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  • It is heavy. It can climb rocks like a mountain goat, but it needs solid ground to support its weight. If we make it to the forest, even with the algors, we can escape. It would not be able to climb or move through the trees as we would. It would eventually lose our trail as it blunders through the forest, forced to break the branches which block its path. Shags are, however, somewhat intelligent. I am sure it knows the forest looms ahead of us. If it wishes to attack, it will do so before it loses the advantage of the terrain. It will probably wait until we reach the taller hills and attack from above. It will then use its weight and strength to drop down on us and take out as many as possible. If we try and beat it to the higher ground, it will trap us by circling the foot of any hill we choose to climb. It will then simply outwait us.
  • "Julius Caesar," she clarified. "He ruled the Empire. Created the seed which made Rome an Empire. He was the most powerful man in the world. He was not killed by a large army of an invading foreign power. He was not killed in battle. He was killed by a small group of men in his palace. By assassination." Her arm curled protectively around Pyps drowsing form. It was also the same manner in which Lucretius had died, a dagger through the ribs in the middle of battle, but she did not say that. "He will not be expecting retaliation. He will expect us to flee. It is that which is our advantage.
  • I think that it was a very good idea of Sir Sidney's to suggest that it would be for the advantage of all concerned to vary the usual course, and to place these goods in the hands of an expert instead of selling them by auction. I should like to see Mr. Blagrove. I suppose you know his address. Is he in town?
  • Merriwell and Mansford passed Beatty and narrowed the gap between them and Jetting. Mansford set his teeth and gained an advantage of ten feet by a quick break. This advantage he was resolved to hold.
  • Jeralyle took advantage of the silence, using it to learn more about a game that was slowly beginning to take hold of him. "Can two or more pieces attack a single one at the same time?"
  • Everywhere was activity, indicating to Jimmie that not only were the Germans investing the city and preparing it for their occupation, but that other preparations were under way. This could only mean to the lad that the commander of the invading forces was preparing to press the advantage he had gained by following the Russian army he had driven from Peremysl and attempt to administer a crushing blow.
  • "Most of the old and the very young already will not survive the coming winter, Exalted. I believe there is an advantage to keeping those of working age fit enough to labor."
  • "And what did this white mage tell you?" He laughed slightly. Perhaps as easily as Gerin could push his words into other minds, he could pull things out. Obtain things without anyone ever knowinga talent Gerin used to take advantage of nearly everyone he came in contact with.
  • Under the grocery counter were a number of swinging standards on which sugar and salt barrels were swung in and out as desired. The reserve supply was kept in a warehouse at the back, and on a quiet day it occurred to Burton to bring in a number of barrels and fill all the standards. Gardiner observed him and suggested that the barrels should be left outside until needed. Burton answered that he thought it would be an advantage to have them in; besides, it was damp in the shed, and the sugar showed some disposition to cake, while the salt became very hard.
  • "So they lived till sin came; and among the woes which sin brought in its train there were few more dreadful than the decree that the man should rule over the woman and that her desire should be unto her husband. For thousands of years our race struggled against that giant evil. During a long period the condition of woman was so low that we know nothing of her, and when she reappears it is only as the servant of man. Made in the image of God as the companion of man and an equal sharer in all his rights and duties, she is now his chattel, a piece of property, held for his selfish use or disposed of for his advantage.
  • Meanwhile the child's father and Beatrice would talk--not about religion, they spoke no more on that subject, nor about Owen Davies, but of everything else on earth. Beatrice was a merry woman when she was happy, and they never lacked subjects of conversation, for their minds were very much in tune. In book-learning Beatrice had the advantage of Geoffrey, for she had not only read enormously, she also remembered what she read and could apply it. Her critical faculty, too, was very keen. He, on the other hand, had more knowledge of the world, and in his rich days had travelled a good deal, and so it came to pass that each could always find something to tell the other. Never for one second were they dull, not even when they sat for an hour or so in silence, for it was the silence of complete companionship.
  • German industrial and economic power had grown greatly after unification and the foundation of the Empire in 1871. From the mid-1890s on, the government of Wilhelm II used this base to devote significant economic resources to building up the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial German Navy), established by Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, in rivalry with the British Royal Navy for world naval supremacy. As a result, each nation strove to out-build the other in terms of capital ships. With the launch of HMS Dreadnought in 1906, the British Empire expanded on its significant advantage over its German rival. The arms race between Britain and Germany eventually extended to the rest of Europe, with all the major powers devoting their industrial base to producing the equipment and weapons necessary for a pan-European conflict. Between 1908 and 1913, the military spending of the European powers increased by 50 percent.
  • I hope he didn't overhear our conversation about the galleon, suddenly exclaimed Frank, who had been struck by a sudden apprehension that perhaps this was no ordinary loafer or burglar, but some man who had got wind of Bill's discovery and meant to turn his find to advantage.
  • "Not going to do you any good, Falco," I bantered, taking advantage of the rare circumstance of having the upper hand against my older brother. "Turstan said it will take months for your wings to form. You have no choice but to endure."
  • On one occasion, while they were entangled among some shoals, the hurry on board in working the ship led the savages to suppose the voyagers were alarmed, so taking advantage of this, four large canoes full of armed men put off and came towards them with the intention, apparently, of making an attack. A musket was fired over them, but as it did no harm they continued to come on.
  • As a natural consequence they had to follow the air-ships, not only away from London, but over their own encampments, in order to bring them to anything like close quarters. The aerostats possessed one advantage, and one only, over the air-ships. They were able to rise to a much greater height. But this advantage the air-ships very soon turned into a disadvantage by reason of their immensely superior speed and ease of handling. They darted about at such a speed over the heads of the massed forces of the League on either side of London, that it was impossible to drop shells upon them without running the inevitable risk of missing the small and swiftly-moving air-ship, and so causing the shell to burst amidst friends instead of foes.
  • Caislyn stepped between her companions again stopping them from further provocation. "Guys, no more fighting. Its not helping the situation. Regardless of how long," she glanced at Seth to make her point, "we are safe for the time being. Why dont we take advantage of that time and get some sleep. We are all exhausted. First thing tomorrow morning, we can sit down and figure out our game plan. Seth you can either take the couch or theres a small study on the other side of the kitchen that has a pull out in it. I know its not a water bed or anything but it might be more comfortable than the couch. Okay?"
  • He had been easily deceived and the plotters no doubt thought him a fool. Suppose he took advantage of their belief and asked for an answer to his message or something of the kind? He might by good luck get a letter or find out enough about them to explain what had happened in Canada. The vague plan appealed to him strongly. He was savage at the way he had been tricked, and it would be something to circumvent the people who had made him a tool. Besides, he could not go to the police yet: Lawrence's secret must be kept. He must first of all gain such a hold on Daly as would render him powerless to injure his comrade. After that, when he knew how far the man was implicated in the robbery, he could decide what ought to be done. Well, he would go to Newcastle and see Graham, to whom he had given the packet, but he might need help and thought he knew where to find it. Getting up with a quick, resolute movement, he went back to the house.
  • Billy celebrated his eighth birthday with the pack's other boys in the leader's ger. His parents took advantage of having their hut to themselves. The next morning, when they looked for Billy, they were told he went on one of his long distance exercises. His parents wanted Billy to learn to survive on his own, so they encouraged these long trips.
  • The monster was strong, but it had been totally unprepared for the sudden attack and the expert thrusts and slashings from two strong men proved too much for it. It lost the ability to stay in the air and sank rapidly to the ground. Objects being pushed off counters and tables indicated the lashings of a still-invisible tail. The creature struggled to defend itself, and its claws and teeth were formidable weapons; it had grown so used to having the advantage of invisibility, however, that its skills were too rusty to deal with its adversaries' expert swordplay. After little more than a minute, its body convulsed in a violent spasm and then lay still on the floor.
  • Then came a respite, as I was swept into still water; but I was too weak now to take advantage of it before I was borne into the next rapid, foaming to receive me with my burden.
  • There were other things that made her special as well. Her great cabin for one, was situated below the quarterdeck, like on an East Indiaman. Thus, she could carry an extra main battery gun port on each side, as well as proper stern ports, a great advantage if attacked by gunboats in a calm.
  • Pacian resorted to throwing his few remaining knives, trying to keep it distracted so that the others could attack it, but the giant serpent seemed beyond such minor annoyances. Colt moved in for a heavy swing at the beast, but misjudged the distance, almost losing his footing on the treacherous surface as his greatsword swung wildly past the serpents head, which was more than enough opportunity for their wily foe to take advantage.
  • At last, though, we had all the ties secured together in a bunch ready for immediate use the poles bound in small bundles, and the skins fastened together by their necks, they having the advantage of being very light.
  • The visit lasted an hour; for I had expressed a wish to all parties that they would become acquainted, and the girls seemed mutually pleased. As they chatted, I listened to the tones of their voices, and fancied, on the whole, that Emily had slightly the advantage in intonation and accent; though it was scarcely perceptible, and it was an advantage that was attended by a slight sacrifice of the charm of natural utterance. She was a little more artificial in this respect than her companions, and insomuch less pleasing though, had the comparison been made with the Manhattan style of the present day, the odds would have been immensely in her favour. In 1802, however, some attention was still paid to the utterance, tones of voice, and manner of speaking of young ladies. The want of it all, just now, is the besetting vice of the whole of our later instruction of the sex; it being almost as rare a thing now-a-days, to find a young American girl who speaks her own language gracefully, as it is to find one who is not of pleasing person.
  • "Not usually," she answered. "He takes advantage when you are here." She dropped the pebble on top of O'Hara and strolled away with my lord.
  • Their advantage was further extended in heat eleven when nicki pedersen, taking his rider replacement outing, once again sped to victory.
  • Now you'll find the advantage of your big-nailed boots, Saxe, said his leader merrily. "Go cautiously, my lad; we mustn't spoil our explorations by getting sprained ankles."
  • And now the stream of liberty broadened, and before long became a flood that swept away thrones and scepters. Personal government ceased, and the people became their own political masters. The right of suffrage was extended and slavery was abolished, while commerce and the spirit of adventure carried civilization to many parts of the world. Then appeared a swarm of mechanical inventions to lighten the labor of mankind, electricity came with its strong arm and great promise, and easier and swifter transportation by land and sea brought the nations and peoples together to the mutual advantage of all."
  • Well, Ragnall, who had married the lady who once served as the last priestess of Isis upon earth, was killed, whereas she, the priestess, was almost miraculously preserved from harm. And--oh! the whole story was deuced odd and that is all. Poor Ragnall! He was a great English gentleman and one whom when first I knew him, I held to be the most fortunate person I ever met, endowed as he was with every advantage of mind, body and estate. Yet in the end this did not prove to be the case. Well, while he lived he was a good friend and a good fellow and none can hope for a better epitaph in a world where all things are soon forgotten.
  • Max glided silently back out of sight. A climbing staircase beckoned across from him, down the continuation of the back hall. The problem was that the man at the entry door was looking straight back along the cross-corridor. If Max tried to sneak across, even in the deep shadows at the rear, the guy would clearly spot him. Max had an advantage in that no one knew he was around; if he tried to direct the mans eyes away or use some other distraction he might make it to the staircase, but hed have a bigger chance of alerting another element of Oskin Yahleis forces. Or a trap. A staircase wasnt worth that much. He decided to check out the kitchen.
  • "No, Lief. We must stay together. It would be to their advantage to separate us. We will fight only if necessary, but we fight together. Let us first try to outmaneuver them. Ryson, scout passage to the right, away from those you deem most dangerous. Everyone else, follow me."
  • Aiden was in amongst the enemy first, stabbing with his sword to pierce the armour of the mercenary warrior he had engaged. The speed advantage from the incantation was invaluable, making their opponents seem like they were moving through molasses. Again and again, Aiden's blade struck true, cutting through chain mail and flesh with equal precision. His allies were having similar success in the opening battle, outmatching the greater numbers of their adversaries with speed, tactics, and high morale.
  • The monster's muscles were something prodigious; his activity was simply incredible. I have choked a man to submission in thirty seconds, but it seemed as if I could never weaken this brute nor reduce him to a state wherein I could use my knife. He fought me with his feet, scratched me and kicked my shins. He got his bone-and-wire arms against my stomach at last and clutched me and pushed me till I thought I should shriek with pain. Had I not been protected by the bear-skin, I think he would have killed me, in spite of the tremendous advantage I had gained at the outset. All this time the only sound was what I made in breathing and what we made with our scuffling about. It was an ominously silent duel.
  • Mercy, no, said Uncle Teddy. "Here is where traveling in a canoe has the advantage over every other mode of travel. All you have to do is fill the rip with pine pitch, harden it, and she's as good as ever. Company disperse into the woods and seek pine pitch. Forward march!"
  • The desperate valour with which they had just fought hand to hand without any advantage of position showed the French troops how hopeless was the task before them; and Kleber's grenadiers, who had been victors in unnumbered battles, now positively refused to attempt the ascent of the fatal breach again.
  • Arthur had never dealt with any experience like that. He had no idea that a piece of clothing could be possessed. Sure, he'd heard the priests talk about getting demons out of people and he'd even seen a movie about someone that was possessed and was exorcised. So many unbelievable things were happening to him this day. So many, in fact, that he decided for the moment to suspend all disbelief and just believe everything. Later on he would find a balance and he would begin to think things through before he decided whether or not he believed in them. But for the moment he would believe. Luckily, Bari was telling only the truth. That was his nature. Even had he known Arthur would have believed anything, he wouldn't have taken advantage of that. Well, maybe. But only if it was to convince him that some sort of extremely preposterous notion was true. He was at the point in the story when it was up to him to, not exorcise, but exercise the demon. This was how he told it:
  • Nothing had changed in its interior arrangements. The prison was still a prison and its prisoners still prisoners. But, taking advantage of our slumber, the steward had cleared the table. Consequently, nothing indicated any forthcoming improvement in our situation, and I seriously wondered if we were doomed to spend the rest of our lives in this cage.
  • With the advent of electronic registered conveyancing the advantage of registered land will further increase.
  • I know now the purpose of dressage and why Thomas schooled Edward so thoroughly. If a cavalier fights infantrymen stood stock still he will do well enough on his right, with the advantage of height, but hell have a blade between his ribs on his left in seconds. A shield is nearly useless. The only answer is to walk the horse round to the right, simultaneously taking the target away and pushing at attackers with the horses hind quarter. The horse is controlled by the riders legs and left hand. Under pressure, the horse can be walked forward or backThe correct speed of turn is essential because the horseman must leave no one standing on his right. If he does, that man can get under the horses neck, to the left, leaving the rider blocked and a blade in the belly inevitable. On the other hand, go too slow and the protection of the horses rump is soon overcome.
  • By contrast, India has had no effective constraints on population growth. China still has the advantage -- with 1.34 billion people last year, compared with Indias 1.24 billion -- though not for too much longer. Furthermore, the age distribution of Indias population is better because of Chinas one-child policy, which is now being reconsidered in view of its negative consequences for the countrys long-term labor force and economic growth. This means that the dependency ratio, the proportion of children and senior citizens to working-age people, is expected to continue falling in India in coming decades and to increase in China.
  • He stood silently facing the dark towers that loomed through the trees, his eyes slits of blue balefire. Desire for the yellow-haired woman vied with a sullen, primordial rage at whoever had taken her. His human passion fought down his ultra-human fears, and dropping into the stalking crouch of a hunting panther, he glided toward the walls, taking advantage of the dense foliage to escape detection from the battlements.
  • Hassan joined them at the meal. He had been given wine regularly by the doctor, and although he had evinced no partiality for it, but had taken it simply at the doctor's orders, he now drank a little to keep the others company. In a short time the whole of the chief's followers were gathered on deck, and the boys saw that they were no more numerous than the prahu's crew, and that it was only the advantage of surprise that had enabled them to overcome so easily both those on board the prahu and the rajah's followers in the village. The oars were got out, and the prahu proceeded up the creek, in the opposite direction to which it had entered it. "Going to ship?" Harry asked, pointing forward.
  • Having spent his early years on the Welsh march and brought up on tales of his formidable ancestors and their protracted battles with their neighbors to the west, and now with information from his new partners, Hugh understood the Welsh method of warfare better than most men. Sudden, swift strikes were necessary when the manpower of the attackers was less than that of the defenders. Fighting on foot or with the shortbow was more efficient and required less space than swinging a sword from atop a horse. Making use of the environmentthe forests and hillswas an advantage over invaders who didnt know the lay of the land as well.
  • Well, I don't go so far as that, said Anson; "but, with my knowledge of the management of the mining business, I feel sure my Boer friends will find it to their advantage to retain me high up on the staff. You see, there are so many things in the way of checking losses which I have mastered."
  • Nay what! said a tall Dutchman, shaking his head. "They are only sneaking," and as he spoke the Kafirs reappeared some fifty yards further, but were out of sight again in a second. They were taking advantage of a sluit or furrow--crawling like serpents along in this precarious shelter.
  • Well, it was everybodys, of course, but I was the one on the spot with the possibility of doing something about him, if I could figure out just what Favored had pulled together here with his cross-rigging and counter-forcing and spaghetti-weaving. Id already shut down the in-room intruder defenses on the system, true, so Favored couldnt be another one to stab me in the back with my own knife, but I didnt dare pull the plug on the Scapula until I had some idea which plug it was, and what else might be side-linked and deadfall booby-trapped to the same components. The more I tried to trace his work the more convoluted it became, and me still running more on instinct than with a firm grounding in fact. I did have the advantage that I knew I had once known everything about this place. I also knew that an ideal of any sort of engineering was that final crystalline clarity to any elegant design. When you had the key, everything laid itself out logically and rationally, in clear order.
  • The waves could not rise among these islands, which intercepted them before they could roll far enough to gather force, so that he had all the advantage of the gale without its risks. Except a light haze all round the horizon, the sky was perfectly clear, and it was pleasant now the strong current of air cooled the sun's heat. As he came round the islands he constantly met and disturbed parties of waterfowl, mallards, and coots. Sometimes they merely hid in the weeds, sometimes they rose, and when they did so passed to his rear.
  • He had hit upon the supreme advantage which the Indian footwear possesses over every other for the woodsman. A little later he was to learn its disadvantage, having, with foreign inexperience, disdained the extra soles because they were not "Indian" enough for his taste; for the soft buckskin could not protect from roots and stones a wearer whose flesh was not hardened to every kind of forest travelling.
  • "By this hand, I am!" screams Malvolio, his voice cracking. But now he appeals more calmly: "Good Fool, some ink, paper and light; and convey what I will set down to my lady. It shall advantage thee more than ever the bearing of a letter did!"
  • And chances are that you didn't jump the same way I did because you were scared so bad you just couldn't move a finger, Bumpus went on, seeing his advantage.
  • In June the battle of Friedland was fought, in which the Pavlograds did not take part, and after that an armistice was proclaimed. Rostov, who felt his friend's absence very much, having no news of him since he left and feeling very anxious about his wound and the progress of his affairs, took advantage of the armistice to get leave to visit Denisov in hospital.
  • But though Diggory kept the secret, albeit with much trouble; and with many misgivings as to what would happen in the future, when his wife came to learn of the important venture he had undertaken, without consulting her; she nevertheless succeeded so far that, in order to pacify her, he was obliged to allow her a free hand in choosing, from his magazines, such pieces of cloth and silk for herself and the girls as she had a fancy to. This permission she did not abuse as to quality, for she knew well enough what was becoming, in the way of dress, for the wife of a merchant; and that it was not seemly, for such a one, to attire herself in apparel suited for the wives of nobles, and ladies of the Court. But Diggory groaned in spirit, although he prudently said nothing, at seeing that she took advantage of the present position to carry off a store which would amply suffice, for at least two or three years' wearing, for herself and the girls.
  • Some time after his return to Spain, Cabot resigned his office, and went to Bristol, where he settled about 1548, that is to say at the beginning of the reign of Edward VI. What were the motives of this fresh change? Was Cabot discontented at having been left to his own resources during his expedition? Was he hurt at the manner in which his services were recompensed? It is impossible to say. But Charles V. took advantage of Cabot's departure to deprive him of his pension, which Edward VI. hastened to replace, causing him to receive 250 marks annually, about 116l. and a fraction, which was a considerable sum for that period.
  • The soldiers echoed his sentiments since they were drinking Don Diego's wine and did not have the courage to combat the sergeant's statements anyway. The fat landlord served them with another round since Don Diego would pay. For it was beneath a Vega to look at his score in a public tavern, and the fat landlord many times had taken advantage of this fact.
  • Both men went back to the fighter's area. Talon took advantage of the time he was given and sparred with as many different opponents as he could. Each time he faced someone new he was able to remember more and more of his abilities. The sword felt better and better in his hands. After getting some more bruises, he remembered he was waiting for the Redderin Guardsmen.
  • Yes, said Dale; "and it has the advantage that every step we take brings us to something grander. That is only your first peep into Nature's wilds, some of which are as awful as they are vast. There goes one of the inhabitants."
  • The storm didnt hit all at once. There was thunder and lightning and a torrential downpour during which the royalists huddled in their leaky tents and prayed they wouldnt be struck dead and hoped that the spooked, hobbled horses wouldnt scatter too far. Then there was a brief respite when the sun and patches of blue actually appeared in the sky. Longsword took advantage of it by putting the mangonel to use but was only able to take four or five ineffectual shots before the clouds rapidly piled up again and broke open. The men ran back to the relative shelter of the tents so quickly that the supply of prepared missiles was forgotten and left behind and when the storm finally moved on and Longsword went out to the mangonel, he discovered that the pounding rain had rinsed most of the fat from the cloths, making them impossible to light.
  • There has been concern to take advantage of recently improved communications systems in order to produce a fully paperless environment.
  • The Frenchman staggered back. Jack followed this advantage with a quick left and then another right to the Frenchman's face. Both blows had steam behind them, and his opponent, plainly in distress, covered up quickly and cinched.
  • It had come to Haworth as hed ridden back to his camp from the fruitless endeavor to obtain Hughs release that he must seize the initiative. He couldnt simply wait for the Bastard to return and then fight him; he had no idea what might happen between Llanlleyn and Rhuddlan. Nor could he mount an attack against Rhuddlans defenses without risking the lives of the men Lene and Teleri were holding captive, including the earl himself. And to fight the Bastard on his own ground was to give him an advantage which could well make up for the difference in size of the two armies.
  • Taking advantage of this diversion, a tall, gaunt Kafir, rising noiselessly amid a mass of tangled creepers, was deliberately aiming at somebody. So silent had been his movements, so occupied were the other whites, that he was entirely unperceived. His eye went down to the breech. He seemed to require a long and careful aim.
  • "I am sure I don't understand why you fail to mention Herr Crippen, child, who is to have a room here with us and teach his pupils in our big drawing room. I am glad he has been so successful with his music pupils that he is able to give Esther the advantage of studying in New York. I wish you did not have such a ridiculous prejudice against him. Indeed, my dear, I have a very strong reason for insisting that you be kind to him.
  • Alfonsos chin tightened. "Theyre not allowed to take advantage of the immigrants. Im going to report this to the porter." He stood to go out.
  • Some electrical and electronic products use silver for its superior conductivity, even when tarnished. The primary example of this is in high quality RF connectors. The increase in conductivity is also taken advantage of in RF engineering at VHF and higher frequencies, where conductors often cannot be scaled by 6%, due to tuning requirements, e.g. cavity filters. As an additional example, printed circuits and RFID antennas can be made using silver paints, and computer keyboards use silver electrical contacts. Silver cadmium oxide is used in high-voltage contacts because it can withstand arcing.
  • Darting into his tent, the Russian did not halt in his flight, but kept right on through the rear wall, taking advantage of the long slit that Jane Clayton had made the night before.
  • Yet as he thought this, he was not insensible to the music of her soft, low voice, the liquid tenderness of her eye, and the charm of her manner. She seemed at once to confide herself to him--to own the superiority of his nature and seek shelter in it. Circumstances threw them exclusively into one another's way, and they found each other so congenial that they took advantage of circumstances to the utmost.
  • He raised one hand quickly to his breast, as the thought sent a thrill through him, and taking advantage of a busy time when tools clinked and voices whispering were heard, he stole right down, stepped cautiously along the passage, and then darted into the first open doorway, for there was an impatient utterance from somewhere ahead, and he felt that he was on the point of being discovered. But the work went on again, and he glanced round, found that he was in the butler's pantry, and saw at the same instant more--the tightly-bound woman upon the table.
  • These calamities operated fearfully against La Salle. Beaujeu took advantage of them, and lost no opportunity of proclaiming them as evidence that La Salle was utterly incompetent to conduct such an enterprise as that in which he was engaged. Quite a number, who had formerly been friends of La Salle, ranged themselves on the side of Beaujeu, who now openly proclaimed his intention of abandoning the enterprise and returning to France. Still he continued to do everything in his power to embarrass the operations of La Salle. There were several pieces of cannon on board the Belle. But nearly all the cannon balls were in the hold of the Joli. Beaujeu, on the eve of his departure, refused to give them up, saying that it was inconvenient for him to get at them.
  • "'In order to introduce the Kurepain into this locality, we have set aside one thousand bottles of this incomparable medicine. That number, and no more, we will dispose of at four dollars a bottle. Do not make a mistake. When the supply is exhausted, the price will rise to eight dollars a bottle, owing to a scarcity of one of the ingredients. We honestly advise you, if you are in pain or suffering, to take advantage of this rare opportunity. A word to the wise is sufficient. Order to-day.'"
  • "Then, with all respect, I say that such men may be found; but they would be unworthy pardon, much less reward. May it please your Highness, a Buccaneer is, to my mind, only one who takes advantage of troubled times to secure unto himself the most power and the most property that he can.
  • In a race like this, however, the pursuer has the advantage of the pursued. The latter, always anxious, is constrained to look back; and is, therefore, less sure of the ground that lies before. He loses his proper attitude for speed, and is besides in danger of stumbling. So it was with the wild horse.
  • A general laugh at this remark relieved the tension of the bravos' nerves. sop took advantage of the more cheerful atmosphere again to address Lagardere. "Matchless cavalier," he asked, with a wry assumption of politeness, "would you show me that thrust you esteem so highly?"
  • More sophisticated women were often delighted and thrilled at the plain dumb luck of finding an attractive man they can actually carry on a conversation with, who wants to dive into their bush in the worst possible way. These are the kind of women who put the moves on me. The fact that they've just spilled all of their sexual secrets gives me the advantage and they're very willing to roll with that and reap the benefits.
  • The longer it's delayed, the better; something may happen in the meantime, Foster replied. "Then, you see, the track is false. When the fellow finds you obstinate, he'll try to get hold of Lawrence, particularly as he got money from him before; but as he believes Lawrence is in England, he'll have some trouble. The advantage is that he won't be able to bother you while all his time and energy's occupied by following me."
  • The competitive advantage that Tundra RX had was its custom suppliers of pharmaceuticals. The company had an exclusive relationship with several small specialty pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, one in particular that was located in China, in Guangzhou province, just north of Hong Kong. This facility was state-of-the-art, and was able to make pills to any specification for Tundra RX.
  • Master Edling appeared lost in his own ruminations, and Premon pressed on, hoping to gain any advantage he could. "General Dempsy's men have already repaired one warship, and they are scavenging materials to repair more. From what I've heard, they plan to pursue the Volker girl once they have three seaworthy ships. The deserters will be left behind."
  • "Nobody imagined that Gaylord would cause trouble," Stark was saying, "for he didn't seem to be a jealous sort, just stupid and kind of heavy-witted; but one night he took advantage of Bennett's absence and sneaked up to the house." The story-teller paused, and Necia, who was under the spell of his recital, urged him on:
  • The prince did not deny this, though he gave no explanations. He paid Babinich with the same coin; for following the example of Hovanski, he put a price on his head; and when that availed nothing, he thought to take advantage of Kmita's hatred and through it bring him into a trap.
  • A word in your ear, Andie, said I. "This plan of mine has another advantage yet. We can leave these Hielandman behind us on the rock, and one of your boats from the Castleton can bring them off to-morrow. Yon Neil has a queer eye when he regards you; maybe, if I was once out of the gate there might be knives again; these red-shanks are unco grudgeful. And if there should come to be any question, here is your excuse. Our lives were in danger by these savages; being answerable for my safety, you chose the part to bring me from their neighbourhood and detain me the rest of the time on board your boat: and do you know, Andie?" says I, with a smile, "I think it was very wisely chosen,"
  • Shan't I? All right, then: make me happy, said Vince to another sun-browned lad whom he had just encountered among the furze and heather--all gold and purple in the sunny islet where they dwelt--and in the most matter-of-fact way he took off his jacket; and then began a more difficult task, which made him appear like some peculiar animal struggling out of its skin: for he proceeded to drag off the tight blue worsted jersey shirt he wore, and, as it was very elastic, it clung to his back and shoulders as he pulled it over his head, and, of course, rendered him for the moment helpless--a fact of which his companion was quite ready to take advantage.
  • They were only too willing, for already what Owen had said was arousing much curiosity within their minds, and they could not bear to let a chance to have this gratified pass by without taking advantage of the same.
  • Turan permitted the flier to drift closer behind the screening hills, and then when he could advance no farther without fear of discovery, he dropped the craft gently to ground in a little ravine, and leaping over the side made her fast to a stout tree. For several moments they discussed their plans--whether it would be best to wait where they were until darkness hid their movements and then approach the city in search of food and water, or approach it now, taking advantage of what cover they could, until they could glean something of the nature of its inhabitants.
  • Uncle does not suspect me, he said to himself. "The scoundrel! He must have taken advantage of your back being turned to come in here. You did not notice anything, Lindon?"
  • They tumbled to the sand, coughing and blinking away the blinding ash. For a few moments it was a jumble of limbs, rolling down the slope, no advantage to either. Then they came to a stop and Russ clenched a hand around Leetons wrist, straining to keep the blood-stained blade away, hoping to weaken him into losing his grip.
  • "Dick's idea was that we should use our knives and to keep to it till one was killed or he hollered 'Enough!' which neither of us would do to save his life. I said the best plan would be to use our fists. A duel with knives was liable to be over sudden, while a fist-fight would last much longer, and therefore give both more enjoyment. It wouldn't be any trouble for him as got the upper hand to pound the other to death, and being as the whole thing would be in doubt till it was over, the advantage in the way of real happiness was obvious.
  • As the white hunters had now experienced the advantage of receiving the pursuers in a fortified place, Hendrik and Arend, spurring their horses, rode some distance in advance of the herds, for the purpose of selecting a second battle field.
  • "Follow my lead!" Aiden ordered, and in an unexpected move, stepped sideways across the front of the spear line, bashing the weapons aside with his shield. Colt, who was right behind him, saw what he was doing and took advantage of the opening, swinging his sword overhead and bringing it down at the head of the nearest attacker. The dwarf tried to dodge, but was far too slow to avoid the strike, catching the blade with his shoulder, which was severed cleanly from his body. The spearman roared as blood gushed out of the wound, staggering to one side and pushing the others around in his death throes.
  • Sensing his own advantage Bernard said, "One must be cautious and not reckless in such delicate matters as which we speak. Im sure your use of the word tomorrow is a figure of speech, rather than an actual request."
  • If one thing tickled Perk more than another just then it was the realization that he and Jack held aces in the game their possession of that almost priceless muffler, by means of which they could approach fairly close without the working motor betraying their coming, gave them an enormous advantage.
  • You must let me have that young fellow, the general said to Sir Sidney Smith. "He is evidently thoroughly acquainted with the country. As he knows nothing of military drawing, one cannot get the full advantage of his information here; but if I had him on shore with me his knowledge would be invaluable, for he could then point out to me the nature of the country beyond the points we can see."
  • Happily, although there was a considerable swell on, the water was smooth and free from short waves, and this was to the advantage of the Lurline; for she went along "as dry as a bone," while the torpedo-boat, lying much lower in the water, rammed her nose into every roller, and so lost a certain amount of way. The yacht was making a good twenty-eight miles an hour under the heroic efforts of the engineers; and at this rate it would be nearly two hours before she was overhauled, provided that the torpedo-boat was not able to use the gun that she carried forward of her funnels with any dangerous effect.
  • The Captain was too young for his position. He probably received the rank more for the purity of his pure blond hair than any skill. Johan let a smile crack his rugged face. He knew the advantage was his in whatever this war of words turned out to be.
  • They did not, indeed, find what they sought for, but they were told by natives with whom they fell in that a number of the animals had been seen among the tree-tops not more than a day's march into the forest. They hurried home therefore with this information, and that day--accompanied by the Dyak youths, Nigel, the hermit, and Moses--Verkimier started off in search of the mias; intending to camp out or to take advantage of a native hut if they should chance to be near one when night overtook them.
  • There is! Of what advantage would it be to blow up the captain's cabin and the bridge when it is not certain that the papers will be destroyed?
  • Sir Richard looked at Hetty's thin and colourless though pretty face, and thought it possible that she might be stronger with advantage.
  • Keeping the craft low, for the buoyancy tanks were still intact, the girl skimmed the ground until the gently-moving wind had carried her to the side of the last hill that intervened between her and the structure she had thought a man-built tower. Here she brought the flier to the ground among some stunted trees, and dragging it beneath one where it might be somewhat hidden from craft passing above, she made it fast and set forth to reconnoiter. Like most women of her class she was armed only with a single slender blade, so that in such an emergency as now confronted her she must depend almost solely upon her cleverness in remaining undiscovered by enemies. With utmost caution she crept warily toward the crest of the hill, taking advantage of every natural screen that the landscape afforded to conceal her approach from possible observers ahead, while momentarily she cast quick glances rearward lest she be taken by surprise from that quarter.
  • "Check," Drew said as he moved in front of Daniel, who bounced the ball to his cousin and then Andrew bounced it back to him. Game on. Drew was just like his Uncle Cal in the way they were able to take a beating, learn from it, and then come back even stronger. Daniel kept using his height advantage on Drew as he backed him down and would repeatedly shot over him, winning game after game. It wasnt until the last game of the day that Drew finally enacted some sort of revenge for the beating he was taking.
  • As in the Royal Engineers, a great deal of the superior talent of the officers might be better bestowed, by abandoning to the petty officers the rougher part of the surveying work, in which calculation is not required. For this purpose, a kind of instruction might be imparted, which that class of men, if encouraged by extra pay, is capable of receiving, particularly those who have had the advantage of a Greenwich education.
  • I said that would not do at all, Saxe, to have some one watching our movements, and taking advantage of our being away to profit by them. Still, I feel pretty safe so far, and to-morrow we will climb to the mouth of that gully and stop about it, even if we do not go up.
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