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  • "I will give you one minute to leave this place," she said, her tones as even and as cold as sudden repression of wrath could make them. "I trusted you, and you have dared to take advantage of what seemed my helplessness. It is well indeed for you that you committed this outrage before it is too late. I should have killed you then. I might have known. Could ever a woman trust a man?" She laughed contemptuously. "You would have made me a thing of scorn; and I trusted you!"
  • Conclusions: percutaneous laser hyperthermia produces significant tumor necrosis and has the advantage of low morbidity, and cost effectiveness.
  • The feast began and at first was somewhat heavy and silent, since, save for the talk of courtesy, none spoke much. At length wine, whereof I noted that Idernes drank a good deal, as did his escort, but Peroa and the Egyptians little, loosened men's tongues and they grew merrier. For it was the custom of the people of the Great King to discuss both private and public business when full of strong drink, but of the Egyptians when they were quite sober. This was well known to Peroa and many of us, especially to myself who had been among them, which was one of the reasons why Idernes had been asked to meet us at a feast, where we might have the advantage of him in debate.
  • He did not for a moment attempt to retrace the channel by which he had entered; it would have been an impossibility; he took advantage of any clear space to push through. It took him as long to get out as it had to get in; it was the afternoon of the fourth day when he at last regained the coast. He rested the remainder of the afternoon, wishing to start fresh in the morning, having determined to follow the line of the shore eastwards, and so gradually to circumnavigate the Lake. If he succeeded in nothing else, that at least would be something to relate to Aurora.
  • Despite the Democratic advantage in registration, as of 2008, Republicans controlled the governorship and most other statewide elective offices; both houses of the state legislature; and 15 of the state's 25 seats in the House of Representatives. Florida has been listed as a swing state in Presidential elections since 1950, voting for the losing candidate once in that period of time. In the closely contested 2000 election the state played a pivotal role.
  • They continued on through the forest, moving parallel to the road for another half an hour, encountering another three bandits along the way, all of them taken down before they knew what hit them. Colt was taking full advantage of the benefit afforded by Sayana's night vision, an advantage that would disappear as soon as the sun started to rise. Already the pre-dawn sky was beginning to lighten, and they had only dealt with a few of the scouts positioned along the road.
  • A brief tingling sensation covered his body as the scroll disintegrated in his hands, indicating that he'd probably got it right. Aiden looked ahead, and saw that the mercenaries seemed to slow in their advance. But it wasn't them, as such; the incantation was a powerful one, and in fact, it had altered the flow of time immediately around him, giving his allies an advantage in speed and reflexes over their adversaries. Unfortunately, it wasn't going to last very long, and that was one aspect of the text he had been unable to translate accurately.
  • The indescribably fearful effluvium fairly choked him. He felt dizzy and faint. The lunatic, still crouching at the other side, made no aggressive movement, merely staring with lack-lustre eyes at the new arrival. Keeping his eye upon him, Eustace took advantage of this welcome truce to feel for his flask and counteract his fast overpowering nausea with a timely pull.
  • It would have stopped there had the person that Wylie slammed into not grabbed the nearest person for support. He only succeeded in pulling the second person down and the second person naturally grabbed onto a third. This resulted in a domino effect which would have been wonderful to watch, as long as one wasn't within grabbing distance of the human domino or had not caused the whole fiasco in the first place. However, one advantage of being compactly built was that he could squeeze through the tiniest of spaces, and a tangle of arms and legs was no great obstacle to Wylie. He nimbly crawled through the cursing, shouting, screaming, wriggling human mass and made his way towards the Electric Drum in search of further clues as to the whereabouts of Normal Kint.
  • I know you are not, said the Colonel. "But there is one thing I always remind my men of. That is this: never be afraid but never fail to be careful. You would be a fool to take a chance with a mad dog, wouldn't you? Well, your enemy is a mad dog or worse, every time, whether he is trying to get your reputation or your life. You never want to take chances. Watch him. Sleep with one eye open. Listen to every breath of wind. Watch, and watch eternally. You are only safe when he is dead, or disarmed and in prison. And never belittle your enemy. Better think of him as bigger than he is, cleverer, and more cunning. When you belittle his strength you give him the advantage because you will not fight so hard. And don't take chances."
  • He had a heavy, somewhat sulky face, with indecision of character stamped on it. Mr Twitter saw that and took advantage of the latter quality.
  • "No," said Prince Andrew, "my father did not wish me to take advantage of the privilege. I began the service from the lower grade."
  • A mile from the village they were overtaken by an Indian and his squaw, traveling light behind hungry dogs. The natives attached themselves to the white men and hung stubbornly to their heels, taking advantage of their tracks. When night came they camped alongside, in the hope of food. They announced that they were bound for St. Michaels, and in spite of every effort to shake them off they remained close behind the partners until that point was reached.
  • You can't plan for everything. We studied humans in Movie History before leaving. Some coincidence will contrive to take advantage of ouringenuity.
  • Not all of them, Mr. Carnforth admitted. "But then you see they sailed in schooners, and you have got steam. Besides, they started from the States, where the newspapers knew all about them, and so their arrival was cabled on to Cuba ahead; and you have the advantage of sailing from an English port."
  • Karla took advantage of our break time to fit the freckled lady in a cottony summer dress with a floral print, while Isobel braided her hair. It turned out she had a nameClaireand she came from New Orleans.
  • If passive absorption was the whole story, who really cared; lots of phenomena are more ghoulish than that. Unfortunately, that wasnt all, of course. It was only a small step from taking advantage of death to causing death, and just a little bit further to having some control over it too, and once you could control death, well, you could control a lot of life, too, couldnt you.
  • And all the time this is the high-road to freedom,"" Scarlett said to himself, as he swam on, thinking of how long it would take him to reach the further side, and reaping now the advantage of having acquired an accomplishment in his earlier days, whose value he little appreciated then."
  • Now Dent and Susan, as Bob well knew, were what the country people call "sweet" on one another. Susan was very fond of the hired man, and as for Dent, he thought there never had been a better cook than Susan. They lost no chance of talking to each other, and as the window-cleaning operations afforded them a good opportunity, they were taking advantage of it.
  • Not regularly, answered Charlie; "but occasionally I've had the chance of visiting hospitals and dissecting-rooms, besides hearing lectures on anatomy, and I have taken advantage of my opportunities. Besides, I'm fond of mechanics; and tooth-drawing is somewhat mechanical. Of course I make no pretension to a knowledge of regular dentistry, which involves, I believe, a scientific and prolonged education."
  • The Department H operatives took advantage of this, pulling out a long thin needle and pushing it into her arm, before pushing the plunger. She winced, then went limp and fell into a slumber. She snored quietly as they loaded her into the back of a plain white van. They jumped in themselves and drove the long trek to the nearest airport, where they dragged her into a private jet and flew to Area 51. There, they put Maria into a room all by herself with nothing but a little video camera and a couple of speakers.
  • Herein lies the great advantage of the hunter on horseback. Another advantage is the security the horse affords, enabling his rider to avoid the charges of the angry elephant.
  • When he returned to the hotel Foster signed the visitors' book, which he examined. Daly's name was not there, but the last entry recorded the arrival of Mr. Forbes and two ladies from Edinburgh, and Foster did not doubt that this was the party he had seen. He next went to the smoking-room and choosing a quiet corner, lighted a cigarette. Daly would probably see his name in the book, but this did not matter, because he meant to seek an interview with the man. Foster did not think he had met Graham, which gave him the advantage of being able to make a surprise attack, since Daly would not know about the documents he carried.
  • The day passed as usual, and the next morning shortly before sunrise the defenders of the fort issued out. The assailants were on the watch, and from four or five different points round the zareba shots were fired. Taking advantage of every bush the Arabs advanced slowly under the direction of their sheik. The dervishes, believing that the garrison must have been driven from their defences by thirst, and that they were now in their power, rapidly gathered their force and advanced to meet their opponents. At first they did so carelessly, but they were checked by the fall of one of their leaders by a ball from Edgar's rifle. They then advanced a little more cautiously. Edgar kept close to the sheik.
  • In the summer of 1809 Pierre returned to Petersburg. Our Freemasons knew from correspondence with those abroad that Bezukhov had obtained the confidence of many highly placed persons, had been initiated into many mysteries, had been raised to a higher grade, and was bringing back with him much that might conduce to the advantage of the Masonic cause in Russia. The Petersburg Freemasons all came to see him, tried to ingratiate themselves with him, and it seemed to them all that he was preparing something for them and concealing it.
  • If he was anything more than a normal man, he evidently did not know it, which had worked to her advantage in this instance. Bane's trust in his father was implicit, however, his only doubt seemed to be whether or not the Black Lord could break the spell he believed himself to be under. She was certain that the healers had not cast any spell, for they did not use that kind of magic, but if not, then who had, if anybody? Whatever the reason, she was glad that he had accepted her help; she could not bear to think of him dying tomorrow. Satisfied with the night's work, she fell asleep listening to Bane's soft breathing, comforted by his presence.
  • The adherents of Union contended that the original idea of Cecil Rhodes was to make Rhodesia a part of the Union of South Africa; that by this procedure the vexing problem of customs with the Union would be solved; that the system of self-government in South Africa meets every requirement of self-determination. Moreover, the point was made that by becoming a part of the Union the whole railway question would be settled. At present the Rhodesian railways have three ends, one in South Africa at Vryburg, another on the Belgian border, and a third at the sea at Beira. It was claimed that through the Union, Rhodesia would benefit by becoming a part of the nationalized railway system there and get the advantage of a British port at the Cape instead of Beira, which is Portuguese. In other words, Union meant stability of credit, politics, finance and industry.
  • It may seem strange that I should have recollected this conversation. In truth, I did not, and it was not till many years afterwards that I was told of it. Indeed, I may confess once for all, that had I not possessed the advantage of communicating with some of the principal actors, I should have been unable to describe many of the events which occurred at that period of my existence. I remember, however, the captain, and his amiable consort, Mrs Podgers, and the snappish cruel way she spoke to sweet Miss Kitty and Edward Falconer. She appeared, indeed, to detest him, and took every opportunity of showing her dislike by all sorts of petty annoyances. He bore them all with wonderful equanimity, perhaps for Kitty's sake, perhaps because he despised their author. Sometimes, when he came on deck after dining in the cabin, he would burst into a fit of laughter, as if enjoying a good joke, and would continue to smile when Kitty appeared with a look of vexation and pain on her countenance, supposing he must have been annoyed beyond endurance.
  • "Do many die young?" persisted Laura, not fully understanding what Kolyei was trying to say. He was still talking in a mixture of Standard and Lindish. Tara and the other eleven children could understand him perfectly well but it would be some time before Laura and Francis could, as they did not have the advantage of the telepathic link of being vadeln-paired.
  • A calmer, more settled nature is another advantage of senior cat companionship.
  • Bones, despite the character he gave himself, was no fool, and, moreover, he had the advantage of knowing of the new N'gombi spears that were going out to the Akasava day by day; and when Bosambo told of the midnight summons that had come to him, Bones did the rapid exercise of mental figuring which is known as putting two and two together.
  • Zeigler now began edging nearer. He had come within an inch of reaching the face of Tom, when he failed to counter. A little closer, and he was sure he could "knock him out." At any rate, if he failed to do so, he had nothing to fear from a foe who did not know enough to use an elemental advantage.
  • Taking advantage of this diversion, a tall, gaunt Kafir, rising noiselessly amid a mass of tangled creepers, was deliberately aiming at somebody. So silent had been his movements, so occupied were the other whites, that he was entirely unperceived. His eye went down to the breech. He seemed to require a long and careful aim.
  • Adonis sized Paddington up. One on one, a vampire had the advantage over a wolfbut there was something unsettling about Paddington. He wasnt taller, or wider, or a better fighter than the others, but somehow Paddington was more Wolf than they were. His coat was thicker, his stance more regal, his golden eyes every inch as intelligent as his human ones.
  • Don't be stupid, replied Thorwald good-naturedly. "You must know by this time that we are not a race of self-seekers, each one taking advantage of the necessity of his neighbor. But I suppose it is difficult for you to appreciate a state of society in which each individual considers the feelings and needs of others as much as his own. With us this principle is not preached any more, but it is actually practiced in all our affairs."
  • And now the stream of liberty broadened, and before long became a flood that swept away thrones and scepters. Personal government ceased, and the people became their own political masters. The right of suffrage was extended and slavery was abolished, while commerce and the spirit of adventure carried civilization to many parts of the world. Then appeared a swarm of mechanical inventions to lighten the labor of mankind, electricity came with its strong arm and great promise, and easier and swifter transportation by land and sea brought the nations and peoples together to the mutual advantage of all."
  • Since daybreak matters had assumed a very serious, if not desperate aspect for the troops of the League to the south of London. Communication had entirely ceased with the Tsar since the night before, and this could only mean that his Majesty had lost the command of the air, through the destruction or disablement of his fleet of aerostats. News from the force which had descended upon London told only of a fearful expenditure of life that had not purchased the slightest advantage.
  • "Ah, my dearies," interposed Mrs Gilmour, taking advantage of the opportunity to point a moral, "you see what it is not to be idle and having something to do! If you had not both been so engrossed with your task, you, Master Bob, would have been `Oh-ing' all over the house and going to each window in turn to see if the rain had stopped, looking like a bear with a sore head; while you, Miss Nell, would probably have shed as many tears as would have floated a jolly-boat, as Captain Dresser would say in his sailor language!"
  • They are not, Mr. Darrin. But you have had the advantage of three hard years spent in learning how to study, and so your present course appears rather easy to you. Are you sleeping well?
  • The soldiers echoed his sentiments since they were drinking Don Diego's wine and did not have the courage to combat the sergeant's statements anyway. The fat landlord served them with another round since Don Diego would pay. For it was beneath a Vega to look at his score in a public tavern, and the fat landlord many times had taken advantage of this fact.
  • Aiden went back-to-back with Sayana, keeping them in in sight as the ring of steel slowly closed in. The archer looked about ready to loose an arrow when the cloaked bandit next to him drew out a pair of daggers and suddenly stabbed him twice in the back, then dashed off into the brush. This startled the other highwaymen and gave Aiden the advantage he had been waiting for.
  • A brief tingling sensation covered his body as the scroll disintegrated in his hands, indicating that he'd probably got it right. Aiden looked ahead, and saw that the mercenaries seemed to slow in their advance. But it wasn't them, as such; the incantation was a powerful one, and in fact, it had altered the flow of time immediately around him, giving his allies an advantage in speed and reflexes over their adversaries. Unfortunately, it wasn't going to last very long, and that was one aspect of the text he had been unable to translate accurately.
  • This, no doubt, was the idea of the snake; but it is probable that its antagonist at the moment would have been delighted to "cry quits" with it, for the bird was in a worse "fix" than it was. As things stood, the serpent had undoubtedly the advantage.
  • Meanwhile Arthaxiom engaged in swordfight against Aghaghagh, the orc chieftain. This fight was more symmetrical, with each combatant carrying a sword and a shield. The orc had the advantage of size and reach, while the paladin had the advantage of being a Hero and having all his Heroic gear. The fight was even so far. They evenly failed to cause harm to each other.
  • These men held the opinion that Indians were "vermin," to exterminate which was commendable. When, therefore, they discovered our camp by the light of the fires, they rode towards it with the utmost caution, taking advantage of every bush and knoll until our sentinels observed them. Then they rushed upon us like a hurricane, sending a volley of bullets before them.
  • Holli surveyed the current situation. All the archers were moving quickly now. A signal came from the tower across town to the east, then another from the north. Two more surfacing points appeared. She could not hope to seal those, but it no longer mattered. They appeared too late to take advantage of the momentary scramble. Her forces were now almost completely in place.
  • Arbitrage Bond These are municipality issued lower rate debt securities that are issued just before the call dates on their higher rate debt securities, to gain an interest rate advantage.
  • Several times Ned and Jack found themselves put to their best efforts in order to stem the tide, and keep from meeting with shipwreck. Fortunately, their muscles were sound, and their heads clear, so that in every instance they recovered the advantage almost lost. When the foot of the cataract was reached nothing of a serious nature had happened, though all of the boys who had taken part in the labor of fighting the erratic current of the river were breathing heavily.
  • On the other hand, the rencontre might possibly have been purely accidental, and its occupants supremely indifferent to the movements of ourselves and the slavers alike, in which case it would be not only mortifying in the extreme but possibly fatal to Smellie's prospects in the service if he allowed himself to be frightened out of the advantage of so excellent an opportunity for effecting a surprise.
  • I can't tell you about the gloves. Anything else but not the gloves. Zarg knew the power they held would offer too big an advantage to the duo, no matter how incompetent they seemed.
  • Ah, but we aren't playing the maxims, said The Maltese Cat. "We're playing the game; and we've the great advantage of knowing the game. Just think a stride, Shiraz! We've pulled up from bottom to second place in two weeks against all those fellows on the ground here. That's because we play with our heads as well as our feet."
  • The ft spectrographs take advantage of a new, large-format CCD which allows very broad spectral coverage in a single exposure.
  • The sounds of women and children screaming from in the town could be heard echoing down the street, but the remaining militia nearby were locked in battle with another group of soldiers that had rushed them while Aiden and the others were occupied. Colt swapped out his greatsword for the longbow, and began to string it, while Sayana sheathed her body in a shimmering layer of force armour, her tattoos glowing softly as she took advantage of this brief lull to enact several protective magicks.
  • Lysander protests to Theseus: "I am, my lord, as well derived as he, as well possessed! My love is more than his!—my fortunes every way as fairly ranked, if not with advantage as Demetriuss! And what is more than all those boasts can be, I am beloved by beauteous Hermia! Why then should I not prosecute my right?
  • Then in the 35th minute he took advantage of a scuffed clearance by oakes and slotted the ball home past the wolves goalie.
  • Even non-humans come into existence with a unique vibration that doesnt change or shift. Even though we may change physically and grow and develop energetically. Maybe thats part of his vibration? The shifting quality which he uses to his advantage to hide his tracks. Pretty smart this one. But not smart enough. Weve got him cornered.
  • Holding the axe in her left hand, she turned to her right, and flames shot forth from her extended arm, enveloping the nearby warriors in fire. They fell back in shock, some of them screaming in pain, their bodies burned terribly and providing enough of a distraction for Aiden and the others to take advantage of the confusion.
  • Dylan sighed as he finished relieving himself. He opened his eyes. "I dont know precisely. Goewyn said shes worrying about her future. Wants to know whats going to happen to her. I didnt like to say anything, Rhirid; I dont want Goewyn to know too much of my business. I need every advantage over her I can get, otherwise shed be giving me endless instructionsmaking all my decisions—"
  • Those on the schooner watched anxiously. At one moment the tiny dingey was seen poised on the summit of a great green sea and the next was quite gone from sight. The sun came out momentarily before saying Good Night, as though to watch that struggle. At last the tender came sidling down the slope of a wave, the occupants striving hard at the oars, and after one breathless moment, during which it seemed that the little boat would be crushed to splinters against the old black hull of the schooner, Joe caught the painter, Steve made a flying leap for the deck and gained it in safety, and Phil, boat-hook in hand, worked manfully and skilfully to fend off while the cables were brought aboard. The dingey had fetched food as well and a shout of joy went up as Phil, taking advantage of the calm moments between the rushing waves, hurled the bundles to the deck.
  • Such a favourable introduction could not fail of being advantageous to a youth of Ferdinand's specious accomplishments; for he was considered as the young Count's companion, admitted into his parties, and included in all the entertainments to which Renaldo was invited. He soon distinguished himself by his activity and address, in the course of those exercises that were taught at the academy of which he was pupil; his manners were so engaging as to attract the acquaintance of his fellow-students, and his conversation being sprightly and inoffensive, grew into very great request; in a word, he and the young Count formed a remarkable contrast, which, in the eye of the world, redounded to his advantage.
  • And the bootlegger, for a moment, was stunned, For a while back he had humored the girl a little, to hold her in peace and without suspicion until Mooney was able to turn over her body-money. After that--after he had delivered her to the other's shack--it would all be up to Mooney, he figured. And this was what had come of his peace-loving efforts! She was taking advantage of him, defying him, spying upon him--the brat he had fed and brought up for ten years! Her beauty as she stood there did not hold him back. It was punishment she needed, a beating, a hair-pulling, until there was no breath left in her impudent body. He sprang forward, and Peter let out a wild yip as he saw Nada raise her stick. But she was a moment too slow. The man's hand caught it, and his right hand shot forward and buried itself in the thick, soft mass of her hair.
  • Melegal continued to watch the unpleasant song and dance between the ugly forest mage and Venir. He could see Venir's cold blue eyes burning under his helmet. Venir's feet were shuffling back and forth as he made clumsy swings at the mage. Melegal had begun to worry that the other magi voices were getting louder, when suddenly a thick root rose from beneath the dirt, tripping Venir and forcing him to one knee. As the big warrior faltered, his tormentor took advantage of the moment by muttering a spell. Melegal signaled to Georgio. Now!
  • "Well, some of my people became arrogant," she admitted. "When Christianity was on the rise, they took advantage of many souls. Because of our magical abilities, one could seem god-like to a mortal. But flaunting power in front of those without it is dangerous. You see, while each of us has our own special abilities, we also share many of the same. You can blame some of my brothers for the tall tales of angels and God. The name sort of stuck, though."
  • But the respite was only a temporary one. Changing his tactics, the fierce foe no longer attempted an open coup de main, but taking advantage of the bush he pressed the handful of whites who formed the rear guard so hotly as to force them to close up on their comrades, in order to avoid being entirely surrounded and cut off from the latter. But however bad had been their marksmanship earlier in the day, while excited and practising at the two fleeing Kafirs at long range, our frontiersmen were now in a different vein. There was nothing wild about their shooting now. Steady of eye, and cool of brain, they were keenly alive to every opportunity. Directly a Kafir showed his head he was morally certain to receive a ball through it, or so uncomfortably close as to make him feel as if he had escaped by a miracle, and think twice about exposing himself a second time.
  • Skilfulrsely, highly skillful teams will accept an advantage in any part of the field of play.
  • Continue to use quartz tungsten halogen curing lights as plasma arc curing lights appear to confer no clinical advantage at the present time.
  • Down the zigzags towards the town went La Giralda, the goats taking advantage of the wider paths to stray further afield, and needing more frequently the touch of the wand, which the old woman had taken from the donkey's load in order to induce them to proceed.
  • Within two minutes, or even less, he had forgotten all his troubles. Not because his troubles were one whit less heavy and bitter to him than a man's are to a man, but because a new and powerful interest bore them down and drove them out of his mind for the time--just as men's misfortunes are forgotten in the excitement of new enterprises. This new interest was a valued novelty in whistling, which he had just acquired from a negro, and he was suffering to practise it undisturbed. It consisted in a peculiar bird-like turn, a sort of liquid warble, produced by touching the tongue to the roof of the mouth at short intervals in the midst of the music--the reader probably remembers how to do it, if he has ever been a boy. Diligence and attention soon gave him the knack of it, and he strode down the street with his mouth full of harmony and his soul full of gratitude. He felt much as an astronomer feels who has discovered a new planet--no doubt, as far as strong, deep, unalloyed pleasure is concerned, the advantage was with the boy, not the astronomer.
  • This incident gave Jack great encouragement, for it confirmed his belief that the sachem meant he should have fair treatment, and would allow no dishonest advantage to be taken of him.
  • I beg a thousand pardons, said the count, "there is nothing the matter, but I slipped down and broke one of your panes of glass with my elbow. Since it is opened, I will take advantage of it to enter your room; do not disturb yourself--do not disturb yourself!" And passing his hand through the broken glass, the count opened the door. Morrel, evidently discomposed, came to meet Monte Cristo less with the intention of receiving him than to exclude his entry. "Ma foi," said Monte Cristo, rubbing his elbow, "it's all your servant's fault; your stairs are so polished, it is like walking on glass."
  • Beginners inspired by the high-speed action took advantage of the free lessons that were up for grabs.
  • The cruisers did not overhaul the little vessel as rapidly as Madden had anticipated. The Vulcan skurried through the seaweed fields, dodging this way and that in order to take advantage of every lane of open water, but the unwieldy battleships could not accept small advantages, and were forced to plow straight ahead, through weed or wave as it came.
  • Get hold with me, the rest of you, said Thad, allowing the guide to be first; for he wished to take as much advantage of Toby's great strength as possible, when it came time for the hard pulling.
  • Hal had been thinking rapidly. The men still held their revolvers in their hands, but they no longer covered him. Taking advantage of this fact, Hal suddenly dived under the bed and his two automatics were once more in his hand.
  • With unemployment at 14-year highs of 10 percent and his popularity ratings at record lows for a president only half a year into his mandate, there was clear political advantage for Hollande to lock horns with Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal.
  • And so I did, imitating the porter's manner even before Dame Tresize, the housekeeper. But it rankled that, even while instructing me--as he did on the eve of his departing--in the part I was to play at Clowance, my Master had chosen to shut me out of this part of his confidence. And now on the road home from Clowance I carried an anxious heart as well as a sore. To tell the truth--that my Master was away--I had not been able, knowing how prompt Saint Aubyn and Godolphin might be to take the advantage and pay us an unwelcome visit. "And indeed," thought I, "if my Master hides one thing from me, why not another? The stuff may indeed be stored with us: though I will not believe it without proof." The Commissioner would come, beyond a doubt. To discover my Master's absence would quicken his suspicions: to deny him admittance would confirm them.
  • With the advent of electronic registered conveyancing the advantage of registered land will further increase.
  • Foster nodded and was silent. Perhaps it was because the excitement of the chase was over, but he felt dull and tired. He had no sympathy with Daly; the fellow was a rogue, but he had pluck and charm. In a sense, it was unnatural that they should be talking quietly and almost confidentially, but he did not feel the anger he had expected and his antagonist was calm. Still, he was none the less dangerous and would use any advantage that he could gain.
  • Then we watched eagerly, expecting to see the rocket-ships and bomb-vessels appear; but they did not heave in sight, although it seemed to me as if they should have been close behind the larger ships in order to take advantage of the labor being performed by those on board the schooner.
  • His heart leaped with joyous hope, and he leaned forward on the sledge to examine Croisset's empty gun. It was an automatic, and Croisset, glancing back over the loping backs of the huskies, caught him smiling. He ran more frequently now, and longer distances, and with the passing of each mile his determination to strike a decisive blow increased. If they reached the trail of Meleese and Jackpine before the crossing of the second sledge he would lay in wait for his old enemies; if they had preceded them he would pursue and surprise them in camp. In either case he would possess an overwhelming advantage.
  • Any threatening behavior, by any sovereign power or groupany attempt at taking advantage of our calamityany moves to undermine our efforts, whether on the mainland or abroad will be regarded as an act of war."
  • It is extraordinary, he said, when the door was closed behind him, "how easily these husbands, whom we ridicule, gain an advantage over us."
  • The red-man smoked over this remark in silence for a considerable time, evidently engaged in profound thought. He was one of those children of nature whose brains admit ideas slowly, and who, when they are admitted, turn them round and round and inside out without much apparent advantage.
  • He scaled that precipitous rock with the rapidity and self-confidence of a gray squirrel running up the trunk of a hickory tree, squirrel-like, taking advantage of every crack, cranny and projection that could be grasped by fingers or moccasin-covered toes.
  • Natasha, who had borne the first period of separation from her betrothed lightly and even cheerfully, now grew more agitated and impatient every day. The thought that her best days, which she would have employed in loving him, were being vainly wasted, with no advantage to anyone, tormented her incessantly. His letters for the most part irritated her. It hurt her to think that while she lived only in the thought of him, he was living a real life, seeing new places and new people that interested him. The more interesting his letters were the more vexed she felt. Her letters to him, far from giving her any comfort, seemed to her a wearisome and artificial obligation. She could not write, because she could not conceive the possibility of expressing sincerely in a letter even a thousandth part of what she expressed by voice, smile, and glance. She wrote to him formal, monotonous, and dry letters, to which she attached no importance herself, and in the rough copies of which the countess corrected her mistakes in spelling.
  • There had to have been two dozen guards standing at attention in a square formation. Peters panic at being so overwhelmed by numbers gave way to the realization that their backs were to him. They didnt know Peter and his friends were there, at least not yet. Peter took advantage of this by yanking Milo and Isaac with him behind one of the tapestries.
  • Holli took advantage of such willingness, setting a pace faster than she could have expected but within the constraints of the horses. She would test their endurance without leading them to the brink of exhaustion. The horses that pulled Dzeb proved to be the measuring stick. As they grew tired, she slowed them all to a trot until they were again ready for a more strenuous run.
  • I don't believe they will come very close, continued Ben. "They know that we have the advantage of them, even if we are but four to nine."
  • Fire minister angela smith urged those affected by the forthcoming shake-up of fire safety legislation to take advantage of the new guidance published.
  • "I will lay you ten thousand ducats to your ring, thatcommend me to the court where your lady is, and with no more advantage than the opportunity of a second conferenceI will bring from thence that honour of hers, which you imagine so reserved!"
  • Because there is no time to be lost. To-morrow is the anniversary of the Restoration. There is to be a grand celebration during the day, and a ball at night; this opportunity is to be taken advantage of in some way or other by the desperate men alluded to. If we wait till to-morrow, and make our visit publicly, these men will all know of it, and its very object be counteracted by that circumstance.
  • Usually Pacian would have taken advantage of the situation to even the odds a little, but the blond rogue was nowhere to be seen. Aiden risked a brief glance behind him, and saw that Nellise was still shooting her crossbow at the mercenary archers, while Sayana was bathing the other three warriors on the ground in even more fire in an attempt to finish them off.
  • Joel, almost without thinking, picked up one of his more useful inventions. It was a spiked forearm brace. Made of leather, he could bind it around the lower part of his forearm, covering the entire area from the lower elbow all the way down past the wrist just to the bottom of his palm. The brace was covered with small razor sharp spikes that nestled themselves in rows and jutted out in various directions. He designed and produced the arm covering himself as a way to deal with what he previously viewed as the greatest threat to his safety. That threat was in the shape of human thieves that might fall on him when he was on a supply run. He had witnessed several attacks occurring throughout the town when the bandits first showed up to take advantage of the fact that lawlessness was now the rule.
  • From 1826 to 1830 this clever young sailor was in command of H.M.S. Beagle, which, with H.M.S. Adventure, was sent on a surveying expedition to the southern seas. During the early part of this cruise, while an exploring party was ashore in what is now called Beagle Channel, a number of Fuegians took advantage of the absence of the sailors to spring into their boat and row off with it.
  • The Austrians, caught unprepared, gave ground. The Cossacks followed up their first advantage closely, pressing the enemy so that they had no time to get into battle formation. A squad of Cossacks sprang toward a battery of field pieces, quickly wheeled it into position, and opened fire on the fleeing Austrians. The execution was fearful. Men went down in heaps, and those that survived fled faster than before.
  • He stabbed at the beast cautiously, keeping his guard up since he was moving too slowly to properly dodge. As he expected, the wolf turned and lashed out at him, but he managed to keep it at bay with his force shield. The redhead took advantage of the distraction though, slashing it along its rear flank with her axe. Aiden hoped that it would be enough to at least slow it down, but even after dealing with Colt and being severely burned, it was still putting up a fight.
  • Colt threw down his longbow and drew his greatsword, managing to take a swing at his nearest enemy in the same stroke, but after their furious charge the Akorans began working together to defend their flanks and take advantage of any opportunities that the beleaguered adventurers presented. Aiden was pushed back towards Colt's position by the relentless attacks of his opponents, and was fighting on a purely defensive level, unable to press the attack at all against such odds.
  • I would urge every farming family to take advantage of these courses.
  • California's large number of endemic species includes relict species, which have died out elsewhere, such as the Catalina Ironwood (Lyonothamnus floribundus). Many other endemics originated through differentiation or adaptive radiation, whereby multiple species develop from a common ancestor to take advantage of diverse ecological conditions such as the California lilac (Ceanothus). Many California endemics have become endangered, as urbanization, logging, overgrazing, and the introduction of exotic species have encroached on their habitat.
  • When the sun rose out of the ocean, his beams fell on the tails of our foes, throwing a ruddy glow on the calm waters, which shone like a plain of molten gold. Eager eyes were looking out for a breeze. Should it come from the direction of our foes, they would have every chance of catching us; but if ahead, we should have the advantage of them, and thus be able to slip out of their way.
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