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  • Diarist samuel pepys took advantage of its many inns, including the falcon in 1662.
  • Both Bobolink and Joe declared they were fully rested by then, and so the return march was taken up. Perhaps Paul was a little reckless, or it may have been he did not care very much. But it was suddenly discovered that the prisoner was gone! Paul did not say anything, but he could guess that Joe, for the honor of the family, had taken advantage of their being a little ahead, to set him free.
  • Elvallon constantly reminded him that others who had the Gift or, worse, control over sorcery, could counter him, though even he admitted that anyone able to speed up their movement through time held a pretty good advantage.
  • But Billy and Lathrop were seen to have taken advantage of the brief breathing spell it gave them. In a few strong strokes they had swum with the aged man to shallow water and quickly waded ashore. They were safe then for the time being. But for how long?
  • His method was well illustrated in my own case. One of his earliest injunctions to me was that I should never introduce any subject of conversation connected, in however remote a degree, with my travels or with my studies in relation to the government of tropical dependencies. When, for instance, he happened to need some information about India or the West Indies, he always directed one of the other men to find it for him. This arrangement had, from his standpoint, the double advantage of making the other man learn something of which he was ignorant, and of leaving me free to work at something of which I was ignorant. Thus J. P. killed two intellectual birds with one stone.
  • The numerous magpies seemed to be conscious of my admiration of their beautiful piebald plumage and to take every opportunity to show off its iridescent hues to the best advantage in the sunlight.
  • Thus qualified, she, in an evil hour, had recourse to the advice of our adventurer, for some ailment under which she had long laboured, and found such relief from his skill as very much prepossessed her in his favour. She was no less pleased with his obliging manners than with his physic, and found much entertainment in his conversation, so that the acquaintance proceeded to a degree of intimacy, during which he perceived her weak side, and being enamoured of her person, flattered her out of all her caution. The privilege of his character furnished him with opportunities to lay snares for her virtue, and, taking advantage of that listlessness, languor, and indolence of the spirits, by which all the vigilance of the soul is relaxed, he, after a long course of attention and perseverance, found means to make shipwreck of her peace.
  • The whistle blew before any further advantage had been gained. Coach and Midshipman Hepson had gained considerable insight into the work of the team.
  • I know now the purpose of dressage and why Thomas schooled Edward so thoroughly. If a cavalier fights infantrymen stood stock still he will do well enough on his right, with the advantage of height, but hell have a blade between his ribs on his left in seconds. A shield is nearly useless. The only answer is to walk the horse round to the right, simultaneously taking the target away and pushing at attackers with the horses hind quarter. The horse is controlled by the riders legs and left hand. Under pressure, the horse can be walked forward or backThe correct speed of turn is essential because the horseman must leave no one standing on his right. If he does, that man can get under the horses neck, to the left, leaving the rider blocked and a blade in the belly inevitable. On the other hand, go too slow and the protection of the horses rump is soon overcome.
  • Fikna smirked. "A splendid idea. While I find it disagreeable in subject matter, it has the advantage of being original and interesting."
  • "I've noticed a few things in my life, Miss Necia, and one of them is that it often does a heap of good to let out and talk things over; not that a fellow gains any real advantage from disseminating his troubles, but it serves to sort of ease his mind. Folks don't often come to me for advice or sympathy. I don't have it to give, but maybe it will help you to tell me what caused this night- marauding expedition of yours." Seeing that she hesitated, he went on: "I suppose there's a lot of reasons why you shouldn't confide in me--I don't like that old man of yours, nor any of your friends; but maybe that's why I'm interested. If any of them has upset you, I'll take particular pleasure in helping you get even."
  • My family was completely obliterated from the tablets of my memory, when one morning a young man knocked at my door and begged to speak with me for a moment in private. He was shown into my closet, where, without asking him to take a chair, as he seemed to be quite a common fellow, I desired to know abruptly what he wanted. How! Signor Gil Blas? said he, do you not remember me? It was in vain that I perused the lines of his face over and over again; I was obliged to tell him fairly that he had the advantage of me. Why, I am one of your old schoolfellows! replied he, bred and born in Oviedo; Bertrand Muscada, the grocer's son, next-door neighbour to your uncle the canon. I recollect you as well as if it was but yesterday. We have played a thousand times together at blind man's buff and prison bars.
  • Once more Danglars bit his lips. It was the second time he had been worsted, and this time on his own ground. His forced politeness sat awkwardly upon him, and approached almost to impertinence. Monte Cristo on the contrary, preserved a graceful suavity of demeanor, aided by a certain degree of simplicity he could assume at pleasure, and thus possessed the advantage.
  • If the fox continued clear across the dam there was one point at which he would afford a clear shot through a little opening in the brush. It would be at long range, but the 22 was high powered, and if he could judge the distance aright and hold true there was a chance that he might kill. So far as he could see this appeared to be his only chance, and he prepared to take advantage of it. Inch by inch he wormed himself around on the log so as to face this opening. Then estimating the distance as best he could, a difficult matter across the snow, he set his sights accordingly, cocked the rifle and held it in readiness. All the time he kept whispering to himself, "Nothin' but a rabbit. Nothin' to git excited about. Youse has got a dead cinch. Youse can't miss." Somehow this trying to think of the fox as a rabbit helped wonderfully. Anybody could hit a rabbit.
  • At last Alexis saw his chance. In getting the grip he wanted, it was necessary for him to face the danger of putting himself in his opponent's power; but the Cossack ventured to do this, for he realized that by no other means could he throw him. Von Bernstrum saw his opponent's move and took advantage of it, and for a moment Alexis was afraid it was all over with him.
  • Williams realizes that Dr. Duesberg could probably tell her a long story about each one of them, and he was obviously going to take full advantage of this opportunity on national TV, after many years of his media blackout. She had decided, after his previous trials and tribulations, to give him free rein and just let him talk. But theres a limit, and so she broke in gently. "How about just telling us about the highlights from one of them...."
  • Give it to him, my lads, before he brings his guns to bear! shouted the captain. "Pour in your iron! That's my hearties! You knocked her a foot out of the water that shot, boys! Quit your guns now; there is no time to reload! Take to your cutlasses and pistols. We have the rest of it, lads, at close quarters. We'll show them what it is to board a king's ship. If your muskets are in the way in the fight, throw 'em aside and use your English fists! We'll whip them yet! If we believe we can do a thing, we can do it; that's my maxim, my lord. Your lordship will now have the pleasure of cutting a score or two of these murderer's throats, with the advantage of exercise to the muscles. Pleasure with business is my maxim. Stand ready all! When I give the word, each of you bring down one of those red devils that are crowding about her bows."
  • It meant stopping the race, it meant making the last of the two landings allowed them. And it was a landing in a wild and desolate place, seemingly, for there was no sign of city or town below them. And just now, after her repairs, when everything was running smoothly, it behooved Dick and his associates to take advantage of every mile and minute they could gain. Otherwise some other craft might get in ahead of them.
  • Gathering up his courage, Aiden moved along the tunnel in the direction the other guard had come from, and delved deeper into the cave complex. He had a distinct advantage now, for while they couldn't see him, Aiden was more than able to see everything around him as clear as day. As he moved, he couldn't help but notice that the cave did not seem natural. He'd seen more than his share of caves recently, and this one seemed more like a purpose-built underground complex, something far beyond the skills of the tribal mountain folk.
  • These were my first meetings with Sir Richard Wingfield. It was well into the evening before I learned who he was. As we met in my mothers porch he had all the advantage of me and I none of him. In all the time I knew him he gave nothing away, but with such manners and courtesy he was never mean.
  • You'll gain nothing by being clever! sneered the squire, taking a threatening step forward. For at the last moment I had tucked my revolver behind my back, not only for the pleasure, but for the obvious advantage of getting them all in front of me and off their guard. I had no idea that such eyes as Rattray's could be so fierce: they were dancing from me to my companion, whom their glitter frightened into an attempt to disengage herself from me; but my arm only tightened about her drooping figure.
  • Montero had not been long encamped among them, when he discovered that the Blackfeet were hovering about the neighborhood. One day the hunters came galloping into the camp, and proclaimed that a band of the enemy was at hand. The Crows flew to arms, leaped on their horses, and dashed out in squadrons in pursuit. They overtook the retreating enemy in the midst of a plain. A desperate fight ensued. The Crows had the advantage of numbers, and of fighting on horseback. The greater part of the Blackfeet were slain; the remnant took shelter in a close thicket of willows, where the horse could not enter; whence they plied their bows vigorously.
  • Flagging up savings there is far more scope for cost-cutting and business advantage using automatic sensing technologies than most realize.
  • The Apple Inc. (AAPL) handset cant connect to the newest networks of most European carriers. That creates a potential opening for Nokia Oyj (NOK1V) as it seeks to claw back lost market share with new phones that can take full advantage of the fastest networks.
  • A superior army faced them, and they were desperate, like they said. But it wasnt fair that they should take advantage of Hal and his friends. He would have been happy to help them out, if they had just asked him. All this blackmail and manipulation! It made Hal sick. Why should he let them pull his strings? What was in it for him, when it came down to it? The Runeblade! Well, why should he care? He had never wanted to be wielder of the Runeblade. It was something else that had been thrust upon him.
  • But three Britons spring to their sovereigns rescue. "Stand, stand!" warns Belarius. "We have the advantage of the ground! The lane is guarded!—nothing routs us but the villainy of our fears!" His sword and hands are smeared with blood; he hardly looks fearful.
  • TARP The Troubled Asset Relief Program - a $700bn rescue fund set up by the US government in response to the 2008 financial crisis. Originally the TARP was intended to buy up or guarantee toxic debts owned by the US banks - hence its name. But shortly after its creation, the US Treasury took advantage of a loophole in the law to use it instead for a recapitalisation of the entire US banking system. Most of the TARP money has now been repaid by the banks that received it.
  • The queen laughed. "My dear Senashow, it pleases me that you worry about my well being, even if only for your own safety. It also worries me that you would entertain this mindless mysticism, as you like to call it." Her voice was becoming cruel and soft, and he listened with rapt attention. "If we capture a boy that fits the description, the rebels will come to save him. In their haste, they will be sloppy and will make mistakes of which we will take advantage . They will be crushed and in little time we will rid the land of this prophecy and the resistance."
  • During the time that our various preparations thus went forward we had no direct news from the stronghold of the enemy; yet many vague rumors reached us of the army that was being set in order there to take the field against us. On the other hand, the constant departure from among us of those who were loyal to the ancient government kept the Priest Captain well informed of all that was in progress in our camp. No effort was made by the Council to prevent these departures, for all of our plans were working so well, and our forces were increasing so prodigiously, that it was to our advantage that the enemy should have news of our rapidly augmenting strength; and especially was it hoped that the news thus carried to the city might incline many there who wavered in their allegiance to take open part with us--or, at the least, to refuse to take part against us--and that in this way there might be stirred up a very dangerous spirit of mutiny within the enemy's lines.
  • "It is rather a deliberate snub not to. These galas are supposed to be the great levelers and mixers. Of course, I am the designated representative incarnate to the Emperor-elect so I could claim meditation for my own excuse as well. However, it is the expected thing for the liaison representative to mingle and gain as much advantage as possible from their temporary status and visibility. But these social niceties are not necessarily the point. There is politics and there is prudence. You know the Scapula as well as anyone. Where does prudence lie in this situation?"
  • Jack found himself thinking of the advantage of the man on board a warship. He, at least, could go down with a last look at the world about him. Below, nothing could be seen, nothing could be heard. If the submarine went down, all would suffocate in the darkness beneath the water.
  • At the sound of his friend's voice Nat involuntarily turned his head. Sam meanly took advantage of this, and drew back his arm for a blow. His fist shot out, but Nat turned aside in time so that he only received a light blow on the shoulder. He had been hit, however, and he was not the lad to stand that without taking some action.
  • Dreth scowled. He didn't want to have to fight his way through these beasts if he could help it, they had the advantage of terrain if nothing else, but he didn't really want to go back either. He scratched his head.
  • Triumpara, the sovereign of Cochin, informed the admiral that he had been eagerly solicited by the Zamorin to take advantage of the confidence reposed in him by the Portuguese, to surprise and seize them, in consequence of which intelligence, and to reward the integrity of the king whose loyalty had exposed him to the enmity of the Rajah of Calicut, Gama, when starting for Lisbon with a valuable cargo, left with Triumpara ships sufficient to enable him to await in safety the arrival of another squadron. During Gama's return voyage the only noteworthy incident that occurred was the defeat of another Malabar fleet. The admiral arrived in Europe on the 20th of December, 1503.
  • "I will lay you ten thousand ducats to your ring, thatcommend me to the court where your lady is, and with no more advantage than the opportunity of a second conferenceI will bring from thence that honour of hers, which you imagine so reserved!"
  • Pearl told Louie and Lulu what had happened to Councillor Shufflegrub! ‘In fact’, said Pearl. ‘It was of real advantage to us that I did merge with Councillor Shufflegrub. I know what his program is now. The cows are going to be delivered by truck next Thursday. Shufflegrub and his two sons are then to spend the following three days getting the operation underway. On the next Monday Shufflegrub and the family are off on thisfact finding mission’. While they are away the council CEO (Grovelmoore) is going to stay in the Shufflegrub house and look after things, all very cosy. I hope he brings some air freshener!’
  • Hal also leaned back in his chair. He chafed under this restraint, but he realized that it would be foolish to make an effort to escape under the very mouths of his two captors' guns. Nevertheless, he was ready to take advantage of the first opportunity that should offer itself.
  • Meanwhile, General Byng of the British Third Army, reporting that the enemy on his front was thinning in a limited withdrawal, was ordered to attack with 200 tanks towards Bapaume, opening the Battle of Albert, with specific orders "To break the enemy's front, in order to outflank the enemy's present battle front" (opposite the British Fourth Army at Amiens). Allied leaders had now realised that to continue an attack after resistance had hardened was a waste of lives, and it was better to turn a line than to try to roll over it. They began to undertake attacks in quick order to take advantage of successful advances on the flanks, then broke them off when each attack lost its initial impetus.
  • Cindy picked a piece of corn silk off his shirt. A vague smile crept over her lips. "I think thats a great idea. We should take advantage of the kids being up at Nanaswhile we can. You need to get cracking on the job hunting. The economys not going north anytime soon. Dont worry about the house. Donnie and his gang seem to have things under control here. Its quiet, John. Two nights in a row! Isnt that wonderful?"
  • Other missionary organisations at work in the country quickly saw the advantage of using these syllabic characters, and were not slow to avail themselves of them. While all lovers of Missions rejoice at this, it is to be regretted that some, from whom better things might have been expected, were anxious to take the credit of the invention, instead of giving it to its rightful claimant, the Reverend James Evans. It is a remarkable fact, that so perfectly did Mr Evans do his work, that no improvement has been made as regards the use of these characters among the Cree Indians.
  • On some occasions in the past he had shot deer by means of this same little lantern, though its use is now frowned down on in many states, since what appears to be a mean advantage is taken of the innocent deer when they come down to drink at the lake or stream, and stare at the strange glow upon the water, allowing the sportsman to push close enough to make dead sure of his quarry.
  • For a few seconds longer they battled with terrible fury, neither having the advantage; now on one side of the deck, now on the other; now striding the body of the insensible Edwin, now fighting together in the waste, retreating and advancing alternately. At length the bucanier began to gain an advantage over his less athletic antagonist; he pushed him hard, and, step by step, compelled him to retreat towards the stern. Finally, by a strong and sudden stroke, he shivered his sword to his hand and left him defenceless.
  • Ms. Ceracz was less street-smart savvy than Pisak, but she knew how to use to her advantage the fact that he thought she liked him, which was not true, even though the woman wasn't good-looking, but then again, neither was Pisak.
  • Lysander protests to Theseus: "I am, my lord, as well derived as he, as well possessed! My love is more than his!—my fortunes every way as fairly ranked, if not with advantage as Demetriuss! And what is more than all those boasts can be, I am beloved by beauteous Hermia! Why then should I not prosecute my right?
  • Master Edling appeared lost in his own ruminations, and Premon pressed on, hoping to gain any advantage he could. "General Dempsy's men have already repaired one warship, and they are scavenging materials to repair more. From what I've heard, they plan to pursue the Volker girl once they have three seaworthy ships. The deserters will be left behind."
  • The Captain was too young for his position. He probably received the rank more for the purity of his pure blond hair than any skill. Johan let a smile crack his rugged face. He knew the advantage was his in whatever this war of words turned out to be.
  • The adherents of Union contended that the original idea of Cecil Rhodes was to make Rhodesia a part of the Union of South Africa; that by this procedure the vexing problem of customs with the Union would be solved; that the system of self-government in South Africa meets every requirement of self-determination. Moreover, the point was made that by becoming a part of the Union the whole railway question would be settled. At present the Rhodesian railways have three ends, one in South Africa at Vryburg, another on the Belgian border, and a third at the sea at Beira. It was claimed that through the Union, Rhodesia would benefit by becoming a part of the nationalized railway system there and get the advantage of a British port at the Cape instead of Beira, which is Portuguese. In other words, Union meant stability of credit, politics, finance and industry.
  • "I explained that the reason we had to travel across country was that the Colonel would have patrols looking for any sign of an army moving against him. Once word was brought that an army had been sighted he would muster his forces for a battle. When a battle came, the Allivan strategy would be to mass his infantry troops on the top of a hill facing the enemy. This gave them the advantage of greater distance for his archers and less fatigue for his troops during the engagement. They would have the advantage of running downhill while the enemy was forced to run up."
  • There was one thing that he knew he had on his side, and that was their ignorance of drunkenness. None of them would know how drunks behaved, not properly. They were too fit and healthy to know. They didn't move in the right social circles. And they wanted him drunk. That gave him a great deal of freedom. Unfortunately it might be the only advantage he had, so he would have to make good use of it. He took a long drink. Rushing-time.
  • Juridical advantage " which the claimant would or might enjoy by suing in england.
  • Taking advantage of this diversion, a tall, gaunt Kafir, rising noiselessly amid a mass of tangled creepers, was deliberately aiming at somebody. So silent had been his movements, so occupied were the other whites, that he was entirely unperceived. His eye went down to the breech. He seemed to require a long and careful aim.
  • He was calling to his men savagely to row faster; for our boats were so scattered that he only could see the one in which we happened to be, and he doubtless imagined that the others had gone forward, and that this one waited to carry off some of our men who yet remained on the wall. He evidently hoped to be able to cut us off from the rest of our party, and his eagerness had so communicated itself to his oarsmen that his boat led the others by nearly a hundred yards. So far as this one boat was concerned, we felt no alarm, for the moment that it came out through the wall our whole force was ready to dash upon it; yet we wondered why Tizoc permitted even a single boat to come out to the attack, when, by dropping the grating, they all could be penned in so effectually as to give us the advantage of a long start.
  • I thought I saw the faintest glimmer of fear quiver in Hadil's eyes. "I simply meant that the late Queen did declare her approval of Emira-Regent Selene, and while that may seem to be in her favor, we cannot forget the weak state the blessed Queen Erina was in by the end of it. The whole of Ghalain sorrowed with her, but I am afraid that this young charlatan did very much overwhelm her with charm, and I would hasten to argue, take advantage of her. Your mother was very much her victim, her pawn, as you, and I, and the whole of Ghalain are at threat to become if we select her to be Queen!"
  • Rordan softened. "Im sorry. I know you just want to have a sweetheart. Me too. I dont know why were such a bunch of losers. You bring 'em for miles but can never take advantage of that. I always run away. Maybe were cursed."
  • The fighting was resumed at dawn, and again it was the Germans who attacked. They had counted on their advantage of the day before to break the morale of their enemies and hoped by pressure to turn the withdrawal into a rout.
  • "It is so named," continued the Captain, "because the creature has the advantage of having several bodies instead of one, all radiating from a single stem, like fingers or toes. But now, I think, there's nothing much of any good left of our shoot, save a few oysters. Those will come in handy presently, eh, Strong?"
  • This very small change had, in fact, prodigiously reduced the cost of the raw material, which had rendered it possible in the first place, to raise the price of manufacture, a benefit to the country; in the second place, to improve the workmanship, an advantage to the consumer; in the third place, to sell at a lower price, while trebling the profit, which was a benefit to the manufacturer.
  • This was perfectly true, and it was evident that the herders would endeavor to get their woolly charges on the other side of the stream as soon as possible, to take advantage of the rich grazing on the open range, newly made available to all comers.
  • Indeed, following the abolition of " live witness " committals, there is no advantage to the prosecution in avoiding a contested committal.
  • Harvey took advantage of the distraction to run after the zombies, but he collided with Redthorne, who was throwing white light at a Drow sorceress. The dark elf mage was obviously not a master, but she was just powerful enough to fend off the worst of Redthornes spells and force the mage back, occasionally throwing a spell in turn.
  • Miss Macnab's back was turned to the savage, but not having the advantage of the glass, she could not see him, and continued her pleasant prattle. Like a dark, noiseless shadow, the Indian advanced, and raised his knife.
  • I received several letters from him after I returned to America--in fact he took advantage of every northward-passing caravan to drop me word of some sort. His last letter was written the day before he intended to depart. Here it is.
  • It may seem strange that I should have recollected this conversation. In truth, I did not, and it was not till many years afterwards that I was told of it. Indeed, I may confess once for all, that had I not possessed the advantage of communicating with some of the principal actors, I should have been unable to describe many of the events which occurred at that period of my existence. I remember, however, the captain, and his amiable consort, Mrs Podgers, and the snappish cruel way she spoke to sweet Miss Kitty and Edward Falconer. She appeared, indeed, to detest him, and took every opportunity of showing her dislike by all sorts of petty annoyances. He bore them all with wonderful equanimity, perhaps for Kitty's sake, perhaps because he despised their author. Sometimes, when he came on deck after dining in the cabin, he would burst into a fit of laughter, as if enjoying a good joke, and would continue to smile when Kitty appeared with a look of vexation and pain on her countenance, supposing he must have been annoyed beyond endurance.
  • You forget, lad, that I ain't a buffalo runner, an' don't know the cut o' the brutes' jibs yet. It does look like somethin'. Come, we'll go an' see. Putting their horses to the gallop, the two curiously matched friends, taking advantage of every knoll and hollow, succeeded in getting sufficiently near to perceive that a small herd was grazing quietly in a grassy bottom between two prairie waves. They halted at once for consultation.
  • Apart from the woman in the tub, there was another customer. An old man was sitting on the lowest bench, farthest away from the stove. The second of the two girls who worked the place was flogging him lightly with a birch twig complete with leafs and everything to increase his blood circulation and purge his pores more efficiently. The sauna girls were famous for having no shame at all, working the whole day amongst naked people, rubbing them with sponges and showering them with buckets of water. However, they were not whores and any attempt to take advantage of them would have been unthinkable. At least while they were working, thought Dillquist. Although the little one who just entered with another bucket of water to be thrown on the stones was exceptionally exquisite indeed.
  • The one advantage Grahamas had, aside from his horse, was that he could cut his time in halfmaybe moreif he rode straight through. The roads all over the land were long and winding, riding through them rather than on them he would close the gap between he and Elryia, but it would be a much harder trek. He didn't have a choice, every moment they were getting further and every step led Rhimaldez one more closer to Kaldus.
  • He could easily enough imagine these desperate scoundrels making him sign a glowing report declaring that the property was fabulously rich. Plainly, then, it would be greatly to the advantage of the scouts to get out of the mine without being discovered.
  • Our division formed on the heights above Samunoz to cover the passage of the rivulet, which was so swollen with the heavy rains, as only to be passable at particular fords. While we waited there for the passage of the rest of the army, the enemy, under cover of the forest, was, at the same time, assembling in force close around us; and the moment that we began to descend the hill, towards the rivulet, we were assailed by a heavy fire of cannon and musketry, while their powerful cavalry were in readiness to take advantage of any confusion which might have occurred. We effected the passage, however, in excellent order, and formed on the opposite bank of the stream, where we continued under a cannonade and engaged in a sharp skirmish until dark.
  • The work of organizing an army, however, was a more difficult matter; for very serious obstacles, both moral and material, had to be overcome before we of the revolutionary faction could place an effective fighting force in the field. Of what I may term regular troops, that is to say, thoroughly drilled and disciplined soldiers, we could count upon but few; for, practically, the whole body of the army had remained faithful to the Priest Captain and was with him in Culhuacan. For the most part, also, the regular troops scattered through the garrisons of the various towns had betaken themselves immediately to Culhuacan upon the acknowledgment by the civil officers of these towns of the authority of the new government; and at the same time had departed with them nearly all the priests, and such few persons of the upper classes as desired the maintenance of the ancient order of things. The result of which general movement at least gave us the advantage of carrying on unmolested our own work of concentrating and organizing; and, so far, was a positive service to us.
  • During the brief moment that their attention had been diverted, the Uhlan had taken advantage of their preoccupation and had silently stolen away to the machine whose engine had been left running. Now he was beyond recall, and in a short time would be again on the eastern side of the fighting line, where he would no doubt join his regiment.
  • The country people were neutral. That was the advantage we had from having always treated them well, while the cazique of Ayotlan had been a tyrant, and had greatly oppressed them. So they brought in provisions to us for sale, and we had less difficulty, in that way, than the people of the town.
  • Everyone but Caradoc wore the fixed exultant grin of the man who outwits his rival. The submarine had been thoroughly outgeneraled. North and west of the Vulcan lay the whole Sargasso for an endless chase. The diving boat had lost the great advantage of having the steamer cornered.
  • Or maybe you are already a seasoned bachelor, a full-tenured man about town dispensing wisdom to all the young punks at the sports bar regarding such important topics of the day as the most reliable remote control to handle all your new surround sound equipment, or which microwave meatloaf dinner gets your thumbs-up of approval. And also how to help manage your time so that you're not busting your tail at work and missing some valuable break opportunities - for example, if you're not a smoker, you should probably learn to develop the habit so that you can begin taking advantage of "smoke breaks." After all, there's no need to knock yourself out doing anything when a simple half-assed attempt will do just fine. And with that thought in mind...
  • Big Otter at that time occupied the important position of hunter to the establishment. He supplied it with fresh meat and dwelt in a small wigwam, about six miles distant from the fort, on the borders of a little lake--little at least for that region, but measuring somewhat over three miles in diameter. He also, for his own advantage and recreation, carried on the business of a trapper, and had that winter supplied many a silver fox and marten to the fur-stores at Wichikagan.
  • It has the advantage of also being a potentially therapeutic procedure.
  • Rewriteon 7.x has been completely rewritten from scratch to take advantage of many undocumented windows api functions.
  • The fruitful and prosperous district of Natal had for years remained unnoticed, until the Dutch emigrants rendered it famous by their battles with the Zulus. Thus England has eventually derived an advantage from those proceedings which drove away above two thousand of her colonists; and now the emigrant who desires a crop with but little trouble, a lovely climate free from disease, and a country well watered and fertile, may find these near where Hans Sterk selected his farm, and where Katrine became his bride.
  • It was short, but Foster, who was surprised and disturbed, understood his host's alarm. Daly had written from Hexham, asking, or rather summoning, Featherstone to meet him there next day, although he stated that if this was impossible, he would arrive at the Garth in the evening. There was a threat in the intimation that it would be to Lawrence's advantage if Featherstone saw him soon.
  • We crossed into Georgia. Abkhazia. The greasy ABC guy... Jeff, his Abkhazia looked peaceful, ready for the coming big New Year holiday. A few pensioners on their way to a beach dacha departed at Sokhumi... as did even a few vacationers taking advantage of off-season low prices down at the Black Sea for New Year's. Vahan and I stepped outside onto the platform of this beloved beach city. Warm. There was a light breeze like we'd come to South Carolina in December. We hugged a moment, and like everyone else that could, we rushed to buy a huge sack of mandarins. "Some of the best times of my life were here," he said.
  • As they proceeded slowly along the road, after watching the procession of motor lorries loaded with wounded wind past, all of them were using their eyes to the best advantage.
  • It was the bigger of the two blacks, who had in his insane rage taken advantage of the confusion and excitement to escape from those who held him prisoner and leap overboard, to swim for his liberty.
  • Van Dam was at a loss for words; he was panic-stricken; but swift upon his consternation came a reckless determination to take advantage of the old gentleman's first mistake and to try to brazen the matter through. There was nothing to be gained by explanation; no one would believe his story. He spoke out boldly.
  • A cross between the children of hero did not give to the grandchildren any advantage over the self-fertilised grandchildren raised from the self-fertilised children.
  • There has been concern to take advantage of recently improved communications systems in order to produce a fully paperless environment.
  • Transshipaining volume is then transhipped to argentina due to the price advantage provided by paraguayan market.
  • It was hardly an easy time to travel; winter had started early and already, in mid-November, a thin shroud of wet snow lay over the countryside. The earl had an advantage in that he could cross the breadth of England and stay in one of his own properties practically every night but Eleanor hoped anyway that he might freeze to death on his horse. Or failing that, fall overboard and drown when he sailed to Normandy.
  • Likely lad, that, Mr. Peake,"" he said. ""I reckon he must be the one that come ashore from the wreck t'other night. I heard all about it, 'cause some of our men were over to help out,"" he added, in a low tone, taking advantage of Darry straying off a bit to examine a colored print that hung on the wall, and offered all manner of inducements to young fellows wishing to enlist in the navy."
  • As I was heading back to the platform to wait for my train I passed a little gift shop with a big window display of German pocket knives. I realized that I was staring at another advantage of traveling by trainno security checks. I could actually carry a weapon with me.
  • To take advantage of that, the researchers built rectangular microfluidic chips, about the size of a quarter, with 40 to 70 parallel channels. Cells are suspended in a solution with the material to be delivered and flowed through the channel at high speed -- about one meter per second. Halfway through the channel, the cells pass through a constriction about 30 to 80 percent smaller than the cells' diameter. The cells don't suffer any irreparable damage, and they maintain their normal functions after the treatment.
  • "Yes, a good many thousands," assented his host, "but it pays to do things right. I've already got back a good many times over all that it cost. A single hot barren summer would destroy thousands of head of cattle, to say nothing of the suffering of the poor brutes. And those that didn't die would be so worn to skin and bone that they'd hardly pay the expense of shipping them to market. The only way to make money in ranching nowadays is to do things on a big scale and take advantage of all up-to-date ideas.
  • Thus, whoever controls resources considered culturally valuable will always have an economic advantage over those who desire access to these resources.
  • Mr. Clifford, on whom all this heavy labour had begun to tell, was taking advantage of the absence of his taskmaster, Jacob, to sleep awhile in the hut which they had now built for themselves beneath the shadow of the baobab-tree. As she reached it he came out yawning, and asked her where she had been. Benita told him.
  • The Akorans fought without finesse, without fear. His adrenaline pumping, Aiden didn't feel any pain from his injury as he chopped and slashed at a savage, while trying to take advantage of the cluttered terrain. More often than not, his sword met the shield of his opponent, who seemed to recognise the uncanny strength behind each of Aiden's attacks, and kept his movements on the defensive. But after three rapid strikes on the wooden shield, it shatteredalong with the bones in his arm - and left the man vulnerable to a swift blow to the chest, dropping him to the floor like a sack of provisions.
  • I don't believe they will come very close, continued Ben. "They know that we have the advantage of them, even if we are but four to nine."
  • But here the simplification ended, and a complication intruded itself. It was not so long ago that she had sat under the stone-pine with Archie, and seen his face glow in the darkness as he drew on his cigarette. In point of attractiveness there was naturally no comparison between her cousin and this amiable middle-aged man, but owing to the impossibility of the most limited polyandry it was clearly no use to think of marrying them both, and all that was left was to choose between them, supposing, as she most sincerely did, that it was, or soon would be, for her to choose. Certainly she was not in love with Archie, if she took as an example of that the ridiculous symptoms exhibited by Daisy Hollinger, who by some strange freak was in love with Lord Harlow. Helena had behaved very wisely over that, for she had instantly seen the advantage of becoming great friends, in her sense of the word, with poor Daisy, who poured out to her a farrago of amorous imbecility, and she was sure that she wasnot in love with Archie like that. Anything so insane seemed incomprehensible to her (and was).
  • But three Britons spring to their sovereigns rescue. "Stand, stand!" warns Belarius. "We have the advantage of the ground! The lane is guarded!—nothing routs us but the villainy of our fears!" His sword and hands are smeared with blood; he hardly looks fearful.
  • No. I don't know where the entrance to Dunop is. I have no experience with dwarf cities. There is no advantage to me going alone. And I'll be glad to have the company
  • In his mind's eye, he could see the progress of the plan that had been conceived and carried on with such infernal cunning. With the patience of moles, they had dug an underground tunnel, extending from Namoto's mansion to within a short distance of the locks. The mention of the divers' helmets gave him a clue to the way in which the holes had been made and the dynamite inserted. No doubt they had taken advantage of stormy nights, lowering themselves into the water at a distance from the locks and then slowly groping their way toward them. The wires had found a conduit in the tunnel, and ran directly to the library of Namoto. His index finger was indeed the finger of Fate, that expected to write a record of disaster to the United States. One pressure on a button would send the electric current surging through the wires, and the great Canal would, for a time at least, be put completely out of commission.
  • Mia's Stand took advantage of the warm Bay of Whales by removing boots and playing in the waves for a time. Mia, Carameth, Belemeriath, Strongwind and Romessee took right to the sea; Zimm and Karthich were a bit reluctant for, as everyone knows, Mantids have an aversion to swimming. But more so than this distaste for water, the two little Mantids harbored a deep uncertainty regarding their acceptance by the members of Mia's Stand. They had never been included in group escapades, most certainly never with opened-arm welcome from peers! But soon they were all playing in the salty bay, even Finnegaff for a short while. They learned that Strongwind could make a horrendous splash. Carameth allowed Mia to tackle him at one point. The moment soaked them with both seawater and feelings that they would keep for a long, long time.
  • These men thus started with the great advantage of a knowledge of the mountain, and their plan for climbing it was the first that contained the possibility of success.
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