling Maharaj and relaying this information secondhand, perhaps you can call him at the DC's residence and brief him, in as much detail as you have done just now."
  • The bond market shows that, two years after the Feds second round of asset purchases sparked criticism from Republicans predicting a surge in prices, theres no incipient anxiety of such risk. That confidence in Bernankes ability to keep inflation in check bolsters policy makerscase for expanding their third round of so-called quantitative easing at the two-day meeting that began yesterday.
  • He walked to the service desk and told the attendant that he wanted to enter the server room. after filling out some forms and submitting to a retinal scan, he was escorted down a long concrete hallway to a heavy metal door. The attendant entered a code then allowed him to enter his code. He pushed open the door and closed it behind him. His phone rang, and he answered, thinking is one of the women.
  • Nicholas set off, following the first sleigh; behind him the others moved noisily, their runners squeaking. At first they drove at a steady trot along the narrow road. While they drove past the garden the shadows of the bare trees often fell across the road and hid the brilliant moonlight, but as soon as they were past the fence, the snowy plain bathed in moonlight and motionless spread out before them glittering like diamonds and dappled with bluish shadows. Bang, bang! went the first sleigh over a cradle hole in the snow of the road, and each of the other sleighs jolted in the same way, and rudely breaking the frost-bound stillness, the troykas began to speed along the road, one after the other.
  • Rachel shook me gently; apparently not convinced I was mentally where I was supposed to be. "Britney's been telling people you collapsed yesterday after school. This makes twice in two days, and I know that yesterday wasn't the first time."
  • The concept of allotropy was originally proposed in 1841 by the Swedish scientist Baron Jöns Jakob Berzelius (17791848). The term is derived from the Greek άλλοτροπ (allotropia; variability, changeableness). after the acceptance of Avogadro's hypothesis in 1860 it was understood that elements could exist as polyatomic molecules, and the two allotropes of oxygen were recognized as O2 and O3. In the early 20th century it was recognized that other cases such as carbon were due to differences in crystal structure.
  • The best spots to choose are where deep, sheltered gullies and pools remain filled with water after the movement and noise of the surf disappears.
  • She gave a wan smile. "Much better, Headmaster. I've rested enough now." She'd returned to school the day before, tired and upset after spending the weekend at home.
  • Kaymin managed to step in front of the vendor, who looked as though he was more than ready to give chase. "Wait," he said. after a moment, he replaced his sword, hoping this could be settled without violence. And since none had yet seemed to recognize him, he felt an odd urge to keep it that way.
  • In fact, she was doing just that. She was thinking about home. At first she thought about her apartment in Cardiff but soon after that she was reminded of her real home. Her birth town, the Citadel on Gallifrey. She remembered the orange sky and the dark red grass of the park she used to play in so often when she was young.
  • Windsor & eton came away from eastleigh with a creditable point after picking up a goal-less draw against the promotion hopefuls.
  • "My sources say that someone has been speaking poorly of me…" It was Lady Magmilan. "And that the others were agreeing. I didnt bother going to the surveillance room to find out who it was because I think I have a good guess, but correct me if Im wrong." after glaring at the other prisoners, her eyes came to rest on me. "You see Samantha; I think I may have found a better form of punishment that might actually get through to you. No matter what I do to you, it doesnt seem to sink in, but I know how you feel about others sacrificing for you. You much rather take the blame than let others suffer because of you."
  • The Australian-Canadian spearhead at Amiens, a battle that was the beginning of Germany's downfall, helped pull forward the British armies to the north and the French armies to the south. On the British Fourth Army front at Amiens, after an advance as far as 14 miles (23 km), German resistance stiffened, and the battle there concluded. But the French Third Army lengthened the Amiens front on 10 August, when it was thrown in on the right of the French First Army, and advanced 4 miles (6 km), liberating Lassigny in fighting which lasted until 16 August. South of the French Third Army, General Charles Mangin (The Butcher) drove his French Tenth Army forward at Soissons on 20 August to capture eight thousand prisoners, two hundred guns, and the Aisne heights overlooking and menacing the German position north of the Vesle. Another "Black day", as described by Erich Ludendorff.
  • Drink was strictly forbidden at Cliveden, but instead Lady Astor donned huge false teeth after dinner and waited for the chuckles that never came.
  • Thousands of british overseas citizens left stateless after decolonisation in the 1960s are to be given the right to live in britain.
  • "Jeans got a bach on Waiheke Island. Holiday home. Bought it a couple of years back. Rents it to tourists, mostly, but its empty now. He says we can use the place. Hell join us day after tomorrow."
  • The latter were snapped up after paul donned them and launched into an impromptu spirited rendition of an elvis number.
  • But there was no other place in the house so secure from prying eyes as this. He had the key, and no one else could enter it. Beneath its purple pall, the face painted on the canvas could grow bestial, sodden, and unclean. What did it matter? No one could see it. He himself would not see it. Why should he watch the hideous corruption of his soul? He kept his youth-- that was enough. And, besides, might not his nature grow finer, after all? There was no reason that the future should be so full of shame. Some love might come across his life, and purify him, and shield him from those sins that seemed to be already stirring in spirit and in flesh-- those curious unpictured sins whose very mystery lent them their subtlety and their charm. Perhaps, some day, the cruel look would have passed away from the scarlet sensitive mouth, and he might show to the world Basil Hallward's masterpiece.
  • Sara and Matt took him to the fence and waited for the class to start. They helped him into the uniform, after talking him out of his helmet and hammer, promising they would guard them with their lives.
  • The Bundesbank sliced more than 1 percentage point off its forecast for economic expansion in Germany next year after the sovereign debt crisis pushed the euro area into recession and global growth slowed.
  • Shortly after joining the Dodgers, Grote struck out in his only career at-bat against former battery-mate Tom Seaver, who was now with the Reds. During his two seasons with the Dodgers, he played part-time as a backup to Steve Yeager and appeared in two World Series against the New York Yankees. He retired from professional baseball after the 1978 season, only to be lured out of retirement in 1981 by the Kansas City Royals, who were experiencing a shortage of catchers. On July 3, 1981, at the age of 38, Grote went 3 for 4 with a grand slam home run, a double, and a stolen base, driving in a team-record seven runs. after another short stint with the Dodgers, he retired for good after the 1981 season.
  • From the time the law of Copernicus was discovered and proved, the mere recognition of the fact that it was not the sun but the earth that moves sufficed to destroy the whole cosmography of the ancients. By disproving that law it might have been possible to retain the old conception of the movements of the bodies, but without disproving it, it would seem impossible to continue studying the Ptolemaic worlds. But even after the discovery of the law of Copernicus the Ptolemaic worlds were still studied for a long time.
  • Accounting records must be kept for 6 years after the end of the financial year to which they refer.
  • Easier financing conditions may help the Portuguese economy, which the government projects will shrink 1 percent in 2013 after contracting 3 percent this year. Portugal has grown less than 1 percent a year on average in the past decade, one of Europes weakest performances.
  • Fake wiredu collapsed after being chased by the police, but the arresting officers decided that he was faking illness.
  • Prince Andrew did not notice that she called his sister Mary, and only after calling her so in his presence did Natasha notice it herself.
  • I said: "I'm crazy, that's all. Wendel, here, is going up and talk settlement with Crandall. after all, Crandall got him out of jail after I put him in. Maybe Crandall is really okey, after all."
  • The historic concorde fleet of seven supersonic jets made its last flights in october after 34 years of air supremacy.
  • The guards at the heavy, makeshift wooden door recognized the King, and after conferring with their superiors let Louis and Roland out of the prison compound. They ushered them to a pavilion just outside the entrance, in which Sahil the eunuch sat on silken cushions, surrounded by his assistants. All the Egyptians rose and bowed deeply to the King, pressing their hands together before their chests.
  • Sebastian remembered what shed saidhow she thought she could stand it if they were both alone, still loving each other. She would rather they were apart than see either of them forced to be with someone they hated. Serenity was the one person who understood Sebastians position; after all, shed been forced to live with a man she despised for so many years. Shed wanted to try to defeat Madeline and the thought of what she might be planning terrified him. He had no idea what she was thinking, but whatever it was, it wouldnt work.
  • The renewed threats come in response to the U.S. backed resolution tightening sanctions against North Korea after its December rocket launch.
  • The usual course adopted by the tribunal is to view the appeal hereditament after the hearing.
  • The UN tightened sanctions on North Korea in 2009 shortly after it fired a long-range rocket carrying a communications satellite that failed to enter orbit.
  • In her early botanical work, Eastwood made a number of collecting expeditions to the edge of the Big Sur region, which at the end of the 19th century was a virtual frontier, since no roads penetrated the central coast beyond the Carmel Highlands. In those excursions she discovered a number of plants theretofore unknown, including Eastwood's willow and Hickman's potentilla. Eastwood was credited with saving the Academy's type plant collection after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Opposing curatorial conventions of her era, Eastwood segregated the type specimens from the main collection. This classification system permitted her, upon entering the burning building, readily to retrieve 1500 specimens.
  • James Cameron is to bring the 3D revolution to China after announcing a joint venture with two local companies.
  • She scratched her head."Get him off of this horse and inside. I will get my shop ready." She peered at the sky,"It is getting late anyway, I was just about to lock my doors for the night. Its not good to be out after dark anymore."She walked into her shop.
  • "Three of these I know very well." His accented Turki was almost lost in a roll of spray off the stern. "They are the St. Sebastian, the Bon Jesus, and theBon Ventura. They arrived new from Lisbon last year, after the monsoon, to patrol our shipping lanes, to enforce the regulation that all Indian vessels purchase a trading license from authorities in Goa."
  • "Its shocking, really. No one thought he would get married after all these years. Hes nearly forty. Most men his age have daughters getting married."
  • Our guests r guests return year after yea r for our renowned christmas and new year breaks to enjoy traditional festivities and gourmet dinners.
  • The government was deeply embarrassed when Energy and Water Minister Ismail Khan, an influential former warlord, recently called on militias to rearm to protect Afghanistan after 2014.
  • "You got it. These guys I'm sending will deliver the kegs to that dance club after they attach a little arming device. You'll need to get hold of one of the beer distributor's delivery trucks for a while so my guys can make the delivery. Once the kegs are delivered, we blow the place that night."
  • "You fellows have no conscience," said he to the valet who was pouring water over his hands. "For just one moment I didn't look after you... It's such pain, you know, that I wonder how he can bear it."
  • "It sounds dopy to me," I told him. "A guy's wife don't usually start out after a divorce without saying anything. Usually she's said so damned much he's glad to see her leave."
  • By the 1977 season, John Stearns had taken over as the Mets' starting catcher as back injuries continued to plague Grote and in August, after twelve seasons with the Mets, he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for two players to be named later. Neither of the minor leaguers the Dodgers sent to the Mets ever reached the majors.
  • Abe, who quit in 2007 after a troubled year in office, will have to persuade voters quickly that they made the right choice ahead of an election for parliament's upper chamber in July.
  • In addition to all the criticism from those demanding modernisation, traditionalist Catholics sometimes denounced him as well. These issues included demanding a return to the Tridentine Mass and repudiation of the reforms instituted after the Second Vatican Council, such as the use of the vernacular language in the formerly Latin Roman Rite Mass, ecumenism, and the principle of religious liberty. He was also accused by these critics for allowing and appointing liberal bishops in their sees and thus silently promoting Modernism, which was firmly condemned as the "synthesis of all heresies" by his predecessor Pope St. Pius X. In 1988, the controversial traditionalist Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the Society of St. Pius X (1970), was excommunicated under John Paul II because of the unapproved ordination of four bishops, which was called by the Holy See a "schismatic act".
  • Six weeks after inoculation brownish, sunken lesions were observed on the base of stems of seedlings inoculated with all anastomosis groups.
  • Hawksworth listened as Huyghen continued, his stories of the Indies a mixture of ale and dreams. after a time he signaled another round for them both. It was many empty tankards later when they parted.
  • There are 119 hospitals (12 in Addis Ababa alone) and 412 health centers in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a relatively low average life expectancy of 58 years. Infant mortality rates are relatively very high, as over 8% of infants die during or shortly after childbirth, (although this is a dramatic decrease from 16% in 1965) while birth-related complications such as obstetric fistula affect many of the nation's women.
  • It was a cold morning of the early spring, and we sat after breakfast on either side of a cheery fire in the old room at Baker Street. A thick fog rolled down between the lines of dun-coloured houses, and the opposing windows loomed like dark, shapeless blurs through the heavy yellow wreaths. Our gas was lit and shone on the white cloth and glimmer of china and metal, for the table had not been cleared yet. Sherlock Holmes had been silent all the morning, dipping continuously into the advertisement columns of a succession of papers until at last, having apparently given up his search, he had emerged in no very sweet temper to lecture me upon my literary shortcomings.
  • Roughly 7.5 million civilians died in China under Japanese occupation. Hundreds of thousands (varying estimates) of ethnic Serbs, along with gypsies and Jews, were murdered by the Axis-aligned Croatian Ustae in Yugoslavia, with retribution-related killings of Croatian civilians just after the war ended.
  • The riverside was already crowded with mourners, for there had been many deaths, and the air was acrid from the smoke of cremation pyres. On the steps above the ghats was a row of thatch umbrellas, and sitting on a reed mat beneath each was a Brahmin priest. All were shirtless, potbellied, and wore three stripes of white clay down their forehead in honor of Vishnus trident. The servants approached one of the priests and began to bargain with him. after a time the man rose and signified agreement. The servants whispered to Hawksworth that he was there to provide funeral rites for hire, adding with some satisfaction that Brahmins who served at the ghats were despised as mercenaries by the rest of their caste.
  • "Look, if an Osaban priest is chasing after this thing, then my family is in danger.I will not jeopardize you because of this stupid Sword. It has been like a weight around my neck my entire life." He stopped and stared at her."You knew this might happen at any time." He knelt down at the second spot he had revealed and opened another spot in the floor. Once again, he retrieved a small shiny object.
  • "All the same, Aunt, it is impossible," he rejoined with a sigh, after a short pause. "Besides, would the princess have me? And besides, she is now in mourning. How can one think of it!"
  • "I understand your hatred, master, and I shall bear it. I love you. I love Madame Diane, too, and thanks to what she taught me I think I know her mind better than you. She wants to die. For her, as for me now, life is suffering. She said to me that all the time she lived after Mont Segur was borrowed time that she must eventually pay back. Well, she has paid it back now, with usury. As for you, master, she believes the time for you to die will not be till you have traveled a long road, fulfilled a mighty destiny, and come at last to know peace. She wants you to help the King, and be reconciled with Madame Nicolette. This was her last message, which I was to give you should this terrible day ever happen. As for Madame Diane herself, she has won. She has remained steadfast. They could not break her spirit. Today is her victory.
  • At the receiver the data contained in the cyclic prefix of the ofdm symbol is ignored after synchronization.
  • In the 8th century BC, power became decentralized during the Spring and Autumn Period, named after the influential Spring and Autumn Annals. In this period, local military leaders used by the Zhou began to assert their power and vie for hegemony. The situation was aggravated by the invasion of other peoples from the northwest, such as the Qin, forcing the Zhou to move their capital east to Luoyang. This marks the second major phase of the Zhou dynasty: the Eastern Zhou. The Spring and Autumn Period is marked by a falling apart of the central Zhou power. In each of the hundreds of states that eventually arose, local strongmen held most of the political power and continued their subservience to the Zhou kings in name only. Some local leaders even started using royal titles for themselves. China now consisted of hundreds of states, some of them only as large as a village with a fort.
  • All corsair twinx modules are tested as a matched pair in a dual channel motherboard and packaged together immediately after test.
  • When she began to tell him that all this had happened the day after her father's funeral, her voiced trembled. She turned away, and then, as if fearing he might take her words as meant to move him to pity, looked at him with an apprehensive glance of inquiry. There were tears in Rostov's eyes. Princess Mary noticed this and glanced gratefully at him with that radiant look which caused the plainness of her face to be forgotten.
  • Serbian and French troops finally made a breakthrough, after most of the German and Austro-Hungarian troops had withdrawn. This breakthrough was significant in defeating Bulgaria and Austro-Hungary, which led to the final victory of WWI. The Bulgarians suffered their only defeat of the war at the Battle of Dobro Pole, but, days later, they decisively defeated British and Greek forces at the Battle of Doiran, avoiding occupation. after the Serbian breakthrough of Bulgarian lines, Bulgaria capitulated on 29 September 1918. Hindenburg and Ludendorff concluded that the strategic and operational balance had now shifted decidedly against the Central Powers and a day after the Bulgarian collapse, during a meeting with government officials, insisted on an immediate peace settlement.
  • It was after five o'clock when Sherlock Holmes left me, but I had no time to be lonely, for within an hour there arrived a confectioner's man with a very large flat box. This he unpacked with the help of a youth whom he had brought with him, and presently, to my very great astonishment, a quite epicurean little cold supper began to be laid out upon our humble lodging-house mahogany. There were a couple of brace of cold woodcock, a pheasant, a pt de foie gras pie with a group of ancient and cobwebby bottles. Having laid out all these luxuries, my two visitors vanished away, like the genii of the Arabian Nights, with no explanation save that the things had been paid for and were ordered to this address.
  • Time will tell, of course, but the return of Shinzo Abes Liberal Democratic Party after the Dec. 16 election, as polls suggest, might nudge Japan closer to a winning hand for the likes of Bass.
  • She dropped back down and butted her head against my hand. I started petting her out of reflex, but when I slowed down out of embarrassment, she butted my hand again. after a few seconds she turned and slipped away, disappearing into the trees in a matter of seconds.
  • "I will understand Seth, if you feel it necessary to break from my support, but please, I beg you carry this secret as you carry your life, eternal. We are in love, my friend, and already cursed with the inability to be together as we wish, having to hide our love in shadows. To tear us apart after so many years, I would beg for death." Darren looked upon his lover and then back to Seth awaiting his answer.
  • Take the first right turn past the factory: after about 500m you will cross a railroad.
  • Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop has cut more than 20,000 jobs and is conserving cash to challenge Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Google Inc. (GOOG) with devices running Microsoft Corp. software. Cost cuts helped Nokia post its first profit since early 2011 after racking up losses of almost 5 billion euros ($6.7 billion).
  • Tom was charged with drunken driving after he was involved in a car accident in Boston.
  • After nooning with my uncle and all, I returned to Bessie, ready to load and be off. In Ralff's circle, to my surprise, sat Gardt Wentik. As I approached he abruptly rose and stalked by me, not acknowledging my presence by so much as a nod or glance. Ralff half turned and threw after him, "Any day now."
  • During the hours of solitude, suffering, and partial delirium he spent after he was wounded, the more deeply he penetrated into the new principle of eternal love revealed to him, the more he unconsciously detached himself from earthly life. To love everything and everybody and always to sacrifice oneself for love meant not to love anyone, not to live this earthly life. And the more imbued he became with that principle of love, the more he renounced life and the more completely he destroyed that dreadful barrier which--in the absence of such love--stands between life and death. When during those first days he remembered that he would have to die, he said to himself: "Well, what of it? So much the better!"
  • "Get back to the mansion," decided Bluebeard. "Thats where theyll be going. Its where they knew I was, and theyll probably be after the rest of my crew too."
  • carefully inspected the contents of each dish. after a brief consultation, the eunuchs ordered several of the dishes returned to the kitchen.
  • Sara walked towards them, watching Vincent as he moved away from the table, circling around behind her. Margret pulled the chair away from the table; its legs scraping against the floor. Sitting down, Saras eyes darted from Margret to Vincent. after saying a small prayer thanking the Goddess for the food, she took a bite. It sent her taste buds into overdrive, and her stomach twisted around inside her, eager for her to swallow. As she did, she noticed that Margret and Vincent were both watching her. She took another bite, watching them as they watched her, Vincent moving closer to Margret.
  • She didnt know what time it was, but she felt restless after lying on the bed staring at the wall for a few minutes. It probably wasnt time for dinner yet. She sat up and swung her feet over the edge of the bed. There was a dress laid out for her, and she put it on, dropping the robe over the back of the bed. The dress was a little large for her; the skirt trailed on the ground and the shoulders seemed in danger of slithering down her arms. But she managed to adjust it well enough to function, and decided to leave the room.
  • "Yes, but I wish you to go to Falona and investigate. The man that the Caeli claim did it is dead. He was killed by guards after he killed Daron."
  • She thought of trying to overpower Maurice and escape. He was an old man, after all. But he looked strong. No, instead of fighting him, she would talk to him. Somehow perhaps she could move him.
  • The government had promised to consult the Venice Commission after the Sept. 12 referendum, in which your commission was not involved. Has the government consulted the Venice Commission in this process?
  • "Let's cut to the chase, Dave. I've enjoyed pulling your leg but the whole thing gets tiresome after awhile. I'll tell you what happened."
  • The ensuing regime suffered several coups, uprisings, wide-scale drought, and a huge refugee problem. In 1977, there was the Ogaden War, when Somalia captured part of the Ogaden region, but Ethiopia was able to recapture the Ogaden after receiving military aid from the USSR, Cuba, South Yemen, East Germany and North Korea, including around 15,000 Cuban combat troops.
  • Now the Dreamliner has turned into a nightmare for Boeing (BA) and the airlines that paid a list price of more than $200 million per airplane. It suffered problems typical for new planes, ranging from brake malfunctions to computer glitches. On Jan. 16, the Federal Aviation Administration grounded the fleet after the battery on a 787 that had just landed in Boston caught fire and another produced a fault that forced an emergency landing by an All Nippon Airways flight bound for Tokyo, with the passengers evacuating via inflatable slides.
  • Bofinger has split his career between policy jobs and academia. after graduating from the University of Saarbruecken with a degree in economics, he worked as a researcher for the same Council of Economic Experts of which he is now a member.
  • "Ok, I might be a little tired, but it isn't a big deal. I want to spend as much time with you as possible. after all, it isn't like I'm going to be able to really get much rest between now and whenever we need to leave for the challenge."
  • The day after Valentine killed her first man, her hearing came back. The surgery took about ten minutes and was largely performed remotely, reprogramming the hardware in her head with something that the doctor kept calling "hardened logic." She liked the sound of that.
  • In the middle of the melee, Tommy spotted the watch thief standing across the street, looking highly entertained. Tommy lurched to his feet and tried to go after the youth but with one leg tangled in the pot and pan cart, he only succeeded in dragging the entire mess further out into traffic. Hopping on one foot, he tumbled across the street and rolled free of the mass of tangled metal. He took a few good licks to the face from various participants in the brawl before he was able to extricate himself.
  • He finished up working in a fairground sideshow where he died after being mauled by a lion.
  • In the U.S., Morgan Stanley (MS) is eliminating 1,700 jobs from its investment-banking division and support staff after reducing the number of employees by about 4,500 in 2012. Its also deferring all bonuses for top earners, which will curb compensation costs recognized in 2012. American Express Co. (AXP) said in January it will eliminate 5,400 jobs this year, mostly in travel services, as consumers and businesses rely more on digital technology for bookings.
  • It is for this reason, they unanimously agreed that the most authentic book after the book of allah is sahih al-bukhari.
  • The greasy weasel of a man had been put in charge by Benedict of searching the countryside around the castle for food and other supplies. after all, they had hundreds of men under their command and starvation would defeat them long before Peter de Veres garrison ever did.
  • "How so?" I asked desperately. Could Lady Magmilan be right? She couldnt pinpoint it either. She couldnt explain it. He saw the disappointment on my face after he shrugged again.
  • "Its changed," Leeton said absently soon after they arrived, standing in the street, looking around at the crumbling buildings. "I remember this part of the city . . . of course, this is the very Gate we escaped through . . . the buildings werent like this, then. Deserted . . . bombed . . . ."
  • However, after trekking, it will seem luxurious, and we are sure you will appreciate the rustic style.
  • A Hare one day ridiculed the short feet and slow pace of the Tortoise, who replied, laughing: "Though you be swift as the wind, I will beat you in a race." The Hare, believing her assertion to be simply impossible, assented to the proposal; and they agreed that the Fox should choose the course and fix the goal. On the day appointed for the race the two started together. The Tortoise never for a moment stopped, but went on with a slow but steady pace straight to the end of the course. The Hare, lying down by the wayside, fell fast asleep. At last waking up, and moving as fast as he could, he saw the Tortoise had reached the goal, and was comfortably dozing after her fatigue.
  • He coughed, and she glanced up at him, observing, "Still sick? Dont cough on my food. I bought you some medicine after work, today. You should take some before you eat."
  • As his brain gave way, Sir Giles grinned. "No," he said almost cheerfully, "you'd have the money but with your present mind. At least I suppose so. We don't know how it affects consciousness. It might be an easy way to suicide--ten minutes after death."
  • In 1945, Pomerania was taken by the Red Army during the East Pomeranian Offensive and the Battle of Berlin, that went along with atrocities against the German civilians. after the post-war border changes, the German population that had not yet fled was expelled from what in Poland was propagated to be recovered territory. The area east of the Oder and the Szczecin (former Stettin) area was resettled primarily with Poles, and much of the German cultural heritage was removed. Most of Western Pomerania stayed with Germany and was merged into Mecklenburg.
  • If you think a wiz is after you for no good reason, then better ask us to log you.
  • At the time i was three years, two months of age ( interestingly about three years after my first ocean voyage ).
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