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  • Though the latter had a greater volume of water passing through it than the other, I still, from the direction and size of the south arm, decided on ascending it first. For some distance the banks had been less fringed with mangroves, leaving clear patches covered with coarse grass. The trees on the side of the first reach in the southerly arm were laden with the snowy plumage of a large flock of cockatoos. After proceeding about five miles further we rested a few hours, continuing again soon after midnight. As the tides run twelve hours each way, it was necessary that we should take advantage of the favourable stream, whatever might be the hour, though this plan kept the men for a very long time together at the oars.
  • Cattle avoid eating the buttercup, which then takes advantage of the cropped ground around it to spread.
  • He always took his meals alone, with an open book before him, which he read. He had a well-selected little library. He loved books; books are cold but safe friends. In proportion as leisure came to him with fortune, he seemed to take advantage of it to cultivate his mind. It had been observed that, ever since his arrival at M. sur M.. his language had grown more polished, more choice, and more gentle with every passing year. He liked to carry a gun with him on his strolls, but he rarely made use of it. When he did happen to do so, his shooting was something so infallible as to inspire terror. He never killed an inoffensive animal. He never shot at a little bird.
  • Grateful to him for his attentions, it was not long before her feeling of obligation changed into real regard for the man. The dread in which she at first held him had completely disappeared, as was only natural after the services he had rendered her. Twice she owed him her life. That alone was a debt she could never repay. Moreover, he was thoughtful and courteous, and, so far, at least, had shown no disposition to take advantage of her helpless situation. How much worse her position would be if he were not there at all!
  • Three-quarter length tight which have the advantage of leaving the lower leg exposed, whilst covering the knees.
  • Taking advantage of a very unexpected breeze from the eastward we left Preservation Island for Port Dalrymple, which was made after a night's run, on the morning of the 26th November. Eighteen miles from the entrance of Banks Strait, and as far as abreast of Waterhouse Island,* and nine miles from it, we had soundings of from 18 to 20 fathoms; afterwards the depth was 30 and 40; whilst in the fairway nine miles from the opposite entrance of the Strait we had 37.
  • I dare speak it to myselffor it is not vainglory for a man and his mirror to confer in his own chamberHe stumbles but manages to stay upright, and continues walking. I mean, the lines of my body are as well drawn as his: no less young, more strong, not beneath him in fortunes, beyond him in the advantage of the time, above him in birth, alike conversant in general services, and more remarkable in single oppositions!
  • The tandem, however, did have an advantage over the cage on one significant point: it was a machine. A bizarre, implausible machine, admittedly, but one which had more going for it in terms of logic and physics than a bird-borne carriage. And when it came to choosing between the lift of an iron propeller or the flapping wings of some temperamental birds, it had to be said that this particular advantage was a decidedly large one. True, there was a magic at work in Niamago that could make people ski in the air and belch lightning; but Benjamin was still too much the child of a safe, cause-and-effect world to entertain the idea that it might be on par with, or hold sway over, the secure edicts of science. Perhaps, when he was back on land, he might think differently. In the meantime, he could only look forward to it.
  • Semi-flexible orthotics ( example pictured below ) have the advantage of being both flexible and resilient.
  • "Being thus quenched of hope, but not of longing, mine Italian brain began in your simpler Britain to operate most vilelyexcelling for my advantage.
  • COULD HAVE BEEN UP AND OUT AT THE CRACK OF DAWN, but I wasnt sure there was much of a point. The streets were as crowded at dawn as any other time of the day or night so I wouldnt exactly be beating the rush, and anyway my first stop of the morning wouldnt be open until later. Id end up hanging around either way, on one end or the other. I figured Id take advantage of some of the amenities the AdventurersClub provided for just this sort of slack time.
  • Considering that Dr. Johnston was really a small, slight man, it was surprising what an idea of stately dignity his appearance conveyed. He could hardly have impressed Bert with a deeper feeling of respect from the outset, if he had been seven feet high, instead of only a little more than five. He was a clergyman of the Episcopal Church, and wore at all times a long black gown, reaching nearly to his ankles, which set off to the best advantage the spare, straight figure, and strong dark face. The habitual expression of that face when in repose was of thoughtful severity, and yet if one did but scan it closely enough, the stern mouth was seen to have a downward turn at its corners that hinted at a vein of humour lying hid somewhere. The hint was well-sustained, for underneath all his sternness and severity the doctor concealed a playful humour, that at times came to the surface, and gratefully relieved his ordinary grimness.
  • From what you say, was Donald's comment, "it is greatly to our advantage to do as you wish. Let's consider the matter settled and start at once."
  • The Battle of Tucuman was a battle fought on 24 and 25 September 1812 near the Argentine city of San Miguel de Tucuman, during the Argentine War of Independence. The Army of the North, commanded by General Manuel Belgrano, defeated the royalist troops commanded by General Pio de Tristan, who had a two-to-one advantage in numbers, halting the royalist advance on Argentina's northwest. Together with the Battle of Salta, on 20 February 1813, the victory at Tucuman allowed the Argentine troops to reaffirm the borders under their control.
  • Prince Andrew without joining in the conversation watched every movement of Speranski's: this man, not long since an insignificant divinity student, who now, Bolkonski thought, held in his hands--those plump white hands--the fate of Russia. Prince Andrew was struck by the extraordinarily disdainful composure with which Speranski answered the old man. He appeared to address condescending words to him from an immeasurable height. When the old man began to speak too loud, Speranski smiled and said he could not judge of the advantage or disadvantage of what pleased the sovereign.
  • Part of me wanted to kick myself for not taking advantage of this. But I knew I just wasnt a lock-the-store-and-extort-a-freebie-blowjob-out-of-a-hooker guy. At some point during it Id be imagining the sores in her mouth.
  • The wind was light, and a couple of hours passed, with Mark's steersman gradually edging the schooner nearer to the stranger, which, having the advantage of the wind, glided down to them, evidently meaning to speak them, and ask for news.
  • But all knew the antipathy that exists between the wild horse and the hyena; and that the quagga, though roused to fury at the sight of one of these animals, is very different in its behaviour towards man. So strong, in fact, is this antipathy, and so complete is the mastery of the ruminant over the carnivorous animal, that the frontier farmers often take advantage of these peculiar facts, and keep the hyenas from their cattle by bringing up with the herd a number of quaggas, who act as its guards and protectors.
  • Montero had not been long encamped among them, when he discovered that the Blackfeet were hovering about the neighborhood. One day the hunters came galloping into the camp, and proclaimed that a band of the enemy was at hand. The Crows flew to arms, leaped on their horses, and dashed out in squadrons in pursuit. They overtook the retreating enemy in the midst of a plain. A desperate fight ensued. The Crows had the advantage of numbers, and of fighting on horseback. The greater part of the Blackfeet were slain; the remnant took shelter in a close thicket of willows, where the horse could not enter; whence they plied their bows vigorously.
  • A few seconds only were necessary for Sut to free himself, but ere those seconds could be taken advantage of, he was drawn over backward. The entire party sprang upon him and seized his gun and knife.
  • The hunters had a great deal of experience in dealing with Thomas Hartwell and werent about to take the decided competitive advantage lightly. Although they had lost the two most senior members of the team, Cal and Thaddeus, it was Cals juniorall two minutes of itthat stepped up to lead the group. Emily was the younger of the two fraternal twins and she was every bit the warrior of her brother.
  • Failure to fund the final part of MEADS development could also make it impossible to take advantage of technologies developed by the program, the White House warned.
  • Halfway between the hills and the cliff he came suddenly face to face with Nadara. Not twenty paces separated them. With a howl of satisfaction Thurg leaped to seize her, but she turned and fled before he could lay his hand upon her. If Thurg had found his other quarry of that day swift, so, too, he now found Nadara, for terror gave wings to her flying feet. Lumbering after her came Thurg, and had the distance been less he would have been left far behind, but it was a long distance from the spot, where they had met, to Nadara's cliffs. The girl could out-run the man for a short distance, but when victory depended upon endurance the advantage was all on the side of the brute.
  • Well, I don't go so far as that, said Anson; "but, with my knowledge of the management of the mining business, I feel sure my Boer friends will find it to their advantage to retain me high up on the staff. You see, there are so many things in the way of checking losses which I have mastered."
  • I continued to clear my way, and at length found myself in the position I had coveted; while the lane I had made, in getting there, closed instantaneously behind me. I was about to rush on, and take advantage of the bit of clear ground, when, what should I see in the centre, and directly before me, but a great yellow lion!"
  • The Emerald could do nothing with us at this game, much to the chagrin of her noble owner; so she was obliged to in trysail and set her mainsail, whilst we hove to and waited for her. But even after her mainsail was set we had the advantage of her.
  • You may do us good service by finding out what are the intentions of the Mexicans. Therefore, by all means, carry out your intention of going across to Tezcuco. The young king is a nephew of the emperor, but he has suffered much at Montezuma's hands, and has been stripped of the greater part of his father's dominions. He can, therefore, hardly be friendly to him at heart. At any rate you may be able to learn, in conversation with him, what are his sentiments towards us. Tezcuco was long the rival of Mexico, and as the alliance of the Tlascalans has proved of the greatest advantage to us, still more should we benefit if the Tezcucans were our friends. If we have to retire from Mexico, we might take refuge there."
  • The Balkan Wars were between 1912-1913, starting when Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece saw that Turkey was weak and venerable, and took advantage of it. This war essentially drove the Turks out of Europe.
  • The guard systems were obviously thinking something over, perhaps trying to understand how Leen had made it from the Front Door to the Back Door so quickly. It was a potential flaw in Maxs plan, true, but there had been no evidence that the path guardians worked with that level of contextual and historical information. With timing presenting the problems it did, it had seemed a risk worth taking. After all, Max had the advantage of having done this before, too. It had been years before, admittedly, and the subject then had been a different Archivist, Leens grandfather apparently, but as long as the same systems were still in place there was no reason for it not to work again ...
  • Serious as the situation was, I did not give way to despair. I could not believe that I was doomed to die, but how my deliverance was to be effected was more than I could tell. Again starting from the chest in which I had been shut up, and which I could distinguish by the short fragments of the top, I continued groping my way round and round the vault. My first object was to try and find the door, which I was persuaded existed, as I thought I had previously missed it. Any one who has played at blind man's buff may have a faint idea of my situation. Only the objects round me remained stationary, whereas in the game people run away from the blinded person, and he has to try and catch them as they run round him. I had the advantage over the blinded man in the game. I was sure that in time I should gain a knowledge of my locality. Time, however, was precious, and it would not do for me to delay my search.
  • We should run away now, taking advantage of confusion in Pharaoh Petrie's ranks to make our escape, he said. "We can follow the pillar of smoke and fire."
  • For some time the civil power had been inadequate to the punishment of crime. The laws of the State were so loosely framed that offenders had excellent opportunities to escape their deserts by taking advantage of technicalities. The people determined to take the law into their own hands, and give it a thorough execution. For the good of society, it was necessary to put a stop to the outrages that had been so frequently committed. Their only course in such cases was to administer justice without regard to the ordinary forms.
  • One of the workers told me that the janitors opened the building at 6:00 a.m. every weekday during the summer. I took advantage of the time by using Zeke's $20 to duplicate my purchase from the previous day and, instead of eating a few donuts myself, I pocketed the few extra bucks for myself, just as I had done the previous day. I arrived at the school at 6:45 a.m. and parked my bike near the front of the school so no one would see that I had arrived. The gym was near the back entrance to the school and I slipped in through one of the doors, so I could check things out.
  • Well, I think, if you feel prepared, it would be as well for you to take advantage of your being at home to pass, and we will take care that you shall get your promotion as soon as you have served your full time. You would like a couple of months' leave, no doubt, before you return. Would you rather wait before going in to be examined, or would you prefer going in at once?
  • He was without money, and practically without friends; while Government and State lands cost respectively two dollars and a half and a dollar and a quarter an acre, cash down. But he relied on the good sense of capitalists to perceive, from the statistics which his explorations would furnish, the wonderful advantage of logging a new country with the chain of Great Lakes as shipping outlet at its very door. In return for his information, he would expect a half interest in the enterprise. This is the usual method of procedure adopted by landlookers everywhere.
  • Bob White, with his usual promptness, when any one was in need of help, volunteered to assist Allan. Between them they succeeded in dragging the scout who was trapped in the quicksand, out of his unpleasant predicament; and while about it all of them crossed to the other side of the creek, where they were speedily joined by the balance of the patrol; though every boy took advantage of the fence rails that lay scattered through the shallow water, in order to prevent any possibility of a repetition of the disaster that had overtaken their comrade.
  • According to Herodotus the Ethiopians were at that time to be found above Elephantina, but commentators are induced to doubt if this learned explorer ever really visited Ethiopia, and if he did not, he may easily have learnt from the Egyptians the details that he gives of its capital, Meroe, of the worship of Jupiter and Bacchus, and the longevity of the natives. There can be no doubt, however, that he set sail for Tyre in Phoenicia, and that he was much struck with the beauty of the two magnificent temples of Hercules. He next visited Tarsus and took advantage of the information gathered on the spot, to write a short history of Phoenicia, Syria, and Palestine.
  • If I don't dare it isn't because I'm afraid of bodily injury; but I can't afford to stake my reputation as a soldier where the chances are likely to be so heavy against us. It's one thing to have a good plan, an' just as important to know when to carry it out. If we hang together an' are ready to take advantage of the first opportunity that comes, then we'll be showing our strength; but not by rushing in hilter-skilter like a crowd of boys primed for a rough-an'-tumble fight.
  • Flatray experienced a pang of disappointment. He was unarmed. His second thought sent him flying noiselessly back to his horse. Deftly he unloosed the rope which always hung coiled below the saddle horn. On tiptoe he ran back to the gulch mouth, bearing to the right, so as to come directly opposite the man he wanted. As he ran he arranged the lariat to his satisfaction, freeing the loop and making sure that the coil was not bound. Very cautiously he crept forward, taking advantage for cover of a boulder which rose from the bed of the gulch.
  • Edgar found on his arrival at Alexandria that his mother and sisters were about to leave for England. Mrs. Blagrove had become seriously indisposed, the result, as she maintained, of the climate, but which was far more due to her indolent habits, for she never took any exercise whatever. Her general health was greatly impaired, and the two Italian doctors who attended her--there being no English medical men resident there--had most strongly advised that she should return home. They had frankly told Mr. Blagrove that a colder climate was absolutely necessary to her, not only because it would brace her up and act as a tonic, but because she would probably there be induced to take a certain amount of exercise. The two girls were to accompany her, in order that they should, like Edgar, enjoy the advantage of going to an English school and mixing with English girls of their own age. They, too, had both felt the heat during the preceding summer, and Mr. Blagrove felt that a stay of two or three years in England would be an immense advantage to them.
  • Competitive advantage we are the leading support services business in the sector.
  • The Department H operatives took advantage of this, pulling out a long thin needle and pushing it into her arm, before pushing the plunger. She winced, then went limp and fell into a slumber. She snored quietly as they loaded her into the back of a plain white van. They jumped in themselves and drove the long trek to the nearest airport, where they dragged her into a private jet and flew to Area 51. There, they put Maria into a room all by herself with nothing but a little video camera and a couple of speakers.
  • With the advent of electronic registered conveyancing the advantage of registered land will further increase.
  • Any more? asked Reg, looking round, as if he would like his share. But the crowd had had enough and, as the two men who had been the cause of the row had taken advantage of the fight to slip out of the way, Hal and Reg and the girls got away without further adventure.
  • Lysander protests to Theseus: "I am, my lord, as well derived as he, as well possessed! My love is more than his!—my fortunes every way as fairly ranked, if not with advantage as Demetriuss! And what is more than all those boasts can be, I am beloved by beauteous Hermia! Why then should I not prosecute my right?
  • Along with secular Tuareg rebels they took advantage of chaos after military coup to seize an area of the Sahara Desert larger than France.
  • From a glance I caught of Aiken's face I knew he was regretting now, with even more reason than before, that he had not remained at the coast, and I felt very sorry for him. Now that he was in trouble and not patronizing me and poking fun at me, I experienced a strong change of feeling toward him. He was the only friend I had in Honduras, and as between him and these strangers who had received us so oddly, I felt that, although it would be to my advantage to be friends with the greater number, my loyalty was owing to Aiken. So I scrambled up beside him and panted out with some difficulty, for the ascent was a steep one: "If there is any row, I'm with you, Aiken."
  • Officers and crew were launched to safety by means of a torpedo tube; and Jack sat down to await the end. But, in some unaccountable manner, the submarine had suddenly risen to the surface, and Jack, taking advantage of the single instant the vessel was above water before it took its final death plunge, flung himself clear. And thus all were saved.
  • Must be, because the tide would carry them along as fast as it does us; and they have the advantage of knowing the way. Oh! I do wish we could get out in the open sea; and then, once we were clear of the rocks, we'd show them what the boat could do. It would puzzle them to--
  • No! roared the bully, and scrambling up, he rushed at Dave, and the pair clenched. Around and around the little dock they wrestled, first one getting a slight advantage and then the other.
  • Not too many years before, a fire had swept up the southern slope, burning off old growth timber, leaving ghostly remains of charred trunks, still standing like forlorn columns against the a cloud-filled sky. The weather did the rest. The limbs and branches that hadnt burned were broken by winds or a winters weight of snow. In between these remains, saplings had started pushing upward, and bushes took advantage of an open sky.
  • None of us were sorry to be amongst an English-speaking community once more, with its attendant advantage of our being able to procure most of the comforts and luxuries of civilised life, for our commissariat was in the most deplorable condition.
  • The waves could not rise among these islands, which intercepted them before they could roll far enough to gather force, so that he had all the advantage of the gale without its risks. Except a light haze all round the horizon, the sky was perfectly clear, and it was pleasant now the strong current of air cooled the sun's heat. As he came round the islands he constantly met and disturbed parties of waterfowl, mallards, and coots. Sometimes they merely hid in the weeds, sometimes they rose, and when they did so passed to his rear.
  • We were indeed exceedingly busy that day, Mr Austin having determined to take advantage of the opportunity which our being at anchor afforded him to lift the rigging off the mastheads and give it and them a thorough overhaul.
  • Double-digit wage inflation in india is eroding the labor cost advantage over time.
  • So the advantage on day one decidedly swung to Belinda. The day two quilt challenge was tailor-made for Emily, as she was an expert at pieces things together. But the day three challenge was unchartered territory for both women. Thaddeus and Garrison often complained that their babies would be cold out in the garagealbeit a temperature-controlled garageduring the coming winter. So the ladies took it upon themselves to make separate car covers, Emily making a custom-fit Camaro cover for Thaddeus and Belinda doing a Mustang cover for Garrison, with no real odds on who would be victorious, or even how a winner would be decided.
  • I know you are not, said the Colonel. "But there is one thing I always remind my men of. That is this: never be afraid but never fail to be careful. You would be a fool to take a chance with a mad dog, wouldn't you? Well, your enemy is a mad dog or worse, every time, whether he is trying to get your reputation or your life. You never want to take chances. Watch him. Sleep with one eye open. Listen to every breath of wind. Watch, and watch eternally. You are only safe when he is dead, or disarmed and in prison. And never belittle your enemy. Better think of him as bigger than he is, cleverer, and more cunning. When you belittle his strength you give him the advantage because you will not fight so hard. And don't take chances."
  • The latter we found very tortuous, extending in a general direction south nine miles. No events occurred worthy of any remark during our examination, except one of a trifling character: the mosquitoes taking advantage of the calm, between the high mangroves on the banks, attacked us most cruelly, a circumstance we mention as trifling, as far as the reader is concerned, but of great moment to us.
  • He wanted to forget the Kut Sang and the awful night we had in her. He imagined he didn't figure to advantage in the story, and he winced when I mentioned certain events, although I always insisted that he was the bravest man among us, having a better realization of the odds against us. Those who have faced danger know it takes a brave man to admit that he is beaten, and still keep up the fight.
  • This religious training has had one bad effect. Inspired with horror of being "naked" savages, they do not run any sinful risks, even to take a bath. In all the six months I was among them I never saw an Indian's bare arms, much less his legs. One day after the fly season was over I took advantage of the lovely weather and water to strip off and jump into a lake by our camp; my Indians modestly turned their backs until I had finished.
  • Arthur had never dealt with any experience like that. He had no idea that a piece of clothing could be possessed. Sure, he'd heard the priests talk about getting demons out of people and he'd even seen a movie about someone that was possessed and was exorcised. So many unbelievable things were happening to him this day. So many, in fact, that he decided for the moment to suspend all disbelief and just believe everything. Later on he would find a balance and he would begin to think things through before he decided whether or not he believed in them. But for the moment he would believe. Luckily, Bari was telling only the truth. That was his nature. Even had he known Arthur would have believed anything, he wouldn't have taken advantage of that. Well, maybe. But only if it was to convince him that some sort of extremely preposterous notion was true. He was at the point in the story when it was up to him to, not exorcise, but exercise the demon. This was how he told it:
  • I confess I saw little about Monsieur Le Compte's management but skill and good seamanship; but nothing is more painful to most men than to admit the merit of those who have obtained an advantage over them. Marble could not forget his own defeat; and the recollection jaundiced his eyes, and biassed his judgment.
  • "You are too impetuous, Blagrove. I have received too many assurances from the officers of the fleet to doubt what their feelings are at the course that has been taken, but that can make no difference in their duty. It is to do their best in the various positions they occupy, without allowing the question whether they consider that an individual has been unjustly treated to influence them in any way. The service comes before everything. It is distinctly for the benefit of the service that General Hutchinson should have the advantage of your knowledge of the country and of its languages, and, moreover, you really received your promotion in no small degree owing to the fact that you were going to act as a sort of interpreter and guide to the general commanding the expedition, and although unhappily Sir Ralph Abercrombie's death has caused a change in that command, that in no way alters the arrangements.
  • That's nice of you, Larry, laughed Frank; "and I'm going to take you up on it. It does seem a shame not to take advantage of so fine a morning as this. Hardly a breath of wind as yet, you notice. And yet by noon it may be blowing great guns. You never can tell. Andy, shall we get the new machine out of the hangar?"
  • Max was anxious to take advantage of the little ground he might have gained. "Also," he added, "I am a medical man--at least, I'm a medical student. I am making a special study of tropical diseases."
  • This site seems determined to counter every possible advantage that putting a text online brings. sheesh.
  • The Americans had the advantage of the surprise, and their headlong charge would have won instantly if the forces had been equal. But although two went down at once, the others, after yielding ground somewhat, closed in a death grip with their assailants, and there was a furious combat at close quarters.
  • "I think he is the sort of fellow to make his way in whatever line he takes up, and though what he has learnt here may not be of much use to him at the start, his having had a good education is sure to be of advantage to him afterwards. A fellow who could hold his own in a tussle such as we had with the Greenites last term can be trusted to make a good fight in anything. At any rate it is of no use your worrying yourself about him. You see, you will be going up in a year's time for your examination for the line, and you will have to stick to it pretty steadily if you are to get through at the first trial. It won't help matters your worrying about him, and wherever he is and whatever he is doing he is sure to keep his eye on the lists, and he will feel just as much pleasure in seeing your name there as he would have done if he had been here with you. So I should say, work steadily and play steadily. You have a good chance of being in the college boat next term; that and shooting will give you enough to do.
  • There are only two, or at most three of them, Edgar said, in a tone of disappointment, "and I doubt whether they are not big rowing-boats. The strokes are too quick for either sweeps or for boats towing. What a beastly nuisance! I suppose when these fellows took back the report, that though we were a good-sized brig we did not seem to have many hands, they thought that it was not worth while to tow out a big craft when row-boats would do. They think that with twelve or fifteen hands in each boat, and the advantage of surprise, they would be able to overpower us at once."
  • Presently an officer, in a blue uniform not unlike that of our flying artillery, came cantering down the road--an elderly, stout man he was, with grey side-whiskers. He stopped and began to talk with an orderly officer of dragoons, who waited outside the inn, and it was then that I learned the advantage of the English which had been taught me. I could hear and understand all that was said.
  • If I could keep it a short-range fight, I had the advantage as long as I held the tree against them, and they would not hesitate to expose themselves to my fire.
  • This baseness and meanness drive me out! Satan takes advantage of this vein of his.
  • "Remember," Beatrice went on, raising her voice, "I am a desperate woman. I may turn at bay, and do something which you do not expect, and that will be very little to the advantage of any of you. Do you swear?"
  • These calamities operated fearfully against La Salle. Beaujeu took advantage of them, and lost no opportunity of proclaiming them as evidence that La Salle was utterly incompetent to conduct such an enterprise as that in which he was engaged. Quite a number, who had formerly been friends of La Salle, ranged themselves on the side of Beaujeu, who now openly proclaimed his intention of abandoning the enterprise and returning to France. Still he continued to do everything in his power to embarrass the operations of La Salle. There were several pieces of cannon on board the Belle. But nearly all the cannon balls were in the hold of the Joli. Beaujeu, on the eve of his departure, refused to give them up, saying that it was inconvenient for him to get at them.
  • Herein lies the great advantage of the hunter on horseback. Another advantage is the security the horse affords, enabling his rider to avoid the charges of the angry elephant.
  • Steel works better than blasts in the woods because it's easier to dodge a blast than a sword. The trick was to advance as far as possible before organized resistance pushed back. Which it inevitably will. Then both parties trade shots behind trees, and no one dies. This stalemate negates the greater abilities of the better quad, and gives the advantage to the Mongols who had more shooters.
  • Taking advantage of the momentary respite that we got while the enemy was putting after Gleazen, Arnold and I fairly trembling in our haste Arnold missed his footing and plunged waist deep into the river climbed in after them.
  • I bought it myself of La Salle for one hundred and fifty. He killed it, and sold it to me. I guess I can sell to good advantage.
  • Zircon chuckled. "I must admit I've found it some advantage to be so sizable. What do you boys think of this strange shadow?"
  • Tholomyes, once started, would have found some difficulty in stopping, had not a horse fallen down upon the quay just at that moment. The shock caused the cart and the orator to come to a dead halt. It was a Beauceron mare, old and thin, and one fit for the knacker, which was dragging a very heavy cart. On arriving in front of Bombarda's, the worn-out, exhausted beast had refused to proceed any further. This incident attracted a crowd. Hardly had the cursing and indignant carter had time to utter with proper energy the sacramental word, Matin (the jade), backed up with a pitiless cut of the whip, when the jade fell, never to rise again. On hearing the hubbub made by the passersby, Tholomyes' merry auditors turned their heads, and Tholomyes took advantage of the opportunity to bring his allocution to a close with this melancholy strophe:--
  • But instead of taking advantage of what Bessie regarded as a great piece of luck, Dolly paused to listen to the sounds from the boathouse, and then turned calmly and walked in its direction.
  • With the advantage of his acquaintance with several foreign languages which are unknown to me, we have been able to go to the fountain-head, and to derive all information from absolutely original documents. Our readers will, therefore, render to M. Marcel the credit due to him for his share in a work which will demonstrate what manner of men the great travellers have been, from the time of Hanno and Herodotus down to that of Livingstone and Stanley.
  • Therefore the wagon started on up the Mau at six o'clock. Twelve hours later we followed. The fine drizzle had set in again. We were very glad the wagon had taken advantage of the brief dry time.
  • The rear-guard under Carlos had not passed much more than a hundred yards ahead when the leading files of the pursuers appeared round the bend of the path, breathless, from the fact that the retreating party had no sooner disappeared round the elbow than the Spaniards had broken into a run, taking advantage of the circumstance that they were for a moment out of sight of the enemy to shorten the distance between themselves and the pursued. As the vanguard of some twenty pursuing Spaniards dashed round the bend they dropped on one knee and raised their rifles to their shoulders, availing themselves of the lightning flashes to take aim at the little crowd of retreating figures imperfectly seen here and there through the overhanging and swaying branches.
  • My lads, he said, "I wish to say a few words, before you land. In the first place, you cannot all go. It would never do to leave the ship without sufficient hands on board to fight her, seeing that at any moment a Spaniard may come round one end of the island or the other, and fall upon us. Consequently, half must remain on board, and take their turn on shore tomorrow. I wish to give no advantage to any; therefore the boatswain shall put two pieces of folded paper in his hat, one being blank and the other having a cross upon it. If the blank paper is drawn, the starboard watch shall go ashore, and the larboard take their turn tomorrow. If the paper with the cross comes out, it will be the other way.
  • Presently he came upon the piece of waste ground which had been chosen as the site of the new Institute. It was covered with the ruins-- shattered cement, glass, tiles, and general wreckage--of the buildings that had stood there before the bombardment, and on three sides it was surrounded by heaps of stones, shattered walls, and rubbish, some acres in extent. But the place had the great advantage of being close to the old harbour, not far from the spot where ancient Alexandria stood, and was open to the fresh, cooling breezes that came in from the sea.
  • Harvey darted forward, moving in close to the Yoga Warrior and punching her hard in the face. Her head snapped back and she stumbled against a table. Harvey pressed his advantage and stabbed his fingers into her throat. She wheeled around and blocked the attack with her open palm. She spun on her heel and smashed her elbow into Harvey's nose, which split open and sprayed them both with blood.
  • Bill wanted me to come down to R&R on Friday morning to discuss his cant-miss proposal. Rumors were circulating that R&R was looking to establish a West Coast presence and take advantage of that virtually untapped financial information market. It would have been next to impossible for me to not hear whispers in such a gossipy company. Although I never gossiped, there were plenty of people that were looking to ride my coattails, or talk about matters that didnt concern them.
  • "We look favorably upon this strategy," Joao Pedro Brugger, who helps manage 220 million reais at Leme Investimentos in Florianopolis, Brazil, said by telephone on Nov. 27. "Its a good competitive advantage for them, a potential market to be explored."
  • The sword had won, for now. But he would outlast it. Of that he was certain. Tomorrow morning he would wake up having presided successfully over thirty-eight burnings. After forty he would force his catchet upon the High Council. Yes, he concluded, it was best to wait until after the fortieth. He patted the sword like a rabbit before a skinning. Yet there was an advantage to the sharp but subsisting pain in his side: it cut short his internal ruminations, which were growing more frequent with age. The secret to success, as hed learned it, was to keep ones attention always on where it was needed mostthe present.
  • Rent asunder by the terrible British horse, the Russians had in fact opened out and retired, disclosing the bulk of their army forming into square close at hand. Phil took advantage of the lull.
  • No, not so far as Ive heard, but hes got possession of the town with hardly a blow struck, Im told. They say he took advantage of the early morning mist and made a surprise attack, and has bottled up the defenders in the Castle.’
  • All right, the renegade replied. "I'll let you know when to go on guard again. Boy," he added, facing Fremont with lowering brows, "I can make it to your advantage to tell me all about your connection with Cameron."
  • The work of organizing an army, however, was a more difficult matter; for very serious obstacles, both moral and material, had to be overcome before we of the revolutionary faction could place an effective fighting force in the field. Of what I may term regular troops, that is to say, thoroughly drilled and disciplined soldiers, we could count upon but few; for, practically, the whole body of the army had remained faithful to the Priest Captain and was with him in Culhuacan. For the most part, also, the regular troops scattered through the garrisons of the various towns had betaken themselves immediately to Culhuacan upon the acknowledgment by the civil officers of these towns of the authority of the new government; and at the same time had departed with them nearly all the priests, and such few persons of the upper classes as desired the maintenance of the ancient order of things. The result of which general movement at least gave us the advantage of carrying on unmolested our own work of concentrating and organizing; and, so far, was a positive service to us.
  • Daniel and his cousin Andrew came along to watch the fight and be seconds in the corner for their Hartwell and Cal, helping them drink water between rounds. Since the vampires could not veil their actions from the rest of the people inside of the gym, it meant that Hartwell couldnt take drinks of blood between rounds to help him maintain his energy. This lack of reinforcement leveled the competition on a more even plane, and even gave Cal a slight advantage because he was a better boxer.
  • "That is well; you did well. It is of immense advantage to a man, whatever his position in life, that he should be able to write shorthand with facility. Especially useful is it in commerce. I know that, having had some experience of commercial life."
  • They sprang into their saddles together, and dashed off to follow the elands, while at their first movements the whole plain was covered with the startled herds, one communicating its panic to the other. There was the rushing noise of a tremendous storm; but Dyke in the excitement saw nothing, heard nothing, but the elands, which went tearing away in their long, lumbering gallop, the horses gaining upon them steadily, and the herd gradually scattering, till the young bull was all alone, closely followed by the brothers; Emson dexterously riding on the great brute's near side, and edging it off more and more so as to turn its head in the direction of Kopfontein; hunting it homeward, so that, if they were successful at last in shooting it, the poor brute would have been helping to convey itself part of the way, no trifling advantage with so weighty a beast.
  • It is easier to follow the pace than to make it. Another advantage is that the one behind can watch his opponent and note everything that he does. The leader, on the other hand, cannot tell what his rival intends to do and must always be on his guard lest he be taken by surprise.
  • The wind was from the south, and with the assistance of the current they went along rapidly; but, nevertheless, the paddles were got to work, as, now that they were fairly on their way again, every mile gained was of importance. They kept about a mile from shore so as to take advantage of the current. In twenty minutes the native encampment was passed. They saw no one moving about there, and supposed that they must all be asleep, for the sun was low down on the horizon. Godfrey's watch was still going, but as he had had no opportunity of comparing it with any other timepiece for just a year, he could only consider it to be an approximate guide. Once a month or so he had made a point of setting it. This he did by sticking up a pole and measuring the shadow it cast, knowing that this would be at its shortest at twelve o'clock. By this means he calculated that he was never more than half an hour wrong.
  • Waldo and his antagonist were still tearing futilely at one another in mad efforts to maim or kill. The giant muscles of the cave man gave him but little if any advantage over his agile, though slightly less-powerful, adversary.
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