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  • Caradoc rested with his broad chest panting convulsively up and down till the count of eight. Then he sprang backwards away from his enemy. Curiously enough, Greer did not press his advantage home. The heavy lad came forward but stood away from Caradoc, attempting nothing but left-hand jabs.
  • He could easily enough imagine these desperate scoundrels making him sign a glowing report declaring that the property was fabulously rich. Plainly, then, it would be greatly to the advantage of the scouts to get out of the mine without being discovered.
  • The course will take us on a journey through the national gallery, taking advantage of this extraordinarily rich collection.
  • 'I may be a fool,' replied the first speaker, 'in matters where my own advantage is staked, but my eye is keen enough to see through the flimsy disguise of a country damsel at a glance; and I tell you, as surely as I hold this rod, the girl loves you.'
  • Then we watched eagerly, expecting to see the rocket-ships and bomb-vessels appear; but they did not heave in sight, although it seemed to me as if they should have been close behind the larger ships in order to take advantage of the labor being performed by those on board the schooner.
  • But Mr. Vardon, and Dick, working together, had evolved something better than this. Of course in their craft, with space to move about in the cabin, they had an advantage over the ordinary aviator, who, in case of engine trouble, has no place to step to to make an examination.
  • "Being thus quenched of hope, but not of longing, mine Italian brain began in your simpler Britain to operate most vilelyexcelling for my advantage.
  • Large as was the number of animals to be watered, the work was conducted with far greater speed and ease than had been the case on their former arrival. The arrangements were all excellent, and in a comparatively short time the whole were watered and fed. The troops, however, were dismayed at the change which had come over the camels. These animals are capable of enduring great fatigue and scarcity of water and food, but the authorities had acted as if there were no limits whatever to those powers, and for a fortnight the camels had been kept at work with only three or four hours' rest out of each twenty-four, with a very scanty supply of food, and a sufficient allowance of water but twice, namely, at Gakdul and Korti. The natural result had followed: the animals were weak and exhausted, the majority were suffering from sore backs, some had already succumbed, others were absolutely incapable of further work until they had had a rest. In this respect none of the three corps had any advantage over the other, as the camels had all performed the three journeys.
  • There was more, much more. Pearl had also found that the councillors had voted unanimously to spend a large amount of ratepayers money on a trip away they had defined as being a "fact finding mission"! Yes all of the councillors were to be away for the whole of the next month. However it became obvious to Pearl that this was no "fact finding mission" but instead a holiday at the ratepayers expense! In fact the councillors had laughed amongst themselves how easy it was to use ratepayers money to their own advantage and considered it their right to do so. To make matters worse, the councillors had agreed to give Grovelmoore, the chief executive officer, a massive bonus so that their own agendas would be executed without question!
  • Daniel and his cousin Andrew came along to watch the fight and be seconds in the corner for their Hartwell and Cal, helping them drink water between rounds. Since the vampires could not veil their actions from the rest of the people inside of the gym, it meant that Hartwell couldnt take drinks of blood between rounds to help him maintain his energy. This lack of reinforcement leveled the competition on a more even plane, and even gave Cal a slight advantage because he was a better boxer.
  • Hartwell's jail under the sea had been broken up by Andrew, and nobody was for the wiser. Since Cal was basically in a vegetative state, he was barely able to take advantage of the opportunity in front of him.
  • Lawrence had done wrong, but had paid for it and made good in Canada, and now the rogue who had learned his secret would drag him down, or, as the price of silence, bring his relatives to poverty. Foster felt that Daly was not the man to be merciful when there was an advantage to be got; one saw a sinister hint of cruelty in his coarsely-handsome face. It would have been a relief to provoke the fellow and throw him out of the garage, but Foster knew he must deny himself this satisfaction, since it would make things worse for those he meant to shield. He did not remember having felt so full of primitive savageness before, but he exercised his self-control.
  • Blake changed back into his human form and was sliced in the arm, then leg, and then heart, as Max immediately took advantage of the opening. But, before Maxwell could refocus on Maggie, she softly said, "I love you, Maxie," invoking his sensitivity and love for his grandma’, which obviously wasnt buried perhaps as deep as he would have preferred. Maggie took advantage of the sensitive moment and used her extended nail to end Maxwells night, her sharp nail interrupting his loving thought process. Eight verses four.
  • It is extraordinary, he said, when the door was closed behind him, "how easily these husbands, whom we ridicule, gain an advantage over us."
  • "Dona Rita's presence here in this town, her withdrawal from the possible complications of her life in Paris has produced an excellent effect on my son. It simplifies infinite difficulties, I mean moral as well as material. It's extremely to the advantage of her dignity, of her future, and of her peace of mind. But I am thinking, of course, mainly of my son. He is most exacting."
  • It contained a tourist agency's circular cheque for a moderate sum, payable by coupons at any of the company's offices in England and Canada, and Foster saw the advantage of this, because, as the offices were numerous, one could not tell where the coupons would be cashed. Then he found a letter, which he thought bore out his conclusions, although, on the surface, it did not tell him much. It stated that Jackson's business had been satisfactorily transacted in Berlin, but the Hamburg matter had not been arranged yet. Lascelles had had some difficulties in Paris, but expected to negotiate a sale.
  • This site seems determined to counter every possible advantage that putting a text online brings. sheesh.
  • I shall not require much time, replied Thorwald, "but I should not like to lose the opportunity of adding something to what has already been said. I think we have been wise in having this talk, for those who could take advantage of such a novel way of coming to us may discover some means of going home again before we suspect it."
  • As if shooing a pest Mareth Waved his hand dismissively then turned his back on Merca and slowly circled the subdued coven. It was an obvious show of disrespect. He could faintly hear the sorcerer hissing with rage at having been so casually dismissed. "And thank you for seeing my men delivered with the newest reinforcements," Mareth let a smug smile form on his lips. "You see Merca," He stopped next to one of the cots and studied at the pitiful soul strapped to it. "I have had an awakening on my recent assignment. I remember it all," the warrior pointed one gauntleted finger toward his head. "Every form I have ever taken, including the last three which you," He pointed the same finger now at Merca, "took advantage of."
  • By a skillful maneuver Annon led Octavia to an isolated recess, as if to rest after a brisk game, and, taking advantage of the auspicious hour, pleaded his suit. She heard him patiently and, when he paused, said slowly, yet decidedly, and with no sign of maiden hesitation, "Thanks for the honor you do me, but I cannot accept it, for I do not love you. I think I never can."
  • Our division formed on the heights above Samunoz to cover the passage of the rivulet, which was so swollen with the heavy rains, as only to be passable at particular fords. While we waited there for the passage of the rest of the army, the enemy, under cover of the forest, was, at the same time, assembling in force close around us; and the moment that we began to descend the hill, towards the rivulet, we were assailed by a heavy fire of cannon and musketry, while their powerful cavalry were in readiness to take advantage of any confusion which might have occurred. We effected the passage, however, in excellent order, and formed on the opposite bank of the stream, where we continued under a cannonade and engaged in a sharp skirmish until dark.
  • Gathering up his courage, Aiden moved along the tunnel in the direction the other guard had come from, and delved deeper into the cave complex. He had a distinct advantage now, for while they couldn't see him, Aiden was more than able to see everything around him as clear as day. As he moved, he couldn't help but notice that the cave did not seem natural. He'd seen more than his share of caves recently, and this one seemed more like a purpose-built underground complex, something far beyond the skills of the tribal mountain folk.
  • But the respite was only a temporary one. Changing his tactics, the fierce foe no longer attempted an open coup de main, but taking advantage of the bush he pressed the handful of whites who formed the rear guard so hotly as to force them to close up on their comrades, in order to avoid being entirely surrounded and cut off from the latter. But however bad had been their marksmanship earlier in the day, while excited and practising at the two fleeing Kafirs at long range, our frontiersmen were now in a different vein. There was nothing wild about their shooting now. Steady of eye, and cool of brain, they were keenly alive to every opportunity. Directly a Kafir showed his head he was morally certain to receive a ball through it, or so uncomfortably close as to make him feel as if he had escaped by a miracle, and think twice about exposing himself a second time.
  • The feast began and at first was somewhat heavy and silent, since, save for the talk of courtesy, none spoke much. At length wine, whereof I noted that Idernes drank a good deal, as did his escort, but Peroa and the Egyptians little, loosened men's tongues and they grew merrier. For it was the custom of the people of the Great King to discuss both private and public business when full of strong drink, but of the Egyptians when they were quite sober. This was well known to Peroa and many of us, especially to myself who had been among them, which was one of the reasons why Idernes had been asked to meet us at a feast, where we might have the advantage of him in debate.
  • Sniffing also has one advantage over telephone wiretaps: many networks use " shared media " .
  • Black cabs have the advantage over mini cabs in that they can be flagged down from the street.
  • Secondhand bookstore, books on bronte, takes full advantage of its large front glass window.
  • The idea had, in fact, been put into Oswald's head by his mother. At that time the feud with the Bairds had burned very hotly, and it would have lessened her anxieties had the boy been bestowed, for a time, in a convent. Oswald himself felt no disappointment at his father's refusal to a petition that he would never have made, had not his mother dilated to him, on several occasions, upon the great advantage of learning.
  • You, you would do that, after I guided you here! You would take advantage of what I could not help, and--and-- she choked, and then said swiftly--"so, under your indifferent exterior you used your touch that way these days! Oh, you--you beast!"
  • Rewriteon 7.x has been completely rewritten from scratch to take advantage of many undocumented windows api functions.
  • Botzi and Noodles were unsure what Alby would do to get past this smooth part, but they soon found out as he reached it. They had noticed Alby was carrying a coil of rope slung over his shoulder and some kind of back pack. For a quick moment, Alby stopped at the highest available stone ledge, pulled out a hammer and some steel pins and began to drive the pins into the soft stone, in an ever-climbing zig zag pattern. These pins formed the basis of his toe-holds to climb on, towards the top. Cleverly, as he went up, he lassoed the lowest pins with the rope and yanked them out, to deny his pursuers the same advantage and make it harder for them to follow.
  • He rolled over in a heap, his gun flying some yards from his hand; and the late ringleader lay apparently insensible among the luggage, while several of his friends ran to him, and did the good Samaritan. Following up on the moment the advantage I had gained by establishing a panic, I seized my rifle and rushed into the midst of the wavering men, catching first one by the throat, and then another, and dragging them to the camels, which I insisted upon their immediately loading. All except three, who attended to the ruined ringleader, mechanically obeyed. Richarn and Sali both shouted to them to "burry;" and the vakeel arriving at this moment and seeing how matters stood, himself assisted, and urged the men to obey.
  • He seemed to be right, for the defenders passed a cruel night; but morning dawned, and the enemy had not gained a single advantage more than before.
  • Shan't I? All right, then: make me happy, said Vince to another sun-browned lad whom he had just encountered among the furze and heather--all gold and purple in the sunny islet where they dwelt--and in the most matter-of-fact way he took off his jacket; and then began a more difficult task, which made him appear like some peculiar animal struggling out of its skin: for he proceeded to drag off the tight blue worsted jersey shirt he wore, and, as it was very elastic, it clung to his back and shoulders as he pulled it over his head, and, of course, rendered him for the moment helpless--a fact of which his companion was quite ready to take advantage.
  • Presently he came upon the piece of waste ground which had been chosen as the site of the new Institute. It was covered with the ruins-- shattered cement, glass, tiles, and general wreckage--of the buildings that had stood there before the bombardment, and on three sides it was surrounded by heaps of stones, shattered walls, and rubbish, some acres in extent. But the place had the great advantage of being close to the old harbour, not far from the spot where ancient Alexandria stood, and was open to the fresh, cooling breezes that came in from the sea.
  • Life within Pellucidar is far younger than upon the outer crust. Here man has but reached a stage analogous to the Stone Age of our own world's history, but for countless millions of years these reptiles have been progressing. Possibly it is the sixth sense which I am sure they possess that has given them an advantage over the other and more frightfully armed of their fellows; but this we may never know. They look upon us as we look upon the beasts of our fields, and I learn from their written records that other races of Mahars feed upon men--they keep them in great droves, as we keep cattle. They breed them most carefully, and when they are quite fat, they kill and eat them.
  • The advantage of a custom built computer system is there are not unnecessary frills.
  • This story was a shock to Bull for a reason that would not have affected most men. That a man who had had the courage to stand up and face Uncle Bill in a fair duel should have been so cowardly, so venomous as to take a mean advantage of a gambling companion seemed to Bull altogether too strange to be reasonable. Certainly, if he had had a difference with this fellow, thought Bull, Pete Reeve was the man to let the other use his own weapons before he fought.
  • It is clear, Captain Reuben said, as he and his officers were gathered in the cabin, "that there is neither gain nor advantage to be obtained from trade here. The natives have doubtless sufficient for their wants, which are of the simplest; but of wealth such as we prize in England there is none to be had.
  • "Something like that," said Gordon, trying hard to maintain his smile. He really didn't like Dan Woller. "Now Dan, pay attention," he continued, lowering his voice and wiping the smile from his face. "Maybe you'll learn something. When Tom sees into another world I hypnotize you. You hold on to Tom, I hypnotize Tom, you're both in a trance, you're in communion, you see the same things, experience the same things. You can enter this other world at the precise moment that Tom has established the opening. You take advantage of Tom's special power and enter with him."
  • His chieftainship continued, although I had long believed I could overthrow the fellow and usurp his power to add to my own, did I wish to create a disturbance. But inasmuch as I was in no way hampered, and was obeyed, my position amounted to that of a ruler, while I gave this giant Link no offense. As long as he continued to feel himself the master of the family, my own sway could never be complete, but for this I cared nothing as long as I was enabled to proceed with my plans. More than once I might have taken advantage of the awe created by natural means to bring the chief under my rule, but I was waiting to see what he would do of his own accord. The day when my cannon exploded he had been so ready to acknowledge my leadership that a look would have brought him cowering to my feet, but I had turned my back upon him and he had refrained from doing anything impulsive.
  • The narwhal seemed motionless; perhaps, tired with its day's work, it slept, letting itself float with the undulation of the waves. Now was a chance of which the captain resolved to take advantage.
  • He and Mugambi now righted and launched the dugout, though it was a most difficult feat in the face of the surf which rolled continuously in upon the beach; but at last they were successful, and soon after were paddling up the coast toward the mouth of the Ugambi. Here they experienced considerable difficulty in making an entrance against the combined current and ebb tide, but by taking advantage of eddies close in to shore they came about dusk to a point nearly opposite the spot where they had left the pack asleep.
  • Mozart, for one, was extremely skilled at using the oboe to its full advantage in an ensemble.
  • Otherwise, as far as mere money was concerned, she had never suffered. Her accomplishments were numerous. She was passionately fond of music, and was familiar with all the classic compositions. Her voice was finely trained, for she had enjoyed the advantage of the instructions of an Italian maestro, who had been banished, and had gone out to Hong-Kong as band-master in the Twentieth Regiment. She could speak French fluently, and had read almost every thing.
  • Haworth had been one of the first to reach the wagons and consequently the first to go after Gruffudds men. He had his quarry in sight, too; two men on one horse. They couldnt hope to outrun his larger, stronger beast. As he had done a thousand times in practice, he stood up in his stirrups, raised his slender javelin over his head, pulled his arm back and flung the missile forward with deadly accuracy. It hit the rear Welshman square in the back; the mans arms went flying outwards and he tumbled to the ground, dead. His companion looked back over his shoulder, saw what had happened and held his horse in with the reins wrapped around one wrist. He turned to face Haworth with his sword. The Norman didnt attempt to halt his own mount. Instead, the animal went crashing into the Welsh horse, tottering it and throwing the Welshman off-balance. Haworth pressed his advantage and pushed the tip of his long sword into the chest of the foundering warrior.
  • I shall be sorry to have the Manhattan away just now, he said, "for we might use her to good advantage during your absence. However, there seems to be no other way."
  • "If Im really this great Prophet everyone thinks I am, it sounds like my destiny is much bigger than just freeing a few prisoners from jail. Im going to need every advantage over the Malborn I can get. You could be my secret weapon," I said.
  • The advantage of a ship like the braemar is that she feels less impersonal than the larger vessels.
  • While the three friends had slipped into their roles expected by their parents and mentors, it was by accident - or Hartwell's hand - that the blatant misfire of their collective gene pools was not exposed. It was quite by chance that subsequent generations of hunters or mammalian protectors were generated in the first place. When Cal and Emily Brewster were born to parents Thaddeus and Mary Brewster, Thaddeus assumed that his wife had given birth to the miracle of hunter twins. Years of playing two versus one against Hartwell and Garrison left him tired and worn, and suddenly hoping to regain that early advantage he quickly relinquished.
  • Other missionary organisations at work in the country quickly saw the advantage of using these syllabic characters, and were not slow to avail themselves of them. While all lovers of Missions rejoice at this, it is to be regretted that some, from whom better things might have been expected, were anxious to take the credit of the invention, instead of giving it to its rightful claimant, the Reverend James Evans. It is a remarkable fact, that so perfectly did Mr Evans do his work, that no improvement has been made as regards the use of these characters among the Cree Indians.
  • "Those capable that refuse will not be allowed past the fortress walls," Dredrik repeated. "Furthermore, any who do take advantage of the offer and tries to leave will be arrested and tried for cowardice in the face of the enemy."
  • Some electrical and electronic products use silver for its superior conductivity, even when tarnished. The primary example of this is in high quality RF connectors. The increase in conductivity is also taken advantage of in RF engineering at VHF and higher frequencies, where conductors often cannot be scaled by 6%, due to tuning requirements, e.g. cavity filters. As an additional example, printed circuits and RFID antennas can be made using silver paints, and computer keyboards use silver electrical contacts. Silver cadmium oxide is used in high-voltage contacts because it can withstand arcing.
  • When it was time to knead the dough I of course took advantage of it and got in the Ghost position and really worked it. I even had Unchained Melody playing and everything but she didn't seem into it.
  • During the summer deliveries of wheat are usually slow, but farmers frequently over-estimate the amount they will require for seed, and the wealthier ones also make a point of carrying some of their wheat in their granaries until summer to take advantage of the artificial prices which are invariably effected by speculative manipulating after the cereal is supposed to have passed out of the hands of the producers. As seeding was now finished deliveries were freshening, and a package of "wheat money" containing two thousand dollars in ten dollar bank bills had been received on Saturday evening by express and, the banks being closed, was left in Gardiner's safe over Sunday.
  • Now that they could see her, she led them forward at a swift pace, which astonished them both. She did not run, but she seemed to skim over the ground, and she took advantage of every bit of cover till they entered some deep, lowland pines.
  • Netting a tax loss on an individual holding is top-of-mind for Invester1007. "Since Europe is not going to get organized for quite a while, I am not waiting any longer for my Artio International Equity to return to gains. I sold it, and I am going to use the losses to offset other fund gains, while taking advantage of the Bush tax laws, as well."
  • The next day, the thirteenth and Friday, opened dismally enough, but by the time we had finished breakfast the mountains Were clear of clouds and there was no wind to mar one's shooting. Such conditions were to be taken advantage of, and Hunter and I were soon working up the ridge well to leeward of the place where we had seen the sheep the night before. Reaching the crest we scanned the grounds on all sides, and also the rugged mountain tops about us.
  • No, Lief. We must stay together. It would be to their advantage to separate us. We will fight only if necessary, but we fight together. Let us first try to outmaneuver them. Ryson, scout passage to the right, away from those you deem most dangerous. Everyone else, follow me.
  • Mitchell moved forward a few steps and brought his scythe through a zombie neck. Her head toppled off and bounced a little, which made Skylars dinner lurch. While they needed every advantage they could get against the thousands of zombies, it did seem cruel to kill them from behind. The zombies werent fighting, werent warriors; they were very sick people and the Team was slaughtering them.
  • Except for Shah Abbas II, the Safavid rulers after Abbas I were ineffectual. The end of his reign, 1666, marked the beginning of the end of the Safavid dynasty. Despite falling revenues and military threats, later shahs had lavish lifestyles. Shah Soltan Hosain (16941722) in particular was known for his love of wine and disinterest in governance. The country was repeatedly raided on its frontiers. Finally, Ghilzai Pashtun chieftain named Mir Wais Khan began a rebellion in Kandahar and defeated the Safavid army. Later, in 1722 an Afghan army led by Mir Wais' son Mahmud marched across eastern Iran, besieged, and sacked Isfahan. Mahmud proclaimed himself 'Shah' of Persia. Meanwhile, Persia's imperial rivals, the Ottomans and the Russians, took advantage of the chaos in the country to seize territory for themselves.
  • Taking advantage of this situation, my two companions and I found seats on the everdeserted platform. In front of us stood the pilothouse, and unless I'm extremely mistaken, Captain Nemo must have been inside, steering his Nautilus himself.
  • Trexor thought for a few seconds before saying, "Dunno. Prob'ly Prototype wanted an advantage over anything that enters."
  • The delver used this distraction to his own advantage and dashed by any sentry points with relative ease. As long as he remained a certain distance behind the shag, he could count on extended moments of goblin diversion. Block after block, he moved in a repetitive sequence. He would case the goblin positions, wait for the shag to catch their attention, dart across any open area, take cover behind a new set of structures, and then begin the process over again. Within moments, he closed upon the inner sections of Pinesway and quickly became disgusted with what he witnessed.
  • Usually Pacian would have taken advantage of the situation to even the odds a little, but the blond rogue was nowhere to be seen. Aiden risked a brief glance behind him, and saw that Nellise was still shooting her crossbow at the mercenary archers, while Sayana was bathing the other three warriors on the ground in even more fire in an attempt to finish them off.
  • The information which they had gained through tapping the enemy's wire enabled the American and French troops, operating together, to prevent the German trick from being carried into effect. More than that, it enabled them to turn the knowledge of those plans to such good advantage that the allied brigades swept forward in terrible force against the weakest points in the enemy line.
  • The whistle blew before any further advantage had been gained. Coach and Midshipman Hepson had gained considerable insight into the work of the team.
  • A brisk breeze holding steadily southeast gave the Barang the fullest advantage of her square rig and lessened the skipper's anxiety in some degree; and the Celebes coast stretched along to leeward like a roll of vapor in due course without any disquieting gleam of canvas having popped up over the stern ward sea line.
  • There was but one hope Strog could seize upon. If Yave could be pacified with a small strike upon the elves of Dark Spruce and one human village, he may yet keep his army intact without inviting major reprisals. The humans will not know where to attack and the elves may be too confused to understand what is actually happening. If he was lucky, he could regroup his army and send them to finish off the algors before they truly allied in force against him. It was thus now to his advantage to uncover the very knowledge Yave desired. He needed to narrow the possible human target sites as well as uncover any information as to possible dwarf traitors that might warn the elves.
  • The islanders were still there, in greater numbers than on the day before, perhaps 500 or 600 of them. Taking advantage of the low tide, some of them had moved forward over the heads of coral to within two cable lengths of the Nautilus. I could easily distinguish them. They obviously were true Papuans, men of fine stock, athletic in build, forehead high and broad, nose large but not flat, teeth white. Their woolly, redtinted hair was in sharp contrast to their bodies, which were black and glistening like those of Nubians. Beneath their pierced, distended earlobes there dangled strings of beads made from bone. Generally these savages were naked. I noted some women among them, dressed from hip to knee in grass skirts held up by belts made of vegetation. Some of the chieftains adorned their necks with crescents and with necklaces made from beads of red and white glass. Armed with bows, arrows, and shields, nearly all of them carried from their shoulders a sort of net, which held those polished stones their slings hurl with such dexterity.
  • But Billy and Lathrop were seen to have taken advantage of the brief breathing spell it gave them. In a few strong strokes they had swum with the aged man to shallow water and quickly waded ashore. They were safe then for the time being. But for how long?
  • I do not intend to intimate, by the above, that all were dishonest, even in these small peculations. There were many whose sense of right and wrong was very clear, and whose knowledge of their duties had been derived from the instructions of the white preachers. These negroes "obeyed their masters" in every thing, and considered it a religious obligation to be always faithful. They never avoided their tasks, in the field or elsewhere, and were never discovered doing any wrong. Under the new system of labor at the South, this portion of the negro population will prove of great advantage in teaching their kindred the duties they owe to each other. When all are trained to think and act for themselves, the negroes will, doubtless, prove as correct in morals as the white people around them.
  • Mr. Arnall began. "With that said, because of these unusual circumstances I will not be reading the entire will, only the section that concerns you two." He stopped here to adjust the papers, holding them at the right angle to take advantage of the light from both the candles and the fire in the fireplace. Then in a detached professional voice, he recited, "I bequeath to my sons, Robert Alexander Bassett and James Andrew Bassett, the remaining two thousand four hundred acres of the Blackstone plantation to be divided as follows: one thousand acres to Robert and fourteen hundred to James…"
  • All? We do not own all! Perhaps we do not deserve it. Surely we could not expect it. Why, if we got onehalf of what that fellow Polk is claiming, we should do well enoughthat is more than we deserve or could expect. With our army already at war on the Southwest, England, as we all know, is planning to take advantage of our helplessness in Oregon.
  • At present I am sojourning in the mountains, having but run down to the sea shore today, where, happily, I chanced to find the Sally Corwith in the harbor, and am taking advantage of Captain Dobb's kindness to forward this letter to you.
  • I thought I saw the faintest glimmer of fear quiver in Hadil's eyes. "I simply meant that the late Queen did declare her approval of Emira-Regent Selene, and while that may seem to be in her favor, we cannot forget the weak state the blessed Queen Erina was in by the end of it. The whole of Ghalain sorrowed with her, but I am afraid that this young charlatan did very much overwhelm her with charm, and I would hasten to argue, take advantage of her. Your mother was very much her victim, her pawn, as you, and I, and the whole of Ghalain are at threat to become if we select her to be Queen!"
  • In South Africa the reverse is true. To begin with, the natives outnumber the whites four and one-half to one--in Rhodesia they are twenty to one--and they are increasing at a much greater rate than the Europeans. Moreover, the native population draws on half a dozen races, including the Zulus, Kaffirs, Hottentots and Basutos. These Negroes represent an almost primitive stage of development. They are mainly heathens and a prey to savagery and superstition. The Cape Colony is the only one that permits the black man to go to school or become a skilled artisan. Elsewhere the white retains his monopoly on the crafts and at the same time refuses to do any labour that a Negro can perform. Hence the great need of white immigration into the Union. The big task, therefore, is to secure adequate work for the Negro without permitting him to gain an advantage through it.
  • California's large number of endemic species includes relict species, which have died out elsewhere, such as the Catalina Ironwood (Lyonothamnus floribundus). Many other endemics originated through differentiation or adaptive radiation, whereby multiple species develop from a common ancestor to take advantage of diverse ecological conditions such as the California lilac (Ceanothus). Many California endemics have become endangered, as urbanization, logging, overgrazing, and the introduction of exotic species have encroached on their habitat.
  • "Thus to have saidas you were fore-advised," Sicinius points out, "had touched his spirit and tried his inclinationfrom him would either have plucked his gracious promise, which you might, as cause had called you up, have held him to!—or else have galled his surly nature, which easily endures no article tying him to aught! Thus putting him into a rage, you could have taen the advantage of his choler, and passed him on unelected!"
  • There were but few Southerners in the state in comparison to the number of Northerners, yet the former had made a brave fight to keep the state for the South. There had been many deeds of violence on the part of the Southerners and on the part of the Northerners, too. But the number of people whose convictions were of the kind for which they would gladly die were no less, no more, on either side. It was a time in which there was much lawlessness and many of the outlaws took advantage of the great difference in the convictions of the two sides to make the cause of the North and the South an excuse for lawlessness.
  • Semi-flexible orthotics ( example pictured below ) have the advantage of being both flexible and resilient.
  • The one mistake Mr. Cohen made was that he was trying to be so supportive that we took advantage of his generosity. To be honest, that's what kids do if you don't set some kind of limits for them. Mr. C. often talked to me about the guidance he got from fellow teachers and administrators. Among the gems of advice included, "Don't smile until Christmas" and "Give them so much homework in the beginning that their heads will explode." I couldn't imagine Mr. C. not smiling at some point in the day. I'm not really sure how he stopped himself from exploding, but he managed to make it through that year without completely melting down.
  • I decided to take advantage of the second set of hands. I set about trying to straighten things up. Some of things that looked like they had festered for months. There were stacks of boxes with cobwebs on them. Sodas and candy that had long gone out of date. How the place ever passed the biannual inspection I had no idea.
  • Till he shook the door handle, which he did immediately afterwards, I wasn't certain through which door he had spoken. The two doors (in different walls) were rather near each other. It was as I expected. He was in the fencing-room, thoroughly aroused, his senses on the alert to catch the slightest sound. A situation not to be trifled with. Leaving the room was for us out of the question. It was quite possible for him to dash round into the hall before we could get clear of the front door. As to making a bolt of it upstairs there was the same objection; and to allow ourselves to be chased all over the empty house by this maniac would have been mere folly. There was no advantage in locking ourselves up anywhere upstairs where the original doors and locks were much lighter. No, true safety was in absolute stillness and silence, so that even his rage should be brought to doubt at last and die expended, or choke him before it died; I didn't care which.
  • Halfway between the hills and the cliff he came suddenly face to face with Nadara. Not twenty paces separated them. With a howl of satisfaction Thurg leaped to seize her, but she turned and fled before he could lay his hand upon her. If Thurg had found his other quarry of that day swift, so, too, he now found Nadara, for terror gave wings to her flying feet. Lumbering after her came Thurg, and had the distance been less he would have been left far behind, but it was a long distance from the spot, where they had met, to Nadara's cliffs. The girl could out-run the man for a short distance, but when victory depended upon endurance the advantage was all on the side of the brute.
  • Those on the schooner watched anxiously. At one moment the tiny dingey was seen poised on the summit of a great green sea and the next was quite gone from sight. The sun came out momentarily before saying Good Night, as though to watch that struggle. At last the tender came sidling down the slope of a wave, the occupants striving hard at the oars, and after one breathless moment, during which it seemed that the little boat would be crushed to splinters against the old black hull of the schooner, Joe caught the painter, Steve made a flying leap for the deck and gained it in safety, and Phil, boat-hook in hand, worked manfully and skilfully to fend off while the cables were brought aboard. The dingey had fetched food as well and a shout of joy went up as Phil, taking advantage of the calm moments between the rushing waves, hurled the bundles to the deck.
  • "Mr Herrick!" he roared, "I will not bear it. I say there was no boat; and not only am I forced to submit to the indignity of waiting, and listening to the gibes of the low-class Chinese, and to see their scowls, but our delay there--through you, sir--results, I say results, in the miserable wretches taking advantage thereof, and, thinking me helpless, working themselves up to an attack. When at last you do come crawling up with those four men, they are purple-faced from drinking, every one threatened by apoplexy--why, your own face is crimson, sir; and I could smell the men when I stepped on board."
  • What a joyous, noisy affair it was. Some license in the way of boisterousness was allowed this evening, and most of the young men took full advantage of the fact.
  • Here was a speculation, for a man in my state of mind! The names were all right; some of the incidents, even, were probable, if not correct; yet, how could the facts be known to these comparative strangers? Did the art of gossiping, with all its meannesses, lies, devices, inventions, and cruelties, really possess so much advantage over the intercourse of the confiding and honest, as to enable those who practise it to discover facts hidden from eye-witnesses, and eye-witnesses, too, that had every inducement of the strongest interest in the issue, not to be deceived? I felt satisfied, the moment Mrs. Greene's name was mentioned, that my passengers were not in the true New York set; and, justly enough, inferred they were not very good authority for one half they said; and, yet, how could they know anything of Drewett's attachment to Lucy, unless their information were tolerably accurate?
  • The tremendous advantage gained by the Blacks was readily comprehended by all the older males. They knew, as well as I, that did they attempt to dig out, the Links in waiting on top of the heap could kill them as fast as a head appeared; they also seemed to know that their enemies would wait outside, long enough to be sure that all of us had starved to death, before they finally decamped.
  • She repeated, "A responsible position in Chicago. And I was told, this morning, that while I was away, Fran meant to apply for the secretaryship, thus taking advantage of my absence."
  • "You will take little delight in it, I can tell you, there is such advantage in the man," says the duke, glancing at Charles. "In pity of the challengers youth I would fain dissuade him, but he will not be entreated! Speak to him, ladies; see if you can move him."
  • The trail wound uphill through the trees towards the crest of a ridge above and was barely wide enough for them to ride abreast. The aunt now wore the sword strapped to her belt. Although the great mare which the boy rode remained strong, the woman had slowed to a walk to rest the gelding which was tiring after a long day. They took advantage of the slower pace to talk and the woman had just told him something.
  • "People are gathering," he stated plainly to Holli. "I would recommend passage away from the group across the way. I think you should move quickly. We'll startle them at first, and we can probably take advantage of that."
  • With miedzinski passing 16-year-old danish debutant jonas raun, the resultant 7-2 advantage saw swindon haul themselves back into the match.
  • Ryson shook his head with a near sorrowful expression, as if it pained him to discuss the subject of human greed and overabundant ambition. "That's not want I mean. The mayor won't see anything advantageous in a general gain for the land. Consprite will want to gain personally. It's not beyond him to take advantage of another's misfortune."
  • We should run away now, taking advantage of confusion in Pharaoh Petrie's ranks to make our escape, he said. "We can follow the pillar of smoke and fire."
  • Then, continued Beauchamp, "I took advantage of the silence and the darkness to leave the house without being seen. The usher who had introduced me was waiting for me at the door, and he conducted me through the corridors to a private entrance opening into the Rue de Vaugirard. I left with mingled feelings of sorrow and delight. Excuse me, Albert,--sorrow on your account, and delight with that noble girl, thus pursuing paternal vengeance. Yes, Albert, from whatever source the blow may have proceeded--it may be from an enemy, but that enemy is only the agent of providence." Albert held his head between his hands; he raised his face, red with shame and bathed in tears, and seizing Beauchamp's arm, "My friend," said he, "my life is ended. I cannot calmly say with you, 'Providence has struck the blow;' but I must discover who pursues me with this hatred, and when I have found him I shall kill him, or he will kill me. I rely on your friendship to assist me, Beauchamp, if contempt has not banished it from your heart."
  • 'Hear him speak, indeed!' said Toole, taking advantage of her momentary absence. 'I wish you could, the drunken blackguard. King Solomon could not make sense of it. She gave that burglar, would you believe it, Ma'am? two guineas, by Jupiter: the first of this month--and whiskey only sixpence a pint--and he was drunk without intermission of course, day and night for a week after. Brain fever, indeed, 'tis just as sweet a little fit of delirium tremens, my dear Madam, as ever sent an innocent burglar slap into bliss;' and the word popped out with a venomous hiss and an angry chuckle.
  • That is to say, it sometimes happens that a single verse may afford as much advantage as the Quran.
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