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Dil: İngilizce



adventuresome için örnek cümleler:

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  • Although accommodations are not first-class, traveling on ships can be adventuresome and enjoyable.
  • Ra and I followed the scent trail of the palace cats and caught up with them in an abandoned stable. There were about twenty-five of us in all and we started discussing our predicament. To return to the palace under the rule of the advisor meant death for sure, so we looked at other alternatives. I discussed the Valley of the Kings, and the ones, like my sisters, who were use to being pampered, flatly refused that as an option and chose to disperse into Thebes instead. A few of the more adventuresome chose to follow me, Ra included. We vowed to return someday to reap our revenge. When we passed over the ridge trail and descended into the Valley of the Kings, we were ten strong.
  • For most of the rest of the trip I spent my time recalling the many years I had lived and worked in the area. How I, for so long, tried to blame my discontent on what I considered the drabness of the region. To me it wasn't truly flat and it wasn't hilly, nor mostly hot nor mostly cold, rural or urban, the natives were neither country bumpkins nor city slickers. The whole thing sat right in the middle. I believed at the time that the place existed as a refuge for the undecided and uncommitted folks too afraid of taking a chance. They once called this place the frontier, a place where adventuresome individuals came to grab life by the ass and bend it into their will, but not anymore. The frontier left here a long time ago, headed for the coast.
  • I took the opportunity the leisure afforded me of putting in operation a plan for secretly attempting to communicate with my friends in the North. I realized that I should not be able soon to undertake any adventuresome travels, and I could not reach home by any easy stages.
  • The thief had been raised from birth in the City of Bone and knew its history well. Venir had met with him in one of many orphanages he wound up in not long after the underlings slaughtered his family. Venir hit it off with Melegal, though most did not. The orphanage offered the adventuresome boys few comforts or choices. Their days were ?lled with hard labor, which they performed beneath the castles of the great city. Months would sometimes pass before he ever caught a glimpse of sunlight.
  • And this evil name helped sustain the system. It completed a kind of vicious circle. The crew ran away from the hell-ship, and spread the evil fame of the vessel over the five oceans. Sailors then would not willing ship in her--save, of course, a few adventuresome young fools, like myself, who sought glory--and the skipper found himself putting to sea with a mob of stiffs in his foc'sle.
  • This time the group starts out on a cruise simply for pleasure, but their adventuresome spirits lead them into the thick of things on a South Sea cannibal island.
  • We really want to capture the adventuresome and pioneering spirit he brought to napster in a way that is not the ordinary biopic.
  • Afterwards, as the two friends walked arm-in-arm up the companionway to their suites, Bernice inquired mischievously, "Are you sure youre not really interested? I wouldnt mind taking a chance..." and she twittered. She was older by four years, but of a much more adventuresome nature than her younger companion.
  • There was little talk over the meal and afterward everyone scurried off to do various chores, including Daryna and Brighthoof. Toryn spoke a little of Redol to the chief before the older man caught him yawning and ordered them all to sleep. They curled up gratefully on furs and blankets, but Toryn found it difficult to sleep, surrounded by people he did not know and little trusted. As the camp quieted, however, exhaustion won out and Toryn found himself drifting off. It had been an adventuresome day.
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