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  • "Forget the human," Sazar hummed as he directed his thoughts to the beetle. When he made this kind of direct communication with one monster he would often lose links with others. It was at this time, Sazar risked losing an advantage of battle as the minds of his other minions he was controlling would go suddenly blank, as if a curtain had been pulled. The battle in the town, however, moved surprisingly well and far swifter than he had hoped. He could spare the momentary diversion.
  • Fires were lighted all round the outside of the stockade, so that no savages could approach without being seen; while light of every description in the interior of the enclosure was strictly forbidden by Frobisher, in order that the advantage should be all on the side of the defenders, in the event of attack.
  • Bob took advantage of this little diversion to hide the paper snappers behind the tree while his mother was wiping the flour off her face. The snappers were oblong pieces of stout wrapping paper, folded in such a way that when swung through the air they went off like a bag blown up and crushed between the hands. Bob was an expert in their manufacture.
  • "The first time I met him outside the Circle was at a ball at the Russian Embassy. I went and spoke to him, giving the sign of the Inner Circle as I did so. To my utter amazement, he stared at me without a sign of recognition, and calmly informed me, in the usual way, that I had the advantage of him.
  • 'You will perhaps be surprised to hear me own that, notwithstanding the obstacles are so numerous that I have no perception of the manner in which they are to be overcome, I yet rejoice with you that you have discovered such a woman; that she has assuredly a rooted affection for you; and that you have thus obtained one advantage over all your friends, a strong and unconquerable motive to outstrip them in your efforts.
  • Ours, too, Keaton-Yeats said. "He took advantage of all the interest in atomic weapons. And of his reputation, of course."
  • Junior history activity this term the junior history activity has taken advantage of the fine weather to explore the environs of the school.
  • The two portages, Ennuyeux and Detour, were duly passed, and on the morning of October 3, as we travelled, a sailboat hove into sight. It held Messrs. Thomas Christy, C. Harding, and Stagg. We were now within 11 days of Fort Smith, so I took advantage of the opportunity to send Sanderson back. On the evening of the 3d we came to Salt River, and there we saw Pierre Squirrel with his hundred dogs and at 1 P. M., October 4, arrived at Fort Smith.
  • All this was said at a little distance from Sam and beyond his hearing, but he knew very well in what estimation his companions held him, and he was anxious to impress them, not with his own superiority, but with the fact that the difference was due chiefly to his habit of thinking and observing. He wanted them to improve by association with him, and to that end he took pains to show them the advantage which a habit of observing everything and thinking about it gives its possessor. For this reason he took pains to make no display of his knowledge of Latin or of anything else which they had no chance to learn. He wanted them to learn to use their eyes, their ears and their heads, knowing very well that the greater as well as the better part of education comes by observation and thinking, rather than from books.
  • Fikna smirked. "See here Rord. Its not as if Im taking advantage of a virtuous maiden. A girl like Kea is already experienced. Shes nonconformist. Id prefer to understand a thing or two to teach my wife when I do get married. Its my responsibility as a man to take care of this aspect of my upbringing."
  • Through the forest aisles he slipped like a shadow, and for a time he more than held his own. But his pursuers had the advantage of knowing the ground, while he had to choose his course on the spur of the moment. He lost precious seconds in dodging obstacles, and he could hear the clatter of horses coming nearer and nearer. At any moment a bullet might bring him down.
  • More sophisticated women were often delighted and thrilled at the plain dumb luck of finding an attractive man they can actually carry on a conversation with, who wants to dive into their bush in the worst possible way. These are the kind of women who put the moves on me. The fact that they've just spilled all of their sexual secrets gives me the advantage and they're very willing to roll with that and reap the benefits.
  • He said his crew took advantage of a passing parade to scatter while Abramsohn and his co-star, Elena Schuber, struggled to explain themselves.
  • For several days she lay without making any allusion to the death of Lewis, and bore her grief in silence; it seemed now as if the last ray of hope was extinguished, and she well knew that Rineldo would take advantage of her lonely situation to renew his former addresses.
  • We crossed into Georgia. Abkhazia. The greasy ABC guy... Jeff, his Abkhazia looked peaceful, ready for the coming big New Year holiday. A few pensioners on their way to a beach dacha departed at Sokhumi... as did even a few vacationers taking advantage of off-season low prices down at the Black Sea for New Year's. Vahan and I stepped outside onto the platform of this beloved beach city. Warm. There was a light breeze like we'd come to South Carolina in December. We hugged a moment, and like everyone else that could, we rushed to buy a huge sack of mandarins. "Some of the best times of my life were here," he said.
  • She awoke the next day, quite late and feeling amazingly refreshed. At least it seemed quite late but the house was so bright and cheery in the daytime that it was fully lit up by whatever outside light existed. The cathedral ceilings in the living room with the tall windows took full advantage of the morning light and she was surprised to see that it was only 6:45am.
  • Well, none of my fellows, returned Buck Tom good-humouredly, "happen to have the advantage of me at present, so you may trust me and count this as one o' the `certain occasions' on which a revolver is a most important instrument."
  • The Frenchman staggered back. Jack followed this advantage with a quick left and then another right to the Frenchman's face. Both blows had steam behind them, and his opponent, plainly in distress, covered up quickly and cinched.
  • But as they neared the shore again they heard rumors of strange doings in their absence. There had been a daring daylight hold-up at the Miners' Rest. Six masked men had taken advantage of the exodus to enter and clean out the place at the point of the gun, and now Sammy Sternberg was poisoning the air with his complaints.
  • When they drew near the outlet where the waters of the Lower Lake flowed into Lake Winthrop, Thad, happening to look back, managed to discover a canoe skirting the shore some miles distant. From the actions of those in it, they seemed desirous of remaining unnoticed; for they took advantage of every headland that jutted out; and when they had to make across the open, it was done with all possible speed.
  • A few seconds only were necessary for Sut to free himself, but ere those seconds could be taken advantage of, he was drawn over backward. The entire party sprang upon him and seized his gun and knife.
  • All? We do not own all! Perhaps we do not deserve it. Surely we could not expect it. Why, if we got onehalf of what that fellow Polk is claiming, we should do well enoughthat is more than we deserve or could expect. With our army already at war on the Southwest, England, as we all know, is planning to take advantage of our helplessness in Oregon.
  • Lock-box A facility used in the U.S. and elsewhere for speeding up collections. A bank collects and arranges for clearance of cheques that are sent by customers to a designated post office box. The advantage of this cash management system is that it eliminates the clerical functions prior to the deposit of the cheques. The company is thereby able to reduce FLOAT and realize sale proceeds faster.
  • Spencer wasn't sure what to do, but he knew he had to do something, and fast. The guest bedroom door led straight into the lounge and it was partially open. This had been an advantage so far - he probably wouldn't have woken up if it had been closed - but now it was a liability. If George walked five paces and glanced through the open door then yet another game would be over. He wasn't too bothered about George throwing him out, but he very much wanted to stay and satisfy his curiosity. What was George doing? He held his breath to mute his vocal chords and slowly rolled off the bed and on to the floor. It was a manoeuvre his body did not enjoy.
  • Man to man, Oxenford, though by no means a weakling, was yet outclassed in every particular of height, weight, and reach. But he possessed one inestimable advantage that of agility. Quick footwork should save him at even the closest pinch that and his wits. Then, if the giant were really blind!
  • With the death of the emperor, the last hope of the Spaniards of making terms with their assailants vanished. There was nothing, now, but retreat. After some debate, it was settled that this should take place at night, when they would find the Mexicans unprepared. The difficulties of passage would be greater; but these would, it was thought, be counterbalanced by the advantage of being able to make at least a portion of their retreat unobserved.
  • Not too many years before, a fire had swept up the southern slope, burning off old growth timber, leaving ghostly remains of charred trunks, still standing like forlorn columns against the a cloud-filled sky. The weather did the rest. The limbs and branches that hadnt burned were broken by winds or a winters weight of snow. In between these remains, saplings had started pushing upward, and bushes took advantage of an open sky.
  • It is an assumption based on fact. The sphere has obviously grown strong enough to break free this time. A power it did not have when it was first buried. That in itself allows me to conclude that it is growing stronger as time passes. I also return to the words of Shayed. She has stated that the sphere is gaining a greater consciousness of its surroundings. At this time, it may not know we are aware of its freedom and wish to end its threat to the land. That would be a distinct advantage if we were to make an assault upon Sanctum. If, however, our first attempt is to simply re-bury the sphere, it may consider us a threat in the future. The sphere has great power. If it wishes, it could block us from ever coming close again. We must make our first attempt a successful one. There is no room for trial and error.
  • The Minister of Defence knew why, of course, as did the deputy Prime Minister. They had received phone calls directly from the PM, and before anyone else, and as a result were able to sit in their allotted positions around the cabinet table, smugly acknowledging the maelstrom around them. That was all that they could acknowledge, however, given that all they had been told was that a terrorist was in custody, and they would be briefed at the meeting. However nice it was to be individually informed, their information wasn't enough to use to their own advantage and so they waited for events to unfold along with all the other excited acolytes. They didn't have to wait too long.
  • Suddenly he came on a break in the solid face of the ice. Above him was a narrow rift through the ice to the gravel beneath; how it was made, Bull could not guess. But he took advantage of it. Presently he was striding on toward the summit, beating his hands to restore the circulation and gingerly rubbing his ears.
  • The farmer was somewhat confused, and explained hastily that his wife was going to stay awhile in Richmond with relatives, while he went home alone. In three or four days he would be back with another load of provisions and then he could get her. The face of the stern officer gradually relaxed and he accused the good Mr. Gardner of taking advantage of his wife's absence to enjoy himself. Prescott nodded his head slightly toward the tavern, and the farmer, taking courage from the jocular contraction of the Colonel's left eye, did not resent the insinuation. On the contrary, he enjoyed it, feeling that he was a devil of a fellow, and significantly tapped the left pocket of his coat, which gave forth a ring as of glass.
  • I thank you for the privileges of the island which you have offered me, said Nathaniel, putting on his hat, "and I shall certainly take advantage of your kindness for a few hours, as I want very much to witness one of your ceremonies which I understand is to take place to-day. Then, if I have discovered nothing, I shall return to my ship."
  • Taking advantage of a very unexpected breeze from the eastward we left Preservation Island for Port Dalrymple, which was made after a night's run, on the morning of the 26th November. Eighteen miles from the entrance of Banks Strait, and as far as abreast of Waterhouse Island,* and nine miles from it, we had soundings of from 18 to 20 fathoms; afterwards the depth was 30 and 40; whilst in the fairway nine miles from the opposite entrance of the Strait we had 37.
  • Swiss title-winners Basel own a 1-0 lead over Molde after their triumph in Norway, while CFR Cluj, of Romania, also have a one-goal advantage going into their away tie again Czech side Slovan Liberec.
  • Must be, because the tide would carry them along as fast as it does us; and they have the advantage of knowing the way. Oh! I do wish we could get out in the open sea; and then, once we were clear of the rocks, we'd show them what the boat could do. It would puzzle them to--
  • Diabolical anger showed upon the face of Captain Jack as he grappled with the young Englishman. The pirate chief held the advantage when the two came together, for he had the impetus of his advance behind him, while Jack was off his balance when they grappled. Therefore Captain Jack was uppermost when they struck the deck.
  • My family was completely obliterated from the tablets of my memory, when one morning a young man knocked at my door and begged to speak with me for a moment in private. He was shown into my closet, where, without asking him to take a chair, as he seemed to be quite a common fellow, I desired to know abruptly what he wanted. How! Signor Gil Blas? said he, do you not remember me? It was in vain that I perused the lines of his face over and over again; I was obliged to tell him fairly that he had the advantage of me. Why, I am one of your old schoolfellows! replied he, bred and born in Oviedo; Bertrand Muscada, the grocer's son, next-door neighbour to your uncle the canon. I recollect you as well as if it was but yesterday. We have played a thousand times together at blind man's buff and prison bars.
  • He was without money, and practically without friends; while Government and State lands cost respectively two dollars and a half and a dollar and a quarter an acre, cash down. But he relied on the good sense of capitalists to perceive, from the statistics which his explorations would furnish, the wonderful advantage of logging a new country with the chain of Great Lakes as shipping outlet at its very door. In return for his information, he would expect a half interest in the enterprise. This is the usual method of procedure adopted by landlookers everywhere.
  • A brisk breeze holding steadily southeast gave the Barang the fullest advantage of her square rig and lessened the skipper's anxiety in some degree; and the Celebes coast stretched along to leeward like a roll of vapor in due course without any disquieting gleam of canvas having popped up over the stern ward sea line.
  • Hawksworth monitored the riders carefully out of the corner of his eye and thought he detected a trace of nervousness in their mirth. Yes, he told himself, why use Hindusexcept the Shahbandars Hindu mercenaries got the advantage of you in only seconds. While you and your pick of the Moghul cavalry were fiddling with your uncocked muskets. Perhaps theres a good reason the Shahbandar doesnt hire men of lineage and breeding.
  • The idea had, in fact, been put into Oswald's head by his mother. At that time the feud with the Bairds had burned very hotly, and it would have lessened her anxieties had the boy been bestowed, for a time, in a convent. Oswald himself felt no disappointment at his father's refusal to a petition that he would never have made, had not his mother dilated to him, on several occasions, upon the great advantage of learning.
  • "Hey!" the generically named man said, "I have a blonde to go take advantage of! Dont I at least get a run around with her?"
  • The desperate valour with which they had just fought hand to hand without any advantage of position showed the French troops how hopeless was the task before them; and Kleber's grenadiers, who had been victors in unnumbered battles, now positively refused to attempt the ascent of the fatal breach again.
  • The governor, to the surprise of the garrison, who had been always accustomed to see him wearing a greasy old doublet and a rusty-hilted sword, made his appearance in a richly ornamented suit, which, though somewhat fusty from having been long shut up, had the advantage of being costly.
  • Nor was there an effort to make a case against Richard Fuld, the former chief executive of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., despite the solid evidence of indictable offenses itemized in the post-mortem done on the firm by court-appointed examiner Anton Valukas. Funny how a generation ago, before regulators had the advantage of incriminating e-mail trails, 3,500 financial industry workers went to jail for their roles in the savings and loan crisis.
  • He has then proposed himself to Virginia, and she has doubtless accepted him! All right, all right, Sir William. I always told you it would turn out just in this way. Every thing turns out for the best. You see the advantage of leaving the young people to themselves.
  • It was at this point that she had told Askphrit to get back in the bottle. You can see where this is going of course, so let's jump ahead to the following morning when Tamaria had contrived to be alone in her bedroom by means of an invented headache. The other obvious advantage to this was that, for once, it was Xanthe and not herself who was taking care of Lydia, who had cried and cried when she heard the news. (Tamaria was not particularly kind to Lydia of course, but Xanthe was worse). And, in this way, she could also avoid the suspicious questions of the latter, who had badgered her for an hour after she had returned to the picnic party about where she had been - assuming that Tamaria had sneaked off to see her friends. Xanthe had no friends, and naturally resented the fact that Tamaria had plenty. At least she had not spotted the bottle, hidden carefully among Tamaria's clothes.
  • Professor Aronnax, the Canadian replied, "your arguments are rotten to the core. You talk way off in the future: 'We'll be here, we'll be there!' Me, I'm talking about right now: we are here, and we must take advantage of it!"
  • Aiden was in amongst the enemy first, stabbing with his sword to pierce the armour of the mercenary warrior he had engaged. The speed advantage from the incantation was invaluable, making their opponents seem like they were moving through molasses. Again and again, Aiden's blade struck true, cutting through chain mail and flesh with equal precision. His allies were having similar success in the opening battle, outmatching the greater numbers of their adversaries with speed, tactics, and high morale.
  • "It is an assumption based on fact. The sphere has obviously grown strong enough to break free this time. A power it did not have when it was first buried. That in itself allows me to conclude that it is growing stronger as time passes. I also return to the words of Shayed. She has stated that the sphere is gaining a greater consciousness of its surroundings. At this time, it may not know we are aware of its freedom and that we wish to end its threat to the land. That would be a distinct advantage if we were to make an assault upon Sanctum. If, however, our first attempt is to simply re-bury the sphere, it may consider us a threat in the future. The sphere has great power. If it wishes, it could block us from ever coming close again. We must make our first attempt a successful one. There is no room for trial and error."
  • The algors are better suited to fight in the open upon the sand, Holli reminded the delver. "They fight with slings. They are used to the shifting sand, where the dwarves are not. If I had an army of algors, I would certainly prefer to fight in the open than in the caves of their sandstone mountain. Especially if they were attacked by dwarves. The dwarves would hold a great advantage in the caves, fighting in an element they would consider home."
  • Miss Mariss heard all the gossip; she knew where in her inn to be if she wanted to hear the conversation at a specific table. Much of the inn had been designed around this purpose, though most would never have guessed it. Simple things, such as a knothole in the common room floor that continued through a bored-out log all the way to the cellar, made her task a great deal easier. Her exceptional hearing gave her the advantage of being able to attend to the work of running her inn, all the while collecting valuable information.
  • Easily, if they don't let the fires out; and I crawled further into the camp, and in the direction of a second fire. It looked very comfortable, but no one was there to take advantage of it, and the third and fourth I visited were equally deserted.
  • Meanwhile, taking advantage of the lull in boasting, cursing and general warlike carryings on, the Philistine warriors and the camel warriors were beginning to fraternize.
  • "Right now, your team has carted you back into the visitors locker room and Dr. Bismark is trying to revive you. A lot of unhappy Baltimore fans are congregating at the back door. They plan to string you and your team up as soon as you try to leave. Mink is there, too, along with Lil Boner. They have found Simon Says and your path is about to cross with the infamous Ty Cobb. Mickey the midget is using the distraction to his advantage and is stealing the fourteen dollars out your wallet from the pants hanging in your locker. I do not have a lot of time before you will be on your way, so I will be brief."
  • The fate of Clay and Randy weighed almost as heavily upon him as his own misfortunes. He knew their chance of escape had been very slight, and he feared they had not been able to take advantage of it. Little wonder then that he looked forward with almost equal dread and joy to reaching the end of the cavern.
  • But Baptista consoles poor Litio. "Well, go with me and be not so discomfited! Proceed in practise with my younger daughter; shes apt to learning, and thankful for good turns!" Suddenly, Hortensio feels much betterhe can even take advantage of the instrument brought by a rival.
  • For two miles or more he kept to the trail, inasmuch as it was direct and nothing was to be gained by leaving it. With his senses alert, he finally turned to the right, in order to take advantage of a mass of rocks on ground so elevated that a more extensive view than the former one could be secured. He climbed as nimbly as a monkey to the top, glanced over the many square miles spread out before his gaze and then looked northward.
  • Sir Richard looked at Hetty's thin and colourless though pretty face, and thought it possible that she might be stronger with advantage.
  • Yes, I think so. But that can not happen now. Out in the open they had us at a disadvantage. But we can hold Sokwenna's place until Stampede and the herdsmen come. With two good rifles inside, they won't dare to assault the cabin with their naked hands. The advantage is all ours now; we can shoot, but they won't risk the use of their rifles.
  • A large body almost immediately appeared, coming along the slope on the right, not less than two hundred; and from their open movements and numbers it was evident that they intended battle. The flocks and herds were driven hastily into a coombe, or narrow valley, and there left to their fate. All the armed men formed in a circle; the women occupied the centre. Felix took his stand outside the circle by a gnarled and decayed oak. There was just there a slight rise in the ground, which he knew would give him some advantage in discharging his arrows, and would also allow him a clear view. His friends earnestly entreated him to enter the circle, and even sought to bring him within it by force, till he explained to them that he could not shoot if so surrounded, and promised if the gipsies charged to rush inside.
  • They had not been given sufficient time, however, to get more than half prepared when the mighty blow fell. Those enthusiastic Frenchmen, realizing that they had Von Kluck's army finally on the run, did not mean to lose any of their advantage by unnecessary delay. They could not be held in, even had their officers wished to attempt such a thing. Rod indeed was reminded of the impetuous charge of hounds, once they were released from the leash.
  • I shall be very glad if you will go with me to him, Godfrey said. "A word from you may be of great advantage to me. There are no prisons here, and I am most anxious to be sent to Nertchinsk and not to Irkutsk, because it was from there we escaped."
  • Sir Archibald's telegram was put in the boy's hand; and when this had been read aboard the Spot Cash--and when the schooner had rounded Cape John and was taking full advantage of a sudden change of wind to the southwest--Archie and the skipper and the crew felt very well indeed, thank you!
  • Vince took advantage of this to urge his companion on; and a minute later they could not touch the rock above them with their hands, while a little farther on it could not be reached with an oar.
  • Edgar found on his arrival at Alexandria that his mother and sisters were about to leave for England. Mrs. Blagrove had become seriously indisposed, the result, as she maintained, of the climate, but which was far more due to her indolent habits, for she never took any exercise whatever. Her general health was greatly impaired, and the two Italian doctors who attended her--there being no English medical men resident there--had most strongly advised that she should return home. They had frankly told Mr. Blagrove that a colder climate was absolutely necessary to her, not only because it would brace her up and act as a tonic, but because she would probably there be induced to take a certain amount of exercise. The two girls were to accompany her, in order that they should, like Edgar, enjoy the advantage of going to an English school and mixing with English girls of their own age. They, too, had both felt the heat during the preceding summer, and Mr. Blagrove felt that a stay of two or three years in England would be an immense advantage to them.
  • Germanium lenses with integral usm focusing mechanism are designed to take full advantage of the high resolution fpa detector.
  • His gaze trailed along after the departing posse. Norton on his big roan was setting the pace, the steady swinging gallop to eat up the miles swiftly and yet not kill the horses before the journey's end. The others followed him, stringing out single file to take advantage of the trail. The moon picked them out with clear relief, a grim line of retribution. And yet the boy, while his eyes wandered after them, saw only little Fluff struggling in Jim Galloway's arms. . . .
  • As the Bird boys were thoroughly imbued with the aviator spirit it might easily be set down as positive that as time went on they would continue to study the science of flying, and take advantage of every opportunity that presented itself for indulging in their favorite sport.
  • We will do what we can, but I believe your most powerful advantage will be to get your wizard well-rested. Goblins are not resistant to magic, and Enin has the power to destroy many of them.
  • Delamere knew he ought to press his advantage but the hot weather and the heavy hauberk forced him to pause to catch his breath. By that time, the Welshman was up again. He approached Delamere, who had decided he would duck the blow and ram his head into Rhirids stomach but this plan backfired. Rhirid swung out with his right fist; Delamere ducked but immediately met Rhirids left fist on its way up. The punch caught him firmly under the chin and knocked him to the ground. Dimly, the blood pounding in his head and bright points of light sparkling in his eyes, he recalled Longsword saying something about the chief being left-handed. He struggled to his feet.
  • Bought-out Deal The sale of securities under a negotiated agreement between an issuer and the investing institution, as an alternative to a PUBLIC ISSUE. The intent on the part of the buyer is to offload the securities later in the market at a profit. Bought-out deals are commonplace in issues of the Over the Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI). The advantage to the issuing company is the saving in time and cost that a public issue would entail. It is a big help to unlisted companies and projects, which must see through a gestation period before tapping the PRIMARY MARKET. For institutions and MUTUAL FUNDS, the route is another avenue for investing funds. However, there could be some disadvantages to the issuer such as interference by the INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR or restrictive CONVENANTS in the initial subscription agreement. On the other hand, the institutional investor or the sponsor in OTCEI deals, bears the risk of capital loss due to a fall in the price of the securities.
  • Anthony smiled unexpectedly, so that Betty, who happened to be glancing toward him at the moment, was vexed over his ability to amuse himself. He had only just guessed why Dr. Barton found it necessary to regard Miss Dyer so sternly. Anthony felt that he would like to make friends with this young men. He was evidently somewhat narrow and puritanical, but already had offered to assist him with any of his studies should he need help. And Anthony meant to take advantage of his offer and to interest him if he could; for Dr. Barton was just the kind of a friend he would like to know intimately in these early days of his struggle.
  • Alaska has an abundance of seafood, with the primary fisheries in the Bering Sea and the North Pacific, and seafood is one of the few food items that is often cheaper within the state than outside it. Many Alaskans take advantage of salmon seasons to harvest portions of their household diet while fishing for subsistence, as well as sport. This includes fish taken by hook, net or wheel.
  • But the most radical change in his life had to be his relationship with Carla. He had tormented her for years in an attempt to gain some sort of competitive advantage once she came on-line when she turned 18. He would have accomplished the task if mortality hadn't taken hold.
  • The sounds of women and children screaming from in the town could be heard echoing down the street, but the remaining militia nearby were locked in battle with another group of soldiers that had rushed them while Aiden and the others were occupied. Colt swapped out his greatsword for the longbow, and began to string it, while Sayana sheathed her body in a shimmering layer of force armour, her tattoos glowing softly as she took advantage of this brief lull to enact several protective magicks.
  • "Meanwhile I had rested my arms on the edge, which then crumbled no more; but I was helpless to save myself, for the current had sucked my legs under the ice, and now held them securely there, sweeping them from side to side, all the while tugging as if to wrench me from my hold. The most I could do was to resist the pull, to grit my teeth and cling to the advantage I had. It was for John to make the rescue.
  • Being an "Oops!" baby didn't exactly give me the explosive head start I needed in life. The one advantage I did have was that my dad was around a lot more than he was when my brothers and sisters were growing up. Working nine to five instead of being away from the family weeks at a stretch, left my dad with a lot of free time. Luckily, I was the immediate beneficiary of that extra time.
  • We'll do it whether they let us or not! exclaimed the engineer. "It's my fault, in a way, that they did this, for I pointed out the advantage it would be to them to have a dam, and I'll do my best to make good the trouble caused. Come on, Dave. Well ride up above and see what we can do. Meanwhile, you boys do your best to keep the cattle from stampeding. They won't let themselves be driven away, that's sure, so we've got to bring water to them."
  • The natives had all the appearance of people who were waiting impatiently for some pleasurable happening to take place; and Frobisher realised how very much it was to the advantage of all of them to feign unconsciousness as long as possible. The exhibition"", in which the prisoners were undoubtedly to become the principal actors, could hardly take place while the prisoners were still insensible, and therefore not in a fit condition to furnish ""sport""; but there was no doubt that, directly any of them showed signs of being in a condition to feel pain, the savage revels would begin. What form these would take Frobisher did not, of course, know; but he could shrewdly guess, by what he remembered to have been told about these folk, that it would be something very horrible, and he shuddered involuntarily."
  • Crowdfunding sources will simply not require new companies to provide any validation of competitive advantage facilitated by IP. OK
  • The hunters had a great deal of experience in dealing with Thomas Hartwell and werent about to take the decided competitive advantage lightly. Although they had lost the two most senior members of the team, Cal and Thaddeus, it was Cals juniorall two minutes of itthat stepped up to lead the group. Emily was the younger of the two fraternal twins and she was every bit the warrior of her brother.
  • Once only they descended in a delightful little valley among the mountains, which appeared to be totally uninhabited, and here they renewed their store of fresh water, and laid in one of fruit, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to stretch their legs on terra firma.
  • Her coquettish manner vanished and she leaned slightly forward while her eyes got hard. Indeed, there was something feline in her alert pose. Now she had, so to speak, unsheathed her claws, he was glad the advantage was heavily on his side. For all that, he did not want to hurt her.
  • That advantage was short-lived as Gary and Thad changed back into their human form, only to have Kayla step out of her protection and finally get to swing her mighty sword. She sliced through both Thaddeus and Garrison with one incredible swoosh, and seemed to be styling during the follow-through, because before she could protect herself again she fell to the ground in two pieces, courtesy of Agent Blake Wallace. Three against two.
  • Daniel immediately went after Cal and Hartwell left Andrew unchecked because he knew he couldn't be killed. The hunters took advantage of the opening as Sharon and Emily went after Belinda.
  • A few miles back, a sheltered position was discovered; the snow was cleared away, and all working with an earnest will, a commodious hut was soon erected consisting of strong poles for the frame work, which were covered with bark, and this again thickly studded with boughs to keep out the cold. The ground was also strewn with them, for they had no skins to spread over it, nor even to make themselves a covering through the night with--a want from which they suffered much. Taking advantage of their experience the last winter, they collected stone from beneath the snow, and built themselves a rough but efficient fire-place, which occupied nearly one side of the hut, and in which they could build large fires that diffused their genial warmth over the room without endangering the frail fabric.
  • "Well enough that youll never find it," the generically named man said, "I will never find it either, but thats ok. I want to go home and take advantage of that cured blonde."
  • You glance at him, wanting to say that doesn't seem fair. But then, private schools exist to give rich kids an advantage over poor ones. Take what you can get.
  • For weeks these two armies had been facing each other; for a week assault had wrestled with counter assault and the armies had striven time after time to snatch an advantage from a massing of columns, or a seeming check.
  • The prince did not deny this, though he gave no explanations. He paid Babinich with the same coin; for following the example of Hovanski, he put a price on his head; and when that availed nothing, he thought to take advantage of Kmita's hatred and through it bring him into a trap.
  • There had to have been two dozen guards standing at attention in a square formation. Peters panic at being so overwhelmed by numbers gave way to the realization that their backs were to him. They didnt know Peter and his friends were there, at least not yet. Peter took advantage of this by yanking Milo and Isaac with him behind one of the tapestries.
  • Notwithstanding these reflections, he would not lay aside an idea which so agreeably flattered his imagination. He, like every other projector in the same circumstances, was so partial to his own qualifications, as to think the lady would soon perceive a difference between him and Renaldo that could not fail to turn to his advantage in her opinion. He depended a good deal on the levity and inconstancy of the sex; and did not doubt that, in the course of their acquaintance, he should profit by that languor which often creeps upon and flattens the intercourse of lovers cloyed with the sight and conversation of each other.
  • "I do not quite understand what you are talking about, Mr. Bingham," she said, putting on her most dignified air, and Beatrice could look rather alarming. "You have picked up a piece of unfounded gossip and now you take advantage of it to laugh at me, and to say rude things of Mr. Davies. It is not kind."
  • The boy's disillusionment was terrible and complete. They thought him stupid, but he found the guise of stupidity serve his purpose well, and he was more cunning than they. He stole to fill his stomach; he lied to cover his theft. He shirked his labour whenever he could; he destroyed property whenever he dared. When they cuffed him he cursed them; when they swore at him he swore back, and he had the advantage of vocabulary. When they made him milk cows he would pour the milk on the ground and say the cow kicked it; when he was old enough to drive a team he would let it run away whenever opportunity offered. He was to have been sent to school, but he went only on those rare occasions when nothing could be found for him to do on the farm, but he was compelled to write periodical letters to the Home saying how happy he was and how kind Mr. and Mrs. Riles were to him. He was held up as an object of contempt before neighbours and strangers; he was the butt of their coarse humour and the victim of their bullying authority.
  • There is! Of what advantage would it be to blow up the captain's cabin and the bridge when it is not certain that the papers will be destroyed?
  • Andrew excused himself andpenguined' his way into the locker room, while Daniel took advantage of the opportunity and then love blossomed.
  • The Emerald could do nothing with us at this game, much to the chagrin of her noble owner; so she was obliged to in trysail and set her mainsail, whilst we hove to and waited for her. But even after her mainsail was set we had the advantage of her.
  • For myself I had plenty to do, and I never found the time heavy on my hands. In every country it has been my custom to try to learn the language. For this reason I always look round for some lady who will be kind enough to teach it to me, and then we practise it together. This is the most interesting way of picking it up, and before I was thirty I could speak nearly every tongue in Europe; but it must be confessed that what you learn is not of much use for the ordinary purposes of life. My business, for example, has usually been with soldiers and peasants, and what advantage is it to be able to say to them that I love only them, and that I will come back when the wars are over?
  • I shall be sorry to have the Manhattan away just now, he said, "for we might use her to good advantage during your absence. However, there seems to be no other way."
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