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  • Unfortunately what he did show to the girls was contempt of their uncle, blaming all his troubles on his older brother, not admitting that he, alone, was the one to blame. For he was the one who liked to live high off the hog and indulge in drink too often, not Francis. And he was the one who allowed the business to decline year after year, leaving him no choice but to take advantage of the common practice of goldsmiths acting like banks. People would deposit their money with him; he would give them a receipt for the gold in the form of a note promising to pay them back on demand, but instead of saving the money for them, he would spend it, eventually using money from one person to pay another. When less and less customers came to deposit their money with him, he found himself having to borrow money from other sources and eventually panic and despair set in. But the girls had never been allowed to see that side of their father, only to hear the disparaging words he spoke about his brother.
  • "Even though thats completely untrue, and an obvious attempt to get any advantage you can on me because you know that Ford is far superior to GM, Im still going to grant your request and drop the top on this baby," Gary replied and then lowered the black convertible top on his Wimbledon white Mustang with burgundy interior.
  • It is easier to follow the pace than to make it. Another advantage is that the one behind can watch his opponent and note everything that he does. The leader, on the other hand, cannot tell what his rival intends to do and must always be on his guard lest he be taken by surprise.
  • No other action was open to him but to jump into the pit. His feet landed squarely on two scaly bodies, crushing them. Then began a fearful dance, as he picked his way through the weaving pattern of snakes, leaping over the floor of the pit, taking advantage of every clear space. Time and again he barely avoided the fangs of the disturbed snakes.
  • Raymond had said truthfully that a deep snow was to the advantage of the South, but as for himself, he resolved that on the next day he would investigate the identity of Miss Charlotte Grayson.
  • It was Rod Norton's privilege to lead his merry party into what for them was wonderland. Even Florrie, though so much other life had been passed in San Juan, had never before visited the King's Palace. Clattering through the street while most folk were asleep, they took advantage of the cool of the dawn and rode swiftly. Elmer and Florrie racing on ahead laid aside their accustomed weapons and were, for the once, utterly flattering to each other. Each wishing to be admired, admired the other, and was paid back in the coveted coin. Norton and Virginia, at first a little inclined toward silence, soon grew as noisily merry as the others, drawing deep enjoyment from the moment.
  • This wet patch was known to every teamster in the county as "the bottomless forty rods," and was shunned by them like a pestilence. Its existence was a great drawback to us, for, between San Remo, where the smelters were, and the town of Sulphide, where the mines were, there was a constant stream of wagons passing up and down, carrying ore to the smelters and bringing back provisions, tools and all the other multitudinous necessaries required by the population of a busy mining town. Had it not been for the presence of "the bottomless forty rods," all these wagons would have come through our place and we should have done a great trade in oats and hay with the teamsters. But as it was, they all took the mesa road, which, though three miles longer and necessitating the descent of a long, steep hill where the road came down from the First Mesa to the plains, had the advantage of being hard and sound at all seasons of the year.
  • Sale of a security not owned by the seller; a technique used (1) to take advantage of an anticipated decline in the price or (2) to protect a profit in a long position.
  • The hinderances I have mentioned in the way of Southern emigration are of a temporary character. The opposition of the hostile portion of the Southern people can be overcome in time. When they see there is no possible hope for them to control the National policy, when they fully realize that slavery is ended, and ended forever, when they discover that the negro will work as a free man with advantage to his employer, they will become more amiable in disposition. Much of their present feeling arises from a hope of compelling a return to the old relation of master and slave. When this hope is completely destroyed, we shall have accomplished a great step toward reconstruction. A practical knowledge of Northern industry and enterprise will convince the people of the South, unless their hearts are thoroughly hardened, that some good can come out of Nazareth. They may never establish relations of great intimacy with their new neighbors, but their hostility will be diminished to insignificance.
  • I may be too quick to draw a conclusion from this, but I believe I might see an advantage here for us to take hold. It was Lief who spoke quietly, guardedly, and only to the elf and the delver. "This may offer us a great opportunity," he pressed a finger to his chin as he considered his own proposal. "If the fissure in Sanctum creates a path directly to the sphere, we will no longer have to move as dictated by the construction of the tiers."
  • The second lieutenant was seriously disconcerted at this discovery, and was evidently in great doubt as to whether it would be more prudent to push on or to turn back. If the occupants of the canoe happened to be associated with the slavers, and had been sent out as scouts in anticipation of an attack from us, then there could be little doubt that it would be wiser to turn back, since a light craft like a canoe could easily reach the creek far enough ahead of us to give the alarm, in which case we should find a warm reception prepared for us; and in so dense a fog all the advantage would be on the side of those manning the slave fleet.
  • "Nay, my lord, not shrewd," replied Dick, "in that I shoot at no advantage to myself. But when, by the light of this new day, I see how stout a knight hath yielded, not to my arms alone, but to fortune, and the darkness, and the surf--and how easily the battle had gone otherwise, with a soldier so untried and rustic as myself- -think it not strange, my lord, if I feel confounded with my victory."
  • What would you have, boatswain? You are a first-rate cook, or you are not. When you are, you take advantage of it; but I will remember to keep you a little place before my stove.
  • Colonies need to be strong enough to take advantage of oil seed rape in april.
  • Exactly, replied the lieutenant. "It means that we have got to fight for it. We will have some advantage if we can beat them to the protection of the base of that hummock."
  • Being a firm believer in actions speaking louder than words has its advantages. For one, being an expert people watcher gives me the advantage of translating body language. There was a definite invisible physical barrier between Sam and Carla. Although the held hands a few times during dinner, I could tell from their lack of body touching or kissing that she had the beast under control. It wouldnt be long before his season ticket packages for the Jets, Knicks, and Mets would be cut back and eventually revoked. I was convinced that Sam would grow tired of another woman trying to control him; despite his proclamations that Carla was the one, I was clinging to the belief that he had come far enough to not settle.
  • We won't see each other again before we go. At ten o'clock the moon won't be up yet. We'll take advantage of the darkness. Come to the skiff. Conseil and I will be inside waiting for you.
  • Yes, said the other, "and he always kept it to himself. He never let it go away from him. He had intended to speak to me, but he wanted to wait until I knew him better, and until we were in a position where he wouldn't seem to be taking advantage of me by speaking. And when you proposed that marriage by Cheditafa, he was very much troubled and annoyed. It was something so rough and jarring, and so discordant with what he had hoped, that at first he could not bear to think of it. But he afterwards saw the sense of your reasoning, and agreed simply because it would be to my advantage in case he should lose his life in his undertaking. And we will be married to-morrow at the embassy."
  • For two or three minutes they stood there, while Pedro, gesticulating excitedly and frequently pointing toward the quiet-seeming little camp under the Big Tree, appeared to be explaining the situation to them. Then all began advancing cautiously, yet rapidly toward the Big Tree, taking advantage of the rocks and trees and bushes to conceal their movements as much as possible.
  • Following Melanthioss display, other vampires realised that one-on-one they had an advantage over the wolves, but the pack was ready for them. When Phaedra tried to claw at one of them, she found another wolf had bitten her wrist, but before she could hit that one, he was back safe among the others.
  • I have told you, my friends, how I triumphed over the English at the fox-hunt when I pursued the animal so fiercely that even the herd of trained dogs was unable to keep up, and alone with my own hand I put him to the sword. Perhaps I have said too much of the matter, but there is a thrill in the triumphs of sport which even warfare cannot give, for in warfare you share your successes with your regiment and your army, but in sport it is you yourself unaided who have won the laurels. It is an advantage which the English have over us that in all classes they take great interest in every form of sport. It may be that they are richer than we, or it may be that they are more idle: but I was surprised when I was a prisoner in that country to observe how widespread was this feeling, and how much it filled the minds and the lives of the people. A horse that will run, a cock that will fight, a dog that will kill rats, a man that will box--they would turn away from the Emperor in all his glory in order to look upon any of these.
  • The Senator had not responded to her memo, but she assured Edward that the issue was before the Senator and his point would be heard. She would get back to them with a final answer, which would come soon she promised. She also knew that the issue was being pressed with the Senator directly and that money was part of the conversation. The association was persistent in pushing its argument and taking advantage of timing. She hated to think that the decision had already been made between the Senator and the Chief of Staff, and that the meeting scheduled for tomorrow was simply for appearances, to make her think she had been part of the process.
  • The sounds of women and children screaming from in the town could be heard echoing down the street, but the remaining militia nearby were locked in battle with another group of soldiers that had rushed them while Aiden and the others were occupied. Colt swapped out his greatsword for the longbow, and began to string it, while Sayana sheathed her body in a shimmering layer of force armour, her tattoos glowing softly as she took advantage of this brief lull to enact several protective magicks.
  • Tears! exclaimed Miss Bessie. "Not you! And if you did it wouldn't hurt either them or you. An International captain possesses this advantage over other mortals: that he may burst into tears or anything else without losing caste, whereas if I should do any such thing-- But come, let's get somewhere and talk it over. Now, then," said Miss Brodie as they found a quiet corner, "first of all, ought I to know?"
  • Still maintaining their slight advantage the Balsam turned the last stake and started down the home stretch. The wind was dead astern of both boats now and the sails were stretched at right angles to the mast in order to get the full benefit of the breeze.
  • At the sound of his friend's voice Nat involuntarily turned his head. Sam meanly took advantage of this, and drew back his arm for a blow. His fist shot out, but Nat turned aside in time so that he only received a light blow on the shoulder. He had been hit, however, and he was not the lad to stand that without taking some action.
  • Corpus of access to a great amount of linguistic data is not the only advantage of using computerized textual corpora.
  • The other advantage is that the managed device with its internal web server can operate stand-alone without the need for any network management software.
  • But his opponent had had enough, and more than enough. It was one thing to browbeat a harmless boy, quite another to measure courage with a young gamecock like this. He had all the advantage of the first move. He was an expert and could drive his first throw into the youth's heart. But at bottom he was a coward and lacked the nerve, if not the inclination, to kill.
  • We soon found our car just as we had left it, and were glad to take advantage of its shelter. In the new danger which loomed up before us so threateningly, we all agreed that it would be rash to return into the interior of the moon, to be crushed to death in the shock of the impending collision; and yet, in remaining where we were, the doctor and I felt that no reputable insurance company would call our lives a very good risk.
  • Enin did his best to brush the vibrations from his being. "Those things I do not understand, I do not wish to know. It does not benefit me to know why some twisted individuals gain favor in taking advantage of others. I do not profit from insight of actions spawned by selfish greed. And I certainly do not grow in spirit from understanding why some beings, whether they be lesser or greater, would choose to bring pain and torment to the innocent. You have clearly probed such things, and you understand them far better than I. With that, there is one clear truththis knowledge has not strengthened you in any way shape or form."
  • In the morning, Jim had a lame back and stayed in bed longer than usual. Being Sunday morning, the breakfast was later than on work days, and Jim took advantage of this.
  • He fooled Daylight completely. At the end of half an hour of goodness, Daylight, lured into confidence, was riding along at a walk and rolling a cigarette, with slack knees and relaxed seat, the reins lying on the animal's neck. Bob whirled abruptly and with lightning swiftness, pivoting on his hind legs, his fore legs just lifted clear of the ground. Daylight found himself with his right foot out of the stirrup and his arms around the animal's neck; and Bob took advantage of the situation to bolt down the road. With a hope that he should not encounter Dede Mason at that moment, Daylight regained his seat and checked in the horse.
  • Next, my belongings came in for inspection, and everything excited wonderment and delight to such a degree, that I blessed Providence for sending me so much entertaining society. My hut, with its curious thatched roof, excited vast interest; and it was amusing to see the two boys, aged respectively about twelve and fourteen, following their parents about, jabbering incessantly, and giving me sly, half-terrified glances as they examined my implements and utensils. The woman was the first to get over her fear of me, and she soon grew to trust me implicitly; whereas her husband never ceased to view me with inexplicable suspicion until we regained his own country. He was a big, repulsive-looking savage, with a morose and sullen temper; and although he never showed signs of open antagonism, yet I never trusted him for a moment during the six long months he was my "guest" on the little sand-bank! It seems I unwittingly offended him, and infringed the courtesy common among his people by declining to take advantage of a certain embarrassing offer which he made me soon after his recovery.
  • An announcer, huddled tensely over his microphone and commenced his patter: "Point for Philip Napoleon! The advantage is moving rapidly back and forth in this deadly game of Who's Got the Analyst? The question on the back of everybody's tonsil is--will Philip bring in a ringer, or will he cheat again?"
  • Davy looked a little confused. Deep down in his own heart he knew that he had been playing a little game of "shirk" about that time, and taking what was a mean advantage of the good nature of his fellow scouts. And now it was coming back to make him pay the penalty. So he said not another word.
  • But the cunning Indian, like his shrewd white brother, may do the very thing least expected. Might they not capture and make off with the boys, for the very purpose of leading Deerfoot on a long pursuit, in which the advantage would be wholly against him?
  • Caradoc rested with his broad chest panting convulsively up and down till the count of eight. Then he sprang backwards away from his enemy. Curiously enough, Greer did not press his advantage home. The heavy lad came forward but stood away from Caradoc, attempting nothing but left-hand jabs.
  • Here, too, were some young palmetto trees with the new leaves within easy reach. Working with a vim Perk speedily loaded his small boat with green stuff, after which he returned to the sloop and proceeded to scatter his material to the best advantage all over any exposed part of the contraband vessel.
  • "One more matter: I shall expect the discipline on shore to be as good as it has been on board ship. The natives are to be treated well, and all that we get from them shall be by fair barter, and it shall be conducted for the advantage of all.
  • Ah, that is my affair. What advantage should I have over you, if knowing your secret I were to tell you mine? Danglars bit his lips. "Then," said he, "you are ready to pay the official visits, which are absolutely indispensable?"
  • Marble was excessively delighted with the behaviour of the Wallingford. The latter was a sloop somewhat smaller than common, though her accommodations were particularly commodious, while she was sparred on the scale of a flyer. Her greatest advantage in the way of sailing, however, would have been no great recommendation to her on a wind; for she was nearly start light, and might not have been able to carry full sail in hard November weather, even on the Hudson--a river on which serious accidents have been known to occur. There was little danger in mid-summer, however; and we went gliding up on the quarter of the Gull of Troy, without feeling concern of any sort.
  • The opposing forces at this part of the line were nearly equal, with the Germans having a slight advantage in numbers. But to make up for this, the Americans had the advantage of the attack and the tremendous momentum with which they had struck the enemy's line.
  • "I have been thrown somewhat out of my reckoning," returned the hermit, "by having to fly from the party on the islet, where I meant to remain till a steamer, owned by a friend of mine, should pass and pick us up, canoe and all. The steamer is a short-voyage craft, and usually so punctual that I can count on it to a day. But it may have passed us in the gale. If so, I shall take advantage of the first vessel that will agree to lend us a hand."
  • A small tender now came alongside, and the Health Officer boarded the ship, and at once granted pratique, as there had been no sickness during the voyage. Several people accompanied him. Reg and Hal, taking advantage of the lull, escaped to their cabins, but no sooner were they there than the Captain rushed down to them, shook hands, and complimented them on their disguise. He had not taken any notice of them before, for he was a big man in his own estimation.
  • He always took his meals alone, with an open book before him, which he read. He had a well-selected little library. He loved books; books are cold but safe friends. In proportion as leisure came to him with fortune, he seemed to take advantage of it to cultivate his mind. It had been observed that, ever since his arrival at M. sur M.. his language had grown more polished, more choice, and more gentle with every passing year. He liked to carry a gun with him on his strolls, but he rarely made use of it. When he did happen to do so, his shooting was something so infallible as to inspire terror. He never killed an inoffensive animal. He never shot at a little bird.
  • The bear and the men met unexpectedly at the top, and the bear halted hesitatingly with his head and breast just showing above the rocks at the brink of the steep slope. McKiernan did not want to begin the fight at such close quarters, and he was confident that the bear would back down and attempt to return to the brush at the foot of the spur if given time. Then he would have the advantage of the up-hill position and plenty of time to reload if the bear should attempt to return after the first shot.
  • Well, Ragnall, who had married the lady who once served as the last priestess of Isis upon earth, was killed, whereas she, the priestess, was almost miraculously preserved from harm. And--oh! the whole story was deuced odd and that is all. Poor Ragnall! He was a great English gentleman and one whom when first I knew him, I held to be the most fortunate person I ever met, endowed as he was with every advantage of mind, body and estate. Yet in the end this did not prove to be the case. Well, while he lived he was a good friend and a good fellow and none can hope for a better epitaph in a world where all things are soon forgotten.
  • He moved almost too fast to see, just a blur against the pale walls, but the monkey moved faster. It had the liquid speed of the undead, too, and the added advantage of a tiny, compact little body. With a derisive clucking of his tongue, he ducked under Kit's hands and jumped to the rafters, skittering along a beam with his shadow rippling grotesquely along the wall.
  • Myranda nodded. She looked at him. He was a shade taller than she, white hair out of place, framing a young face. His clothes were a refreshing--and practically unique--departure from the ubiquitous gray cloak. It was a lighter, almost white coat, with a bit of fur peeking out of the sleeve and attached hood. Had he been outside, it would have been simple to pick him out from a crowd. As she looked at him, she realized that he was likely the last person she would be able to talk to, possibly for the rest of her days, without pleading for her freedom or her life. It would be best to take advantage.
  • I quickly whittled down the choices by selecting the lake district, which has the advantage of good surfaces and plenty of paths.
  • We crossed into Georgia. Abkhazia. The greasy ABC guy... Jeff, his Abkhazia looked peaceful, ready for the coming big New Year holiday. A few pensioners on their way to a beach dacha departed at Sokhumi... as did even a few vacationers taking advantage of off-season low prices down at the Black Sea for New Year's. Vahan and I stepped outside onto the platform of this beloved beach city. Warm. There was a light breeze like we'd come to South Carolina in December. We hugged a moment, and like everyone else that could, we rushed to buy a huge sack of mandarins. "Some of the best times of my life were here," he said.
  • Knowing the professor to be inexperienced in business affairs, Merriwell had begun to worry about him. There were unscrupulous men in plenty who would not hesitate to take advantage of him with the idea of securing his very valuable mining claim. The telephone message from Mr. Bradlaugh, therefore, was quite disturbing.
  • Gathering up his courage, Aiden moved along the tunnel in the direction the other guard had come from, and delved deeper into the cave complex. He had a distinct advantage now, for while they couldn't see him, Aiden was more than able to see everything around him as clear as day. As he moved, he couldn't help but notice that the cave did not seem natural. He'd seen more than his share of caves recently, and this one seemed more like a purpose-built underground complex, something far beyond the skills of the tribal mountain folk.
  • Bryan began to breath heavily. He was hoping to avoid the house on Dune Road. Now he was going back again. He rubbed his stump lightly. But Hendricks was right. Knowing in advance when Sam was on his way would give Hendricks an advantage and he might need that advantage. He could call other officers and they could all be waiting for Sam. Sam was a pretty big guy.
  • We were not slow in taking advantage of this. Although at the onset some of our terrified horses broke their fastenings and galloped away, others remained quiet. Among these last I observed, were my own horse and that of Salamander, which I have already said were splendid animals.
  • Van Dam was at a loss for words; he was panic-stricken; but swift upon his consternation came a reckless determination to take advantage of the old gentleman's first mistake and to try to brazen the matter through. There was nothing to be gained by explanation; no one would believe his story. He spoke out boldly.
  • Jack was already sufficiently recovered to sit up some time before either Bill or Joe showed signs of life; for, unable to swim or to take advantage of their momentary intervals of coming to the surface, they had become insensible some time before he had done so himself. The sailors rubbed their chests and hands, and at last both showed signs of returning animation.
  • Though according to my estimate the soldiers of Yueh exceed our own in number, that shall advantage them nothing in the matter of victory. I say then that victory can be achieved.
  • Large as was the number of animals to be watered, the work was conducted with far greater speed and ease than had been the case on their former arrival. The arrangements were all excellent, and in a comparatively short time the whole were watered and fed. The troops, however, were dismayed at the change which had come over the camels. These animals are capable of enduring great fatigue and scarcity of water and food, but the authorities had acted as if there were no limits whatever to those powers, and for a fortnight the camels had been kept at work with only three or four hours' rest out of each twenty-four, with a very scanty supply of food, and a sufficient allowance of water but twice, namely, at Gakdul and Korti. The natural result had followed: the animals were weak and exhausted, the majority were suffering from sore backs, some had already succumbed, others were absolutely incapable of further work until they had had a rest. In this respect none of the three corps had any advantage over the other, as the camels had all performed the three journeys.
  • But you're so near the bungalow that you only have to go a step when the breakfast bugle blows. You have the advantage there,"" replied Sahwah."
  • Knowing that the city gates were right now being closed and bolted, trapping both Wherrys army and all the inhabitants of the city in Rowes streets, Roan quickly pulled free his blade and rolled off his horse. Something exploded to his right, most assuredly the work of the wizards, and he took advantage of the surprise and panic to quickly thrust his knife into the side of the nearest Wherrite soldier. Grabbing the dying mans sword, he pushed his way into the surrounding crowd.
  • The height of the seringueira varies from 25 ft. to 50 ft. Its diameter is seldom more than 35 in. Its leaf is composed of three elongated leaflets, smooth-edged and complete in themselves. The seed is smooth-skinned, and of a reddish tone. The fruit consists of a well-rounded wooden capsule enclosing three cells which contain white oily almonds not disagreeable to eat. From the almonds an oil of a light red colour, not unlike the colour of old port wine, can be extracted. That oil can be substituted for linseed oil, and has the further advantage of not desiccating so quickly. Mixed with copal and turpentine it gives a handsome varnish. It can be used advantageously in the manufacture of printing-ink and soap. So that every part of the seringueira can be put to some use or other.
  • Then we watched eagerly, expecting to see the rocket-ships and bomb-vessels appear; but they did not heave in sight, although it seemed to me as if they should have been close behind the larger ships in order to take advantage of the labor being performed by those on board the schooner.
  • Robert thought this over for a moment. He was familiar with the concept of slavery; Captain Mathews had several African servants bound to him for their lifetimes on his plantation and he knew of a few others. But Robert had never considered it; the Africans cost more than Englishmen and afraid that they might die within months of arriving as many other English servants did, it wasnt practical to waste his money on them. But he could see the advantage of having lifelong servants if they survived their seasoning; they wouldnt need to be replaced every five or so years and he wouldnt have to give them any land or freedom dues.
  • Max and Kayla usually waited until the last second to impart their strategies for the night, leaning on spontaneity to give the team an immediate advantage they hoped would carry them through the entire battle. Sometimes the initiative would be offensive, and at other times the plan would be defensive in nature. The blueprint for this night would rely more on an open-ended architecture than a finite schematic.
  • When Singh came out of retirement to take advantage of the higher pay, he was the only psychiatrist at Coalinga hospital for its 450 patients, he said.
  • "I will lay you ten thousand ducats to your ring, thatcommend me to the court where your lady is, and with no more advantage than the opportunity of a second conferenceI will bring from thence that honour of hers, which you imagine so reserved!"
  • They took advantage of this fact to explain to them that this distance was obtained by measuring the parallax of the moon.
  • Hal also leaned back in his chair. He chafed under this restraint, but he realized that it would be foolish to make an effort to escape under the very mouths of his two captors' guns. Nevertheless, he was ready to take advantage of the first opportunity that should offer itself.
  • The slightly shabby nature of the tiles would actually be an advantage as things wouldnt be quite so glaring.
  • Well, I don't go so far as that, said Anson; "but, with my knowledge of the management of the mining business, I feel sure my Boer friends will find it to their advantage to retain me high up on the staff. You see, there are so many things in the way of checking losses which I have mastered."
  • The Shawanoe saw that a fight was inevitable. He passed his rifle to the right hand, over whose arm his blanket was resting, and drew his hunting knife. Even in that crisis the chivalry of the Shawanoe would not allow him to take full advantage of the situation. He could have struck down his enemy without the least risk to himself. He chose rather to give his antagonist warning.
  • Meanwhile the cat had ideas of its own. It could hardly allow the man to try and stick an arrow through it without some form of retribution. It also had the advantage in that it could see quite well in the dim twilight, although even the man could also see reasonably well in such light, and it could smell the man from a lifetime away. That is to say that his trail was imprinted upon the ground like huge fluorescent arrows, a trail that climbed a tree, and the tree positively glowed in the dark as far as the cat's nose was concerned.
  • For all that, the fight was but beginning. Dick's outlaws, although they had the advantage of the surprise, were still considerably outnumbered by the men they had surrounded. The tide had flowed, in the meanwhile; the beach was narrowed to a strip; and on this wet field, between the surf and the garden wall, there began, in the darkness, a doubtful, furious, and deadly contest.
  • There was no time just then to say more, for the Texans were fighting hotly, holding several houses and endeavouring to keep the Mexicans out of such buildings where they might have an advantage.
  • Billy knew this was bad. Superior quads maximized their advantage by keeping a distance because they could dodge better, fly better, and fire faster, farther, and hotter. It is so much easier to avoid a small, slow fireball than a big, fast one.
  • On the previous night I had been almost without sleep, and therefore took speedy advantage of the halt. Two journeys over the Plains, a little trip into New Mexico, and some excursions among the Rocky Mountains, had taught me certain rules of campaign life. I rarely moved without my blankets and rubber "poncho," and with a haversack more or less well filled. On this occasion I was prepared for sleeping in the open air.
  • In June the battle of Friedland was fought, in which the Pavlograds did not take part, and after that an armistice was proclaimed. Rostov, who felt his friend's absence very much, having no news of him since he left and feeling very anxious about his wound and the progress of his affairs, took advantage of the armistice to get leave to visit Denisov in hospital.
  • She repeated, "A responsible position in Chicago. And I was told, this morning, that while I was away, Fran meant to apply for the secretaryship, thus taking advantage of my absence."
  • Continue to use quartz tungsten halogen curing lights as plasma arc curing lights appear to confer no clinical advantage at the present time.
  • Aiden went back-to-back with Sayana, keeping them in in sight as the ring of steel slowly closed in. The archer looked about ready to loose an arrow when the cloaked bandit next to him drew out a pair of daggers and suddenly stabbed him twice in the back, then dashed off into the brush. This startled the other highwaymen and gave Aiden the advantage he had been waiting for.
  • "Follow my lead!" Aiden ordered, and in an unexpected move, stepped sideways across the front of the spear line, bashing the weapons aside with his shield. Colt, who was right behind him, saw what he was doing and took advantage of the opening, swinging his sword overhead and bringing it down at the head of the nearest attacker. The dwarf tried to dodge, but was far too slow to avoid the strike, catching the blade with his shoulder, which was severed cleanly from his body. The spearman roared as blood gushed out of the wound, staggering to one side and pushing the others around in his death throes.
  • The Battle of Tucuman was a battle fought on 24 and 25 September 1812 near the Argentine city of San Miguel de Tucuman, during the Argentine War of Independence. The Army of the North, commanded by General Manuel Belgrano, defeated the royalist troops commanded by General Pio de Tristan, who had a two-to-one advantage in numbers, halting the royalist advance on Argentina's northwest. Together with the Battle of Salta, on 20 February 1813, the victory at Tucuman allowed the Argentine troops to reaffirm the borders under their control.
  • Then here goes for mine, said Jem, taking a little dumpy clay pipe from one pocket and a canvas bag from another, in which were some rough pieces of tobacco leaf. These he crumbled up and thrust into the bowl, after which he took advantage of the shelter afforded by an empty cask to get in, strike a light, and start a pipe.
  • As if shooing a pest Mareth Waved his hand dismissively then turned his back on Merca and slowly circled the subdued coven. It was an obvious show of disrespect. He could faintly hear the sorcerer hissing with rage at having been so casually dismissed. "And thank you for seeing my men delivered with the newest reinforcements," Mareth let a smug smile form on his lips. "You see Merca," He stopped next to one of the cots and studied at the pitiful soul strapped to it. "I have had an awakening on my recent assignment. I remember it all," the warrior pointed one gauntleted finger toward his head. "Every form I have ever taken, including the last three which you," He pointed the same finger now at Merca, "took advantage of."
  • I panicked and flew into a tantrum, writhing and flailing at the roots. They held firm and pressed their advantage at every opportunity, until I had no choice but give in, like a rat in the grip of a python.
  • He had several times heard from him since he had entered on board the Tigre, and in the first letter Mr. Blagrove gave a hearty approval of the course that he had adopted, and said that a year or two at sea would give him a thorough knowledge of ships and be a considerable advantage to him in their business. The receipt of Edgar's first letter, and of a heavy budget containing the account of his doings in Egypt from the day on which he was left behind to that on which he sailed, had been an immense relief to them all, for hitherto they had been in absolute ignorance of what had taken place. His father, however, thought that he had, even according to his own account, run a very needless risk in taking part in the rising at Cairo, although he saw that, having for the time become so thoroughly associated with the Arabs, it would have been difficult for him to avoid acting with them when there was danger in so doing.
  • Vending machine franchise takes advantage of and benefits from two major uk growth sectors.
  • Such a favourable introduction could not fail of being advantageous to a youth of Ferdinand's specious accomplishments; for he was considered as the young Count's companion, admitted into his parties, and included in all the entertainments to which Renaldo was invited. He soon distinguished himself by his activity and address, in the course of those exercises that were taught at the academy of which he was pupil; his manners were so engaging as to attract the acquaintance of his fellow-students, and his conversation being sprightly and inoffensive, grew into very great request; in a word, he and the young Count formed a remarkable contrast, which, in the eye of the world, redounded to his advantage.
  • No, the more likely propositions were the van drivers who delivered the stockbog peat and the like. The salesmen were a bit too flash for Carla, but the van drivers looked like right psychos. And psychos, Gwynne had always felt, had a distinct advantage when it came to the wooing and winning of a woman. That said, it was also true that psychos never failed to display good taste. Somehow he couldnt picture one taking Carla to bed. To the back of a garage, maybe . . .
  • But the darkness held good, and Scarlett had the advantage of knowing every inch of the ground, every bush and clump which could give him shelter; and besides, he was dressed for running, his pursuers being heavily hindered by their thick garments, steel protections, and heavy boots.
  • By 2002, the main guerrilla groups had either been destroyed or surrendered, taking advantage of an amnesty program, though fighting and terrorism continues in some areas (See Islamic insurgency in Algeria (2002present)).
  • So Prince Akbar, who was full of sound common sense, began to think she had reason on her side; and this was of great advantage to him, for with Head-nurse, and Foster-mother and the others, he stood a great chance of being spoiled.
  • I continued to clear my way, and at length found myself in the position I had coveted; while the lane I had made, in getting there, closed instantaneously behind me. I was about to rush on, and take advantage of the bit of clear ground, when, what should I see in the centre, and directly before me, but a great yellow lion!"
  • Electrodes can either be placed directly on brain areas of interest or can be placed in the subdural space of the brain. Subdural electrodes can shift slightly and can be affected by cerebrospinal fluid in the subdural space, which could interfere with the current used to stimulate the brain from the electrodes and possibly cause shunting. However, an advantage of subdural electrode grids is that they can be left in the brain for multiple days, and allow functional testing during stimulation outside the operating room.
  • But the headlong, dashing valour of the two men stood them well. Not a moment did they pause. With a wild shout Hoste put his horse straight at a huge barbarian who strove to stop him--knocking the savage sprawling, and through the opening thus breached the two horsemen shot like an arrow from the bow, and having the advantage of a down-hill course they left the fierce and yelling crowd behind in a trice. Far from safe were they yet. A hole concealed in the grass--a strained sinew--a hundred unforeseen circumstances--and they would be at the mercy of their merciless foes.
  • The open road would give an advantage to those on horseback. It offered nothing in the way of cover, but it remained a clear path to the west and ultimately to Sanctum. There were trees in the distance, trees she and Lief, and Ryson could use to thwart any attack, but they stood out of reach. She knew the group could not outrun the horse-backed guards to safety. In her final assessment, the road afforded her little strategic value other than offering greater space for maneuverability and the slim hope of escape.
  • Brenda was getting the upper hand. Blood from the claw marks on the mothers forehead had begun to seep into her eyes. Brenda took advantage of the partial blindness and began pounding the womans nose and mouth with both fists. I heard the nose snap and the mother screamed again. The nose began to pour red.
  • It was short, but Foster, who was surprised and disturbed, understood his host's alarm. Daly had written from Hexham, asking, or rather summoning, Featherstone to meet him there next day, although he stated that if this was impossible, he would arrive at the Garth in the evening. There was a threat in the intimation that it would be to Lawrence's advantage if Featherstone saw him soon.
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