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Okunuşu: / əd’vɑːntɪdʒ / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce



advantage için örnek cümleler:

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  • Then let us be started, Mappel replied quickly. "Let us take advantage of what has happened here. Let us remember this moment as we set out to accomplish what we must do."
  • While trying to recover from the attack, Pacian, always looking to take advantage of a distracted opponent, crept around to the side of the ferocious battle and then darted in to slash and stab at the big warrior. Somehow, though, Erag was able to stay one step ahead of the quick rogue, dodging attacks that would have felled lesser opponents.
  • The warrior sprang forward and leaped into the square occupied by U-Dor's piece. It was the first disputed square of the game. The eyes of the players were fastened upon the contestants, the spectators leaned forward in their seats after the first applause that had greeted the move, and silence fell upon the vast assemblage. If the Black went down to defeat, U-Dor could move his victorious piece on to the square occupied by Tara of Helium and the game would be over--over in four moves and lost to Gahan of Gathol. If the Orange lost U-Dor would have sacrificed one of his most important pieces and more than lost what advantage the first move might have given him.
  • Officers and crew were launched to safety by means of a torpedo tube; and Jack sat down to await the end. But, in some unaccountable manner, the submarine had suddenly risen to the surface, and Jack, taking advantage of the single instant the vessel was above water before it took its final death plunge, flung himself clear. And thus all were saved.
  • The idea is to take advantage of what a random perturbation of the representative phase point would do to the evolution of a system.
  • I shall not lose my way in this new kingdom of mine, that's one advantage in having it of moderate size; and if I climb to the top of the hill, I shall be able to sing with Robinson Crusoe, `I am lord of all I survey,'--ah, ah, ah! and he laughed for the first time for many a day.
  • "Meanwhile I had rested my arms on the edge, which then crumbled no more; but I was helpless to save myself, for the current had sucked my legs under the ice, and now held them securely there, sweeping them from side to side, all the while tugging as if to wrench me from my hold. The most I could do was to resist the pull, to grit my teeth and cling to the advantage I had. It was for John to make the rescue.
  • It has the advantage of a side wing, ideal for use as a guest or granny annex.
  • "Nobody imagined that Gaylord would cause trouble," Stark was saying, "for he didn't seem to be a jealous sort, just stupid and kind of heavy-witted; but one night he took advantage of Bennett's absence and sneaked up to the house." The story-teller paused, and Necia, who was under the spell of his recital, urged him on:
  • He didn't like that. He cut in front of me and pushed me back by the shoulder. It was not meant to hurt me or knock me down, but in his anger he went too far. I tried to swing the force from falling to my advantage and roll back up, but I was not nearly skilled enough. I hit the floor face first and spat a leaf out of my mouth. Huh. Looked like we were going to have it out right there and then. I had wanted to give him some time, since he'd only just been brought back from the brink of death, but clearly he had something to get off his chest. Getting annoyed at his high-handedness would get me nowhere. We'd been here before too, him pulling and chucking me around like I was unbreakable.
  • Accommodation Bill A BILL OF EXCHANGE without any consideration, or quid pro quo. In this case, a person signs a bill and makes himself liable, without receiving any value in return, such as, an advantage or a benefit. The purpose of accepting such a bill is to accommodate the drawer who is temporarily in need of funds. The acceptance enhances the LIQUIDITY of the instrument, which can be discounted by the drawer with a bank.
  • Nicolas drew himself up to his full height and did his best to look offended. "I am never scared," he said haughtily. "I used my headand I knew that I would be at better advantage in the rigging than on deck with the monster."
  • Prescott left at midnight, but he did not reach home until an hour later, having done an errand in the meanwhile. In the course of the day he had marked a circumstance of great interest and importance. Frame houses when old and as lightly built as that in the little side street are likely to sag somewhere. Now, at a certain spot the front door of this house failed to meet the floor by at least an eighth of an inch, and Prescott proposed to take advantage of the difference.
  • It is easier to follow the pace than to make it. Another advantage is that the one behind can watch his opponent and note everything that he does. The leader, on the other hand, cannot tell what his rival intends to do and must always be on his guard lest he be taken by surprise.
  • As soon as she regained her breath, she immediately held it, seeing Chase take advantage of the distraction. He slinked behind Peten and slid the leather pouch under his chair. The drawstrings were untied and the top lay open, but nothing emerged. Catrin stood and quickly took the seat between Chase and Osbourne, still blushing furiously.
  • Which just went to prove his point. His sister did need someone to keep on eye on her. Somebody who wasnt out to take advantage had to be concerned for her well-being here in the big city where she was so obviously out of her depth. She might have rejected him now but shed certainly thank him later. He creaked to his feet and wobbled in after her through the door.
  • Time passed as we looked at one another. She was a smart lady. She understood the definition of the word danger. If she wisely chose to get up and walk away, I would not hold it against her. Actually, saying no was the smart move. Only I suspected she and I labored with the same affliction: detestation for those scoundrels who regularly took advantage of the average workingman or woman. Like me, she withdrew only so far into her stoutly woven protective cocoon before coming out fighting. I decided not to torture her any longer.
  • The fate of Clay and Randy weighed almost as heavily upon him as his own misfortunes. He knew their chance of escape had been very slight, and he feared they had not been able to take advantage of it. Little wonder then that he looked forward with almost equal dread and joy to reaching the end of the cavern.
  • Semi-flexible orthotics ( example pictured below ) have the advantage of being both flexible and resilient.
  • "The algors are better suited to fight in the open upon the sand," Holli reminded the delver. "They fight with slings. They are used to the shifting sand, where the dwarves are not. If I had an army of algors, I would certainly prefer to fight in the open than in the caves of their sandstone mountain. Especially if they were attacked by dwarves. The dwarves would hold a great advantage in the caves, fighting in an element they would consider home."
  • So, in we went, me with my shorts on and Zoe apparently feeling better as each minute went by. While she was still weak I could see that light returning as I scrubbed her down with liquid soap. While I thought the shower would be more effective with her clothes off, there was no way that I would initiate that process while she was under the influence. It's not my thing to take advantage of people... where's the challenge in that?
  • The black's eyes glittered as he ran to the front, stooping down almost as low as if he were some animal creeping through the bush, and taking advantage of every shrub and rock for concealment.
  • The first advantage that Arnold took of the leisure that was now at his disposal, was to read the letter directed to himself that was among those for Natasha, the Princess, and Colston, which had been brought out by the Avondale. He recognised the writing as Tremayne's, and when he opened the envelope he found that it contained a somewhat lengthy letter from him, and an enclosure in an unfamiliar hand, which consisted of only a few lines, and was signed "Natas."
  • For weeks these two armies had been facing each other; for a week assault had wrestled with counter assault and the armies had striven time after time to snatch an advantage from a massing of columns, or a seeming check.
  • The monster's muscles were something prodigious; his activity was simply incredible. I have choked a man to submission in thirty seconds, but it seemed as if I could never weaken this brute nor reduce him to a state wherein I could use my knife. He fought me with his feet, scratched me and kicked my shins. He got his bone-and-wire arms against my stomach at last and clutched me and pushed me till I thought I should shriek with pain. Had I not been protected by the bear-skin, I think he would have killed me, in spite of the tremendous advantage I had gained at the outset. All this time the only sound was what I made in breathing and what we made with our scuffling about. It was an ominously silent duel.
  • Jack found himself thinking of the advantage of the man on board a warship. He, at least, could go down with a last look at the world about him. Below, nothing could be seen, nothing could be heard. If the submarine went down, all would suffocate in the darkness beneath the water.
  • Well, I don't go so far as that, said Anson; "but, with my knowledge of the management of the mining business, I feel sure my Boer friends will find it to their advantage to retain me high up on the staff. You see, there are so many things in the way of checking losses which I have mastered."
  • But the poor man felt at once that this advantage could be of no avail to him, for in the haste of landing he had thought only of his gun, and had left his axe, with the bag containing materials for making fire, in the canoe.
  • At half-past eight in the evening he supped with his sister, Madame Magloire standing behind them and serving them at table. Nothing could be more frugal than this repast. If, however, the Bishop had one of his cures to supper, Madame Magloire took advantage of the opportunity to serve Monseigneur with some excellent fish from the lake, or with some fine game from the mountains. Every cure furnished the pretext for a good meal: the Bishop did not interfere. With that exception, his ordinary diet consisted only of vegetables boiled in water, and oil soup. Thus it was said in the town, when the Bishop does not indulge in the cheer of a cure, he indulges in the cheer of a trappist.
  • "W'y, you know, Tom," said this rather severe critic to his comrade confidentially, "there's one advantage in fast readin', that it gets the business soon over, which is some sort o' comfort to fellows that has got to attend whether they like it or not, hot or cold, fresh or tired, unless dooty prevents. But the hofficer that did dooty to-day seemed to me to 'ave made a wager to read the prayers against time, an' that can do no good at all to any one, you know. Far better, in my opinion, to 'ave no service at all. No wonder men won't listen. Why, it's a mockery--that's what it is."
  • On the whole the advantage in these conflicts lay with the armies of the Allies, the Germans being punished severely. Once a German plane was brought down within the French lines, and its pilot made a prisoner.
  • A cross between the children of hero did not give to the grandchildren any advantage over the self-fertilised grandchildren raised from the self-fertilised children.
  • Not all of them, Mr. Carnforth admitted. "But then you see they sailed in schooners, and you have got steam. Besides, they started from the States, where the newspapers knew all about them, and so their arrival was cabled on to Cuba ahead; and you have the advantage of sailing from an English port."
  • Bob, whose calligraphy was none of the clearest or most legible, had the benefit of a little moral lesson here from his father, who seemed to take a mean advantage of the fact of Nelson writing so well with his left hand after he lost his right; but Master Bob evaded the issue very well by saying that "when he was similarly circumstanced," he would try and write as well, too!
  • Out of my office! Cappy raved; for though he was a business man, and never hesitated to do business in a businesslike way, he was the soul of business honor, and in all his life he had never taken a mean or unfair advantage of those who trusted him. The knowledge that Matt Peasley had done such a thing filled him with rage not unmixed with sorrow.
  • Paulsons advantage Plus fund, which seeks to profit from corporate events such as takeovers and bankruptcies and uses leverage to amplify returns, lost 3 percent in October and was down 17 percent in the first 10 months of this year. The advantage strategy, which includes the firms similar advantage Plus fund, has $6 billion in assets. Paulson Credit Opportunities, the firms largest strategy, with $6.1 billion in assets as of the third quarter, rose 3.8 percent in October and 6 percent this year.
  • Vending machine franchise takes advantage of and benefits from two major uk growth sectors.
  • Well’, said Pearl. ‘Just like other things we have found when we have been through the quartz on the other side, this is equally mysterious. However this discovery has the potential to be of even greater advantage to our community’.
  • Perceived as a genuine means of gaining competitive advantage over other retailers and is a major draw to consumers.
  • But whatever the evening held for her, it hopefully didnt involve hanging around indefinitely with her sister. "Oh, look," Leen said, "theres Lemon," and taking advantage of the fact that Susannah had turned to address another dignitary shed snared Leen used the opening to slip away.
  • The Viking raiders who had been taking advantage of the weekend mayhem in Toronto to sneak up on the mead hall were so astonished when a flattened armadillo tumbled out of the sky and killed their chief, they took it as a sign from the Supreme Being.
  • So I returned to the bedroom where Grim and Jeremy were snoring a halleluja chorus; but Yussuf Dakmar hadn't returned yet. I took advantage of the Syrian's absence to open Grim's valise, remove the bottle of doped whisky and set it on the table close to the window beside the two bottles that I had bought downstairs--one of which, for the sake of appearances, I opened just as Yussuf Dakmar entered, smiling to conceal anxiety.
  • Roy and Dean Coloney, with their guide Tongla, leave their father's indigo plantation to visit the wonderful ruins of an ancient city. The boys eagerly explore the dismantled temples of an extinct race and discover three golden images cunningly hidden away. They escape with the greatest difficulty; by taking advantage of a festive gathering they seize a canoe and fly down the river. Eventually they reach safety with their golden prizes. Mr. Otis is the prince of story tellers, for he handles his material with consummate skill. We doubt if he has ever written a more entertaining story than "The Treasure Finders."
  • Sam looked up from the conversation as Richard walked into the room. He looked haggard; a far cry from his usual haughty self. Sam didn't care, though. He had just spoken to her! She was going to take advantage and not ruin the moment.
  • Karla took advantage of our break time to fit the freckled lady in a cottony summer dress with a floral print, while Isobel braided her hair. It turned out she had a nameClaireand she came from New Orleans.
  • The fate of Iztapalapan excited consternation among the other cities, and many sent in to make their submission, among them Otompan and Chalco. Not only had the Mexican Empire fallen to pieces, by the detachment of its distant provinces; but even near home long smoldering rivalries broke into flame. The Aztecs were but a small portion, even of the people of the Valley of Mexico; and the greater portion of these were glad to take advantage of the distress of the capital to break up the union that had so long existed. Cortez, by promises and presents, assisted the work.
  • The two Dutch girls were not, however, to be ordered like children. They knew perfectly well what was said to them, but did not intend to obey it. Taking advantage of the temporary concealment afforded by some bushes behind which she walked, Katrine seized her sister's hand and ran rapidly up the path into the ravine. Although unaware of this proceeding, yet the Matabili had intended to prevent the two girls from entering the ravine; and so the whole party ran forward in order to bring the two maidens back.
  • A small tender now came alongside, and the Health Officer boarded the ship, and at once granted pratique, as there had been no sickness during the voyage. Several people accompanied him. Reg and Hal, taking advantage of the lull, escaped to their cabins, but no sooner were they there than the Captain rushed down to them, shook hands, and complimented them on their disguise. He had not taken any notice of them before, for he was a big man in his own estimation.
  • Marmot's store stood at the end of Birralong, at the top of the township road, which was, in reality, the main road, along the sides of which Birralong had sprung up. It stood on the summit of a rise which sloped upwards through the town, so that it occupied a commanding position such as became the local post-office--for Marmot had the distinction of being postmaster as well as monopolist storekeeper of the district. One advantage of the site was that from the verandah which graced the front of the building a view could be obtained from end to end of the township to the east, and away along the road to the west--the road which went, vi Taylor's Flat, over Boulder Creek, away to the great expanse of the West.
  • We quite understood, sir, that we should share with the Tigre in all that we captured. It would have been too bad if, in addition to our luck in having an independent cruise on board the Tigress, we were to get an advantage over our comrades in the way of prize-money. We have, as I told you in my last report, received twelve thousand five hundred pounds, the result of the sale of the thirty-two craft we sent into Smyrna and Rhodes. It is in gold, and I thought that it would be better for you to send off a boat for it than for me to bring it myself now. What are we to do with the cargo, sir?
  • Of such men Godfrey had no fear, his gun and his companion's bow and arrows rendered them too formidable to be meddled with, and until they came down upon the main road there was no chance of their meeting police officers or Cossacks. No villages were passed on the journey, and Godfrey, therefore, had no longer any hesitation in shooting the squirrels that frisked about among the trees. He found them, as Luka had said, excellent eating, although it required three or four of them to furnish anything like a meal. He soon, however, gave over shooting, for he found that Luka was at least as certain with his bow as he was with the gun, with the advantage that the blunt arrow did not spoil the skins. These, as Luka told him, were valuable, and they would be able to exchange them for food, the Siberian squirrel furnishing a highly-prized fur.
  • Do not for a moment imagine that there was any attempt on the part of this truly happy family to take any advantage of the tender susceptibilities of the "Boy Spy." They knew absolutely nothing of my past record.
  • Lawrence, through ignorance of their situation and jealousy of Philip, grew daily more dissatisfied. He would hear the intimate ring in their voices and writhe within. The artist felt keenly that he was being set aside, and his eager determination to live and be in the front rank of warring manhood made him determine to win Claire against this man who, it seemed to him, was taking her from him by mere advantage of sight. He felt that they were shelving him as a blind man, a very nice fellow, but quite outside the possibility of any relation with their real lives. He now thought that Claire was kind to him as one is to those whose situation makes them objects of pity.
  • Daniel immediately went after Cal and Hartwell left Andrew unchecked because he knew he couldn't be killed. The hunters took advantage of the opening as Sharon and Emily went after Belinda.
  • Lock-box A facility used in the U.S. and elsewhere for speeding up collections. A bank collects and arranges for clearance of cheques that are sent by customers to a designated post office box. The advantage of this cash management system is that it eliminates the clerical functions prior to the deposit of the cheques. The company is thereby able to reduce FLOAT and realize sale proceeds faster.
  • Tirso stepped toward Belincion and leaned his spear forward. "Only if they keep their forces split, giving us an overwhelming advantage against whatever they send against us. We still have reserve men and warpriests at the camp."
  • The Zjhon fell farther and farther behind, and Irvil took full advantage of the situation. He pushed his mount through brush and brambles, and the noble animal lowered his head and pressed on, ignoring his scrapes and many bleeding cuts. Catrin kept a watchful eye on the woods behind them, seeing soldiers moving between the trees, but they were still a good distance back and moving more slowly.
  • Then you have the advantage of me, said the officer. "I've been thinking that over quite a lot, and the answer is still to find."
  • "We look favorably upon this strategy," Joao Pedro Brugger, who helps manage 220 million reais at Leme Investimentos in Florianopolis, Brazil, said by telephone on Nov. 27. "Its a good competitive advantage for them, a potential market to be explored."
  • He didn't have to wait long for a young couple to come into view. Could they be the beginnings of a small band of rebels? For now they were arguing. Zarg continued observing as the male tried to walk away, his progress regularly halted as he turned to make his point to the woman in pursuit. Whatever his point it was quickly rebutted as he stormed ahead of her, powered by frustration. As he gained a fifteen foot advantage the figure changed into that of a teenager running. Zarg performed a double take filled with confusion. There had been nothing in any of the books about humans being able to morph their appearance. Turning his gaze to the woman, she too had changed. She had been replaced by an irate shopkeeper giving chase to the lad. The insults suggested he'd stolen a pack of custard creams. Intrigue got the better of Zarg as he followed the pursuit.
  • There's something about the way she says it, like she's done this before. I haven't said a word yet and no one seems to expect me to. But it feels wrong. Like I'm taking advantage of her and like an idiot I say, "No, I'll be alright. Don't worry."
  • The wood was dark and thick. Branches brushed against him and hindered his progress, crawling brambles caught his feet. He could hear nothing except the noise he made, and as the fit of rage passed away his caution returned. He was putting himself at a disadvantage, because his lurking enemy could hear him and would no doubt try another shot if he came near enough. Stopping behind a fir trunk, with his finger on the trigger of the Browning pistol, he listened. At first no sound came out of the dark, but he presently heard a rustle some distance off. There was another man in the wood beside the fellow who had fired at him, but so long as he kept still and the others did not know where he was, he had an advantage over them. They might expose themselves, and he was a good shot.
  • He scaled that precipitous rock with the rapidity and self-confidence of a gray squirrel running up the trunk of a hickory tree, squirrel-like, taking advantage of every crack, cranny and projection that could be grasped by fingers or moccasin-covered toes.
  • This was perfectly true, and it was evident that the herders would endeavor to get their woolly charges on the other side of the stream as soon as possible, to take advantage of the rich grazing on the open range, newly made available to all comers.
  • "Julius Caesar," she clarified. "He ruled the Empire. Created the seed which made Rome an Empire. He was the most powerful man in the world. He was not killed by a large army of an invading foreign power. He was not killed in battle. He was killed by a small group of men in his palace. By assassination." Her arm curled protectively around Pyps drowsing form. It was also the same manner in which Lucretius had died, a dagger through the ribs in the middle of battle, but she did not say that. "He will not be expecting retaliation. He will expect us to flee. It is that which is our advantage.
  • Thanks to the consideration extended them at the instance of their friend, von Moltke, the German officer in whose charge they had been placed during the last exciting scenes of their stay in the war zone, the lads had been accorded the privilege of a whole compartment. Due to this fact they found room in which to stretch out as they slept. This exceptional advantage was fully appreciated.
  • The two travellers reached Alexandria and Cairo, where they were much gratified at meeting with some Moorish traders from Fez and Tlemcen, who conducted them to Tor--the ancient Ezion-geber--at the foot of Sinai, where they were able to procure some valuable information upon the trade of Calicut. Covilham resolved to take advantage of this fortunate circumstance to visit a country which, for more than a century, had been regarded by Portugal with covetous longing, while Pa´va set out to penetrate into those regions then so vaguely designated as Ethiopia, in quest of the famous Prester John, who, according to old travellers, reigned over a marvellously rich and fertile country in Africa. Pa´va doubtless perished in his adventurous enterprise, being never again heard of.
  • Ned my friend, I said, "here's my reply. You have right on your side and my arguments can't stand up to yours. It will never do to count on Captain Nemo's benevolence. The most ordinary good sense would forbid him to set us free. On the other hand, good sense decrees that we take advantage of our first opportunity to leave the Nautilus."
  • The next day they made twenty-four miles, and reached Cappa, the last village of the Arkansas on the Mississippi. Here the chief contrived to detain them a day, that the Indians might enjoy a few hours of barbaric festivity. On the 2d of August the party rembarked, nine in number, five Frenchmen and four Indians. The rapidity of the current was such that they were frequently compelled to cross the river to take advantage of the eddies. Sometimes, at points in the river, the flow was so swift that they were compelled to land, and carry the canoes and all their luggage on their shoulders around the point.
  • Master Edling appeared lost in his own ruminations, and Premon pressed on, hoping to gain any advantage he could. "General Dempsy's men have already repaired one warship, and they are scavenging materials to repair more. From what I've heard, they plan to pursue the Volker girl once they have three seaworthy ships. The deserters will be left behind."
  • COULD HAVE BEEN UP AND OUT AT THE CRACK OF DAWN, but I wasnt sure there was much of a point. The streets were as crowded at dawn as any other time of the day or night so I wouldnt exactly be beating the rush, and anyway my first stop of the morning wouldnt be open until later. Id end up hanging around either way, on one end or the other. I figured Id take advantage of some of the amenities the AdventurersClub provided for just this sort of slack time.
  • "Check," Drew said as he moved in front of Daniel, who bounced the ball to his cousin and then Andrew bounced it back to him. Game on. Drew was just like his Uncle Cal in the way they were able to take a beating, learn from it, and then come back even stronger. Daniel kept using his height advantage on Drew as he backed him down and would repeatedly shot over him, winning game after game. It wasnt until the last game of the day that Drew finally enacted some sort of revenge for the beating he was taking.
  • "No," replied Namoto. "Our first care will be to seize the Canal at the Pacific end and blockade it. The ships can only come out one by one, and they would be an easy prey to our vessels awaiting them in overwhelming force. We would be like cats waiting at the door of a mouse trap. If, on the other hand, they abandoned this and sailed around the Horn, it would be a matter of many weeks before they would reach us, and then they would be strained and weather tossed and uncoaled. Then, too, the Pacific squadron will have been destroyed, and we will have the advantage in ships and guns. If, on the way, they attacked Japan in retaliation, our fortifications, backed by our land forces, would hold them off." "They could land no troops and would have to content themselves with a harrying of the coast that would amount to nothing."
  • Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands, to millions.
  • Mamuset would take advantage of the Danakils gentle easterly slope; all outflow would be centralized at Deltas East Comb, a breakdown unit identical to the fixture on West Rim. Used, contaminated, and otherwise unwanted water would be channeled out into the deep desert, where the water would soon evaporate and its particulates bake into dust. On the fourth day the Afar worked back toward the middle, measuring levels and inspecting joins, packing dirt round the lines, burying the system and rebuilding Streets. Just at dusk, the Reservoir was stress-tested and engaged. That night, under a gibbous moon, the soil of Mamuset had its first drink in years.
  • The last of my arrows was gone too soon, but the visible effect of these silent messengers of death was that of terror on the part of the mystified Blacks. Had we possessed a score of bows, with a quiver full of arrows for each, in the hands of skillful archers, we should have won a bloody battle and driven the foe away, hopelessly routed, but they had surprised us completely, in our unprepared condition, and the situation was decidedly theirs in point of advantage.
  • As Joe said, there was no time to lose, for the revenue-cruiser was now a little more than a mile distant, looming large in the fast-increasing obscurity of night. There promised, however, to be too much light during the night for them to hope to elude the sharp and practised eyes of her lookouts. While the smuggler, with the wind nearly abeam, was running in for the land, her crew were busily employed in getting the tubs on deck, and slinging them in long lines together, with heavy weights attached, over the side, so as to be able, by cutting a single lanyard, to let them all sink at once. No sooner did they alter their course than their pursuer did the same. They had, at all events, gained the important advantage of escaping being overhauled in daylight. They now stood steadily on till they got within a quarter of a mile of the land, the revenue-cutter not having gained materially on them. By this time every tub was either on deck or over the side.
  • 'I told you I had all sorts of baths, didn't I?' continued Lakington; 'some for those who are dead, and some for those who are alive. This is the latter sort, and has the great advantage of making the bather wish it was one of the former.' He stirred the liquid gently with a long glass rod. 'About five minutes before we're quite ready,' he announced. 'Just time for the chauffeur.'
  • Everyone but Caradoc wore the fixed exultant grin of the man who outwits his rival. The submarine had been thoroughly outgeneraled. North and west of the Vulcan lay the whole Sargasso for an endless chase. The diving boat had lost the great advantage of having the steamer cornered.
  • Tholomyes, once started, would have found some difficulty in stopping, had not a horse fallen down upon the quay just at that moment. The shock caused the cart and the orator to come to a dead halt. It was a Beauceron mare, old and thin, and one fit for the knacker, which was dragging a very heavy cart. On arriving in front of Bombarda's, the worn-out, exhausted beast had refused to proceed any further. This incident attracted a crowd. Hardly had the cursing and indignant carter had time to utter with proper energy the sacramental word, Matin (the jade), backed up with a pitiless cut of the whip, when the jade fell, never to rise again. On hearing the hubbub made by the passersby, Tholomyes' merry auditors turned their heads, and Tholomyes took advantage of the opportunity to bring his allocution to a close with this melancholy strophe:--
  • France had indeed been quick to take advantage of the trouble caused to Henry by the rising in the north. While he was gathering his army, although there was a truce with England, a French expedition, in which many of the royal princes took part, had invaded Guienne, captured several castles held by the English adherents, made frequent descents on our coast, plundered every ship they met with, captured a whole fleet of merchantmen, taken the islands of Guernsey and Jersey and, while Henry was fighting at Shrewsbury, landed near Plymouth and plundered the whole country round.
  • "Thus to have saidas you were fore-advised," Sicinius points out, "had touched his spirit and tried his inclinationfrom him would either have plucked his gracious promise, which you might, as cause had called you up, have held him to!—or else have galled his surly nature, which easily endures no article tying him to aught! Thus putting him into a rage, you could have taen the advantage of his choler, and passed him on unelected!"
  • Thus, whoever controls resources considered culturally valuable will always have an economic advantage over those who desire access to these resources.
  • Towards evening, therefore, I took advantage of an exceptionally clear moment, and again scrambled aloft and took a thorough good look all round, and especially to the northward. There was nothing in sight, and with this I was obliged to rest satisfied.
  • The English Wesleyan Missionary Society was early impressed with the advantage of this wonderful invention, and the great help it would be in carrying on the blessed work. At great expense they sent out a printing press, with a large quantity of type, which they had had specially cast. Abundance of paper, and everything else essential, were furnished. For years portions of the Word of God, and a goodly number of hymns translated into the Cree language, were printed, and incalculable good resulted.
  • Had she not been sick it would have been child's play for her to elude him; but as it was, it required all her caution and cunning. It was to her advantage that she could travel on thinner branches than he, and make wider leaps. Also, she was an unerring judge of distance, and she had an instinct for knowing the strength of twigs, branches, and rotten limbs.
  • There will be one advantage in that, remarked Santiago pleasantly: "your patients will always be able to find you. Now I fear we must tear ourselves from your side."
  • Yes, I think so. But that can not happen now. Out in the open they had us at a disadvantage. But we can hold Sokwenna's place until Stampede and the herdsmen come. With two good rifles inside, they won't dare to assault the cabin with their naked hands. The advantage is all ours now; we can shoot, but they won't risk the use of their rifles.
  • "Being thus quenched of hope, but not of longing, mine Italian brain began in your simpler Britain to operate most vilelyexcelling for my advantage.
  • I must admit, the odds were completely stacked against me but that didnt stop me from working my butt off that summer. I worked at a day camp all day and then worked out with free weights and played in basketball leagues at night. I also met this girl at camp named Jocelyn who just graduated high school. She was going to Cornell University in the fall but I was trying to take advantage of every moment we had together. I knew once she headed off to school that I would be just a summer memory. Part of me wanted more, but most of me was focused on recommitting myself both academically and athletically for my sophomore year.
  • Meanwhile the child's father and Beatrice would talk--not about religion, they spoke no more on that subject, nor about Owen Davies, but of everything else on earth. Beatrice was a merry woman when she was happy, and they never lacked subjects of conversation, for their minds were very much in tune. In book-learning Beatrice had the advantage of Geoffrey, for she had not only read enormously, she also remembered what she read and could apply it. Her critical faculty, too, was very keen. He, on the other hand, had more knowledge of the world, and in his rich days had travelled a good deal, and so it came to pass that each could always find something to tell the other. Never for one second were they dull, not even when they sat for an hour or so in silence, for it was the silence of complete companionship.
  • You see, the Grays, even as advanced as they are, are soulless. However, they are better acclimated to our climate and temperatures. After lots of experimentation, the Reptilians ultimately found that humans interact with Grays with more passivity. The average Reptilian adult is over seven feet tall, about four hundred pounds, and resembles, if you can imagine, a cross between a crocodile and a human. Very frightening to people. Whereas a Gray is about five feet, has cartoonishy enlarged eyes to help it work at night and avoid detection, all of which also makes it look very childlike. Few people run from Grays because they don't instill fear, but curiosity. Childlike is a huge advantage with abductions and interactions, but the Reptilians are clearly in control. Being reptilian has some inherent hibernation advantages for space travel and offers a certain cellular ruggedness that mammals lack. It only makes sense that intelligent reptilians would dominate in space."
  • He made so much noise now that he knew there was no need for concealment, that Gedge took advantage of the man getting more distant to reach over to his officer and whisper, with his lips close to Bracy's ear:
  • The monster was strong, but it had been totally unprepared for the sudden attack and the expert thrusts and slashings from two strong men proved too much for it. It lost the ability to stay in the air and sank rapidly to the ground. Objects being pushed off counters and tables indicated the lashings of a still-invisible tail. The creature struggled to defend itself, and its claws and teeth were formidable weapons; it had grown so used to having the advantage of invisibility, however, that its skills were too rusty to deal with its adversaries' expert swordplay. After little more than a minute, its body convulsed in a violent spasm and then lay still on the floor.
  • That vision was no sooner lost than I ran to the house door, where I found I was locked in; thence back to Miss Ramsay, crying for the key, but might as well have cried upon the castle rock. She had passed her word, she said, and I must be a good lad. It was impossible to burst the door, even if it had been mannerly; it was impossible I should leap from the window, being seven storeys above ground. All I could do was to crane over the close and watch for their reappearance from the stair. It was little to see, being no more than the tops of their two heads each on a ridiculous bobbin of skirts, like to a pair of pincushions. Nor did Catriona so much as look up for a farewell; being prevented (as I heard afterwards) by Miss Grant, who told her folk were never seen to less advantage than from above downward.
  • There was no time for a decisive course of action; it was growing too fast, and if he didnt act soon, the creature would be fully formed, and ready to strike back. At the moment, there was a weakness about it that needed to be exploited; it was the only advantage the boy had. If he did nothing, then he would have to face the horror when its maniacal, thrashing strength was at the utmost - and this time, there would be no Lilac to defend him.
  • As if shooing a pest Mareth Waved his hand dismissively then turned his back on Merca and slowly circled the subdued coven. It was an obvious show of disrespect. He could faintly hear the sorcerer hissing with rage at having been so casually dismissed. "And thank you for seeing my men delivered with the newest reinforcements," Mareth let a smug smile form on his lips. "You see Merca," He stopped next to one of the cots and studied at the pitiful soul strapped to it. "I have had an awakening on my recent assignment. I remember it all," the warrior pointed one gauntleted finger toward his head. "Every form I have ever taken, including the last three which you," He pointed the same finger now at Merca, "took advantage of."
  • "You had a quadruple witching hitting Japan - but the biggest drag is the yen. If they can have breathing room with the yen, you have a very big advantage against those people who have been benefiting, like the Korean and German competitors."
  • He stabbed at the beast cautiously, keeping his guard up since he was moving too slowly to properly dodge. As he expected, the wolf turned and lashed out at him, but he managed to keep it at bay with his force shield. The redhead took advantage of the distraction though, slashing it along its rear flank with her axe. Aiden hoped that it would be enough to at least slow it down, but even after dealing with Colt and being severely burned, it was still putting up a fight.
  • Failure to fund the final part of MEADS development could also make it impossible to take advantage of technologies developed by the program, the White House warned.
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