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  • What did it mean? Dick asked himself as he sat there holding his breath, while he watched intently, and saw his father steal from place to place in the most secretive manner, taking advantage of bush, wall, and outbuilding, and every now and then pausing as if gazing out across the fen.
  • Our spoor will be washed out, Victor: make haste, let us move on rapidly and gain those hills, and if we do so before the rain, the keenest-eyed Matabili will not be able to trace us; so come along. If no eyes are now on us, we may live here for a week without being discovered. Keep close together, Katie, and by my side, take advantage of every bush or slope of ground, and we will yet live to join our people again.
  • It was the bigger of the two blacks, who had in his insane rage taken advantage of the confusion and excitement to escape from those who held him prisoner and leap overboard, to swim for his liberty.
  • The foe against which this party was being led was known to be both cunning and daring, and so it was considered expedient to place the camp in a state of defence, lest the enemy, taking advantage of the absence of the greater number of the fighting men, should select that time for their attack; for such is the usual proceeding of African chieftains against their enemies. The waggons were therefore drawn together and brushwood placed so as to prevent an easy entrance among them, regular watches were set, so that a surprise would have been difficult, had it been attempted; and a regular attack when the Boers were prepared would have ended in a fearful slaughter of the assailants. Matters being thus satisfactorily arranged at home, the expedition started, amidst great firing of guns, this being among the Africanders the substitute for cheering.
  • "People have said I was born with a gift. I do not wish to make any such judgments. I will simply say that Godson wishes to reveal the secrets of his prophecies, the secrets of the future, to the followers of his word. I have been chosen for that task. When I was very young, perhaps nothing more than an infant in your eyes, I sensed things before they happened. Everyone around me wanted to take advantage of what I could do. I was pushed and prodded. I faced constant demands. I began to hate what I was and what I could do. But that's a boring story, filled with self pity. Luckily, I realized I was allowed my ability for a greater purpose than to make others wealthy and famous. Now, I accept my fate, though I would appreciate it if you do not throw my name about with casual ease. You never know who might remember me. As for now, I simply move with the path that Godson makes for me.
  • "I do not quite understand what you are talking about, Mr. Bingham," she said, putting on her most dignified air, and Beatrice could look rather alarming. "You have picked up a piece of unfounded gossip and now you take advantage of it to laugh at me, and to say rude things of Mr. Davies. It is not kind."
  • But the most radical change in his life had to be his relationship with Carla. He had tormented her for years in an attempt to gain some sort of competitive advantage once she came on-line when she turned 18. He would have accomplished the task if mortality hadn't taken hold.
  • "And from what you tell me you took advantage of your position, as daughter of the jailer, to communicate with a prisoner of state about the cultivation of flowers."
  • Then it began contracting, the foe taking advantage of every hill and every tree to get nearer. Occasionally they would send over some scattering shots, but in the main they held their fire until they should get into closer quarters.
  • One approach would be to engineer pollen lethality by taking advantage of promoters that are active specifically in the male gametophyte.
  • Holli surveyed the current situation. All the archers were moving quickly now. A signal came from the tower across town to the east, then another from the north. Two more surfacing points appeared. She could not hope to seal those, but it no longer mattered. They appeared too late to take advantage of the momentary scramble. Her forces were now almost completely in place.
  • This was not an agreeable scene, and it may be said that Lady Honoria was a vulgar person. But not even the advantage of having been brought up "on the knees of marchionesses" is a specific against vulgarity, if a lady happens, unfortunately, to set her heart, what there is of it, meanly on mean things.
  • Some airlines, for example, may choose to take advantage of carbon neutrality schemes being offered by some ngos.
  • Suppose again the Nez Perces were victorious. The possession of the matchless stallion must be betrayed to their enemies, who would leave no stone unturned to capture him. There was every reason, too, to fear that the hostiles would be successful; for they would be in their own country and have every advantage on their side. With all the charity that Deerfoot could feel, he could not help condemning the Nez Perce chieftain for taking the great risk of causing the loss of Whirlwind.
  • "All right, Jake. I'll ride first, if you say so." In truth, Ben was pleased to find himself once more on the back of a horse. He had not had much practice in riding at the East, but the practice he had had in California had already made him a good rider, and even if the mustang had taken a fancy to buck he would have found it rather hard to dislodge our young hero. The animal he bestrode, however, was very well-behaved, especially when he felt that his rider had the mastery over him. Any horse, with any spirit, is apt to take advantage of a timid or unpractised rider, and the animal is very quick to learn when this is the case.
  • "You are too impetuous, Blagrove. I have received too many assurances from the officers of the fleet to doubt what their feelings are at the course that has been taken, but that can make no difference in their duty. It is to do their best in the various positions they occupy, without allowing the question whether they consider that an individual has been unjustly treated to influence them in any way. The service comes before everything. It is distinctly for the benefit of the service that General Hutchinson should have the advantage of your knowledge of the country and of its languages, and, moreover, you really received your promotion in no small degree owing to the fact that you were going to act as a sort of interpreter and guide to the general commanding the expedition, and although unhappily Sir Ralph Abercrombie's death has caused a change in that command, that in no way alters the arrangements.
  • "Not going to do you any good, Falco," I bantered, taking advantage of the rare circumstance of having the upper hand against my older brother. "Turstan said it will take months for your wings to form. You have no choice but to endure."
  • Sensing his own advantage Bernard said, "One must be cautious and not reckless in such delicate matters as which we speak. Im sure your use of the word tomorrow is a figure of speech, rather than an actual request."
  • Edgar found on his arrival at Alexandria that his mother and sisters were about to leave for England. Mrs. Blagrove had become seriously indisposed, the result, as she maintained, of the climate, but which was far more due to her indolent habits, for she never took any exercise whatever. Her general health was greatly impaired, and the two Italian doctors who attended her--there being no English medical men resident there--had most strongly advised that she should return home. They had frankly told Mr. Blagrove that a colder climate was absolutely necessary to her, not only because it would brace her up and act as a tonic, but because she would probably there be induced to take a certain amount of exercise. The two girls were to accompany her, in order that they should, like Edgar, enjoy the advantage of going to an English school and mixing with English girls of their own age. They, too, had both felt the heat during the preceding summer, and Mr. Blagrove felt that a stay of two or three years in England would be an immense advantage to them.
  • "He has gone away, not for a day, but for all time. He is a strange man, and some things he said I could not understand. At first I feared greatly, for when I told him what had occurred--of Necia's return and of her marriage--he became so enraged I thought he would burst open his wounds and die from his very fury; but I talked a long, long time with him, and gradually I came to know somewhat of his queer, disordered soul. He could not bring himself to face defeat in the eyes of men, or to see the knowledge of it in their bearing; therefore, he fled. He told me that he would be a hunted animal all his life; that the news of his whipping would travel ahead of him; and that his enemies would search him out to take advantage of him. This I could not grasp, but it seemed a big thing in his eyes--so big that he wept. He said the only decent thing he could or would do was to leave the daughter he had never known to that happiness he had never experienced, and wished me to tell her that she was very much like her mother, who was the best woman in the world."
  • They all knew what awaited them. There was only one road to the militia camp from Lai Khe; everything else was sprouting rice through six inches of water. Somewhere along that road the V.C. would be waiting to ambush them. They would try to block the road by knocking out the lead vehicle, either with a mine or a rocket or perhaps both. From that point on it would be a matter of shooting their way through. The only advantage they had was that the rice fields offered the V.C. little protection.
  • Maybe Serenity hadnt reached the pier yet? He did have the advantage of a police car and siren. If not for the abandoned BMW, he might have convinced himself he was alone.
  • When the Native Infantry broke, Hardy's captain sprang to the front, sword in hand, and cut down two of the foe. As he did so, he was, for a moment, separated from his company and surrounded. A powerful Arab was on the point of thrusting his spear into the captain's back when Hardy observed his danger, bayoneted the Arab, and saved the officer. But it was almost at the cost of his own life, for another Arab, with whom he had been fighting at the moment, took advantage of the opportunity to thrust his spear into the chest of the sergeant, who fell, as was thought, mortally wounded.
  • Once they had halted for a few minutes' rest, the last they expected to enjoy, and Paul had taken advantage of the opportunity to start a smoky fire; after which he and Seth, the signal sender of the patrol, used the latter's blanket to send a series of dense smoke clouds soaring upward at certain intervals.
  • After half an hour's rest, the settlers resumed their journey, and not a spot among the rocks was left unexamined. Pencroft and Neb even rushed into the surf whenever any object attracted their attention. But they found nothing, some curious formations of the rocks having deceived them. They ascertained, however, that eatable shellfish abounded there, but these could not be of any great advantage to them until some easy means of communication had been established between the two banks of the Mercy, and until the means of transport had been perfected.
  • What did it mean? Dick asked himself as he sat there holding his breath, while he watched intently, and saw his father steal from place to place in the most secretive manner, taking advantage of bush, wall, and outbuilding, and every now and then pausing as if gazing out across the fen.
  • I have been one of those, he replied, "who believed the notion of life outside the earth to be a beautiful theory without one shred of scientific basis. We knew the earth was inhabited and the moon was not, and there we stopped. We did not know, and thought we never could know, anything that could be called evidence pointing to the existence of life in the other planets or elsewhere, and we held that there was no advantage in speculation. We thought it unwise to spend much time or thought on a subject about which we could know nothing. On coming here and finding you I have learned that Mars is inhabited, but I do not know any more about the other planets or stars."
  • "Yes, nothing definite. In fact, if Trays promised not to say or do anything this might end up working to my advantage in our next inevitable debate. See, we stayed involved in this 'semi-argumentbecause I told him I wanted to skip my freshman year of high school. He refused to give into me no matter how many logical reasons I gave him.
  • Holli took advantage of such willingness, setting a pace faster than she could have expected but within the constraints of the horses. She would test their endurance without leading them to the brink of exhaustion. The horses that pulled Dzeb proved to be the measuring stick. As they grew tired, she slowed them all to a trot until they were again ready for a more strenuous run.
  • I suspected what you tell me was the truth, and I was on the point of rushing forward and making short work of them with my revolver, but it flashed upon me that they possessed a fearful advantage over us. Redvignez and Brazzier are as cunning as serpents, and one of them, more than likely, would have caught up the little girl and held her in front of him as a screen."
  • I lifted her gently and led her to a chair. I was hard put to it not to hold her supported in my arms. But I might not cull that advantage from her distress. A singular niceness, you will say, perhaps, as in your scorn you laugh at me. Perhaps you are right to laugh - yet are you not altogether right.
  • Sy intervened. At first he was uncomfortable with the debate, but now he noticed his soldiers watching with interest. He did not like the message being sent. The argument spoke of division. He could not have it continue. He spoke with authority over both wizard and elf. "That's enough from both of you. I can't have this, won't have it. You are both needed to help protect this town. Your bickering is counter-productive to that goal. Enin, I don't know why you're doing this. You're acting like a child. You're mad because she thought you might be a danger if you started experimenting with the magic. That's her opinion and she's entitled to it." Sy then turned to Holli. "But I don't agree with it. I don't know how the magic works against dwarves. It may put us in danger, but I also know we can't ignore a single advantage just because it may prove risky. If he can capture a few dwarves in a force field, well that's a few less we have to deal with. That in itself is worth something. As a soldier, you should know that."
  • People have said I was born with a gift. I do not wish to make any such judgments. I will simply say that Godson wishes to reveal the secrets of his prophecies, the secrets of the future, to the followers of his word. I have been chosen for that task. When I was very young, perhaps nothing more than an infant in your eyes, I sensed things before they happened. Everyone around me wanted to take advantage of what I could do. I was pushed and prodded. I faced constant demands. I began to hate what I was and what I could do. But that's a boring story, filled with self pity. Luckily, I realized I was allowed my ability for a greater purpose than to make others wealthy and famous. Now, I accept my fate, though I would appreciate it if you do not throw my name about with casual ease. You never know who might remember me. As for now, I simply move with the path that Godson makes for me."
  • Triumpara, the sovereign of Cochin, informed the admiral that he had been eagerly solicited by the Zamorin to take advantage of the confidence reposed in him by the Portuguese, to surprise and seize them, in consequence of which intelligence, and to reward the integrity of the king whose loyalty had exposed him to the enmity of the Rajah of Calicut, Gama, when starting for Lisbon with a valuable cargo, left with Triumpara ships sufficient to enable him to await in safety the arrival of another squadron. During Gama's return voyage the only noteworthy incident that occurred was the defeat of another Malabar fleet. The admiral arrived in Europe on the 20th of December, 1503.
  • "Well everyone, this extremely talkative girl is my sister, Ember and Im Tray Pateman. I sure hope theres not a quiz at the end of this handshake though cuzyou guys are at a slight advantage in this introduction situation. After all, two names versus fifty, isnt very even, odds…" Tray shot a smile in Kristas direction.
  • "We will take advantage of the flexibility provided by this new financing in order to aggressively look at all options to drive long-term sustainable profitability, enhance our strategic positioning and improve our balance sheet," Verwaayen said in the statement.
  • Captain N---- was far the stronger of the two; but, on the other hand, O'Mara possessed far more skill in the use of the fatal weapon which they employed. But the narrowness of the room rendered this advantage hardly available.
  • Dick took advantage of this in his natural desire to see all he possibly could of the place and of the people, a ramble being more pleasant now that it could be taken without seeing scowling looks, and hearing knife armed men cursing aloud at the dog of an infidel who dared to profane the streets with his presence.
  • EB sighed heavily, muttered a few appropriate obscenities under her breath, and then got up. She carefully adjusted her swimsuit to show off all her best attributes. Taking advantage of the situation and hoping to make Tommy jealous, she intentionally angled her walk past the volleyball game, immediately causing an errant serve and a serious argument over whether the resulting shot had been out-of-bounds or not. While rummaging in the ice chest on the Rusty Duck, she plotted her next move.
  • No degradation of telescope ir emissivity, which is a crucial advantage for a system with strong science drivers in the infrared.
  • Shaa peered over the rim of his own mug, sniffed. "You have a point. Still, you are on the run, so by definition you need every possible advantage you can get."
  • It was a perfectly executed opening move, but their advantage wasn't going to last long. Even now, the officers of the Steel Tigers, including Robert Black himself, were shouting out orders to control the flames, and to start the counter-attack. A dozen mercenaries led by a brash and loud sergeant, formed up beyond the flames, and moved around the lit area towards Aiden's position.
  • Our division formed on the heights above Samunoz to cover the passage of the rivulet, which was so swollen with the heavy rains, as only to be passable at particular fords. While we waited there for the passage of the rest of the army, the enemy, under cover of the forest, was, at the same time, assembling in force close around us; and the moment that we began to descend the hill, towards the rivulet, we were assailed by a heavy fire of cannon and musketry, while their powerful cavalry were in readiness to take advantage of any confusion which might have occurred. We effected the passage, however, in excellent order, and formed on the opposite bank of the stream, where we continued under a cannonade and engaged in a sharp skirmish until dark.
  • "None at present, brother, though it may well be so, before long. I hope that we shall soon have the earl and his son back again, for the Scots are sure to take advantage of their absence, now that the truce is expired.
  • Sy intervened. At first he was uncomfortable with the debate, but now he noticed his soldiers watching with interest. He did not like the message being sent. The argument spoke of division. He could not have it continue. He spoke with authority over both wizard and elf. "That's enough from both of you. I can't have this, won't have it. You are both needed to help protect this town. Your bickering is counter-productive to that goal. Enin, I don't know why you're doing this. You're acting like a child. You're mad because she thought you might be a danger if you started experimenting with the magic. That's her opinion and she's entitled to it." Sy then turned to Holli. "But I don't agree with it. I don't know how the magic works against dwarves. It may put us in danger, but I also know we can't ignore a single advantage just because it may prove risky. If he can capture a few dwarves in a force field, well that's a few less we have to deal with. That in itself is worth something. As a soldier, you should know that."
  • Crazyno, not at all, he echoed me. Ivan Pavlovich paused for a moment, gazing at me with a strange mixture of craving and disgust. One moment I felt that he might take advantage of me; the next, I could see something wolflike, ravenous in his eyes. He reminded me of a wild beast, about to devour his prey.
  • Brenda was getting the upper hand. Blood from the claw marks on the mothers forehead had begun to seep into her eyes. Brenda took advantage of the partial blindness and began pounding the womans nose and mouth with both fists. I heard the nose snap and the mother screamed again. The nose began to pour red.
  • For six hours was this travesty of battle maintained. Then the Indian fire slackened, and finally ceased altogether. Believing the affair to be merely a temporary outbreak of a few hot-headed savages, that must quickly blow over, Gladwyn took advantage of this lull in the storm to send out two Canadians under a flag of truce to investigate the cause of dissatisfaction. At the same time he proposed, while negotiations were in progress, to secure a supply of provisions with which to stand a siege.
  • She took advantage of the peace and quiet to rinse the blood off as best she could, wincing over the hurt parts. She'd never bathed totally immersed in water before. Back with the Rattlingbones, she was used to making do with a bowl and a damp cloth, if that. It was oddly pleasant.
  • Despite the Democratic advantage in registration, as of 2008, Republicans controlled the governorship and most other statewide elective offices; both houses of the state legislature; and 15 of the state's 25 seats in the House of Representatives. Florida has been listed as a swing state in Presidential elections since 1950, voting for the losing candidate once in that period of time. In the closely contested 2000 election the state played a pivotal role.
  • Just as dusk fell, the men gathered at the edge of the forest of Llanbradach, two miles north of Caerphilly. Id already sent Goronwy, Gruffydd, and the men to their task. The people of the region and my scouts had reported that Clare had abandoned Morcraig when he started work on Caerphilly. Clare might not see the advantage in the half-built castle, but I wanted the heights.
  • Then in the 35th minute he took advantage of a scuffed clearance by oakes and slotted the ball home past the wolves goalie.
  • The waves could not rise among these islands, which intercepted them before they could roll far enough to gather force, so that he had all the advantage of the gale without its risks. Except a light haze all round the horizon, the sky was perfectly clear, and it was pleasant now the strong current of air cooled the sun's heat. As he came round the islands he constantly met and disturbed parties of waterfowl, mallards, and coots. Sometimes they merely hid in the weeds, sometimes they rose, and when they did so passed to his rear.
  • They are not, Mr. Darrin. But you have had the advantage of three hard years spent in learning how to study, and so your present course appears rather easy to you. Are you sleeping well?
  • Blosberg took advantage of this and darted out the door just as Frank appeared at the top of the steps. Both raised their revolvers at the same moment, but Blosberg was the first to fire.
  • The prince led the gardener to the place where he had rooted up the tree, showed him the way into the cave, and, when there, let him see what a treasure he had discovered; thanking Providence for rewarding his virtue, and the pains he had been at for so many years. How, replied the gardener, do you imagine I will take these riches as mine which you found out? The property of them is yours; I have no right to them. For fourscore years, (so long my father has been dead) I have done nothing but dig in this garden, and could not discover this treasure, which is a sign that it was destined to you by fate, or Heaven had revealed it to me. It agrees with your quality as a prince, and suits your age, too, better than mine: I am old, and have one foot in the grave, and cannot tell what to do with so much wealth. Providence has bestowed it upon you at a time when you are returning to that country which will one day be your own, where you may make a good use of it for the advantage of yourself, and the people over whom you are to reign.
  • Not all of them, Mr. Carnforth admitted. "But then you see they sailed in schooners, and you have got steam. Besides, they started from the States, where the newspapers knew all about them, and so their arrival was cabled on to Cuba ahead; and you have the advantage of sailing from an English port."
  • No. I don't know where the entrance to Dunop is. I have no experience with dwarf cities. There is no advantage to me going alone. And I'll be glad to have the company
  • Visitors have been spotted taking day hikes on the series of popular trails just inside the park. Many are taking advantage of free camping at Riley Creek, which has 100 campsites. Reservations are not accepted, so the sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis until May 22.
  • It was a great fight, I remember. There must have been a couple of score blood-soaked handkerchiefs (or "sweat-rags") buried in a hole on the field of battle, and the Giraffe was busy the rest of the evening helping to patch up the principals. Later on he took up a small collection for the loser, who happened to be Barcoo-Rot in spite of the advantage of an eye.
  • "It's not a matter of fault. If you want to entertain them when you're on break, that's your choice. Just so long as it stays your choice. I don't want them taking advantage of you."
  • We soon found our car just as we had left it, and were glad to take advantage of its shelter. In the new danger which loomed up before us so threateningly, we all agreed that it would be rash to return into the interior of the moon, to be crushed to death in the shock of the impending collision; and yet, in remaining where we were, the doctor and I felt that no reputable insurance company would call our lives a very good risk.
  • Perceived as a genuine means of gaining competitive advantage over other retailers and is a major draw to consumers.
  • Wall Street banks are looking to help offshore clients sidestep new U.S. rules designed to safeguard the world's $640 trillion over-the-counter derivatives market, taking advantage of an exemption that risks undermining U.S. regulators' efforts.
  • Pence gazed up. Whether it was the frank compliments or the fact that his brow was now obtuseflattened by the side of the bottlehis expression was dumbfound wonder. Then he remembered his manners and curtsied proudly, although he no longer had a sunhat to worry about upsetting. "Alas, my love, that I have ever been prone to bravo; in my zeal I was blind and the Prince used his mind-tricks to gain advantage over me. He is a very cagey adversary, you know. He must have a jewel in his head the size of a kickball. But please dont tell anyone he got the best of meI would never recover from the bad publicity."
  • The music skipped another beat. Here and there throughout the crowd the fighting and dancing came to a standstill. The revelers slowly awakened. The cops took advantage of the lull and hauled off some of the worst of the brawlers.
  • Captain Gordon Granger was serving on the staff of General Lyon. When not actively engaged in his professional duties, he visited all parts of the field where the fight was hottest. Though himself somewhat excited, he was constantly urging the raw soldiers to keep cool and not throw away a shot. Wherever there was a weak place in our line, he was among the first to discover it and devise a plan for making it good. On one occasion, he found a gap between two regiments, and noticed that the Rebels were preparing to take advantage of it. Without a moment's delay, he transferred three companies of infantry to the spot, managing to keep them concealed behind a small ridge.
  • Hal had been thinking rapidly. The men still held their revolvers in their hands, but they no longer covered him. Taking advantage of this fact, Hal suddenly dived under the bed and his two automatics were once more in his hand.
  • There they struggled together--a struggle that could not long continue for lack of wind, it was so cat-o'-mountain in the franticness of its activity, life the victor's prize. Twice while it lasted those solitudes heard reports of gun-fire--Rolls firing; but without hurt to the other, who had the advantage of being much the younger, of being considerably the bigger, of being uppermost to begin with: advantages over which that inveterate toughness of Rolls might not have prevailed, if Macray had not let go Rolls' left hand to snatch his sheath-knife, and finish it. In that same second Rolls had him overthrown, undone, and under....
  • Bumpus had been yawning for some time; and presently, taking advantage of a lull in the conversation the fat boy clumsily gained his feet, and made a lunge for the nearest tent, in which he was supposed to sleep.
  • While business and pleasure thus appeared to promote each other, it came to my knowledge that an advertisement had appeared in the papers: stating that, if Hugh Trevor, the grandson of the reverend **** rector of ***, were alive, by application at a place there named, he might hear of something very much to his advantage.
  • Very tedious and trying was our passage northward, although every effort was made by the skipper to expedite it. Nothing of advantage to our cargo was seen for a long time, which, although apparently what was to be expected, did not improve Captain Slocum's temper. But, to the surprise of all, when we had arrived off the beautiful island of Hong Kong, to which we approached closely, we raised"" a grand sperm whale."
  • "What kind of demon would I be if I didn't take advantage of a wounded employee who was prone to disloyalty? He said the woman's name was Melina. I've had my people out searching for information on the Seer. It seems that he escaped my delivery boy's grasp when the Hounds attacked. That is when the girls must have run into him, because from the reports I've received, the bitch sent back up and they grabbed the old fool a few blocks from here." Ve smirked, "he was tra, la, la-ing up the road without a care. Seers are the strangest breed."
  • "Not in the slightest. In fact I think it makes you look even sexier. Youre built like my own personal Greek God and your X on your chest makes you look manlier." Telling him bluntly made him go limp. Using this opportunity to her advantage Sarah barely managed to pull it off the top of his head and sat it on the table. I was right. You do look bigger, probably from building this house for us.
  • Serenitys vulnerability meant she didnt know what she asked of him, but hed allowed himself to make love to her. He was supposed to be the strong one, the one in control, and he had taken advantage.
  • Good morn', Cap., he said. "Guess I'll see ye in 'Frisco this side o' the Noo Year." He forged rapidly ahead, and when clear of the bows took a long turn to seaward. The Mate took advantage of his being away and wiped off the paint on the burned patch, which was beginning to smell abominably.
  • The tandem, however, did have an advantage over the cage on one significant point: it was a machine. A bizarre, implausible machine, admittedly, but one which had more going for it in terms of logic and physics than a bird-borne carriage. And when it came to choosing between the lift of an iron propeller or the flapping wings of some temperamental birds, it had to be said that this particular advantage was a decidedly large one. True, there was a magic at work in Niamago that could make people ski in the air and belch lightning; but Benjamin was still too much the child of a safe, cause-and-effect world to entertain the idea that it might be on par with, or hold sway over, the secure edicts of science. Perhaps, when he was back on land, he might think differently. In the meantime, he could only look forward to it.
  • But if there was a ghost of a chance Paul was determined to take advantage of it, and he believed that even the laggards would be keen to make the attempt, once he mentioned the subject to them.
  • He could now make better progress, for if the lion turned, he would be invisible; and taking advantage of this, he crept on from bush to bush, till he was quite a hundred yards away. And now the longing was intense to stand erect and look out for Breezy, but the bushy growth had been so closely cropped that it was nowhere a yard in height, and to stand up might have meant to bring him full in his enemy's sight.
  • As there was but one way of approaching the crater, unless by water, and that was along the hog pasture and across the plank bridge, Bob felt the prudence of immediately taking possession of the pass. He ordered Socrates to look to the gate, where he stationed a guard, and went himself, with ten men, to make sure of the bridge. It was true, Waally's men could swim, and would not be very apt to pause long at the basin; but, it would be an advantage to fight them while in the water, that ought not to be thrown away. The carronades were all loaded, moreover; and these precautions taken, and sentinels posted, Betts suffered his men to sleep on their arms, if sleep they could. Their situation was so novel, that few availed themselves of the privilege, though their commanding officer, himself, was soon snoring most musically.
  • Of course the advantage of a rationalist worldview is that you always feel is if you are in control.
  • Alfonsos chin tightened. "Theyre not allowed to take advantage of the immigrants. Im going to report this to the porter." He stood to go out.
  • "Hey!" the generically named man said, "I have a blonde to go take advantage of! Dont I at least get a run around with her?"
  • Denisov spoke contemptuously of the whole matter, but Rostov knew him too well not to detect that (while hiding it from others) at heart he feared a court-martial and was worried over the affair, which was evidently taking a bad turn. Every day, letters of inquiry and notices from the court arrived, and on the first of May, Denisov was ordered to hand the squadron over to the next in seniority and appear before the staff of his division to explain his violence at the commissariat office. On the previous day Platov reconnoitered with two Cossack regiments and two squadrons of hussars. Denisov, as was his wont, rode out in front of the outposts, parading his courage. A bullet fired by a French sharpshooter hit him in the fleshy part of his leg. Perhaps at another time Denisov would not have left the regiment for so slight a wound, but now he took advantage of it to excuse himself from appearing at the staff and went into hospital.
  • "You can have all your doubts about my methods, Tahkshi." Hades said. "But while we walk slower, it uses up less energy, so we automatically have an advantage over our opponent in the fight."
  • "So they lived till sin came; and among the woes which sin brought in its train there were few more dreadful than the decree that the man should rule over the woman and that her desire should be unto her husband. For thousands of years our race struggled against that giant evil. During a long period the condition of woman was so low that we know nothing of her, and when she reappears it is only as the servant of man. Made in the image of God as the companion of man and an equal sharer in all his rights and duties, she is now his chattel, a piece of property, held for his selfish use or disposed of for his advantage.
  • Ned took advantage of a lull in the wind to start on his return, but he had scarcely left the tree when the lantern slipped from his hand, and was extinguished by the fall. He found it after a short search, and as he could see plainly enough without a light, he pushed on toward the tent, bending his body forward to escape the cutting rain.
  • As if by magic, a victorious army was transformed into a flying mob. The Spaniards and Tlascalans took instant advantage of the change. Fatigue and thirst, wounds and exhaustion were forgotten. With shouts of triumph, and vengeance, they broke their ranks and followed hotly upon the fugitives. These, impeded by their very numbers, and half mad with panic, offered no resistance whatever. Great numbers were overtaken and slain and, when the Spaniards abandoned the pursuit at the summons of their leader's trumpet, and assembled round him, the field was covered with the bodies of their fallen foes.
  • "Most of the old and the very young already will not survive the coming winter, Exalted. I believe there is an advantage to keeping those of working age fit enough to labor."
  • "You probably shouldve known better than to take advantage of me that way. Anyway, Ive got to get to social studies."
  • Zeke was 6?5" and weighed about 280 pounds, but less than a pound of that must have been his puny brain. He had the counting skills of a pre-schooler and the beer gut of a pregnant woman. Taking advantage of under-aged girls was the kind of illegal activity that should have been left for the male students of Billy Joel High School. These guys were upsetting the delicate balance of our pubescent experience, and I was just the guy to put a screeching halt to it.
  • That was plain sailin'. Bill was one of the first put into the place, an' knowin' he'd take a trip to the yard-arm when the Britishers found out who he was, he naturally took advantage of the chance to snoop 'round a bit. We had the run of the whole buildin', seein's there wasn't many of us, an' when he went in the prisoners didn't number more'n twenty. He found a key in the door that led up to the attic, which seemed to be a sort of store-room, an', thinkin' it might come in handy if the others didn't know the lay of the land, he locked the bloomin' place, havin' done so without bein' seen. When I came he didn't know anythin' about the scuttle; but we figgered that if there wasn't one, we could get up stairs an' pull bricks enough out of the chimney to give us a hole. There wasn't any need of doin' that, however, 'cause we found the hatch bolted on the inside, an' the rest was easy. The only thing about the whole business which bothers me is, why the Britishers didn't have a good look around before turnin' the buildin' into a jail.
  • "No, Captain Waymouth, but I would that the hulls were not useless, and still freighted with honest merchandise, that we and the Portugals were at peace, as Christian men should be, and each pursuing our own course as gentlemen adventurers for our own profit and advantage and that of our respective countries. When I joined the expedition I understood such was to be the case. We were to be armed to resist attack, as is lawful--not to attack others, which is wrong. But all these doings of blood and destruction have opened my eyes, and made me wish that I had remained quiet at home, even though my stipend was small and precarious. I love you right well, as you of a surety do know, Captain Waymouth, and I tell you that no good can come of these doings."
  • Lord Henry laughed. "I don't desire to change anything in England except the weather," he answered. "I am quite content with philosophic contemplation. But, as the nineteenth century has gone bankrupt through an over-expenditure of sympathy, I would suggest that we should appeal to science to put us straight. The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray, and the advantage of science is that it is not emotional."
  • As the fight went on, the Baron's advantage was getting more and more visible. His opponent was already bleeding from quite a few wounds. Nothing critical so far, but definitely unpleasant. Especially that the orc was more used to being the one inflicting the wounds.
  • Of such men Godfrey had no fear, his gun and his companion's bow and arrows rendered them too formidable to be meddled with, and until they came down upon the main road there was no chance of their meeting police officers or Cossacks. No villages were passed on the journey, and Godfrey, therefore, had no longer any hesitation in shooting the squirrels that frisked about among the trees. He found them, as Luka had said, excellent eating, although it required three or four of them to furnish anything like a meal. He soon, however, gave over shooting, for he found that Luka was at least as certain with his bow as he was with the gun, with the advantage that the blunt arrow did not spoil the skins. These, as Luka told him, were valuable, and they would be able to exchange them for food, the Siberian squirrel furnishing a highly-prized fur.
  • "Dont worry about that now, Ralph." Hugh had the uneasy feeling that de Vire, having sensed Hughs reliance on him, was slowly starting to take advantage of their relationship with his blunt demands, but he felt powerless to remonstrate. He enjoyed making the younger man happy. "Ill figure it out, I promise."
  • Her eyes hardened. She rose stiffly. "I will send a servant with your breakfast," she said, with her hand on the door. "The down boat will pass La Glorieuse this afternoon. You will perhaps wish to take advantage of it."
  • Advantage!--Why, my dear fellow, every advantage in the world. You know how it is, in this country, I suppose, in the way of society, my dear Miles?
  • Now there is this advantage to a tic-tac. Once you want to escape you can take it with you by the simple process of pulling on the long string, when the pin is jerked from the window-frame, and you can drag the nail and all with you, thus leaving no evidence behind. This was what Bob did.
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