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  • Foster hesitated. The shock the girl had got had broken down her self-control. He shrank from turning this to his advantage and dealing her another blow, but could not be fastidious when his partner's safety and Alice Featherstone's happiness were at stake. Besides, it would be better for Carmen that her infatuation for Daly should be altogether destroyed.
  • "Do many die young?" persisted Laura, not fully understanding what Kolyei was trying to say. He was still talking in a mixture of Standard and Lindish. Tara and the other eleven children could understand him perfectly well but it would be some time before Laura and Francis could, as they did not have the advantage of the telepathic link of being vadeln-paired.
  • Lysander protests to Theseus: "I am, my lord, as well derived as he, as well possessed! My love is more than his!—my fortunes every way as fairly ranked, if not with advantage as Demetriuss! And what is more than all those boasts can be, I am beloved by beauteous Hermia! Why then should I not prosecute my right?
  • Advantage, did you say, Senor? retorted Don Hermoso. "Pardon me, I am afraid that I am unusually dull to-day, but I am compelled to confess that for the moment I scarcely see in what respect such an alliance would be an advantage to us. If it would not be troubling you too much, would you kindly explain?"
  • The members of the Claymore Coven scrambled toward the side gate. Drummer took advantage of the confusion: against the pressure of the straps, his hand flicked a switch; the motorized chair moved back from the pool, then shot forward and knocked a screaming Mary Jean Graffee into the pool; her husband, Victor, attempted to catch her, but missed; he hesitated only a second and dove in after her. He disappeared into the swarm of Creatures along with his wife.
  • Bob lost no time in taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by his companion for asking him about the customs of the cowboys and life on a ranch in general, and many were the valuable pointers the stranger gave him, some of which Bob afterwards remembered, but more of which he forgot.
  • People are gathering, he stated plainly to Holli. "I would recommend passage away from the group across the way. I think you should move quickly. We'll startle them at first, and we can probably take advantage of that."
  • So long as we didn't know who he was he had the advantage of us. Now that we know-- and neither of them now doubted the fact for an instant. "We have the advantage of him," argued Ned. "Let's turn that knowledge to profit. We can easily guess what he is trying to do. Major Honeywell's message says our real object is not known. This reporter has learned something, and I suspect he could have found quite a lot from the train crew. On that he has written a good enough story to attract attention. That shows he is no fool. And he wouldn't come out here unless he had been sent. Who would send him? Why, his paper, of course, to discover our real mission."
  • You see, in this course we shall have the advantage of being well out of the ordinary line of passage of the Spaniards, who shape their course more to the southward, make Porto Rico their first landfall, and then have the two great islands, Hispaniola and Cuba, lying straight before them; free, as it seems, by the chart, from any dangers to navigation."
  • The setting for the gathering was Martin Luther High School, the same place Pete spent many summers attending camp. This would prove to be a big advantage because of his familiarity with the court and hoops. Local high school coaches put the players through a series of drills during the first day of workouts. The big day would be Sunday afternoon when the coaches split the participants into five-player teams for full-court scrimmages.
  • "Why thank you, Tammy, and may He watch over you and your family." Sara knew what to say to her sisters children, so as not to piss Robin off. That was one advantage of the Wiccan religion;Hecould mean any deity to her, including Jesus.
  • For two hours the battle continued, with advantage to neither side. Both vessels were badly battered by this time, and one of the Sylph's smokestacks had been shot away. Now, glancing suddenly astern, Frank uttered a joyous cry.
  • The devils have found some house that has not been broken into, said Loftus. "One of the shops, I suppose, and now they are wrangling over the plunder. We had better take advantage of the row to get away. The mob will swarm around here next."
  • His hand wiped it back. "Oh, Kela, don't. I told you we are meant to be together. But I should have never taken advantage of you as I did, butto all the saintsI could not contain myself. But your innocence is still intact," he said gently. "Barely perhaps."
  • "For a long time this movement was thought to be a great advance in education. It was such an improvement on the old way, to find the young men learning something useful, rather than wasting their time over the dead languages and other things they would never need after finishing school. And it must be acknowledged that all this industrial impulse was of advantage to the world in its way. It multiplied labor-saving machinery, added to the people's comforts in many ways, and increased the general prosperity and well-being of society as far as material improvements could do it.
  • Next morning he awoke with a sensation that led him for a moment to fancy he must have gone supper-less to bed. While he was waiting impatiently for breakfast he revolved several ideas in his mind, one of which was that, come what might, he would not suffer any indignity, however gross, to get the better of him. He would take a leaf out of his friend Stevenson's book, and bear patiently whatever was sent to him, in the hope that by so doing he might gain the good-will of his captors, and thus, perhaps, be in a better position to take advantage of any opportunity to escape that might occur.
  • Caradoc rested with his broad chest panting convulsively up and down till the count of eight. Then he sprang backwards away from his enemy. Curiously enough, Greer did not press his advantage home. The heavy lad came forward but stood away from Caradoc, attempting nothing but left-hand jabs.
  • As the others saw their leader killed they hesitated, and Ben and Harry took advantage of the pause to empty a fresh magazine full of bullets into the closely packed mass.
  • Dick began to wonder whether the man would keep to his promise; and somehow the recollection of all that had passed kept the thinker's brain actively employed during the time he was dressing, with the full intention of taking advantage of the cool freshness of the morning to have a stroll about the place.
  • Uncle does not suspect me, he said to himself. "The scoundrel! He must have taken advantage of your back being turned to come in here. You did not notice anything, Lindon?"
  • A strange race had developed between the tug and submarine. When both crafts were on the surface in open water, the submarine had a knot or two advantage of the Vulcan and could have picked her up in four or five hours. But early in the night Caradoc had discovered that the powerful screw of the steamer, designed, as it was, to propel vast loads, could make the higher speed across the algae beds.
  • At each of the four corners of the square a strong block tower was erected with embrasures cut therein for shooting from. In some of the larger forts small cannon were placed that commanded each side of the square and all around the inside of the pickets ran a raised platform on which men standing would be breast high to the top of the protection. This gave them a great advantage in shooting on coming enemies or repelling scalers.
  • When Singh came out of retirement to take advantage of the higher pay, he was the only psychiatrist at Coalinga hospital for its 450 patients, he said.
  • I couldn't see more than a division of them that we would have to reckon with--nearly all Algerians--and they looked dead-weary. I guess they had forced the pace in advance of the main body in order to take advantage of the treason of Feisul's officers. They came slouching forward with their rifles at the trail and a screen of skirmishers thrown out a quarter of a mile or so ahead.
  • The next day I met Julia, Julien, Ray, Harry, Nancy, and Steven at Cadboro Bay. We set up a little pit on the beach for roasting hot dogs and Steven, Julien, and I began tossing a Frisbee around. There was obvious tension between Julia and Ray and Harry sat off to the side, equally unimpressed by the whole situation. I began to really get down because Harry just tore me up inside, she was so pathetic, like a lone little mutt whose owner had tossed her out on the streets. I began to really dislike Ray. Initially, I had been put off by him because he was so tall and, standing only 5'8 (though I usually said nine), I had always been intimidated of taller people and tended to distrust them. Their height gave them an unfair advantage in life that I found akin to cheating. I had never taken to them too readily. Ray only hardened that predisposition.
  • Following the Chef, on her arrival at the office, Miss Kingscott found Monsieur le Juge de Paix to be an oldish man, with sharp striking features, his nose having an unfair advantage over the others; and his skin, tightly drawn over the face, was of that saffron hue which adapts itself to the complexion of most Frenchmen, and Messieurs les Espagnols as well, after they have entered their eighth lustrum. He was seated in his official chamber, surrounded with all the majesty of the law, as suited his elevated position. A clerk occupied a lower desk in the same room, and the majestic demeanour of his superior seemed reflected, although in an inferior degree, on him.
  • The kitchen is fully equipped with window overlooking the patio to take full advantage of the views.
  • In 1884, the name Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company began making home canning jars. By 1887, the company moved to Muncie, Indiana, to take advantage of the natural gas there. Today, Balls corporate headquarters are in Broomfield, Colorado and the company is comprised of two primary businessespackaging for 90% of the company and 10% for aerospace/technologies.
  • His bros damp towel and old clothes had been tossed in a corner beside the desk. The backpack had been opened and rummaged through. A smile played across his face. Fikna had found the shower stations and taken advantage of the luxury.
  • The Cossack was sent for and questioned. The Cossack officers wished to take advantage of this chance to capture some horses, but one of the superior officers, who was acquainted with the higher authorities, reported the incident to a general on the staff. The state of things on the staff had of late been exceedingly strained. Ermolov had been to see Bennigsen a few days previously and had entreated him to use his influence with the commander in chief to induce him to take the offensive.
  • It was short, but Foster, who was surprised and disturbed, understood his host's alarm. Daly had written from Hexham, asking, or rather summoning, Featherstone to meet him there next day, although he stated that if this was impossible, he would arrive at the Garth in the evening. There was a threat in the intimation that it would be to Lawrence's advantage if Featherstone saw him soon.
  • Sniffing also has one advantage over telephone wiretaps: many networks use " shared media " .
  • While the other Folk would not have come to our rescue had Red-Eye proceeded to tear Lop-Ear and me to pieces before their eyes, nevertheless they sympathized with us. Possibly it was not sympathy but the way they expressed their hatred for Red-Eye; at any rate they always warned us of his approach. Whether in the forest, at the drinking-places, or in the open space before the caves, they were always quick to warn us. Thus we had the advantage of many eyes in our feud with Red-Eye, the atavism.
  • You won't have any that are not necessary, retorted Dave. "Yet I think it will be to your advantage to step aside and hear what I have to say now."
  • He didn't have to wait long for a young couple to come into view. Could they be the beginnings of a small band of rebels? For now they were arguing. Zarg continued observing as the male tried to walk away, his progress regularly halted as he turned to make his point to the woman in pursuit. Whatever his point it was quickly rebutted as he stormed ahead of her, powered by frustration. As he gained a fifteen foot advantage the figure changed into that of a teenager running. Zarg performed a double take filled with confusion. There had been nothing in any of the books about humans being able to morph their appearance. Turning his gaze to the woman, she too had changed. She had been replaced by an irate shopkeeper giving chase to the lad. The insults suggested he'd stolen a pack of custard creams. Intrigue got the better of Zarg as he followed the pursuit.
  • In the meantime, Jack and Captain Jack, closely locked, were struggling for mastery. Williams advanced to lend Jack a hand, but Frank motioned him back. He had no fear of the outcome despite the fact that Captain Jack seemed to have all the advantage.
  • As the sounds of fighting sprung up again nearby from the courageous militia and their opponents, three more of these agents came out of hiding and struck at Aiden and Sayana, using specialised flanking tactics to disorient them and take advantage of the gaps in their defences. The novice warrior was struck from behind, his back searing with pain, and when he whirled around to strike back, he was hit on the back of his leg from some other attacker.
  • You can understand, however, that with my feelings about the Emperor I am lonely sometimes, and that it would be an advantage to me to have a companion who would sympathize with my thoughts. One gets very bored on these long voyages, and I would make it worth your while to share my cabin."
  • Standing there, the wrench in his hand, Orme felt that the advantage was his. He heard rustlings in the branches above his head and kept himself alert to guard against the man dropping on his shoulders.
  • I do not mean to take mine, Edgar said, "and I think that it would be a great pity if you and Sidi were to ride yours. I can understand that, in a fight on the plains, it would be a great advantage to be so mounted, for either in pursuit or flight it would be invaluable, but in the narrow streets of Cairo it would be a sin to risk so splendid an animal, and the one I have been riding would be just as useful. We shall be fighting, not against cavalry, but against infantry and artillery, and it would be useless to ride a horse that would outstrip those of the rest of the band; while even if we won the day our satisfaction would be lessened indeed had one to mourn the loss of one's friend."
  • "In other parts of the field March and Moray were holding their own bravely. Sir Ralph Percy, who had, like Douglas, charged almost alone into Moray's ranks, was sorely wounded and, being surrounded, surrendered to Sir John Maxwell. Elsewhere many captures were made by both parties; but as the fight went on the advantage turned to our side; for we had rested all the day before, and began the battle fresh, after some hours of sleep; while the English had marched eight leagues, and were weary when they began the fight.
  • The bicycle squealed as the pedals raced the chains and the rusty gears spun like tops, but the ride was ever smooth. "Truly, the tunnel road is no place to be gallivanting around up there like a sightseer," said the Purloiner. "Its as black as the Kingdom of Crows all the way, except where you can see the barest outline of the road by the glowing red eyes of blood-sucking vampire bats. There are pits a thousand leagues deep and turns and twists that make corkscrews look straight, most on roads as narrow as your nose. Nightmarish monsters may devour us. Fire bursts from the cracks in the walls without warning. There is not a safe breath the entire way, and it will take us all the night to go it. I have crossed safely in the past but that gives us no advantage todayso plentiful, so terrifying are these perils. There is no strategy to survival, but to wing it and hold our breath."
  • Nasan thought she knew a few things about cities, since the Rattlingbones clan would camp inside them for a week while they haggled with the burgomaster over story blankets. From what she'd picked up, the townies ought to be planting like crazy right now. They'd try to get the seeds in as soon as the ground was thawed enough to allow it, to take as much advantage of the spring wet as possible. There wasn't even smoke in the house chimneys. Had there been a disaster somehow, one of those plagues that ripped through the towns from time to time because the people were living too close together? Was Green Vale going to look like the ruins she had just left?
  • The algors are better suited to fight in the open upon the sand, Holli reminded the delver. "They fight with slings. They are used to the shifting sand, where the dwarves are not. If I had an army of algors, I would certainly prefer to fight in the open than in the caves of their sandstone mountain. Especially if they were attacked by dwarves. The dwarves would hold a great advantage in the caves, fighting in an element they would consider home."
  • And now there is not much more to tell about Ben Hadden. The experience he had had of a seafaring life confirmed his original desire to be a sailor; and the favour he had won, by his good conduct, in the regards of the captain and officers of the Ajax, was of great advantage to him, and led to his promotion in the service. When last we heard of him, Ben was what is called a warrant-officer, on board an admiral's ship--that admiral being his first patron and captain.
  • Nor was Lord Arglay any nearer to an apprehension of that mystical Peace when he discovered on the next morning, that everybody had taken advantage of the week-end to vanish from London. Mr. Bruce Cumberland was expected back on Monday; so was Mr. Reginald Montague; so was Mr. Angus M. Sheldrake. As for Sir Giles he might be back any moment, but so far as he was expected at all it was on Monday. The Persian Ambassador even (not that he was wanted) had gone to Sandringham,-so The Times saidwhere presumably he and Lord Birlesmere were being diplomatic. London--to the Chief Justice's irritation--consisted of himself, the Hajji, and Chloe, neither of whom seemed at the moment to be much good to him. He thought of confronting Sir Giles, wherever he might be, but he was unwilling to give his brother-in-law that advantage of circumstances which he would then undeniably possess, and at last he resigned himself to spending a day of enmity deferred which, if it did not make his heart sick, made it at least extremely and unusually sullen.
  • Never at a loss for words, the mayor responded with a sharpened tongue. "These men confronted you because your giant friend there failed to follow the instructions we agreed upon. I was to help your guests reach the church and you would keep from causing a panic in the streets. I'm sure you saw the commotion you caused. What were my men supposed to do? Ignore it? No, I'm afraid not. If you are upset by what has occurred, it is your own fault. It also appears as if some of your other guests were unwilling to take advantage of my escorts." His eyes first washed over the giant, but they soon found the dwarves. Their hardened faces stared back at him as he noted their peculiar features. The hoods of the algors hid their faces from him, but their appearance was already reported to him. He nodded to Jon and Tun. "It seems there are other interesting things that you wish to keep hidden from me. These two I assume are dwarves. They've entered this town without my knowledge. Another breach of our agreement. Are they going to accompany you to Sanctum?"
  • Global warming was hitting, full force. And carbon capping and trading had failed, miserably. Cap and trade had moved jobs overseas, by the millions. It had destroyed America's competitive advantage by pricing energy, a key cost factor in everything, at four times that of China and India.
  • Once Pete got the ball, he weaved through defenders like a snake curling slowly down a tree, slithering ever-so calmly until the target was within striking distance. The shot went up with the two defenders draped on Pete's back and arms. The momentum of the full court dash caused him to make contact with the final defender after the ball went through the hoop. The brief eruption of victory was quelled by the referees whistle. The pinstriper immediately called a charging foul on Pete, his fifth of the game. The home crowd cheered as if they actually earned the victory, but Pete knew that wasn't the case. At any early age he realized how precious home court advantage would always be, a lesson made more pronounced by playing in the friendly confines of The Launching Pad.
  • "You are too impetuous, Blagrove. I have received too many assurances from the officers of the fleet to doubt what their feelings are at the course that has been taken, but that can make no difference in their duty. It is to do their best in the various positions they occupy, without allowing the question whether they consider that an individual has been unjustly treated to influence them in any way. The service comes before everything. It is distinctly for the benefit of the service that General Hutchinson should have the advantage of your knowledge of the country and of its languages, and, moreover, you really received your promotion in no small degree owing to the fact that you were going to act as a sort of interpreter and guide to the general commanding the expedition, and although unhappily Sir Ralph Abercrombie's death has caused a change in that command, that in no way alters the arrangements.
  • What did it mean? Dick asked himself as he sat there holding his breath, while he watched intently, and saw his father steal from place to place in the most secretive manner, taking advantage of bush, wall, and outbuilding, and every now and then pausing as if gazing out across the fen.
  • The former when chased, although it runs in a straight line, does not keep long in a direct course. Now and then it diverges to one side or the other, led perhaps by the form of the ground, or some other circumstance. In this habit lies its weakness. The wild hound is well aware of it, and takes advantage of it by a manoeuvre, which certainly savours strongly of reflection on his part.
  • The distance run that night, satisfied us all that Mons. Le Compte was a good draftsman. The schooner ran 106 miles in twelve hours, against a very respectable sea, which was at least ten or fifteen more than the Crisis could have done under the same circumstances. It is true, that what was close-hauled for her, was not close-hauled for us; and, in this respect, we had the advantage of her. Marble was so well pleased with our night's work, that when he came on deck next morning, the first thing he did was to order a bottle of rum to be brought him, and then all hands to be called. As soon as the people were up, he went forward, got into the head, and commanded every body to muster on the forecastle. Marble now made a speech.
  • At the beginning of the second year the great provincial cities had begun to take advantage of the Public Libraries Act, and here was a new joy for Paul. The Free Library was the first place he asked for in any big town, and at every spare hour he stuck his nose into a book, and kept it there until duty called him away again. Something in 'Gil Bias' about poverty in observation struck his fancy, and he cast about in his own mind asking where he could observe, not knowing yet that he was observing all things. He hit upon the landlady. A man who has fifty-two landladies in a year has surely a fertile field. He sorted and classified in the light of experience: the honeyed, the acidulated, and bibulous-godly (mostly Scottish), the bibulous-ungodly (mostly English), the slut with a clean outside to things, the painstaking sloven, the peculative (here one majestic sample), the reduced in circumstances, the confidential, the reserved, the frisky, the motherly, the step-motherly--a most excellent assembly for mirth and pity.
  • And chances are that you didn't jump the same way I did because you were scared so bad you just couldn't move a finger, Bumpus went on, seeing his advantage.
  • The Indian said that amongst his tribe the hunters often used this mode of hunting, and what beaver was left unkilled they either trapped later on or trenched them out when the ice set fast. One thing I learned from that afternoon's hunt was that it was simple and successful, and I used the knowledge several times, in other years, to my advantage.
  • Night fives location was the Beach Haven High School football field, just as it had been the previous night. The Friday and Saturday night battles were at the high school because school was out for the weekend and the venue was basically deserted. Lowerys gang made quick work of Hartwell and company the first night, but took full advantage of the field the second night as many people reminisced about their high school days. Heads of the 10 men were used to simulate winning football plays or field goals that won championships in days gone by. Some men stayed on the lighted field for a good 20 minutes after the battle had officially ended, while being cheered on by the group of former cheerleaders in the bunch.
  • More immediately, as had happened to me more times than I could count, the allies who had supported himMarcher lords and English baronshad switched sides, as inconstant as the wind in their allegiances. Edward had taken advantage of their weakness and pugnacity, and had known the exact moment when their desire for personal power trumped their sworn loyalties. At that moment hed struck, convincing all but a very few to come over to his side, whether with cajolery, righteous anger, or outright bribes.
  • All? We do not own all! Perhaps we do not deserve it. Surely we could not expect it. Why, if we got onehalf of what that fellow Polk is claiming, we should do well enoughthat is more than we deserve or could expect. With our army already at war on the Southwest, England, as we all know, is planning to take advantage of our helplessness in Oregon.
  • "And what did this white mage tell you?" He laughed slightly. Perhaps as easily as Gerin could push his words into other minds, he could pull things out. Obtain things without anyone ever knowinga talent Gerin used to take advantage of nearly everyone he came in contact with.
  • West waded across to the side, slinging his rifle as he went, then pulling his hat on tightly, he reached up as high as he could, and drew himself up a foot or two. Then, carefully taking advantage of the angles and edges of projecting rocks for his feet and getting hand-hold of the tough shrubs, he was soon up twenty feet above the rushing stream.
  • Just one moment, Mr. Trenholm-- he called after me, shaking a bony forefinger--"just one moment, I beg of you, sir! I have some information which I desire to impart, and, strangely enough, I was seeking you when this unfortunate tumble came about, partly through my infirmities, I am sure. One moment, sir. It is to your advantage to wait, I assure you."
  • The buck bounded up a steep slope, and with one tremendous leap cleared a craggy rock in his path. He had barely done so, when the young Shawanoe was after him, going over with a lightness and grace that showed no special effort. The pursuer was on his haunches, and the animal, with glaring eyeballs and a horrified sniff, seemed to bound off with the speed of the wind. But of what avail? The warrior was not to be shaken off. With a speed which none of his race could equal, it was only play for him to outrun the deer. Years before (as I have told in another place), Deerfoot, for mere sport, pursued one of the fleetest of horses, and kept it up hour after hour, until he ran down the steed. He was doing the same to the buck. There was not a moment from the first when he could not have launched an arrow that would have brought the game to the ground; he was near enough to drive his tomahawk into the neck, but he did nothing of that nature. Inasmuch as he was running the race, he meant it should be a fair one, and neither should take any advantage over the other.
  • Harvey took advantage and played the "innocent bystander" card. 'I'm afraid I don't know what you are talking about.'
  • Never at a loss for words, the mayor responded with a sharpened tongue. "These men confronted you because your giant friend there failed to follow the instructions we agreed upon. I was to help your guests reach the church and you would keep from causing a panic in the streets. I'm sure you saw the commotion you caused. What were my men supposed to do? Ignore it? No, I'm afraid not. If you are upset by what has occurred, it is your own fault. It also appears as if some of your other guests were unwilling to take advantage of my escorts." His eyes first washed over the giant, but they soon found the dwarves. Their hardened faces stared back at him as he noted their peculiar features. The hoods of the algors hid their faces from him, but their appearance was already reported to him. He nodded to Jon and Tun. "It seems there are other interesting things that you wish to keep hidden from me. These two I assume are dwarves. They've entered this town without my knowledge. Another breach of our agreement. Are they going to accompany you to Sanctum?"
  • "What's all this you're talking about, you sillies? I never saw that thing before. Somebody must have stuck it in my pocket for a joke!" and Ward stopped struggling, as if he knew it would no longer be to his advantage.
  • There were perhaps half a dozen ladies in the party at the moment, and all eyes were fastened on the tall and distinguished form of Dr. Bayard as he strode across the parade, his handsome, portly figure showing to excellent advantage in his snug-fitting uniform. They saw him bare his head and bow with courtier-like grace to Miss Forrest and again to her escort as he stopped and extended his hand. Then, after a few words, he again bowed as gracefully as before and passed on in the direction of the hospital.
  • The meals we ate there were basic but good, with the overwhelming advantage of being absolutely gargantuan and dirt-cheap.
  • Herein lies the great advantage of the hunter on horseback. Another advantage is the security the horse affords, enabling his rider to avoid the charges of the angry elephant.
  • By 2002, the main guerrilla groups had either been destroyed or surrendered, taking advantage of an amnesty program, though fighting and terrorism continues in some areas (See Islamic insurgency in Algeria (2002present)).
  • Despite the precautions taken by Jack Carleton, the pursuer found little trouble in keeping to his trail, until it abruptly terminated on the bank of the creek, where advantage had been taken of the canoe. There he paused for a time at a loss what to do.
  • At noon the sun made a momentary appearance. Taking advantage of this rift in the clouds, the chief officer took the orb's altitude. Then the sea grew turbulent, we went below again, and the hatch closed once more.
  • Yes, but that does not give me any marked advantage at present. Of course it will make a difference when I get out. My friends will send me money, and I shall live at Tobolsk and marry some wealthy gold-miner's daughter, and be in the best society. Oh, yes, it is an advantage being noble born, even in Siberia.
  • But the cunning Indian, like his shrewd white brother, may do the very thing least expected. Might they not capture and make off with the boys, for the very purpose of leading Deerfoot on a long pursuit, in which the advantage would be wholly against him?
  • They will be useful to take with us, Godfrey said, "not only for mending our clothes, if we want it, but for exchange. Women have to sew all over the world, and even the most savage people can appreciate the advantage of a good needle."
  • "What! It is as if I were glad of a chance to take advantage of his being alone and despondent! A strange face may seem unpleasant or painful to him at this moment of sorrow; besides, what can I say to him now, when my heart fails me and my mouth feels dry at the mere sight of him?" Not one of the innumerable speeches addressed to the Emperor that he had composed in his imagination could he now recall. Those speeches were intended for quite other conditions, they were for the most part to be spoken at a moment of victory and triumph, generally when he was dying of wounds and the sovereign had thanked him for heroic deeds, and while dying he expressed the love his actions had proved.
  • "My lads," he said, and to a man we all burst out into a ringing cheer, when he took off his cap, and waved it round--"My lads, this is a sharp call, but I've been expecting it, and it has not found us asleep. I thank you for the smart way in which you have answered it, for it shews me that a little easy-going on my part in the piping times of peace has not been taken advantage of. My lads, these are stern times; and this despatch tells me of what will bring the honest British blood into every face, and make every strong man take a firm gripe of his piece as he longs for the order to charge the mutinous traitors to their Queen, who, taking her pay, sworn to serve her, have turned, and in cold blood butchered their officers, slain women, and hacked to pieces innocent babes. My lads, we are going against a horde of monsters; but I have bad news--you cannot all go--"
  • For several days she lay without making any allusion to the death of Lewis, and bore her grief in silence; it seemed now as if the last ray of hope was extinguished, and she well knew that Rineldo would take advantage of her lonely situation to renew his former addresses.
  • His heart leaped with joyous hope, and he leaned forward on the sledge to examine Croisset's empty gun. It was an automatic, and Croisset, glancing back over the loping backs of the huskies, caught him smiling. He ran more frequently now, and longer distances, and with the passing of each mile his determination to strike a decisive blow increased. If they reached the trail of Meleese and Jackpine before the crossing of the second sledge he would lay in wait for his old enemies; if they had preceded them he would pursue and surprise them in camp. In either case he would possess an overwhelming advantage.
  • Fine. But if he suspects a double-cross, that we are taking advantage of him, we could lose the business, Zhu Wen said with a nod of his head to the chemist.
  • It seemed as if someone was either pregnant or being threatened in the House of Hartwell, so these special beings both appreciated and took full advantage of any periods of calm, no matter how short the duration.
  • Some relief came to Myranda, but not much. She knew that now the soldiers had seen her. They had followed her trail this far on descriptions alone. If she did not take every advantage she had at her disposal to keep her distance, they would be upon her. And so she continued to spur on her horse. The animal was exhausted and had not had a proper rest in days, but it had to continue, or they would both be caught.
  • On the other hand, the orgie had its uses from my point of view, because I took advantage of the arrival of so many strange tribes to make myself acquainted with their chiefs, their languages, and their manners and customs, in the hope that these people might be useful to me some day when I commenced my journey overland to civilisation. For, of course, all hope of escape by sea had now to be abandoned, since my boat was destroyed. Several days elapsed, however, before I was able to remain in their presence without a feeling of utter disgust. To be precise, I could not talk to them before they ate, because they were so anxious to get at the food; and after the feast they were too gorged with fat to be able to talk rationally. In all my wanderings amongst the blacks I never came across anything that interested them so much as a whale.
  • The advantage of a standardized extract is that the quality control is more assured than for most preparations of the raw herb.
  • 'I have taken advantage of my demi-semi-clerical dignity,' he said, 'to preach many sermons to her on that particular. Mind you, she's a most estimable woman; and, as you said just now, brilliant and amiable and charming. But she flirts--she flirts with me; and, if I were not entrenched behind the fortress of threescore years, she'd enslave me as she enslaves everybody else. There's an Isolation of the Soul which is very effective at short range. Do you happen to have met it yet?'
  • Good morn', Cap., he said. "Guess I'll see ye in 'Frisco this side o' the Noo Year." He forged rapidly ahead, and when clear of the bows took a long turn to seaward. The Mate took advantage of his being away and wiped off the paint on the burned patch, which was beginning to smell abominably.
  • Taking advantage of a strong northerly capt. taylor ran to zante on 6 february 1814 to consult with lieut.
  • The dwarf, surly in the moment of peril, hurried over to the wing she hastily abandoned and caught it in his callused hands. He twisted it and tied it off, securing it at a better angle to take advantage of the rays coming from the distant sun. The effect was negligible, but it did help to keep the Voidhawk from being twisted laterally as they tried to sail forward.
  • To learn how motor control of whiskers takes place, Wang and postdoctoral fellow Jun Takatoh used a new technique that takes advantage of the rabies virus' ability to spread through connected nerve cells. A disabled form of the virus used to vaccinate pets was created with the ability to express a fluorescent protein. The researchers were able to trace its path through a network of brain cells directly connected to the motor neurons controlling whisker movement.
  • Diarist samuel pepys took advantage of its many inns, including the falcon in 1662.
  • I shall not lose my way in this new kingdom of mine, that's one advantage in having it of moderate size; and if I climb to the top of the hill, I shall be able to sing with Robinson Crusoe, `I am lord of all I survey,'--ah, ah, ah! and he laughed for the first time for many a day.
  • (Cue sad and almost unbelievable memories of two winters ago when everyone was rushing south to Syria, taking advantage of the lifting of visa requirements for Turks.)
  • Fact is, continued Swinton, following up the advantage gained by the incidental allusion to the Honourable Geraldine, "I've just this moment come from qua'lling with her. She wished me to take her out faw a dwive. I wefused."
  • For the solution of the question of free will or inevitability, history has this advantage over other branches of knowledge in which the question is dealt with, that for history this question does not refer to the essence of man's free will but its manifestation in the past and under certain conditions.
  • Now there is this advantage to a tic-tac. Once you want to escape you can take it with you by the simple process of pulling on the long string, when the pin is jerked from the window-frame, and you can drag the nail and all with you, thus leaving no evidence behind. This was what Bob did.
  • "Then most women are idiots!" She whirled away angrily, ready to leave the both of them, Richard and Rhirid, when the full import of Longswords words struck her. If the men were fighting over her, then she had the right to stop the fight herself. Resolutely, she turned back, forced her way through the press of on-lookers and entered the circle of combat. She was behind Rhirid, who did not see her, and facing Richard, who did. For a moment he was frozen in place as he stared at her. Someone shouted her name but she ignored him. Just as she stepped forward to take advantage of the lull, Rhirid swung at the unmoving Delamere, who swerved away reflexively and sent out his own fist in reply. The blow connected with the chiefs face and, off-balance and arms flailing for support, he teetered backwards, striking Olwen on the side of her head and sending her to the ground.
  • But then her answer might have quite a different meaning. What if she were telling me that she had determined never to speak another word on that subject, and that my question was an offense to her? Surely she had told me often enough to talk about more sensible things, and perhaps this was only a new and forcible way of repeating the same injunction. I reflected, too, that it was hardly fair to take advantage of the present situation to force upon her a prohibited topic of conversation.
  • The walk turned to a gentle stroll and he led her, leftwards, around the plaza's perimeter. Oscar hung back a few paces. She kept her eyes on the young captain, trying to get a read on him. Any advantage would help. The sun, even more deeply slanted than before, lanced straight through his hair and glinted off that sun pin. He seemed to be on the other side of the world, not like he had any intention of starting a top-secret conversation. It went on for too long.
  • It has the advantage that it can be operated under moister soil conditions than a tractor steerage hoe.
  • It would not have been an easy task had they not worn the uniforms of aviators. But once these were noted, they were welcomed with smiles, and though at the first place they applied there was no room, the proprietor busied himself to such advantage that the boys were soon settled in a big double room with a fine view of a busy section of Paris.
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