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advantage için örnek cümleler:

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  • The efficiency of rail and its ability to operate on grid electricity will give rail a big advantage over long distance trucking.
  • There was the village near by, where possibly he might meet boys of his own age; and what Abner had said about the pursuits by which Joe had been accustomed to making odd bits of money appealed to him, for he believed he had something of a love for outdoor sports in his nature, since he had never neglected to take advantage of a chance to use a fishing line, when the brigantine happened to be in one of the world ports to which business called her.
  • Even non-humans come into existence with a unique vibration that doesnt change or shift. Even though we may change physically and grow and develop energetically. Maybe thats part of his vibration? The shifting quality which he uses to his advantage to hide his tracks. Pretty smart this one. But not smart enough. Weve got him cornered.
  • They all knew what awaited them. There was only one road to the militia camp from Lai Khe; everything else was sprouting rice through six inches of water. Somewhere along that road the V.C. would be waiting to ambush them. They would try to block the road by knocking out the lead vehicle, either with a mine or a rocket or perhaps both. From that point on it would be a matter of shooting their way through. The only advantage they had was that the rice fields offered the V.C. little protection.
  • The Balkan Wars were between 1912-1913, starting when Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece saw that Turkey was weak and venerable, and took advantage of it. This war essentially drove the Turks out of Europe.
  • 'Tarn't foolish, Mas' Don; and look here: I'm going to take advantage of them being asleep to put on my proper costoom, and if you'll take my advice, you'll do just the same.
  • From a glance I caught of Aiken's face I knew he was regretting now, with even more reason than before, that he had not remained at the coast, and I felt very sorry for him. Now that he was in trouble and not patronizing me and poking fun at me, I experienced a strong change of feeling toward him. He was the only friend I had in Honduras, and as between him and these strangers who had received us so oddly, I felt that, although it would be to my advantage to be friends with the greater number, my loyalty was owing to Aiken. So I scrambled up beside him and panted out with some difficulty, for the ascent was a steep one: "If there is any row, I'm with you, Aiken."
  • Devilish long paces you make them, said O'Shaughnessy, who did not seem to approve of the distance. "They have some confounded advantage in this, depend upon it," said the major, in a whisper to Baker.
  • The thirty-five foot ceilings didnt seem as daunting once the glass was place on top of them; that way, the ceiling was just air on the way to the sky. There were parts of the house that were two levels, while others, like the tai chi room and workout room took advantage of the seemingly infinite space. The house had a total of five bedrooms, with another room or two available to accommodate sleepers in a pinch. Natural light controlled the lighting system in the house; as it got darker outside, the interior lights would respond and naturally illuminate the space. The couple even had a few flower gardens placed around the stream and waterfalls.
  • This trail became uncertain, in the gloom, for soon the light was almost entirely obscured by the super-abundant verdure. Had any of the Links meditated treachery, or to take advantage of me while unprepared, this jungle darkness would have afforded an exceptional opportunity; but on the contrary my fat friend waddled actively before me, clearing the way of branches, and the "person" next behind me was the albino female herself. Nevertheless I was grateful for a glimpse of light, now and again, which gave a promise that beyond we should find something less forbidding. During this march I noted how silently the Links glided onward, how lightly they stepped and how alert they were at every sound, in that silent region of growing and prowling things.
  • Hartwell's jail under the sea had been broken up by Andrew, and nobody was for the wiser. Since Cal was basically in a vegetative state, he was barely able to take advantage of the opportunity in front of him.
  • "Peccavimus you should have said," remarked Raymond, whom Waymouth was passing as he hurried from gun to gun to assure himself that all were being fought to the best advantage.
  • There was a hard struggle on the beach of lonely Cliff Island. And the boys did not have such an advantage as it would seem at first, even though the hands and feet of their mysterious prisoner were bound.
  • We crossed into Georgia. Abkhazia. The greasy ABC guy... Jeff, his Abkhazia looked peaceful, ready for the coming big New Year holiday. A few pensioners on their way to a beach dacha departed at Sokhumi... as did even a few vacationers taking advantage of off-season low prices down at the Black Sea for New Year's. Vahan and I stepped outside onto the platform of this beloved beach city. Warm. There was a light breeze like we'd come to South Carolina in December. We hugged a moment, and like everyone else that could, we rushed to buy a huge sack of mandarins. "Some of the best times of my life were here," he said.
  • At the same moment Jake also saw something doubtful moving swiftly out of sight back of the log. The girls ran over to the bushes to see the better, and Julie's hold on the leash relaxed unconsciously. In that same second, Jake took mean advantage of her inattention to him and darted away.
  • He moved out first with a staunch yell. He took to the open street and his men filled in behind him. They did as he asked, forming four loose circles, each of five men. They spread out knowing their greatest advantage was not their height, but their maneuverability.
  • Jack found himself thinking of the advantage of the man on board a warship. He, at least, could go down with a last look at the world about him. Below, nothing could be seen, nothing could be heard. If the submarine went down, all would suffocate in the darkness beneath the water.
  • He raised one hand quickly to his breast, as the thought sent a thrill through him, and taking advantage of a busy time when tools clinked and voices whispering were heard, he stole right down, stepped cautiously along the passage, and then darted into the first open doorway, for there was an impatient utterance from somewhere ahead, and he felt that he was on the point of being discovered. But the work went on again, and he glanced round, found that he was in the butler's pantry, and saw at the same instant more--the tightly-bound woman upon the table.
  • "The first time I met him outside the Circle was at a ball at the Russian Embassy. I went and spoke to him, giving the sign of the Inner Circle as I did so. To my utter amazement, he stared at me without a sign of recognition, and calmly informed me, in the usual way, that I had the advantage of him.
  • Night fives location was the Beach Haven High School football field, just as it had been the previous night. The Friday and Saturday night battles were at the high school because school was out for the weekend and the venue was basically deserted. Lowerys gang made quick work of Hartwell and company the first night, but took full advantage of the field the second night as many people reminisced about their high school days. Heads of the 10 men were used to simulate winning football plays or field goals that won championships in days gone by. Some men stayed on the lighted field for a good 20 minutes after the battle had officially ended, while being cheered on by the group of former cheerleaders in the bunch.
  • You are giving time for the Franks to prepare themselves, he said. "You have already lost the advantage of surprise. After the first shot was fired there should not have been a moment of delay; but no shot should have been fired until you had given us notice. Then together we should have flung ourselves upon them when they were confused and dismayed, and had no time to form plans or to gather themselves in one place. You have already lost that advantage, but do not give them any longer time. You may be sure that already swift horsemen have been sent to order the divisions that have just marched to return at once, and by to-morrow evening they may be here."
  • "You are very kind," said the visitor, "and I don't think that Moses can fairly be charged with deceiving me, although he has been somewhat unwise in his way of going about this business, for I had told him I wanted to see something of these regions, and perhaps it may be to my advantage to travel in your service--that is, if I can be of any use to you; but the time at my disposal may be too limited."
  • We next day proceeded on our journey, and for ten days or so made but slow progress, as we had numerous rivers to pass, and the change of climate from the cold of the mountains to the heat of the plains was very trying to man and beast. We now took to encamping during the middle of the day, and travelling very early and late. In that way our animals got two unbroken rests instead of one, which was a great advantage.
  • For several minutes this cautious play continued, without further sparks, or only such as appeared to scintillate from the eyes of the combatants. Then came a counter thrust, quickly followed by a counter parry, with no advantage to either.
  • Match - NathanUniqueTaylor vs Bobby Rich - Americas Title Match - Bobby gives a good effort and Unique doesnt try to take advantage of the injury, still Bobby appears to be in excruciating pain after even less impacting moves such as a basic body slam. Simultaneously, Nathan nails him with his finisher "The Nutcracker" and the lights throughout the arena go out. When they come back on, there are four cloaked people standing at each corner post outside the ring. Bobby is rolling over trying to recover, while the referee and Unique stare at these four silent, motionless, dark individuals. The lights cut back out and this time when they come back on, the outside visitors are gone. Unique turns around to finish the match but Bobby was waiting for him to turn around. Bobby locks on his finisher "A little R
  • Hartwell and Cal headed over to Beach Haven Games for a three-day marathon of leisure sports that included ping-pong, pool and bowling to rap the competition up on day three. If you were to handicap the events, a decided edge would be given to Hartwell in ping-pong because he did actually train with a master player in an Asian country. Pool has always been the sport of hustlers, and Cal Brewster was the consummate hustler, so he had the decided advantage on day two. The final challenge was American bowling, which both men had played in various forms. Whether you called it Candle Pin or Duck Pin bowling, the two men had experience but it definitely wasnt their strong suit. But, if the competitive history of these two men was any indication, then the victor would likely be crowned in the 10th frame of the last game.
  • Temples lay in pieces in their open boxes, waiting for assembly. Peasants, taking advantage of a temporary shortage of inspectors, drove their herds into the desert to avoid taxes. They couldn't drive their crops into the desert, of course, so they disguised them as weeds.
  • Not so much so as you would think. I am indeed very short of timber, and would gladly take the whole cargo of a ship laden with it should it arrive, but in other respects I am well off, for I boarded every transport and merchantman before they left the port, and bought up all their spare stores, which they were glad enough to part with on reasonable terms, for there was no advantage in carrying them back to France, and of course I could well afford to pay a considerable advance on the prices they would obtain there. I hope that you will stay here for the night, Mr. Blagrove, for I am anxious to hear all that you have been doing. I can offer you nothing but horse-flesh for dinner, for the town is in a state of starvation.
  • Rosh grabbed her arm, his fingers squeezing her forearm tightly to hold a grip while his feet and other arm sought purchase in the decking where he had landed from his leap. He found nothing, and only barely managed to slow their slide as the ship tilted perilously again. Willa's legs caught for a second on the raised side of the ship, but she was traveling too fast to take advantage of it and stop herself. Her legs buckled and she plunged over the edge. Rosh, sliding headfirst behind her, tried to soften the impact of his head against the edge of the ship with his other hand, but it still left him groggy and weightless.
  • The Austrians, caught unprepared, gave ground. The Cossacks followed up their first advantage closely, pressing the enemy so that they had no time to get into battle formation. A squad of Cossacks sprang toward a battery of field pieces, quickly wheeled it into position, and opened fire on the fleeing Austrians. The execution was fearful. Men went down in heaps, and those that survived fled faster than before.
  • Several times did it repeat the attempt--on each occasion trying a different side of the rock--as if in hopes that a greater elevation of the ground around the base might give it that advantage of twelve inches which it required for seizing its victim.
  • "Yes, a good many thousands," assented his host, "but it pays to do things right. I've already got back a good many times over all that it cost. A single hot barren summer would destroy thousands of head of cattle, to say nothing of the suffering of the poor brutes. And those that didn't die would be so worn to skin and bone that they'd hardly pay the expense of shipping them to market. The only way to make money in ranching nowadays is to do things on a big scale and take advantage of all up-to-date ideas.
  • The developments that prompted the decision to appoint the Committee were the gradual entry by DFIs and banks into each other's territory, viz., term finance and WORKING CAPITAL, the dwindling supply of funds to DFIs owing to a reduction in the STATUTORY LIQUIDITY RATIO, and the absence of reserve requirements of DFIs, an advantage vis--vis banks. Some of the recommendations of the committee are :
  • You're surely not going to make us try to swim it? pleaded Phil, pretending great consternation, hoping that he might delay their departure till something might happen to give them the advantage.
  • I do not intend to intimate, by the above, that all were dishonest, even in these small peculations. There were many whose sense of right and wrong was very clear, and whose knowledge of their duties had been derived from the instructions of the white preachers. These negroes "obeyed their masters" in every thing, and considered it a religious obligation to be always faithful. They never avoided their tasks, in the field or elsewhere, and were never discovered doing any wrong. Under the new system of labor at the South, this portion of the negro population will prove of great advantage in teaching their kindred the duties they owe to each other. When all are trained to think and act for themselves, the negroes will, doubtless, prove as correct in morals as the white people around them.
  • This was to prevent as much as possible any further drift to leeward, and to take full advantage of the current, the existence of which we suspected.
  • The refugee had observed his first emotion, which he attributed to an unforeseen advantage he himself had gained over the Hungarian; but seeing him, in the sequel, bite his lip, roll his eyes, groan, writhe his body, ejaculate incoherent curses, and neglect his game, the Huguenot concluded that he was mad, and being seized with terror and dismay, got up and scampered off, without ceremony or hesitation.
  • This declaration interested the two chiefs greatly, and after a good deal of discussion they agreed to take advantage of Joe Blunt's offer, and appoint him as a deputy to the court of their enemies. Having arranged these matters to their satisfaction, Cameron bestowed a red flag and a blue surtout with brass buttons on each of the chiefs, and a variety of smaller articles on the other members of the council, and sent them away in a particularly amiable frame of mind.
  • Netting a tax loss on an individual holding is top-of-mind for Invester1007. "Since Europe is not going to get organized for quite a while, I am not waiting any longer for my Artio International Equity to return to gains. I sold it, and I am going to use the losses to offset other fund gains, while taking advantage of the Bush tax laws, as well."
  • "I do not think we need to worry about that just yet," Jian replied. "It is to the Father Gods advantage that most believe their Gods have abandoned them." He paused. "But I think it would be wise to take Tereks warnings very seriously. It is unknown what threats we may find lying in wait for us once we set out." This was likely a towering understatement; the Father God had had twenty years to plan for this daythey themselves mere hours. But Jian saw no reason to voice this concern and worry his prince further.
  • Heed him not, heed him not, I implore, I entreat you! exclaimed Constance, sinking to the earth at the feet of Major Wellmore, by whom the hint of Burrell was apparently unnoticed; "the lion takes not advantage of the deer caught in the hunter's toils, and he is distraught, I know he is!"
  • Taking advantage of the momentary respite that we got while the enemy was putting after Gleazen, Arnold and I fairly trembling in our haste Arnold missed his footing and plunged waist deep into the river climbed in after them.
  • "We must regain control and take to the skies. We'll swoop in on the school at night and take full advantage of the dark to secretly search for the book, or his men will take him down and do the job on their own. I need to have it now or all might be lost," said the Goblin in his natural state as a Shines evil professor, still clinging to his old house robes of blue and black with Shines written across the arms.
  • "You had a quadruple witching hitting Japan - but the biggest drag is the yen. If they can have breathing room with the yen, you have a very big advantage against those people who have been benefiting, like the Korean and German competitors."
  • Swiss title-winners Basel own a 1-0 lead over Molde after their triumph in Norway, while CFR Cluj, of Romania, also have a one-goal advantage going into their away tie again Czech side Slovan Liberec.
  • The Department H operatives took advantage of this, pulling out a long thin needle and pushing it into her arm, before pushing the plunger. She winced, then went limp and fell into a slumber. She snored quietly as they loaded her into the back of a plain white van. They jumped in themselves and drove the long trek to the nearest airport, where they dragged her into a private jet and flew to Area 51. There, they put Maria into a room all by herself with nothing but a little video camera and a couple of speakers.
  • Well’, said Pearl. ‘Just like other things we have found when we have been through the quartz on the other side, this is equally mysterious. However this discovery has the potential to be of even greater advantage to our community’.
  • He dismounted and pulled me from my seat on the horse. I fell into his arms, wobbly again, but in that instant, I knew I couldnt go quietly with him. My feeble attempt at gaining an advantage over Llywelyn that first night in Wales had been a failure, but I told myself I wouldnt enter that boat with Dafydd under any circumstances.
  • "My friends, I beseech you to be silent. Let me speak to these misguided men," said a voice which they recognised to be that of Master Walker, the minister. "Mutineers!--for such you are--you are triumphing now in the success of your scheme, and the fancied possession of all the wealth this ship contains; but first let me ask you what does it advantage you now? Nothing. What can it ever advantage you? You can never enjoy it; for be assured that the vengeance of Heaven will overtake you sooner or later; even now, wretched men, it is preparing for you."
  • "Well, some of my people became arrogant," she admitted. "When Christianity was on the rise, they took advantage of many souls. Because of our magical abilities, one could seem god-like to a mortal. But flaunting power in front of those without it is dangerous. You see, while each of us has our own special abilities, we also share many of the same. You can blame some of my brothers for the tall tales of angels and God. The name sort of stuck, though."
  • Rordan softened. "Im sorry. I know you just want to have a sweetheart. Me too. I dont know why were such a bunch of losers. You bring 'em for miles but can never take advantage of that. I always run away. Maybe were cursed."
  • Sensing his own advantage Bernard said, "One must be cautious and not reckless in such delicate matters as which we speak. Im sure your use of the word tomorrow is a figure of speech, rather than an actual request."
  • He was in the next house--the old man leading his solitary life seemed pleased to have found someone ready to converse with him. Why should he not try and cultivate the old fellow's acquaintance, and take advantage of the opportunities it would afford him of watching his neighbours?
  • Cattle avoid eating the buttercup, which then takes advantage of the cropped ground around it to spread.
  • Goblins are nasty little blighters. They remind me of my cousin Gervil's friend called Rupert. His name was Sally, which explains why he was called Rupert. But like goblins, he was short and had a big, round head. I don't know why goblins have such large heads for their little bodies. Of course I don't know why Rupert did either. There doesn't seem to be much advantage in it. On the other hand, goblins have excellent night vision, making it very easy to sneak up on people in the dark. And they have abnormally large mouths with an abnormally large number of teeth in them. This was very unlike Rupert, which is to say Sally, who as I recall had only five or six teeth, though he made up for that by having an extra toe. In addition to which I don't believe his night vision was all that it might have been, for once he kicked me in the head when he was on his way to the outhouse. Of course that could have been on purpose. Rupert was a bit of a nasty blighter too.
  • Juridical advantage " which the claimant would or might enjoy by suing in england.
  • 1. Performance Royalties Under Blanket Licenses. Licensor reserves the exclusive right to collect, whether individually or via a performance rights society (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), royalties for the public performance or public digital performance (e.g. webcast) of the Work if that performance is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.
  • Blake changed back into his human form and was sliced in the arm, then leg, and then heart, as Max immediately took advantage of the opening. But, before Maxwell could refocus on Maggie, she softly said, "I love you, Maxie," invoking his sensitivity and love for his grandma’, which obviously wasnt buried perhaps as deep as he would have preferred. Maggie took advantage of the sensitive moment and used her extended nail to end Maxwells night, her sharp nail interrupting his loving thought process. Eight verses four.
  • Modest in terms of worldly wealth and influence, and he had no advantage in that respect.
  • "We might as well take advantage of this opportunity to test your new spells. First, we are going to see Tabris in the Lacobian desert."
  • Our spoor will be washed out, Victor: make haste, let us move on rapidly and gain those hills, and if we do so before the rain, the keenest-eyed Matabili will not be able to trace us; so come along. If no eyes are now on us, we may live here for a week without being discovered. Keep close together, Katie, and by my side, take advantage of every bush or slope of ground, and we will yet live to join our people again.
  • "Then let us be started," Mappel replied quickly. "Let us take advantage of what has happened here. Let us remember this moment as we set out to accomplish what we must do."
  • He always took his meals alone, with an open book before him, which he read. He had a well-selected little library. He loved books; books are cold but safe friends. In proportion as leisure came to him with fortune, he seemed to take advantage of it to cultivate his mind. It had been observed that, ever since his arrival at M. sur M.. his language had grown more polished, more choice, and more gentle with every passing year. He liked to carry a gun with him on his strolls, but he rarely made use of it. When he did happen to do so, his shooting was something so infallible as to inspire terror. He never killed an inoffensive animal. He never shot at a little bird.
  • The distance run that night, satisfied us all that Mons. Le Compte was a good draftsman. The schooner ran 106 miles in twelve hours, against a very respectable sea, which was at least ten or fifteen more than the Crisis could have done under the same circumstances. It is true, that what was close-hauled for her, was not close-hauled for us; and, in this respect, we had the advantage of her. Marble was so well pleased with our night's work, that when he came on deck next morning, the first thing he did was to order a bottle of rum to be brought him, and then all hands to be called. As soon as the people were up, he went forward, got into the head, and commanded every body to muster on the forecastle. Marble now made a speech.
  • Though there was no advantage in sending Friant's division instead of Claparede's, and even in obvious inconvenience and delay in stopping Claparede and sending Friant now, the order was carried out exactly. Napoleon did not notice that in regard to his army he was playing the part of a doctor who hinders by his medicines--a role he so justly understood and condemned.
  • Little Ben had an advantage over a very large number of people, educated and rich, as well as poor and humble. He had been all his life accustomed to read the Bible, and so he knew more about God and His will, and could talk more rightly about Him, than those who do not read God's Word can possibly do. He went daily to the fountain, and kept his pitcher full of the water of life. They who seldom or never go, must have their pitchers empty.
  • Caradoc rested with his broad chest panting convulsively up and down till the count of eight. Then he sprang backwards away from his enemy. Curiously enough, Greer did not press his advantage home. The heavy lad came forward but stood away from Caradoc, attempting nothing but left-hand jabs.
  • Chase nodded, ashamed of himself for taking advantage of Benjin that way, and he offered his hand. Benjin clasped it and pulled Chase forward, planting his feet on Chase's chest and thrusting. Chase hurtled through the air and did a complete flip before landing in a not-so-forgiving bush. Two girls, not much older than Chase, watched from nearby, and they giggled as he climbed from the bush.
  • A brief tingling sensation covered his body as the scroll disintegrated in his hands, indicating that he'd probably got it right. Aiden looked ahead, and saw that the mercenaries seemed to slow in their advance. But it wasn't them, as such; the incantation was a powerful one, and in fact, it had altered the flow of time immediately around him, giving his allies an advantage in speed and reflexes over their adversaries. Unfortunately, it wasn't going to last very long, and that was one aspect of the text he had been unable to translate accurately.
  • After you, M. de Barjols. Although you are the insulted party, you have, I am told, renounced your advantages. The least I can do is to yield you this one, if for that matter it is an advantage.
  • You glance at him, wanting to say that doesn't seem fair. But then, private schools exist to give rich kids an advantage over poor ones. Take what you can get.
  • Evan decided to take advantage of the opportunity to throw yet another insult. "Delver's ain't too smart, are they? I said I had a job. Consprite wanted me to follow your trail from beginning to end, wanted to know all about where you've been and what you've been up to. Told me I should follow the trail, but I like to do things my way. Now, I can't say what ya found when you followed the tremor and what made ya turn back to the desert. I can't even say what you found out in the desert, but I saw what you had with you. I figured the girl was with you in the forest. I saw signs of two when you first went in. But those other things, I don't even know what they were, let alone why you were leading 'em out of the desert. I figure I can get what I need to know out of you. You'll tell me where you've been and what you've been up to, won't ya?"
  • "Dawn had scarcely begun, when I went to find the native soldiers. They were stretched out on the bridge of the gunboat, taking advantage of the fact that the whites were still sleeping, to do nothing.
  • Then the robbery itself seemed odd. The dog had not barked, and only the jewel box had been taken. The robber seemed to have known exactly what to look for and where to find it. It looked very much as if someone in the household had taken advantage of the soldiers rampaging to do a robbery himself. The window could easily have been broken to make it look as if someone outside had broken in. And as for the footprints inside the servants room and on the stairs, they could have been made deliberately to deceive, or even (the thought suddenly struck me) might not have been there at allin which case the servants, who had said they had seen them and then cleaned them up, might all be in the plot.
  • Out of such small beginnings do great things grow, in the woods! There was evidently a current between the hummocks, flowing toward the brook. If so, where did it come from? Sid asked himself. A spring, back in the depths of the cove, most likely. He explored the little dent in which he had camped, carefully. The broken and jagged strata of the walls had met here, jammed together by some prehistoric movement of the earth's crust. It was not the real plateau wall. The trees had taken advantage of the jumble of interlocking slabs, for a giant fir had effected a lodgment in the fissure, filled as it was with pockets of soil that had accumulated there.
  • Would you kill me? came in Rasco's voice. The boomer was concerned and was doing his best to gain time, in the hope that something would turn up to his advantage.
  • While this was going on, the dirigible had quietly glided into its hangar and was quickly being tied up. An aviator was chasing Stubby with a long-handled brush when a man on the outside opened a door in the side of the dirigible just as Stubby was passing and quick as a wink he took advantage of it and jumped out, much to the surprise of the man who had opened it. After him came Button and Billy, and when the Chums' feet touched terra firma again they lost no time in leaving that aviation field. When they had found a nice, quiet, safe place to rest and were reviewing this last adventure, Billy said, "No more dirigibles for me! I never want even to see one again!"
  • Thus, whoever controls resources considered culturally valuable will always have an economic advantage over those who desire access to these resources.
  • It has the advantage of making any oil leaks immediately noticeable!
  • German industrial and economic power had grown greatly after unification and the foundation of the Empire in 1871. From the mid-1890s on, the government of Wilhelm II used this base to devote significant economic resources to building up the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial German Navy), established by Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, in rivalry with the British Royal Navy for world naval supremacy. As a result, each nation strove to out-build the other in terms of capital ships. With the launch of HMS Dreadnought in 1906, the British Empire expanded on its significant advantage over its German rival. The arms race between Britain and Germany eventually extended to the rest of Europe, with all the major powers devoting their industrial base to producing the equipment and weapons necessary for a pan-European conflict. Between 1908 and 1913, the military spending of the European powers increased by 50 percent.
  • Jack forgot about what was taking place below, since all of his energies must now be directed toward beating off this double attack. It had come to the point of self-preservation. The Hun airmen were playing a prearranged game of hunting in couples. While one made a feint at attacking, the other expected to take advantage of an exposure and inflict a fatal blow that would send the American aeroplane whirling to death.
  • The longer it's delayed, the better; something may happen in the meantime, Foster replied. "Then, you see, the track is false. When the fellow finds you obstinate, he'll try to get hold of Lawrence, particularly as he got money from him before; but as he believes Lawrence is in England, he'll have some trouble. The advantage is that he won't be able to bother you while all his time and energy's occupied by following me."
  • But this Spanish commander knew his business, which was more than could truthfully be said for the Barbados Militia. Having gained the advantage of a surprise blow, which had put the fort out of action, he soon showed them that he was master of the situation. His guns turned now upon the open space behind the mole, where the incompetent Bishop had marshalled his men, tore the militia into bloody rags, and covered the landing parties which were making the shore in their own boats and in several of those which had rashly gone out to the great ship before her identity was revealed.
  • He handed Tremayne the glasses as he spoke. The French cruiser was lying motionless upon the water, with her after compartments full, and very much down by the stern. She was still blazing away gamely with all her available guns, but it was obvious at a glance that she was now no match for her antagonist, who had taken full advantage of the help rendered by her unknown ally, and was pouring a perfect hail of shot and shell point-blank into her half-disabled adversary, battering her deck-works into ruins, and piercing her hull again and again.
  • His first impulse had been to tell her everything, but his amazement had rendered him speechless, and now he was thankful for it. Following his discovery of her identity, he had been stricken dumb, staring at her like one demented; then, as he was about to explain, his mind suddenly grasped the significance of this revelation and the advantage it gave him over his enemies; a plan began to unfold, vague at first, its details not worked out, but a plan whereby he could by keeping silent use this knowledge to serve his vengeful ends. In an instant his vision cleared and his brain became active and alert, like that of a man brought suddenly under the stimulus of strong liquor. Care must be exercised--she must not learn too much-- for if she suspected the truth she would go to her soldier lover at once, and no power on earth could hold her back. That would block the vengeance that he saw shaping in the dank recesses of his distorted brain.
  • Advantage, did you say, Senor? retorted Don Hermoso. "Pardon me, I am afraid that I am unusually dull to-day, but I am compelled to confess that for the moment I scarcely see in what respect such an alliance would be an advantage to us. If it would not be troubling you too much, would you kindly explain?"
  • In 1884, the name Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company began making home canning jars. By 1887, the company moved to Muncie, Indiana, to take advantage of the natural gas there. Today, Balls corporate headquarters are in Broomfield, Colorado and the company is comprised of two primary businessespackaging for 90% of the company and 10% for aerospace/technologies.
  • Fourth, the discursive advantage is now held by the democrats. This means that the ideas that look strange in respect to the Alevi and Kurdish issues now will be the dominant views in the future.
  • I think that it was a very good idea of Sir Sidney's to suggest that it would be for the advantage of all concerned to vary the usual course, and to place these goods in the hands of an expert instead of selling them by auction. I should like to see Mr. Blagrove. I suppose you know his address. Is he in town?
  • We were indeed exceedingly busy that day, Mr Austin having determined to take advantage of the opportunity which our being at anchor afforded him to lift the rigging off the mastheads and give it and them a thorough overhaul.
  • It will not apply where the return is deliberately incomplete, in an attempt to take advantage of the concession.
  • Having spent his early years on the Welsh march and brought up on tales of his formidable ancestors and their protracted battles with their neighbors to the west, and now with information from his new partners, Hugh understood the Welsh method of warfare better than most men. Sudden, swift strikes were necessary when the manpower of the attackers was less than that of the defenders. Fighting on foot or with the shortbow was more efficient and required less space than swinging a sword from atop a horse. Making use of the environmentthe forests and hillswas an advantage over invaders who didnt know the lay of the land as well.
  • Black cabs have the advantage over mini cabs in that they can be flagged down from the street.
  • Then again they were running, the unwavering line of thirty men, but with a difference which the outlaws might not mistake. And as they ran they held their fire for a little, knowing how useless and suicidal it would be to pause half-way. But presently they were answering shot with shot, pausing, going down upon one knee, taking a moment's advantage of a friendly rock, pouring lead into the agitated groups among the boulders, springing up, running on again, every man fighting the fight his own way, the thirty of them making the air tingle with their shouts as they bore onward.
  • "The devil's hate and desire for vengeance upon your wife were matched only by that of his hate for god, and all that is good. Not only was she a symbol of those things, she was an instrument of them, the exact opposite of all he stood for. Furthermore, her power of good was slowly undermining his power of evil over you. He could not kill her for she was too strong in her faith, but he could take advantage of her instant of weakness. As powerful as she was, she could not prevent the evil one from using that one tiny instant of weakness. Although it was only in the wink of an eye, it was enough time for him to do his evil deed and change both of your lives forever."
  • He almost crashed straight into the back of Morik as he rounded the corner, for the man was being pushed back by three powerful adversaries. The passage was wide enough for two people to stand side by side, so Aiden took advantage of this to fight alongside the deposed chief, adding his sword to the mix. The barbarian's lack of tactical expertise continued to work against them, leaving gaps in their defences that Aiden and Morik were able to exploit.
  • At the time she entered the pensionat she was barely twenty years of age--she was now consequently just thirty--a handsome girl, although somewhat thin and pale, from the hard life and harder living she had gone through; and she now determined more than ever to take advantage of her looks and chances, literally to husband her resources. To endeavour in fact by a wealthy marriage--she had read and was told that eligible partis were much sooner picked up on the continent than in the more calculating Britain--to rid herself for ever of her working life, and be above the danger of want, which, poor intriguante, she had already gone through, and the necessity for drudgery.
  • "Perhaps you have hopes in that direction, you scamp, taking advantage of her yearsbut I shall never agree to you having her. Now what do you say?"
  • The route of the railway cutting the large navigable rivers at right angles, at some parts of the line, as much as a couple of hundred miles inland of our posts gave the Free Traders a great advantage as they could intercept the Indians coming down from the height of land.
  • Todd felt the moment of overload. He felt his face harden as he moved towards Tacoma. Tacoma backed away, trying to brace himself against the unexpected attack but it was too late. Todd fired a fast right jab into Tacoma's nose, smashing the cartilage into his face. He followed with a left cross to the right side of Tacoma's chin. Tacoma threw his arms up in an effort to fend off the sudden pounding. Todd took the advantage and fired a well-placed snap kick into Tacoma's groin. Tacoma stumbled out of the shack and went down. Todd ran from the shack, looked around wildly, and spotted a large rock. He ran to retrieve it and raced back.
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