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  • Not so much so as you would think. I am indeed very short of timber, and would gladly take the whole cargo of a ship laden with it should it arrive, but in other respects I am well off, for I boarded every transport and merchantman before they left the port, and bought up all their spare stores, which they were glad enough to part with on reasonable terms, for there was no advantage in carrying them back to France, and of course I could well afford to pay a considerable advance on the prices they would obtain there. I hope that you will stay here for the night, Mr. Blagrove, for I am anxious to hear all that you have been doing. I can offer you nothing but horse-flesh for dinner, for the town is in a state of starvation.
  • The Anne was the first craft to arrive off the point of the Needle, and she found the coast clear. As yet, no signs of invaders were to be seen; and the Martha being within a very convenient distance to the eastward, a signal was made to Captain Betts to stand over towards the Peak, and have a search in that quarter. Should the strangers take it into their heads to beat up under the cliffs again, and thence stretch across to the group, it would bring them in with the land to windward of the observing squadron, and give them an advantage the governor was very far from wishing them to obtain. The rest of the craft came down to the place of rendezvous, and kept standing off and on, under short sail, close in with the rocks, so as to keep in the smoothest of the water. Such was the state of things when the sun went down in the ocean.
  • "Dont worry about that now, Ralph." Hugh had the uneasy feeling that de Vire, having sensed Hughs reliance on him, was slowly starting to take advantage of their relationship with his blunt demands, but he felt powerless to remonstrate. He enjoyed making the younger man happy. "Ill figure it out, I promise."
  • No degradation of telescope ir emissivity, which is a crucial advantage for a system with strong science drivers in the infrared.
  • Chequead been arrested upon suspicion of obtaining a pecuniary advantage by the use a fraudulent check.
  • Match - Bruce vs Cashless Clayton - Total mismatch. The simplest strikes drop Cashless down and he seems to struggle to get back to his feet. Bruce seems to sense this but doesnt care and takes advantage of his human wrestling dummy. A match that could have ended in two minutes lasted almost ten. Finally, after displaying his arsenal of moves without any real resistance, he finished the match with the Brooklyn Bomb, gaining the 1, 2, 3. >
  • "You will never be in the best society unless you can stand on your heads," she kept saying to them; and every now and then she showed them how it was done. But the little ducks paid no attention to her. They were so young that they did not know what an advantage it is to be in society at all.
  • "Hadriansays that since Avaritus knows we are here now and that he will be prepared for virtually anything we attempt. He says that our one advantage against overwhelming odds was surprise and that we have lost that now so we may as well surrender."
  • "Peccavimus you should have said," remarked Raymond, whom Waymouth was passing as he hurried from gun to gun to assure himself that all were being fought to the best advantage.
  • That was plain sailin'. Bill was one of the first put into the place, an' knowin' he'd take a trip to the yard-arm when the Britishers found out who he was, he naturally took advantage of the chance to snoop 'round a bit. We had the run of the whole buildin', seein's there wasn't many of us, an' when he went in the prisoners didn't number more'n twenty. He found a key in the door that led up to the attic, which seemed to be a sort of store-room, an', thinkin' it might come in handy if the others didn't know the lay of the land, he locked the bloomin' place, havin' done so without bein' seen. When I came he didn't know anythin' about the scuttle; but we figgered that if there wasn't one, we could get up stairs an' pull bricks enough out of the chimney to give us a hole. There wasn't any need of doin' that, however, 'cause we found the hatch bolted on the inside, an' the rest was easy. The only thing about the whole business which bothers me is, why the Britishers didn't have a good look around before turnin' the buildin' into a jail.
  • This trail became uncertain, in the gloom, for soon the light was almost entirely obscured by the super-abundant verdure. Had any of the Links meditated treachery, or to take advantage of me while unprepared, this jungle darkness would have afforded an exceptional opportunity; but on the contrary my fat friend waddled actively before me, clearing the way of branches, and the "person" next behind me was the albino female herself. Nevertheless I was grateful for a glimpse of light, now and again, which gave a promise that beyond we should find something less forbidding. During this march I noted how silently the Links glided onward, how lightly they stepped and how alert they were at every sound, in that silent region of growing and prowling things.
  • Robert automatically stepped in, while the rest of the men stilled. Robert wanted to stop this before it went any further. And he never thought for a moment that Jamie might not want him to interfere. He had always cared for his younger brother and he always would. He had also noticed how worn out Sally looked and while she had served both the boys while they had been occupants of this house, they had never taken advantage of her. Robert wasnt going to let this boor do it either.
  • Hurricane took advantage of this, conjuring a twister that span through Arias's Gardor, snatching some from the safety of the ground, carrying them through the air and swiftly dumping them into the ever-widening hole.
  • The Eddie Stobart lorry sailed through the green light. Larry Cook, the driver, blipped the accelerator, taking advantage of a two-car space in traffic. The dazzling reflection from the broken mirror in the Starbucks caf? caught Larry just after a bout of sneezes, and, already disorientated, he brought his hand up to shield his eyes, shifting the wheel slightly with his other hand. The slight shift brought the lorry tracking along the weak trail of chi from the cafe, and with the reflection still catching his eyes, Larry sped up to get past the momentary distraction. The chi acted like a runway to the lorry, and with no awareness of the impending building, Larry Cook drove straight through the broad windows of Starbucks.
  • They had managed to make a few miles, but the current was mighty difficult to buck up against, and when finally Cuthbert suggested that they take advantage of an alluring point where the trees hung over the water and the situation seemed especially adapted for a campfire, Eli greeted the proposal with a grunt of unaffected delight, while even the well seasoned Owen felt that something to eat would not come in amiss.
  • "Being thus quenched of hope, but not of longing, mine Italian brain began in your simpler Britain to operate most vilelyexcelling for my advantage.
  • Covering a range of sectors, they have the advantage of providing common, objectively verifiable measures of progress in world development.
  • I hope no one has been watching us, he said. "It would not be very pleasant to find that any one has been spying all our actions, ready to take advantage of our find. There, come along! We cannot stop to watch the place, even if we felt this had been the case, for we've a long journey back out of this place, and then down the glacier home."
  • We continued to creep up to her, and at length got abreast of and so near her that, with the advantage of a good run, an active man might have leaped from one vessel to the other.
  • There were other things that made her special as well. Her great cabin for one, was situated below the quarterdeck, like on an East Indiaman. Thus, she could carry an extra main battery gun port on each side, as well as proper stern ports, a great advantage if attacked by gunboats in a calm.
  • Jolly Roger guessed what had happened. The girl had awakened, a bit nervous, and had roused Porter and asked him to relight the alcohol lamp. And Porter had taken advantage of the opportunity to tell her of the interesting discovery which Breault had made--and to kiss her. McKay stroked Peter's scrawny neck, and listened. He could no longer hear the storm, and he wondered if the fury of it was spent.
  • She awoke the next day, quite late and feeling amazingly refreshed. At least it seemed quite late but the house was so bright and cheery in the daytime that it was fully lit up by whatever outside light existed. The cathedral ceilings in the living room with the tall windows took full advantage of the morning light and she was surprised to see that it was only 6:45am.
  • Then you have the advantage of me, said the officer. "I've been thinking that over quite a lot, and the answer is still to find."
  • Thus, whoever controls resources considered culturally valuable will always have an economic advantage over those who desire access to these resources.
  • Lief drew his sword. As guards tried to move their horses, he slapped them hard on the wrists with the blunt edge. Their swords or bows dropped harmlessly to the ground as he disarmed three before a fourth was prepared to duel with him from an unmoving horse. While the guard had the advantage of height from the saddle, he could not maneuver. Lief quickly moved in from behind and with a sword point at the man's neck, forced submission.
  • Marmot's store stood at the end of Birralong, at the top of the township road, which was, in reality, the main road, along the sides of which Birralong had sprung up. It stood on the summit of a rise which sloped upwards through the town, so that it occupied a commanding position such as became the local post-office--for Marmot had the distinction of being postmaster as well as monopolist storekeeper of the district. One advantage of the site was that from the verandah which graced the front of the building a view could be obtained from end to end of the township to the east, and away along the road to the west--the road which went, vi Taylor's Flat, over Boulder Creek, away to the great expanse of the West.
  • Already plans were being discussed to take advantage of the misfortunes that had come upon the community so as to build better. The new bridge would be a beauty, and so staunch that no flood could ever dislodge it. Houses that had been swept away, or ruined in other ways were to be replaced by more commodious and up-to-date buildings, and the new barns would also far outclass those that had gone.
  • "Something like that," said Gordon, trying hard to maintain his smile. He really didn't like Dan Woller. "Now Dan, pay attention," he continued, lowering his voice and wiping the smile from his face. "Maybe you'll learn something. When Tom sees into another world I hypnotize you. You hold on to Tom, I hypnotize Tom, you're both in a trance, you're in communion, you see the same things, experience the same things. You can enter this other world at the precise moment that Tom has established the opening. You take advantage of Tom's special power and enter with him."
  • It was the bigger of the two blacks, who had in his insane rage taken advantage of the confusion and excitement to escape from those who held him prisoner and leap overboard, to swim for his liberty.
  • So far, no advantage had been gained by the British; and General Roberts felt that, with the force under his command, it would be rash to attempt to carry so strong a position, held by a greatly superior force.
  • The monster was strong, but it had been totally unprepared for the sudden attack and the expert thrusts and slashings from two strong men proved too much for it. It lost the ability to stay in the air and sank rapidly to the ground. Objects being pushed off counters and tables indicated the lashings of a still-invisible tail. The creature struggled to defend itself, and its claws and teeth were formidable weapons; it had grown so used to having the advantage of invisibility, however, that its skills were too rusty to deal with its adversaries' expert swordplay. After little more than a minute, its body convulsed in a violent spasm and then lay still on the floor.
  • And now the curtain is down for a few hours, and the actors in this novel drama are plunged in dewy sleep. Perhaps we should except Nyleptha, whom the reader may, if poetically inclined, imagine lying in her bed of state encompassed by her maidens, tiring women, guards, and all the other people and appurtenances that surround a throne, and yet not able to slumber for thinking of the strangers who had visited a country where no such strangers had ever come before, and wondering, as she lay awake, who they were and what their past has been, and if she was ugly compared to the women of their native place. I, however, not being poetically inclined, will take advantage of the lull to give some account of the people among whom we found ourselves, compiled, needless to state, from information which we subsequently collected.
  • The visit lasted an hour; for I had expressed a wish to all parties that they would become acquainted, and the girls seemed mutually pleased. As they chatted, I listened to the tones of their voices, and fancied, on the whole, that Emily had slightly the advantage in intonation and accent; though it was scarcely perceptible, and it was an advantage that was attended by a slight sacrifice of the charm of natural utterance. She was a little more artificial in this respect than her companions, and insomuch less pleasing though, had the comparison been made with the Manhattan style of the present day, the odds would have been immensely in her favour. In 1802, however, some attention was still paid to the utterance, tones of voice, and manner of speaking of young ladies. The want of it all, just now, is the besetting vice of the whole of our later instruction of the sex; it being almost as rare a thing now-a-days, to find a young American girl who speaks her own language gracefully, as it is to find one who is not of pleasing person.
  • A word in your ear, Andie, said I. "This plan of mine has another advantage yet. We can leave these Hielandman behind us on the rock, and one of your boats from the Castleton can bring them off to-morrow. Yon Neil has a queer eye when he regards you; maybe, if I was once out of the gate there might be knives again; these red-shanks are unco grudgeful. And if there should come to be any question, here is your excuse. Our lives were in danger by these savages; being answerable for my safety, you chose the part to bring me from their neighbourhood and detain me the rest of the time on board your boat: and do you know, Andie?" says I, with a smile, "I think it was very wisely chosen,"
  • Skilfulrsely, highly skillful teams will accept an advantage in any part of the field of play.
  • It was hardly an easy time to travel; winter had started early and already, in mid-November, a thin shroud of wet snow lay over the countryside. The earl had an advantage in that he could cross the breadth of England and stay in one of his own properties practically every night but Eleanor hoped anyway that he might freeze to death on his horse. Or failing that, fall overboard and drown when he sailed to Normandy.
  • This Cardan was a member of Parley, having bribed and forced his way in, many electors seeing it to their advantage to back him. He went to Redhills twice per annum with the others, and over some few years gained much influence there. The new street was his corrupt bounty for years of political efforteffort expended largely, I suspect, in his own interest. Worse yet, to pay itself for the cost of street-building, the government condemned wide tracts of land parallel to the new pavement in order to sell them back to the owners or others. Even beside Cardan's path this held true.
  • This very small change had, in fact, prodigiously reduced the cost of the raw material, which had rendered it possible in the first place, to raise the price of manufacture, a benefit to the country; in the second place, to improve the workmanship, an advantage to the consumer; in the third place, to sell at a lower price, while trebling the profit, which was a benefit to the manufacturer.
  • In theory this works to developers' advantage as they can write a single program and then offer it across a range of platforms.
  • We treated Sam like more of a grown up, I thought. Doug did anywaysomething Sam had always liked about him was how hed respected him as his own person, since theyd met. As I supposed Id tried to do with Zoe and Heather. An advantage to not knowing ones spouses kids since babyhood.
  • However, it seemed to me madness to stay where we were, to be drowned like rats in a hole; and taking advantage of the next receding wave, I gave the boat a start, and she went down towards the mouth of the tunnel for a little way, when a coming current would have driven her back, only I clung to the root now very low down, and rather close to which the boat now floated. Another thrust, and I pushed her some distance down, but with the next wave that came in, my hand was jammed against the slimy roof, and, unnerved with horror, I gasped: "Rouse up, Harry! the mouth's under water!"
  • It is heavy. It can climb rocks like a mountain goat, but it needs solid ground to support its weight. If we make it to the forest, even with the algors, we can escape. It would not be able to climb or move through the trees as we would. It would eventually lose our trail as it blunders through the forest, forced to break the branches which block its path. Shags are, however, somewhat intelligent. I am sure it knows the forest looms ahead of us. If it wishes to attack, it will do so before it loses the advantage of the terrain. It will probably wait until we reach the taller hills and attack from above. It will then use its weight and strength to drop down on us and take out as many as possible. If we try and beat it to the higher ground, it will trap us by circling the foot of any hill we choose to climb. It will then simply outwait us.
  • Dredrik shook his head, "No, still either not responding or simply not getting our requests. We've dispatched riders in case it's simply a problem with the telepath but the chances of them reaching Calington before the enemy presses its advantage are slim. Then take the time needed to organize and march. No my friends unless help is already in route we are on our own."
  • Waldo and his antagonist were still tearing futilely at one another in mad efforts to maim or kill. The giant muscles of the cave man gave him but little if any advantage over his agile, though slightly less-powerful, adversary.
  • He was more utterly ruined than any man I ever knew of, and all his estates were sold. I had made some money, few others in the county had any ready cash, the sale was forced, and I bought the whole establishment at a remarkably low figure. I got old Brandy--Brandy was a nickname I gave the old fellow--I got him a house in the village, and supported him for a while with his wife and daughter and his great lubberly boy. I soon found out what vipers they were. They all turned against their benefactor, and dared to say that I had ruined their father. In fact, my only fault was buying the place, and that was an advantage to old Brandy rather than an injury. It shows, though, what human nature is."
  • Another advantage of the Johns Hopkins flu projection method is that it can produce real-time results. By comparison, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which record flu-related symptoms from hospital visits, typically take two weeks to publish data on the flu's prevalence.
  • Other posters noted that they're motivated not by the desire to get their asset allocations in line with their targets or make tactical tweaks, but rather to take advantage of currently low tax rates.
  • I got ya, said the Preacher, more with his facial expression than his words. He acknowledged the advantage of my sitting tight, "Just give me a few minutes to get this straightened out."
  • What does all this mean for the current U.S. tax system? It suggests that if you think the government needs more revenue to reduce its budget deficit, raising taxes on investment income is a good solution. What should the rate be? Anything above the current level would be an improvement. It would have the added advantage of reducing the incentive to game the system by, for example, classifying carried interest, the equity some investment managers receive as compensation for their work, as a capital gain instead of ordinary income.
  • I do not intend to intimate, by the above, that all were dishonest, even in these small peculations. There were many whose sense of right and wrong was very clear, and whose knowledge of their duties had been derived from the instructions of the white preachers. These negroes "obeyed their masters" in every thing, and considered it a religious obligation to be always faithful. They never avoided their tasks, in the field or elsewhere, and were never discovered doing any wrong. Under the new system of labor at the South, this portion of the negro population will prove of great advantage in teaching their kindred the duties they owe to each other. When all are trained to think and act for themselves, the negroes will, doubtless, prove as correct in morals as the white people around them.
  • "And it does credit to your zeal," said the Secretary. "It is in fact a petty business, but that is where you soldiers in the field have the advantage of us administrators. You fight in great battles and you win glory, but you don't have anything to do with the little things."
  • But neither man nor woman could have extracted a story from James Schuyler Grim unless it suited him to tell it. Mabel Ticknor is one of those honest little women who carry men's secrets with them up and down the world. Being confided in by nearly every man who met her was a habit. But Grim tells only when the telling may accomplish something, and I wondered, as he laid his elbow on the table to begin, just what use he meant to make of Mabel Ticknor. He uses what he knows as other level-headed men use coin, spending thriftily for fair advantage.
  • All that concerns John and Sebastian Cabot has been until recently shrouded by a mist which is not even now completely dissipated, notwithstanding the conscientious labours of Biddle the American in 1831, and of our compatriot M. d'Avezac; as also those of Mr. Nicholls the Englishman, who taking advantage of the discoveries made among the English, Spanish, and Venetian archives, has built up an imposing monument, of which some parts, however, are open to discussion. It is from the two last-named works that we shall draw the materials for this rapid sketch, but principally from Mr. Nicholls' book, which has this advantage over the smaller volume of M. d'Avezac, that it relates the whole life of Sebastian Cabot.
  • But Baptista consoles poor Litio. "Well, go with me and be not so discomfited! Proceed in practise with my younger daughter; shes apt to learning, and thankful for good turns!" Suddenly, Hortensio feels much betterhe can even take advantage of the instrument brought by a rival.
  • She laughed a little. "All right. I promise I wont make you look like a fool." But he never made her promise to never speak in French. She would take advantage of that and planned to speak in French whenever it pleased her.
  • As soon as the capture was made the three boys had rushed forward, forgetting that they were under orders to remain at their posts until signaled. Somewhat sternly but with a twinkle in his eyes that belied the severity of his voice Pat now reminded them of this and ordered Upton back to clear the boughs from the top of the chimney. By this time the sweater had burned through and the whole mass had dropped into the fireplace, where it continued to burn, the smoke rolling out of the open door in a dense cloud. With the removal of the boughs from the top of the chimney a draft was restablished and the smoke sought its natural outlet. It was some time, however, before the interior of the cabin could be examined with any comfort, and Pat took advantage of this to quiz the Indian.
  • It has the advantage of also being a potentially therapeutic procedure.
  • Elvallon constantly reminded him that others who had the Gift or, worse, control over sorcery, could counter him, though even he admitted that anyone able to speed up their movement through time held a pretty good advantage.
  • The second lieutenant was seriously disconcerted at this discovery, and was evidently in great doubt as to whether it would be more prudent to push on or to turn back. If the occupants of the canoe happened to be associated with the slavers, and had been sent out as scouts in anticipation of an attack from us, then there could be little doubt that it would be wiser to turn back, since a light craft like a canoe could easily reach the creek far enough ahead of us to give the alarm, in which case we should find a warm reception prepared for us; and in so dense a fog all the advantage would be on the side of those manning the slave fleet.
  • The Zjhon fell farther and farther behind, and Irvil took full advantage of the situation. He pushed his mount through brush and brambles, and the noble animal lowered his head and pressed on, ignoring his scrapes and many bleeding cuts. Catrin kept a watchful eye on the woods behind them, seeing soldiers moving between the trees, but they were still a good distance back and moving more slowly.
  • Luka was quite indifferent to any sentimental considerations. Still he admitted that it was an advantage to get rid of the convict garb. In the morning they put on the peasants' clothes. As Godfrey was about the same size as the man whose garments he had got, the things fitted him fairly. Luka's were a good deal too large for him, but as the Russian peasants' clothes always fit them loosely, this mattered little. The other things were divided into two bundles of equal weight.
  • "You had a quadruple witching hitting Japan - but the biggest drag is the yen. If they can have breathing room with the yen, you have a very big advantage against those people who have been benefiting, like the Korean and German competitors."
  • As the Bird boys were thoroughly imbued with the aviator spirit it might easily be set down as positive that as time went on they would continue to study the science of flying, and take advantage of every opportunity that presented itself for indulging in their favorite sport.
  • "Jessie, I'm going to save father," he said. "We had an awfully nice talk this morning, and it was so pathetic. He has been a heavy drinker for years, you know. His father was so before him. So one mustn't think it is his fault, any more than it was my fault that I had consumption when I was little. It isn't a vice, it's a disease. Well, I've made a compact with him. I found that he had got it into his head--God knows how--that I, I know you'll laugh, was beginning to take to that beastly muck too. So I saw my opportunity. He's fond of me, you know; he really is, and it had seriously occurred to him that I was getting the habit. So I took advantage of that. I said I wouldn't have any more whiskies and cocktails if he wouldn't. We made a bargain about it. Without swagger, it was rather a good piece of work, don't you think?"
  • The negro opened his huge mouth in an amiable laugh at his companion, who had taken advantage of the brief halt to give a hearty rub to his colossal limbs.
  • There was no time just then to say more, for the Texans were fighting hotly, holding several houses and endeavouring to keep the Mexicans out of such buildings where they might have an advantage.
  • It was the examination I made on this occasion of Colonel Gawler's excellent road between the port and Adelaide, which convinced me that a portion of it might easily be converted into a railroad, as there is sufficient width for a single line of rails without detracting from its present value. That such an undertaking would prove of great advantage to the colony there can be no doubt; and it is equally certain that it would be profitable to those engaged in it. The exports and imports of South Australia are, year by year, rapidly increasing; and now that its vast mineral resources have been discovered, and are in progress of development, no bounds can be set to its probable wealth and prosperity. A railroad would be sure to attract a large amount of traffic even at present. As, however, the Port of Adelaide only admits vessels of moderate draught, large ships must discharge part of their cargo outside, or at Holdfast Roads; between which place and Adelaide a railroad might also be carried without any difficulty, there being a complete level the whole way.
  • Professor Aronnax, the Canadian replied, "your arguments are rotten to the core. You talk way off in the future: 'We'll be here, we'll be there!' Me, I'm talking about right now: we are here, and we must take advantage of it!"
  • The iceworm Slice took advantage of her opponents distraction. Rippling forward, she whipped several lengths of her wide flat body around the legs of the firedrake and held tightly, no matter how strongly he kicked and jerked. Higher and ever higher up his legs, the firedrake faded from red to black as his heat leached out of him. He howled and bellowed, but for the first time there was an almost plaintive tone to his trumpeting. Griddle was fast losing strength.
  • I have never had any reason to suppose otherwise, Senor, answered Alvaros. "But even were the Senorita to entertain any foolish objections--or imagine that she entertained them--I presume it would make no difference in your decision. If she does not actually entertain any sentiment of love for me at this moment I have not a shadow of doubt as to my ability to inspire that sentiment as soon as we are married. The young lady will raise no objection, I presume, if she is given to understand that the marriage would be in conformity with your wishes; and I imagine it is quite unnecessary for me to point out to you how very greatly to your advantage and that of your whole family such a marriage would be."
  • Scarcely had Gama set out for Europe, before the Zamorin at the instigation of the Musselmen, who saw their commercial supremacy more and more compromised, assembled his allies at Pani with the object of attacking the King of Cochin and of punishing him for the counsel and assistance which he had given to the Portuguese. The unfortunate Rajah's fidelity was now put to a hard proof. Besieged in his capital by a large force, he saw himself all at once deprived of the aid of those for whose advantage he had incurred so great a risk. Sodrez and several of his captains had deserted the post, where both honour and gratitude required them to remain, and if need were, to die in the discharge of their duty; they forsook Triumpara to go and cruise in the neighbourhood of Ormuz, and at the entrance to the Red Sea, where they calculated that the annual pilgrimage to Mecca was likely to ensure them some rich booty. The Portuguese agent vainly represented to them the unworthiness of their conduct, they set out in haste, to escape from these inconvenient reproaches.
  • Lock-box A facility used in the U.S. and elsewhere for speeding up collections. A bank collects and arranges for clearance of cheques that are sent by customers to a designated post office box. The advantage of this cash management system is that it eliminates the clerical functions prior to the deposit of the cheques. The company is thereby able to reduce FLOAT and realize sale proceeds faster.
  • Quickly she and Ghek mounted to the deck after the latter had cast off the moorings. Tara tested the control, raising and lowering the ship a few feet within the walled space. It responded perfectly. Then she lowered it to the ground again and waited. From the open doorway came the sounds of conflict, now nearing them, now receding. The girl, having witnessed her champion's skill, had little fear of the outcome. Only a single antagonist could face him at a time upon the narrow stairway, he had the advantage of position and of the defensive, and he was a master of the sword while they were clumsy bunglers by comparison. Their sole advantage was in their numbers, unless they might find a way to come upon him from behind.
  • Nikki the slayer has the advantage as she sits on top of spike, relentlessly pummeling the vampire.
  • That advantage was short-lived as Gary and Thad changed back into their human form, only to have Kayla step out of her protection and finally get to swing her mighty sword. She sliced through both Thaddeus and Garrison with one incredible swoosh, and seemed to be styling during the follow-through, because before she could protect herself again she fell to the ground in two pieces, courtesy of Agent Blake Wallace. Three against two.
  • In the first place, here was this tremendous power whose secret he alone possessed; the day and hour might even now be at hand when he should be able to wrest this superior knowledge to advantage.
  • Life within Pellucidar is far younger than upon the outer crust. Here man has but reached a stage analogous to the Stone Age of our own world's history, but for countless millions of years these reptiles have been progressing. Possibly it is the sixth sense which I am sure they possess that has given them an advantage over the other and more frightfully armed of their fellows; but this we may never know. They look upon us as we look upon the beasts of our fields, and I learn from their written records that other races of Mahars feed upon men--they keep them in great droves, as we keep cattle. They breed them most carefully, and when they are quite fat, they kill and eat them.
  • The night was as black as pitch, which, while an advantage in one way, was a disadvantage in another. For though it lessened their chance of detection, it also made it more difficult to get the lay of the land and keep their sense of direction.
  • Giles took unfair advantage of her, stooped, and kissed the pretty little face, received a resounding slap on the back, and went out, to attend to his professional duties, with the profound gravity of an incapable magistrate.
  • But Rhirids advantage didnt last long. Collecting himself, Longsword blocked a blow and then brought his leg up and jammed his muddy boot square into Rhirids chest. The Welshman went flying backwards and in that instant, Longsword clambered to his feet. He strode purposefully towards Rhirid, who was sitting on the ground, gasping for breath.
  • He had experienced my utility in the course of the election, he wished to enjoy the same advantage at present, and he and his committee likewise discovered that my evidence was essentially necessary. He therefore wrote me an apology, spoke in the handsomest terms he could recollect of the services I had done him, requested me to come down once more to aid him in his present attempt, and stated the points on which my future testimony would be useful. He further informed me that a gentleman of the law, whom he named, was to set off the morning after I should receive the letter, at ten o'clock, and come post; and that he should be much obliged to me if I would take a seat in the same chaise.
  • In pursuance of this agreement, Mr. Orton Campbell took advantage of the ward's residence in his father's family to press upon her attentions which clearly indicated his ultimate object.
  • It would be almost superfluous to say, that these were not neglected. The son of Count Melvil was not deficient in point of penetration; but his whole study was at that time engrossed by the care of his education, and he had sometimes recourse to play as an amusement by which he sought to unbend the severity of his attention. No wonder then that he fell a prey to an artful gamester, who had been regularly trained to the profession, and made it the sole study of his life; especially as the Hungarian was remarkable for a warmth of temper, which a knight of the post always knows how to manage for his own advantage.
  • To take advantage of that, the researchers built rectangular microfluidic chips, about the size of a quarter, with 40 to 70 parallel channels. Cells are suspended in a solution with the material to be delivered and flowed through the channel at high speed -- about one meter per second. Halfway through the channel, the cells pass through a constriction about 30 to 80 percent smaller than the cells' diameter. The cells don't suffer any irreparable damage, and they maintain their normal functions after the treatment.
  • Jimmie began to realize that it would not be to his advantage to continue the conversation, especially in the spirit already shown.
  • "It's not a matter of fault. If you want to entertain them when you're on break, that's your choice. Just so long as it stays your choice. I don't want them taking advantage of you."
  • "Very good!" Shaa said. "That is indeed the point I was after. In a case like this they always say its natural causes, but it very rarely is. Whenever you hear about someone dropping dead under questionable circumstances that just happen to mean large advantage to someone else, certain things should run through your mind. Natural causes will run through only long enough to escape out the back. They may creep again into consideration when absolutely everything else has been excluded, and even then they will creep very tentatively."
  • The wind was light, and a couple of hours passed, with Mark's steersman gradually edging the schooner nearer to the stranger, which, having the advantage of the wind, glided down to them, evidently meaning to speak them, and ask for news.
  • The two young cornets, Hendrik Von Bloom and Arend Van Wyk, each endeavouring to wear the appearance of old warriors, are present in the camp. Although both are passionately fond of a sportsman's life, each, for certain reasons, had refrained from urging the necessity or advantage of the present expedition.
  • Shan't I? All right, then: make me happy, said Vince to another sun-browned lad whom he had just encountered among the furze and heather--all gold and purple in the sunny islet where they dwelt--and in the most matter-of-fact way he took off his jacket; and then began a more difficult task, which made him appear like some peculiar animal struggling out of its skin: for he proceeded to drag off the tight blue worsted jersey shirt he wore, and, as it was very elastic, it clung to his back and shoulders as he pulled it over his head, and, of course, rendered him for the moment helpless--a fact of which his companion was quite ready to take advantage.
  • Alaska has an abundance of seafood, with the primary fisheries in the Bering Sea and the North Pacific, and seafood is one of the few food items that is often cheaper within the state than outside it. Many Alaskans take advantage of salmon seasons to harvest portions of their household diet while fishing for subsistence, as well as sport. This includes fish taken by hook, net or wheel.
  • There are only two, or at most three of them, Edgar said, in a tone of disappointment, "and I doubt whether they are not big rowing-boats. The strokes are too quick for either sweeps or for boats towing. What a beastly nuisance! I suppose when these fellows took back the report, that though we were a good-sized brig we did not seem to have many hands, they thought that it was not worth while to tow out a big craft when row-boats would do. They think that with twelve or fifteen hands in each boat, and the advantage of surprise, they would be able to overpower us at once."
  • Dredrik rose from his pallet, the air cool out from beneath the blankets despite the roaring fire, envious of the other men still sleeping soundly. The last few weeks had been harsh to say the least due to extreme winter weather and the lack of rest as the royal army marched to press its advantage and deny Duke Harrimans men to properly prepare for siege.
  • At least it is a fact that almost every advantage of this nature enjoyed to-day by the inhabitants of Dunchester, has been provided for them by former Conservative members for the borough.
  • Okay everybody. I realise this is very exciting for you but we need to be patient and adhere to health and safety guidelines. A mass groan entered the air. Health and safety was the bane of many Jefferian lives. Forced to study and learn regulation after regulation whilst growing up created an extremely aware society; unfortunately they were also incredibly bitter about being patronised. "Pushing and shoving is riddled with danger and helps nobody." Dawn spoke with increasing stress in her voice. "I must also ask that you remain within visual contact of the ship once outside…." The speech had drawn many of the teenager's attention, keeping them rooted to one spot and revealing numerous gaps for Zarg to take advantage of.
  • I panicked and flew into a tantrum, writhing and flailing at the roots. They held firm and pressed their advantage at every opportunity, until I had no choice but give in, like a rat in the grip of a python.
  • Amasa Culpepper had taken advantage of the absence of Carl to drop around that afternoon to see the widow. He fully believed that by this time Dock Phillips had either destroyed or lost the paper he claimed to have found; or else Amasa felt that he could secure possession of it at any time by paying the sum the boy demanded.
  • He peered around the trunk nervously. They had managed to keep away from each other on the ship and through the village, but once they left that haven the age old hatred between Drow and Elf surfaced, and the following few hours had been full of a fierce skirmishes between the two groups. The natural advantage of the Drow being on 'home' turf had been neutralized somewhat by the hunting skills of the surface scum, who were at their best in the forest terrain.
  • Lawrence, through ignorance of their situation and jealousy of Philip, grew daily more dissatisfied. He would hear the intimate ring in their voices and writhe within. The artist felt keenly that he was being set aside, and his eager determination to live and be in the front rank of warring manhood made him determine to win Claire against this man who, it seemed to him, was taking her from him by mere advantage of sight. He felt that they were shelving him as a blind man, a very nice fellow, but quite outside the possibility of any relation with their real lives. He now thought that Claire was kind to him as one is to those whose situation makes them objects of pity.
  • Looking up at Signior Baptistas mansion, where the younger maiden is to spend much of her time alone, he stroke his gray-streaked beard. "Here our luck is not so great, Hortensio, but that we may together blow on our nails, and fairly fast it out!"—wait hungrily, to the advantage of neither. "Our cakes dough on both sides." He sighs. "Farewell.
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