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  • Fourth, the discursive advantage is now held by the democrats. This means that the ideas that look strange in respect to the Alevi and Kurdish issues now will be the dominant views in the future.
  • He scaled that precipitous rock with the rapidity and self-confidence of a gray squirrel running up the trunk of a hickory tree, squirrel-like, taking advantage of every crack, cranny and projection that could be grasped by fingers or moccasin-covered toes.
  • The advantage of being on a storming party is considered as giving the prior claim to be put out of pain, for they receive the first fire, which is generally the best, not to mention that they are also expected to receive the earliest salutation from the beams of timber, hand-grenades, and other missiles, which the garrison are generally prepared to transfer from the top of the wall, to the tops of the heads of their foremost visitors. But I cannot say that I, myself, experienced any such preference, for every ball has a considerable distance to travel, and I have generally found them equally ready to pick up their man at the end, as at the beginning of their flight; luckily, too, the other preparations cannot always be accommodated to the moment, so that, on the whole, the odds are pretty even, that, all concerned come in for an equal share of whatever happens to be going on.
  • What did it mean? Dick asked himself as he sat there holding his breath, while he watched intently, and saw his father steal from place to place in the most secretive manner, taking advantage of bush, wall, and outbuilding, and every now and then pausing as if gazing out across the fen.
  • He began now to see himself as he was, to understand the impulse that had driven him on. Here by his side, her warm breath almost on his face, was the girl he had saved, but he took no advantage of time and place, infringing in no degree upon the respect due to every woman. He had come even this night believing her a spy, but now he held her as something holy.
  • "My lads," he said, and to a man we all burst out into a ringing cheer, when he took off his cap, and waved it round--"My lads, this is a sharp call, but I've been expecting it, and it has not found us asleep. I thank you for the smart way in which you have answered it, for it shews me that a little easy-going on my part in the piping times of peace has not been taken advantage of. My lads, these are stern times; and this despatch tells me of what will bring the honest British blood into every face, and make every strong man take a firm gripe of his piece as he longs for the order to charge the mutinous traitors to their Queen, who, taking her pay, sworn to serve her, have turned, and in cold blood butchered their officers, slain women, and hacked to pieces innocent babes. My lads, we are going against a horde of monsters; but I have bad news--you cannot all go--"
  • There were but few Southerners in the state in comparison to the number of Northerners, yet the former had made a brave fight to keep the state for the South. There had been many deeds of violence on the part of the Southerners and on the part of the Northerners, too. But the number of people whose convictions were of the kind for which they would gladly die were no less, no more, on either side. It was a time in which there was much lawlessness and many of the outlaws took advantage of the great difference in the convictions of the two sides to make the cause of the North and the South an excuse for lawlessness.
  • "They called me the young chief and treated me well. I learned something of their language and ways of fighting that has been of advantage to me. I never saw any prisoner of war treated with so much kindness as I was by those St. Francis Indians. After I had been at the village five weeks, Mr. Wheelwright, of Boston, and Captain Stevens, of No. 4, came to Montreal, to redeem some Massachusetts prisoners. But not finding them, they bought Eastman and me, and we returned with them by the way of Albany. I worked hard afterward, and paid off my debt to the Massachusetts Province. If there is to be any fight with these Indians, I shall be glad if I am at work cutting out a road to Fort No. 4."
  • Take the last, i ended up taking advantage of her boast to the front.
  • "Your ships assuredly are smaller than Portuguese galleons, I agree," the pilot volunteered after a pause, "but I see no advantage in this."
  • From a glance I caught of Aiken's face I knew he was regretting now, with even more reason than before, that he had not remained at the coast, and I felt very sorry for him. Now that he was in trouble and not patronizing me and poking fun at me, I experienced a strong change of feeling toward him. He was the only friend I had in Honduras, and as between him and these strangers who had received us so oddly, I felt that, although it would be to my advantage to be friends with the greater number, my loyalty was owing to Aiken. So I scrambled up beside him and panted out with some difficulty, for the ascent was a steep one: "If there is any row, I'm with you, Aiken."
  • 1. Performance Royalties Under Blanket Licenses. Licensor reserves the exclusive right to collect, whether individually or via a performance rights society (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), royalties for the public performance or public digital performance (e.g. webcast) of the Work if that performance is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.
  • A few miles back, a sheltered position was discovered; the snow was cleared away, and all working with an earnest will, a commodious hut was soon erected consisting of strong poles for the frame work, which were covered with bark, and this again thickly studded with boughs to keep out the cold. The ground was also strewn with them, for they had no skins to spread over it, nor even to make themselves a covering through the night with--a want from which they suffered much. Taking advantage of their experience the last winter, they collected stone from beneath the snow, and built themselves a rough but efficient fire-place, which occupied nearly one side of the hut, and in which they could build large fires that diffused their genial warmth over the room without endangering the frail fabric.
  • Frank was on his way already, slipping away in the direction whence they had come. Luckily enough, he got his bearings by the windmill from which he had observed the wood into which the Germans had gone. To make his way to the road along which he and Henri had first seen the Germans passing was an easy matter. But he was afraid of roads by this time, and the more so because he knew that the Germans, having been aroused by the attack from the sky, would be doubly on the alert. So he stuck to the side of the road, religiously taking advantage of every bit of cover he could find to escape the foe.
  • As I was heading back to the platform to wait for my train I passed a little gift shop with a big window display of German pocket knives. I realized that I was staring at another advantage of traveling by trainno security checks. I could actually carry a weapon with me.
  • Darn, now I know what will kill the king: a practice duel, Michel suddenly knew. Montgomery was distracted for a moment by the frenzied audience; the Scot cleverly took advantage of his confusion. He tried to viciously pierce the captain with his sword, but it glanced off his helmet.
  • "I will lay you ten thousand ducats to your ring, thatcommend me to the court where your lady is, and with no more advantage than the opportunity of a second conferenceI will bring from thence that honour of hers, which you imagine so reserved!"
  • I continued to clear my way, and at length found myself in the position I had coveted; while the lane I had made, in getting there, closed instantaneously behind me. I was about to rush on, and take advantage of the bit of clear ground, when, what should I see in the centre, and directly before me, but a great yellow lion!"
  • Conclusions: percutaneous laser hyperthermia produces significant tumor necrosis and has the advantage of low morbidity, and cost effectiveness.
  • Then you have the advantage of me, said the officer. "I've been thinking that over quite a lot, and the answer is still to find."
  • Handicapped by his lighter weight, the boy could not hope successfully to cope with the burly German on anything like an equal footing, and consequently determined to press the advantage to the utmost, hence he wasted no blows, but made every one count.
  • Holli took advantage of such willingness, setting a pace faster than she could have expected but within the constraints of the horses. She would test their endurance without leading them to the brink of exhaustion. The horses that pulled Dzeb proved to be the measuring stick. As they grew tired, she slowed them all to a trot until they were again ready for a more strenuous run.
  • The wood was dark and thick. Branches brushed against him and hindered his progress, crawling brambles caught his feet. He could hear nothing except the noise he made, and as the fit of rage passed away his caution returned. He was putting himself at a disadvantage, because his lurking enemy could hear him and would no doubt try another shot if he came near enough. Stopping behind a fir trunk, with his finger on the trigger of the Browning pistol, he listened. At first no sound came out of the dark, but he presently heard a rustle some distance off. There was another man in the wood beside the fellow who had fired at him, but so long as he kept still and the others did not know where he was, he had an advantage over them. They might expose themselves, and he was a good shot.
  • I turned slowly to face her, the thing that was about to end my life. I forced myself to stay calm, to keep loose, ready to take any advantage that presented itself. Every second I was alive was a second I wasn't dead.
  • He stabbed at the beast cautiously, keeping his guard up since he was moving too slowly to properly dodge. As he expected, the wolf turned and lashed out at him, but he managed to keep it at bay with his force shield. The redhead took advantage of the distraction though, slashing it along its rear flank with her axe. Aiden hoped that it would be enough to at least slow it down, but even after dealing with Colt and being severely burned, it was still putting up a fight.
  • A cross between the children of hero did not give to the grandchildren any advantage over the self-fertilised grandchildren raised from the self-fertilised children.
  • He knew where Zoraida was; no doubt Rios and Escobar were with her. He had kept his word and returned to his prison like a good dog; what reason why he should not take advantage of what appeared an unusual opportunity and make his attempt at escape? Zoraida would not have counted on his returning so early; he carried a revolver under his arm pit and hidden in the garden was a rifle. To be sure there were risks to be run; but now, if ever, struck him as the time to run them.
  • No one seemed disposed to take advantage of this very generous offer; now that his particular portion of the work had been done, it was very much as if every one save Isaac ignored him.
  • In an instant the wildest excitement prevailed; and hundreds of men were rushing about excitedly, looking for the two scoundrels. But Quinley and Ugger were wise in their wickedness, and seeing, with fear-enlightened eyes, the results of the advent of Hammer Jones and Colonel Fremont, had taken advantage of the excitement attending the examination of Skoonly, to disappear so suddenly and completely, that, although Sacramento City was searched all that day and that night, as with a fine-toothed comb, not a sign nor hair of either man could be found; and the enraged crowd had to be satisfied with giving Skoonly the promised "hoss-licken," and running him out of town the next morning, with a warning never to show his cowardly face on their streets again, unless he was looking for the job of dancing the hangman's hornpipe at the end of a rope.
  • Staffers milled about and interns took advantage of the free drink and food. After the Senators left, they would get loud and drunk. She saw Jay to one side trying to chat up a young woman, she thought she remembered from the mail room. No doubt inflating his importance in shaping the office foreign policy decisions, and not a copier of the morning news clips. Thankfully she only had a bit part in the proceedings. Brenda, her coworker and the office expert on health care issues, hovered close to the Senators elbow and smiled and chatted with the different representatives from the drug firms.
  • They both laughed in a moment that would be always be ingrained in their memories. During that summer, Pete took his game to another level. Gone was the reliance on his outside shot, a game in which he depended on for all of his playing years. Pete now had a distinct size advantage over most of his opponents. He was also a 95% foul shooter, so his accuracy from the charity stripe became even more of an ally.
  • But Collingwood was crafty. He knew that it would be an easy thing to take the life out of his men by steep work at the beginning, and he doubted if the advantage thus gained could be held. To a certain extent, he regulated Yale's speed by that of its rival.
  • Well, Ragnall, who had married the lady who once served as the last priestess of Isis upon earth, was killed, whereas she, the priestess, was almost miraculously preserved from harm. And--oh! the whole story was deuced odd and that is all. Poor Ragnall! He was a great English gentleman and one whom when first I knew him, I held to be the most fortunate person I ever met, endowed as he was with every advantage of mind, body and estate. Yet in the end this did not prove to be the case. Well, while he lived he was a good friend and a good fellow and none can hope for a better epitaph in a world where all things are soon forgotten.
  • A few seconds only were necessary for Sut to free himself, but ere those seconds could be taken advantage of, he was drawn over backward. The entire party sprang upon him and seized his gun and knife.
  • When Thad turned around again he found that Old Phin had slipped away, taking advantage of their attention being directed for a minute toward the scout who had just come into camp with the lantern swinging at his side.
  • "My friends, I beseech you to be silent. Let me speak to these misguided men," said a voice which they recognised to be that of Master Walker, the minister. "Mutineers!--for such you are--you are triumphing now in the success of your scheme, and the fancied possession of all the wealth this ship contains; but first let me ask you what does it advantage you now? Nothing. What can it ever advantage you? You can never enjoy it; for be assured that the vengeance of Heaven will overtake you sooner or later; even now, wretched men, it is preparing for you."
  • All the advantage lay with Kamrou. Familiar with the place was he, and with the rules of this incredible contest. Everywhere about him stood crowding hundreds of his Foll; owing him their allegiance, hostile to the newcomer, the man from another world. Out of all that multitude only two hearts' beat in sympathy and hope for him; only two human beings gave him their thoughts and their support--a helpless girl; a feeble, blind old man.
  • "Nay, start not, Signior; Manuel was actually that traitor! This was the turn of his revenge! when he found himself disappointed in the hope of possessing the incomparable Serafina, he took a base advantage of your absence and retreat. He posted to Madrid, impeached you to the secretary of state of having maintained a criminal correspondence with the enemies of Spain, included me in his accusation, as a spy for the house of Austria, and framed such a plausible tale, from the circumstances of your distress, that Don Diego was outlawed, and Mendoza gratified with a grant of his estate.
  • Then the robbery itself seemed odd. The dog had not barked, and only the jewel box had been taken. The robber seemed to have known exactly what to look for and where to find it. It looked very much as if someone in the household had taken advantage of the soldiers rampaging to do a robbery himself. The window could easily have been broken to make it look as if someone outside had broken in. And as for the footprints inside the servants room and on the stairs, they could have been made deliberately to deceive, or even (the thought suddenly struck me) might not have been there at allin which case the servants, who had said they had seen them and then cleaned them up, might all be in the plot.
  • "Lucius, save the child, and bear it from me to the empress," says Aaron. "If thou do that, Ill show thee wondrous things it may advantage thee highly to hear! If thou wilt not, befall what may befall, Ill say no more thanVengeance rot you all!’"
  • Fine. But if he suspects a double-cross, that we are taking advantage of him, we could lose the business, Zhu Wen said with a nod of his head to the chemist.
  • Oh, unfortunate prince, says the sultan, you can never enough be bewailed! Nobody can be more sensibly touched with your condition than I am; never did such an extraordinary misfortune befal any man; and those who write your history will have the advantage to relate a passage that surpasses all that has ever yet been recorded. There is nothing wanting but one thing, the revenge which is due to you, and I will omit nothing that can be done to procure it.
  • But three Britons spring to their sovereigns rescue. "Stand, stand!" warns Belarius. "We have the advantage of the ground! The lane is guarded!—nothing routs us but the villainy of our fears!" His sword and hands are smeared with blood; he hardly looks fearful.
  • You notice, he said, "that this wind is variable, and there lies our chance. When the blasts weaken, the air springs back from the face of the cliff and then whirls round to the right. I've no doubt that there is a passage in that direction through which the wind finds its way behind this icy mountain, and if we can get there, too, we shall undoubtedly find at least partial shelter. I'm going to take advantage of the first lull."
  • This presage, founded upon that principle of self-respect, without which no individual exists, may certainly be justified by manifold occurrences in life. We ourselves have known a very pregnant example, which we shall relate, for the emolument of the reader. A certain needy author having found means to present a manuscript to one of those sons of fortune who are dignified with the appellation of patrons, instead of reaping that applause and advantage with which he had regaled his fancy, had the mortification to find his performance treated with infinite irreverence and contempt, and, in high dudgeon and disappointment, appealed to the judgment of another critic, who, he knew, had no veneration for the first.
  • Just before him was a steeper bit than usual, and he hesitated about trying to climb it; but the way up or down seemed to promise no better, so taking advantage of the dense cover afforded by the trees, he steadily attacked the awkward precipice, the dwarf trees helped him with their gnarled trunks, and he mastered the ascent, found himself higher up than he had expected, crawled a step or two farther, and arrived the next minute at the brink of a deep chasm, while to the left, not a couple of hundred yards away, rose the castle-crowned Black Tor.
  • In the bottom of the sixth, New York didnt score, holding a four-run advantage over Philadelphia, seven to three. As Summer stared at Dan and Terry, she missed Rafe reaching for the gun. What she heard was an officers order, Ted Phillips shouting at Rafe to drop the weapon. Summer had gone to school with Ted as she had all these men, as she had Jody Sims. Ted had been a cop since graduating from high school, two decades spent on the job. He had never employed deadly force, not that Summer knew, and as they all knew everything about each other, she watched as Ted aimed his gun at Rafe.
  • It was their policy to always manifest a deep interest in everything Bert had to tell, and in this way they made him understand better perhaps than they could otherwise have done how thoroughly they sympathised with him in both the joys and sorrows of his little life. They were determined that the most complete confidence should be established between them and their only boy at the start, and Bert never appeared to such advantage as when, with eyes flashing and graphic gestures, he would tell about something wonderful in his eyes that had happened to him that afternoon.
  • Large westerly facing garden with bbq to take best advantage of those long summer evenings.
  • But even with this habit I am discerning. There are only two channels that I ever watch: the "old time" cable channel VCM, which serves up commercial free classic movies morning, noon, and night, and PBS. You laugh, but I am an avid subscriber with a cheerful tote bag to prove it. The VCM Channel allows me to revisit old "pals" from my recent past: the golden age of the cinema. A time full of picture houses, ushers who wore silly hats, and hundreds and hundreds of captivated people. An era when everyone went to the movies four times a week, something I heartily took advantage of. I watch the Public Broadcasting Station for documentaries allowing moi to see how idiotic, although quite bemusing, your race can be when it comes to reconstructing the past.
  • "I don't know. Some time. He has had the advantage over us this time, but we shall meet again. Do you hear that, Tom Hadley?" continued Mosely, in a theatrical tone, raising his voice at the same time--"we shall meet again."
  • Up till then we three on the Clarindella's upper bridge had listened almost in silence, drinking in the sounds, and giving what meaning to them we thought fit. But at that point Captain Evans gave us the advantage of his sharper trained hearing.
  • Generally, distributions from a Roth IRA are tax-free. Funds in other types of IRAs (including SEPs and SIMPLE IRAs), 401(a) qualified retirement plans, 403(b) tax-sheltered annuities or 457 government plans may be rolled over into a Roth IRA. Such a rollover is treated as a taxable event. The advantage of a conversion in 2012 is that the amount subject to tax would be taxed at a presumably lower rate than the scheduled 2013 rates, and would ensure that future distributions are tax-free.
  • Foster nodded and was silent. Perhaps it was because the excitement of the chase was over, but he felt dull and tired. He had no sympathy with Daly; the fellow was a rogue, but he had pluck and charm. In a sense, it was unnatural that they should be talking quietly and almost confidentially, but he did not feel the anger he had expected and his antagonist was calm. Still, he was none the less dangerous and would use any advantage that he could gain.
  • Right or nonphysical resource that is presumed to represent an advantage to the firm's position in the marketplace. Such assets include copyrights, patents, trademarks, goodwill, and franchises.
  • When I woke up I decided to take advantage of their bathroom, if only to wash my face. I walked into the living area, and found the man with the shaved head sitting in one of the recliners. He stroked his short goatee as he glared at me. I did my best to show no emotion. Ash had already indicated she didnt like this guy. I agreed, but I refused to let him get to me. I went into the bathroom, washed up, then came back out. He hadnt moved.
  • The trail wound uphill through the trees towards the crest of a ridge above and was barely wide enough for them to ride abreast. The aunt now wore the sword strapped to her belt. Although the great mare which the boy rode remained strong, the woman had slowed to a walk to rest the gelding which was tiring after a long day. They took advantage of the slower pace to talk and the woman had just told him something.
  • The refugee had observed his first emotion, which he attributed to an unforeseen advantage he himself had gained over the Hungarian; but seeing him, in the sequel, bite his lip, roll his eyes, groan, writhe his body, ejaculate incoherent curses, and neglect his game, the Huguenot concluded that he was mad, and being seized with terror and dismay, got up and scampered off, without ceremony or hesitation.
  • Here was a speculation, for a man in my state of mind! The names were all right; some of the incidents, even, were probable, if not correct; yet, how could the facts be known to these comparative strangers? Did the art of gossiping, with all its meannesses, lies, devices, inventions, and cruelties, really possess so much advantage over the intercourse of the confiding and honest, as to enable those who practise it to discover facts hidden from eye-witnesses, and eye-witnesses, too, that had every inducement of the strongest interest in the issue, not to be deceived? I felt satisfied, the moment Mrs. Greene's name was mentioned, that my passengers were not in the true New York set; and, justly enough, inferred they were not very good authority for one half they said; and, yet, how could they know anything of Drewett's attachment to Lucy, unless their information were tolerably accurate?
  • He put out his hand in quite an American fashion, and Henry shook it, glad that the man was good natured. More applause greeted this act of friendship by the two and, taking advantage of it, the five went out, accompanied by Lieutenant Bernal, all in great good humor.
  • Max recognized that familiar look of doe-eyed terror. Wanting to run but nowhere to go. For all his social finesse, Frank was clueless at times. As a detective he surely had his fair share of sensitivity when it came to watching people's reactions. But one distinct advantage of being in the army was recognizing fear.
  • They are more than two to one, literally, growled the general, fiercely, as he felt that there was nothing to be done but to summon his men to follow, and, taking advantage of the fresher state of their horses, put on all the speed they could, and make for a valley right ahead, where they might elude their pursuers, and accepting the present defeat endeavour to make up for it another time.
  • No little woman is so trifling and sordid, no handmaid so squalid, but that she gained some advantage from his death.
  • It suddenly occurred to the boy that he might take advantage of the acquaintance he had formed with the man, and observe just how he ought to conduct himself in the dining car.
  • Grateful to him for his attentions, it was not long before her feeling of obligation changed into real regard for the man. The dread in which she at first held him had completely disappeared, as was only natural after the services he had rendered her. Twice she owed him her life. That alone was a debt she could never repay. Moreover, he was thoughtful and courteous, and, so far, at least, had shown no disposition to take advantage of her helpless situation. How much worse her position would be if he were not there at all!
  • Robert automatically stepped in, while the rest of the men stilled. Robert wanted to stop this before it went any further. And he never thought for a moment that Jamie might not want him to interfere. He had always cared for his younger brother and he always would. He had also noticed how worn out Sally looked and while she had served both the boys while they had been occupants of this house, they had never taken advantage of her. Robert wasnt going to let this boor do it either.
  • Once only they descended in a delightful little valley among the mountains, which appeared to be totally uninhabited, and here they renewed their store of fresh water, and laid in one of fruit, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to stretch their legs on terra firma.
  • For several minutes this cautious play continued, without further sparks, or only such as appeared to scintillate from the eyes of the combatants. Then came a counter thrust, quickly followed by a counter parry, with no advantage to either.
  • For several days she lay without making any allusion to the death of Lewis, and bore her grief in silence; it seemed now as if the last ray of hope was extinguished, and she well knew that Rineldo would take advantage of her lonely situation to renew his former addresses.
  • Reginald was much of the same opinion. But neither he nor anyone else of those concerned had any idea what to do next. The Persian Ambassador took advantage of the afternoon quiet at Sandringham to point out to Lord Birlesmere that if this were true, and if it were due to the relic of which he had spoken, and if the news were telegraphed abroad the most serious consequences might ensue. Lord Birlesmere took note of his Excellency's communication, and, later on, got through to Rivington Court on the telephone. He had met Sheldrake two or three times and Angus came to speak. But when he understood that the Foreign Secretary was hinting at a personal interview he gave a little laugh.
  • I tried to argue with him, but it was difficult to argue with a man when I did not know his language. The advantage certainly rested with him, for although he began to speak in English, of a very crude and broken kind, he always got excited and broke into his native tongue - and every time he did so, he looked at his watch. Then the horses became restless and sniffed the air. At this he grew very pale, and, looking around in a frightened way, he suddenly jumped forward, took them by the bridles, and led them on some twenty feet. I followed and asked why he had done this. For an answer he crossed himself, pointed to the spot we had left, and drew his carriage in the direction of the other road, indicating a cross, and said, first in German, then in English, "Buried him - him what killed themselves."
  • Both Longsword and Alan dArques suddenly found themselves face to face when each one quickly inserted himself between the arguing pair. Longsword, with his advantage of height, stared down challengingly at Alan until the younger man wordlessly conceded and moved aside.
  • Several times Ned and Jack found themselves put to their best efforts in order to stem the tide, and keep from meeting with shipwreck. Fortunately, their muscles were sound, and their heads clear, so that in every instance they recovered the advantage almost lost. When the foot of the cataract was reached nothing of a serious nature had happened, though all of the boys who had taken part in the labor of fighting the erratic current of the river were breathing heavily.
  • He was in the next house--the old man leading his solitary life seemed pleased to have found someone ready to converse with him. Why should he not try and cultivate the old fellow's acquaintance, and take advantage of the opportunities it would afford him of watching his neighbours?
  • Taking advantage of this, Vince went forward and cut off the long rope from the ring-bolt in the stem, and returned with it to where, wild-eyed and scared, Mike knelt with the conger bat upraised, ready to strike if the old man came near.
  • As the others saw their leader killed they hesitated, and Ben and Harry took advantage of the pause to empty a fresh magazine full of bullets into the closely packed mass.
  • Already he had succeeded in clutching a couple of the round missiles that were charged with the acrid gas that could play such havoc with human eyes as to render the strongest men as weak as babes and settled down in a position where he could throw them to advantage.
  • "Exactly the thought I had." As Jack looked up at Connor, Sarah did as well. "This technique will give you a massive advantage over other Fire Balancers. The more fire they expend at you, the stronger you become."
  • But the cunning Indian, like his shrewd white brother, may do the very thing least expected. Might they not capture and make off with the boys, for the very purpose of leading Deerfoot on a long pursuit, in which the advantage would be wholly against him?
  • The one major advantage Mindy had over Zack was that she knew what her rights were under the law. As far as she was concerned, Zack was on his ownshe was sick and tired of his mooching.
  • Dr. Cairn, taking advantage of the rugged walls, and of the blocks of stone amid which they stood, mounted upon Sime's shoulders.
  • Graham spent nearly an hour on Samsun trying to finish so they could return before the day came full on. If they didn't make it in time his plan wouldn't work. He broke off two branches from a nearby tree, wrapped them with twine and tied them so tight to the larger man's head they stuck straight out and nearly cut off his circulation. He removed his shirt completely and tore his pants, then dumped nearly every drop of water from his flask onto the road and slung each ounce of the mud it created onto Sam's skin and face. When he was finished, Samsun slightly resembled Droganslightly. It was still dark though, and that darkness may play to their advantage.
  • Danglars therefore continued to sleep, saying to himself that he would be sure to awake at the posting-house. The carriage stopped. Danglars fancied that they had reached the long-desired point; he opened his eyes and looked through the window, expecting to find himself in the midst of some town, or at least village; but he saw nothing except what seemed like a ruin, where three or four men went and came like shadows. Danglars waited a moment, expecting the postilion to come and demand payment with the termination of his stage. He intended taking advantage of the opportunity to make fresh inquiries of the new conductor; but the horses were unharnessed, and others put in their places, without any one claiming money from the traveller. Danglars, astonished, opened the door; but a strong hand pushed him back, and the carriage rolled on. The baron was completely roused. "Eh?" he said to the postilion, "eh, mio caro?"
  • This religious training has had one bad effect. Inspired with horror of being "naked" savages, they do not run any sinful risks, even to take a bath. In all the six months I was among them I never saw an Indian's bare arms, much less his legs. One day after the fly season was over I took advantage of the lovely weather and water to strip off and jump into a lake by our camp; my Indians modestly turned their backs until I had finished.
  • I had not frequented a billiard table without have exercised my own skill, learned the odds, and obtained a tolerable knowledge of the game itself. So fixed was my cupidity on its object that I began with the caution of a black-leg; made a bet, and the moment the odds turned in my favour secured myself by taking them; hedged again, as the advantage changed; and thus made myself a certain winner. I exulted in my own clearness of perception! and wondered that so palpable a method of winning should escape even an idiot!
  • Setting the bag back against the wall, she glanced around at the other travelers. Most of them appeared to be immigrants, like herself, but there was one or two who looked differentand dressed different. Perhaps they were Americans traveling around the country, taking advantage of the third class rate. Whatever their situation, she was getting sleepy.
  • From 1826 to 1830 this clever young sailor was in command of H.M.S. Beagle, which, with H.M.S. Adventure, was sent on a surveying expedition to the southern seas. During the early part of this cruise, while an exploring party was ashore in what is now called Beagle Channel, a number of Fuegians took advantage of the absence of the sailors to spring into their boat and row off with it.
  • Taking advantage of a strong northerly capt. taylor ran to zante on 6 february 1814 to consult with lieut.
  • Which just went to prove his point. His sister did need someone to keep on eye on her. Somebody who wasnt out to take advantage had to be concerned for her well-being here in the big city where she was so obviously out of her depth. She might have rejected him now but shed certainly thank him later. He creaked to his feet and wobbled in after her through the door.
  • Office says west parsons fairness for good drivers coalition we will take advantage of offered through that organization.
  • "It was shown that this route was about a thousand miles less in distance than any other to Kurrachee, the nearest port in India. But political influences were at work against it, first from Egypt, and then from some of the Powers, in the belief that it would give England an advantage in the affairs of Asia, and the scheme was dropped. Now we will take a walk of half an hour about the ship; for school-children need rest and recreation.
  • Hassan joined them at the meal. He had been given wine regularly by the doctor, and although he had evinced no partiality for it, but had taken it simply at the doctor's orders, he now drank a little to keep the others company. In a short time the whole of the chief's followers were gathered on deck, and the boys saw that they were no more numerous than the prahu's crew, and that it was only the advantage of surprise that had enabled them to overcome so easily both those on board the prahu and the rajah's followers in the village. The oars were got out, and the prahu proceeded up the creek, in the opposite direction to which it had entered it. "Going to ship?" Harry asked, pointing forward.
  • They sprang into their saddles together, and dashed off to follow the elands, while at their first movements the whole plain was covered with the startled herds, one communicating its panic to the other. There was the rushing noise of a tremendous storm; but Dyke in the excitement saw nothing, heard nothing, but the elands, which went tearing away in their long, lumbering gallop, the horses gaining upon them steadily, and the herd gradually scattering, till the young bull was all alone, closely followed by the brothers; Emson dexterously riding on the great brute's near side, and edging it off more and more so as to turn its head in the direction of Kopfontein; hunting it homeward, so that, if they were successful at last in shooting it, the poor brute would have been helping to convey itself part of the way, no trifling advantage with so weighty a beast.
  • The shadows were heavy where Aiden landed, right next to the prone form of Sayana. He couldn't stop to examine her injuries, however, instead pressing his advantage against their unknown foes, slashing and stabbing with his shortsword. He connected with flesh and bone on every strike, and realised that his enemies were not wearing armour, or even much in the way of clothing. The ferocity of his attacks drove them back, bleeding and spitting vile curses as they backed of down the tunnel, giving the two young men a brief respite from the fight.
  • Cold with fear of a misstep, Roland remained silent, thinking carefully. He must not say anything that would give Baibars an advantage over the King.
  • Get round 'em somehow,"" said Samson; and, settling himself into a slow trot, he ran on and on for quite a quarter of an hour, to where the hollow in which he had been running opened out on to open moor all covered with whortleberry and bracken, offering good hiding should an enemy be in sight, and with the further advantage of being only about a mile from the Manor."
  • They took advantage of this fact to explain to them that this distance was obtained by measuring the parallax of the moon.
  • Presently a moving figure crept close up to the waiting boys; which they knew must be the queer mountain girl. Polly was far from dainty looking; she had coarse black hair that possibly seldom knew a comb; and her voice was rather harsh; but nevertheless Thad believed she had a heart under this forbidding exterior, and that the spirit of gratitude was transforming her, greatly to their advantage.
  • There was no time just then to say more, for the Texans were fighting hotly, holding several houses and endeavouring to keep the Mexicans out of such buildings where they might have an advantage.
  • You must let me have that young fellow, the general said to Sir Sidney Smith. "He is evidently thoroughly acquainted with the country. As he knows nothing of military drawing, one cannot get the full advantage of his information here; but if I had him on shore with me his knowledge would be invaluable, for he could then point out to me the nature of the country beyond the points we can see."
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