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a small
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Okunuşu: / ə smɔːl / Okunuş kuralları
Dil: İngilizce



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  • Alisiya sighed briefly, but then seemed to choke down impatience, and explained. "Here in Arlics home they have a small memorial, with a statue. It is in the garden. In Varaneshe there is a great hall, a shrine, which is her tomb. It is also in the garden. My home is hidden within, and that is where you have to go. Tell Currun this, he will know where it is."
  • Olympic athletes are under extreme pressure. But where the men in the 100m final might once have stared straight ahead, now when the camera passes down the line, each does a small performance.
  • Benjamin gasped. The shape, almost indiscernible in the dark, looked to be a small bundle of clothes; and yet it was moving. He stepped back, his eyes fixed rigidly on the sight. The bundle pulsed, like a creature taking air; a tendril of some kind, or a loose sleeve, sprung out from it, flopping onto the carpet. And then, like a knot unfolding, a hand appeared at the end of the sleeve, large and thin-fingered, pale in the dark. There seemed to be a pattern of light and shadow about the thing; a hint of what might be found on the back of a snake. And as it expanded - and it was expanding, Benjamin could see it - it hissed, a chorus-call of insensate aggression that the boy, terror-struck, recognised immediately.
  • You will observe, said the major, "that by describing an arc, with Paris as the center of the circle, and a radius of about seventy-five miles, you will include a small sector of the German trenches. Roughly speaking this arc will extend from about Hamegicourt to Cond6, both within the German lines, I am sorry to say. Now then, somewhere in this arc, or perhaps back of it, the German gun is placed. Anywhere else where it would be possible for such a monster engine of war to be erected, would bring it too close to our batteries.
  • This, looks like the man Morton's work, Hal announced holding a small piece of copper up before the eyes of the midshipmen. "Gentlemen, do you notice that the under side of this plate has been filed considerably?"
  • They'd filed into the room in classic action-movie style: two crouching by the door as the others followed the leader in. It was a small room though, she hoped they'd appreciate how cramped they'd made it.
  • Curiosity got the better of her. She got out of the chair and went to the window, barely parting the curtains to observe what was happening outside. Three women got out of a small truck, and the man in the chair shifted his body in a way that suggested he was uncomfortable with their presence.
  • The reed bunting is a small songbird, a little larger than a sparrow.
  • I made my way down to the private family temple. It was a small ziggurat, connected to the main palace by a hallway illuminated with instructive religious mosaics. And there...there they lay. The temple's candles threw shuddering, golden light on my sprawling, sleeping family. There lay Evra, Ceara, their children...even their husbands, one of whom had been the heir to Darsepol. I wondered what his father would think now. I saw the collapsed forms of Danyal, Necolai, Gareth, and little Gieneve, her dark hair spilling with abandon. With rising horror, I saw that Necolai's and Gareth's wives lay there beside them, clutching their children in their arms. There were a few children I did not recognizenieces and nephews born while I was in Clemen. What had possessed them to come? If only they had stayed away....
  • She smiled, thanked the Mother, replaced the flint and steel, and then closed the box. Five small openings in the top and bottom let the fire breathe, and let a small amount of light out. In the darkness, the fire was like a bon fire. The cave came to life around her.
  • Ben dropped the phone on the kitchen sideboard and opened the refrigerator. There was little on the shelves. Half a lettuce and a tomato together with a few opened bottles of jam, some olives and a small bowl of limes. One opened can of dry ginger ale. No milk or butter. The freezer wasnt much better. He found one small lamb chop, slightly shrivelled, half a loaf of frozen bread and an out of date packet of fish fingers.
  • March 7. A strange and tragic affair last night. The heat being severe, I left my tent about midnight and went down to the dock where my little sailboat lay, with the object of cooling myself on the water. There was a hot land breeze; I sailed out into the bay and cruised north along the coves which I have wired. As I rounded a little rocky point I was surprised to see in the moonlight, very near, a steam yacht at anchor, carrying no lights. The longer I looked at her the more certain I became that I was gazing at the Imperial yacht. I had no idea what the yacht might be doing here; I ran my sailboat close under the overhanging rocks and anchored. Then I saw a small boat in the moonlight, pulling from the yacht toward shore, where the crescent cove had already been thoroughly staked and the bottom closely covered with barbed wire as far as the edge of the deep channel which curves in here like a scimitar.
  • She hadnt, it just happened, and she breathed a small peace. This with Dan had just occurred like Jodys death. A part of her still believed he hadnt meant to kill himself, how could he? He knew she loved him, and what about the kids? When Summer thought about their children, the Jody-skin was thick, almost impenetrable. Almost; Dan Bailey seemed to know his way around it.
  • Then my right foot got jammed in a small keyhole shaped hole in the floor.
  • Far ahead, a small dark object interrupted the flat line of the desolate horizon. It was at least a half mile away. As they hurried toward it, occasional glints of light reflected at them like someone signaling with a mirror.
  • On the river they found a small rowboat. Into this they climbed hurriedly and set out for the opposite shore. Halfway across a bullet from the rifle of a German sentry greeted them. Chester immediately dropped his oars, and, standing erect in the boat, waved his handkerchief.
  • "I love you, I love you," he repeated. The stench of blood threatened to overwhelm him as he touched his forehead to his mothers clammy hand. From the corner of his eye, he discerned a small bundle, the contents of which he recognized as the cause of his mothers sickness. His throat tightened at the thought of losing his mother. Cold gripped him. He would miss his mother. Had the gods not taken everyone away from him? Calista? His father? He would be alone in the world, at Avaritusmercy. Oh, if anyone would help me, he prayed in despair. Warm tears slid down his cheeks despite his efforts at keeping them beneath his lids.
  • Towards sunset a glad sight met their eyes. In a small clearing amid the forest stood a roughly built log hut. Grodno advanced boldly to the door, and after two or three unanswered knocks flung it open and entered. He reappeared in a moment, beckoning to his companions, and then hurried eagerly forward.
  • You can get land suitable for sponges for almost nothing, I suppose, Colin said, "and then if you had a small sponge ground you could plant a larger area from it."
  • The small kitchen was shaped like a U, with a black and silver Jen-Air stove serving as its centerpiece. On either side of the stove a pretty green counter top ran in both directions with cherry cabinets running parallel overheadthe stainless steel sink laid just to the right of the stove. And just outside of the kitchen area and opposite from the stove was a small oak dining table with matching chairs. Kat saw the touches of a female plainly written everywhere about the quaint kitchen.
  • "All I have to say, young men, is that if she performs anywhere near as well as she looks, I shall be thoroughly satisfied with the money I have invested thus far," declared the great newspaper man with an enthusiasm which he did not try to conceal. His eyes were shining, as he walked around the craft looking at it from all sides. He rubbed his fingers lingeringly over the smooth fuselage, and smiled quietly as he regarded the name "Sky-Bird II" lettered in large blue characters on her sides and underneath each long bird-like wing. Then he mounted a folding step and went through a neat door into the glass-surrounded cabin. This was deep enough to stand up in, and provided comfortable upholstered cane seats for the pilot and four passengers or assistants. All of these seats except the pilot's and observer's were convertible, forming supports for the swinging of as many hammocks, and in a small space at the rear was a neat little gasoline-burner, and over it a built-in cupboard containing some simple aluminum cooking ware.
  • You'll take it or leave it, the other exclaimed in a bullying tone; and Tap quietly reached for the tin plate, and proceeded to push the dust into a small bag he produced from his pocket. The other man stripped a coarse canvas belt from his waist, and stuffed the nuggets into it through a small opening at the end.
  • "Found a way out," Colt called, pointing up at a large tunnel entrance. "Looks like a small river flows through here during the warmer months, and that means this will lead us to the surface. Come on, let's keep moving."
  • Steam already was up, as they could see from the thick black clouds of smoke that curled upward from her smokestack. Big cranes, operated by powerful winches on the vessel and on shore, were hoisting cases of various sizes and shapes upon the lower decks and into the hold. a small army of men helped complete the loading of the ship, and one group was experiencing considerable difficulty in trying to persuade unwilling mules to board the transport for Europe.
  • The Mayor slowly walked over to Lester. Lester picked up a small Pimento that had been running around on the ground. He pet its little red head and then handed him to the Mayor. "This is one of your Pimentos. It has come to our attention in the town of Pickle that they are tasty. Indeed, we are thinking about starting up a restaurant devoted solely to food stuffs and delectable munchies made from Pimentos. But right now, I would like for you to eat this one, to show to your people once and for all that they are... delicious."
  • As Connie reached the rock-ledge he stopped abruptly and stared in surprise at Leloo. The great wolf-dog's nose quivered, and his yellow eyes were fixed with a peculiar glare upon a small irregular hole beneath a projecting lip of rock--a hole just big enough to admit the body of the fox. Even as the boy looked, the long hairs of Leloo's great ruff stiffened, and stood quiveringly erect, a low growl rumbled deep in the dog's throat, and with a curious tense stiffness of movement, he began to back slowly from the hole. Never for an instant did the low throaty growl cease, nor did the fixed yellow eyes leave the black aperture. Not until he had backed a full twenty feet from the hole did the dog's tense muscles relax and then his huge brush of a tail drooped, the hair of his ruff flattened, and he turned and trotted down the back trail, pausing only once to cast a hang-dog glance up the slope.
  • Kutuzov raised his head and looked for a long while into the eyes of Count Tolstoy, who stood before him holding a silver salver on which lay a small object. Kutuzov seemed not to understand what was expected of him.
  • That night, they crept back into Bills house. They had a loaf of freshly baked breadBill baked itand a bottle of wine. They sat in the dark, except for a small flame in the fireplace of Bills vacant bedroom. They lay head to head naked. Their bodies were stretched out in opposite directions. Their lips touched in a puckered, exaggerated kiss. "I do love you," Mavis said.
  • He caught the significance of her words, and her sudden sidewise gesture. A short distance from them was a small tent, and on the grass in front of the tent was spread a white cloth, on which was a meal such as he had not looked upon for two years.
  • More rapids and shallow water above a bottom of red volcanic dbris were found. a small tributary 2 m. wide at the mouth entered the Arinos on the left bank, not far from the spot where a rocky rugged island rose in the centre of the stream.
  • In a small storefront not far from her apartment, Geraldine Love stood in a corner of the room, while in front of her the young mother of two, restless children struggled to settle them onto a small quilt.
  • "The captain was an Italian named Cigole, a low-browed, evil-faced villain. The mate was named Clark. There were three Lascars, who formed the small crew. Potts came with me, and also an old servant of mine, a Malay; whose life I had saved years before. His name was Uracao. It struck me that the crew was a small one, but I thought the captain knew his business better than I, and so I gave myself no concern.
  • The poor afflicted orphan, worn to a shadow with self-consuming anguish, eager to find some lowly retreat, where she could breath out her soul in peace, and terrified at the frantic behaviour of Renaldo, communicated to Fathom her desire of removing, and begged that he would take a small picture of her father, decorated with diamonds, and convert them into money, for the expense of her subsistence. This was the last pledge of her family, which she had received from her mother, who had preserved it in the midst of numberless distresses, and no other species of misery but that which she groaned under could have prevailed upon the daughter to part with it; but, exclusive of other motives, the very image itself, by recalling to her mind the honours of her name, upbraided her with living in dependence upon a man who had treated her with such indignity and ingratitude; besides, she flattered herself with the hope that she should not long survive the loss of this testimonial.
  • Dayna, on the other hand, was considered one of the wilder cards that Bradford had ever dealt -- at least until last night, he smirked to himself. She and her partner Sandy were wandering musicians, playing renaissance faires and anything else they could find; most of the time they lived out of a motor home, but had a small house in Bradford where they came to rest from time to time. The general belief around town was that the two were lesbians, but they'd never said anything to either confirm or deny it. "Thinned out a little," he nodded.
  • The family worked for the next 20 minutes on building a small boat after putting Hartwells head back on his shoulders and propping him in a chair facing the sun so he could be reborn at the first hint of daylight the next day. The knitting club spun a covering for Lawrences body in a respectable shade of dark blue and then wrapped him in it on the way out to the shore. It was dark out but every family member carried a torch to signify their participation in the spiritually-lifting, moving-on ceremony.
  • "I keep forgetting theres a lot we still dont know about each other. I teach at a small dojo up by the mission."
  • Lord Hastings ordered a small boat over the side, the two jumped into it and rowed rapidly away, leaving Jack to pass the word among the crew that Commander Bernstorff had gone on a little scouting expedition.
  • Arak was a far more populous settlement, a small town in fact, with some of the front rooms of the cave dwellings used as shops. They were shown to higher caves where they overlooked the settlement, and were brought hot tea before they had even set down their packs. A plumply built Delver bustled up to introduce himself as Torim, Elder of Arak. ‘I must make my respects to the Wise One but then I shall return. I would gladly show you our settlement.’
  • At length, one day, a large band of Blackfeet appeared in the open field, but in the vicinity of rocks and cliffs. They kept at a wary distance, but made friendly signs. The trappers replied in the same way, but likewise kept aloof. a small party of Indians now advanced, bearing the pipe of peace; they were met by an equal number of white men, and they formed a group midway between the two bands, where the pipe was circulated from hand to hand, and smoked with all due ceremony. An instance of natural affection took place at this pacific meeting. Among the free trappers in the Rocky Mountain band was a spirited young Mexican named Loretto, who, in the course of his wanderings, had ransomed a beautiful Blackfoot girl from a band of Crows by whom she had been captured. He made her his wife, after the Indian style, and she had followed his fortunes ever since, with the most devoted affection.
  • The only remains of their picturesque national costume that we saw, was the cap. The women wore a curious knot of hair, about the size of a small egg, over each ear, while the men wore their hair cut off straight around, a few inches above the shoulders.
  • What Louie had done was get a small piece of quartz from the tunnel. Louie had polished it and mounted it on a rosewood base.
  • It is not too far away, and yet at such a distance that we shall not be forced to listen to the gabbling of those geese, he said as he set about building a small campfire in order to prepare the food he had procured. "Make yourself comfortable, Isaac Rice, for it is a soldier's solemn duty to gain all the rest he can."
  • The delver forced a small party of dwarves at a listening post to retreat. He did not stop to explain his actions or tell us where he would be. I imagine he has returned to his home. I do not know where that is.
  • He led the way to a small building where the bars were cut into certain recognized lengths for the men at the drop forges to handle.
  • No use to try and hear it, though, with this racket of the propellers in my ears, thought he. "The searchlight might possibly pick up a gleam of water, if we fly over it. But even that's a small index to go by. The signal-fire must be my only real guide--and where is it, now, that fire?"
  • The older boy saw his mother and now he, too, began wailing. The woman with the children lost control of herself and started crying as well. Haworths horse made its displeasure with this bellowing known by snorting loudly and trying to move away. Haworth had to press his lips together to prevent himself ordering the three hostages killed immediately, just for the peace. But at last his patience was rewarded. Olwen abruptly disappeared from view and a small crowd of men took her place. The foremost one was Guri. Haworth walked his horse forward a few paces and, despite the fact that the Welsh couldnt understand him and his translator was at his side, raised his deep voice and hurled it against the fortress before him.
  • And the Pribilof Islands are only a small place. Especially when compared to the range of oceans the seal cover during the rest of the year?
  • In rural areas the private exchange system which involves a small number of key gatekeepers takes on crucial importance.
  • Rather a long silence followed this direct question which Torres asked. Joam Garral, still calm, took a seat. His elbow rested on a small table, and he looked fixedly at his accuser without bending his head.
  • Libbie had the grace to blush. Bobby, who was fond of books but whose taste ran to "Rules for Basketball" and "How to Gain Health Through Exercise," had put up a small shelf directly over her bed to hold her literary treasures. Libbie, exhausting the space in her tiny corner bookcase had thoughtlessly placed the two heavy volumes of the story Bobby mentioned on top of her cousin's books with the awful result that the shelf broke in the night and spilled the books on the wrathful Bobby.
  • He glanced at Jenna then nodded, more to himself than to Dexter, and began. "I lived in a small settlement, Grifford's End."
  • Gregory stumbled to his feet. At the same instant he heard the sound of a muffled blow. a small wrench clattered to the rocks and fell with a splash into a pool of water.
  • "If you sit in that waiting room right there," she said pointed to a small room of chairs right across from her desk. "Ill let you know as soon as anything happens."
  • Results soluble fiber from oat products, psyllium, pectin and guar gum lowered total cholesterol and ldl cholesterol by a small amount.
  • The house is a large airy 200 year old former smithy on the edge of a small hamlet.
  • Arisegiarism in examinations a case arose whereby a group of students had undertaken a small credit rated unit.
  • Before they left, Louie went down to the stream edge and picked a small daisy for Lulu. Lulu tucked it into the ribbon around her head. She looked beautiful.
  • You must teach me a small part of what you know, said Dantes, "if only to prevent your growing weary of me. I can well believe that so learned a person as yourself would prefer absolute solitude to being tormented with the company of one as ignorant and uninformed as myself. If you will only agree to my request, I promise you never to mention another word about escaping." The abbe smiled. "Alas, my boy," said he, "human knowledge is confined within very narrow limits; and when I have taught you mathematics, physics, history, and the three or four modern languages with which I am acquainted, you will know as much as I do myself. Now, it will scarcely require two years for me to communicate to you the stock of learning I possess."
  • Population: three rather mangy cows, a dachshund named colin, and a small hen in its late forties.
  • Of course not, replied Clay. "There couldn't be any danger on a small stream like this, and besides Batters told us everything was smooth for twelve miles ahead."
  • On the third day we encamped near a most extraordinary place. It was a small valley about thirty five feet below the surrounding ground, looking like the dry bed of a stream, and was about a mile in circumference.
  • Best pike of the week fell to jason knowles, jason ledgered a small mackerel dead bait out from peg 34.
  • When Hugh saw the air pilot reach back and take a small black object from a box attached to the body of the monoplane close to the gasoline tank, he knew that those skulkers below were in for a lively time of it.
  • The light produced a thousand charming varieties, playing in the midst of the branches that were so vividly coloured. I seemed to see the membraneous and cylindrical tubes tremble beneath the undulation of the waters. I was tempted to gather their fresh petals, ornamented with delicate tentacles, some just blown, the others budding, while a small fish, swimming swiftly, touched them slightly, like flights of birds. But if my hand approached these living flowers, these animated, sensitive plants, the whole colony took alarm. The white petals reentered their red cases, the flowers faded as I looked, and the bush changed into a block of stony knobs.
  • Dave found himself in a decidedly unpleasant situation. The door of the room was locked and Tom Shocker stood against it. The man lit the gas, but allowed it to remain low. Dave saw Nat Poole standing close to a bed. The money-lender's son had a small bottle and some cotton in his hand.
  • They made their way uneventfully to the end of the woods and into a small clearing, sitting in sunshine, marked as a welcome area to any travelers.Gidas thought it was quaint.
  • The war was a stalemate until the day he managed to capture Jessamine. He learned that the queen was traveling with only ten female guards, coming back north from the capital where she had buried her favorite slave. Before she could join the army that she led in person, he sent a patrol to intercept her. He kept her generals busy while a small group of his most trusted men slaughtered her escort and brought her to a ship ready to sail away. On the same day the young queen was headed for the Kelvan Kingdom, and Keldar's men were retreating from the Amazons Country.
  • "It isn't fair of dad," Archie repeated, coming as near to the point of tears as a boy of his age well could. "It's a low trick to cut a small trader's throat like this. They can outsail us and keep ahead of us; and they'll undersell and overbuy us wherever we go. When they've put us out of business, they'll go back to the old prices. It isn't fair of dad," he burst out. "I tell you, it isn't fair!"
  • These pubescent males were the hope of our future. After a small season they would be fully prepared for the things of war; and that, more advanced than any group which had preceded them. Further feared would they be, than any other of the warring peoples. These ones were to be those who would bring back peace to our land.
  • It was all about speed and convenience for Schlang, from Cottbus, a small town near Berlin.
  • Enin looked quizzically at the elf. Lief was tense. Was he tense at the presence of a wizard? No. He was tense at being in such a small room. Still, the elf was wary of him, Enin could sense that much. The elf apparently didn't like wizards, certainly not human wizards. Perhaps 'like' was too strong a word, but the elf certainly didn't trust Enin.
  • The seats are covered with the softest leather you've ever felt. There's a cassette player and a radio, New York newspapers, a stack of magazines, and a small refrigerator with beer and wine. Gabriel says no one will mind if you have a drink. None of the labels are anything you've seen on TV, so you pick a beer at random. It tastes as bad as the Budweiser that Dad sometimes drinks, but it's part of riding in luxury into New York, so you like it.
  • "Well, it doesnt matter if you understand or not. What Im going to do is try and give your body the force of a storm as opposed to giving a storm the essence of your being. The first thing Im going to try is a wind spin. Its basically a small tornado. I will focus on the bottom half of your body. Your head and arms will remain untouched, but everything below your waist will begin to spin just like a miniature tornado."
  • She was quite calm and in no haste. She made Lucie pack a small hand valise with some necessaries for the journey, and provided herself plentifully with money French and English notes which she tucked well away inside her dress.
  • The faces of both girls had suddenly grown as white as milk; for, almost at the same moment, each had remembered that the dying miner had described his two murderers as a big red-headed man with a broken nose and a small man with a pock-marked face--and they were now looking straight into the faces of two such men. But the hands that held the pistols did not tremble; and there was no mistaking the look in the shining eyes back of the little round holes. They would shoot; and, if they shot, they would not miss; and it did not take the two men two seconds to discover these facts.
  • "In time, then, my father left his estates and went out to a small place in the country; but my motherher heart was broken. Malice pursued her. Those who were called her superiors would not let her alone. See, he weeps, my father, as he thinks of these things.
  • He had received a message from Alderete saying that he was getting on fast, and that he was but a short distance from the great square. Fearing that this officer, eager to be the first to gain the marketplace, was not taking proper precautions to secure his retreat; Cortez, with a small body of troops, retraced his steps, and turned up the street by which Alderete's column had advanced. He had gone but a short distance, when he saw that his stringent orders had been neglected; for he came upon an opening some thirty feet wide, full of water at least twelve feet deep. A slight attempt, only, had been made to stop the gap; and stones and timber, lying by the side, showed that it had been abandoned as soon as commenced.
  • This is when a small muscle in the ear, which is also controlled by the 7th cranial nerve, stops working temporarily too.
  • As the Marie Theresa steamed up to the other vessels of the fleet, she was greeted with a salute. A short time later Captain Dreyfuss put off for the flagship in a small boat to pay his respects to the admiral.
  • They were holding a palaver at the time. The spot was the top of an open eminence which was so clear of underwood that the approach of a foe without being seen was an impossibility. Although the night was rather dark, Lumley and his guide had been observed the instant they came within the range of vision. No stir, however, took place in the camp, for it was instantly perceived that the strangers were alone. With the grave solemnity of redskin warriors, they silently awaited their coming. a small fire burned in their midst, for they made no attempt at concealment. They were prepared to fight at a moment's notice. The red flames gleamed on their dusky faces, and glittered in their glancing eyes, as Lumley and Mozwa strode boldly into the circle, and stood before the chief.
  • Had it not been for liberal use of opium the night before, the brigands would not have tarried so long at the well; but they were terribly thirsty, a bit nerve shattered and craved for the drug. The chief alone had fully recovered. He cursed and raved at his men, kicked and beat them. What! After all these weeks of waiting, to let sleep stand between them and thousands of rupees! Dogs! Pigs! Did they not recollect that Bala Khan had a way of nailing thieves outside the walls of his city? Well, he for one would not wait. He would mount the sacred white elephant and head toward the caves in the hills. Let them who would decorate the walls of Bala Khan. The threat of Bala Khan put life into the eight followers, and they were getting ready to move on, when one of them discovered a small caravan approaching from the west.
  • The egg lay at the foot of a little path which led down the bushy bank to the water--a path evidently trodden by the pioneer's cattle. Down this path, stepping daintily and turning his long inquisitive nose and big, bright, mischievous eyes from side to side, came a raccoon. He was a small raccoon, a little shorter than the mink, but looking heavier by reason of his more stocky build and bushier, looser fur. His purpose was to fish or hunt frogs in the pool at the foot of the path; but when he saw the egg gleaming through the misty air, his eyes sparkled with satisfaction. A long summer passed in proximity to the pioneer's cabin had enabled him to find out that eggs were good. He hastened his steps, and with a sliding scramble, which attracted the attention of the men in the canoe, he arrived at the water's edge. But to his indignant astonishment he was not the first to arrive.
  • After turning, rotating, and staring intently at the bag trying to figure out how to open it, he noticed a small latch of bone and porcupine quill, hidden so expertly underneath the otters neck. Sliding the bone and quill out of a small groove in the otters skin, the Otters head moved, revealing a deep cavity in its neck and providing access to the contents of the bag which were comfortably housed in what once was the animals guts. Just as he placed his hand inside the bag, there was a knock at his office door, startling him off his chair.
  • Kalinies was crafty, deceitful, and he had a small enough frame to conceal himself in places Graham would never even think to look. That, however, was how Kalinies had hidden from him in the first place. Grahamas had always looked for himfor anything dangerous.
  • In securing men for leadership, impress upon them the many opportunities for the investment of their lives in the kind of work that builds character. In reading over a small folder, written by George H. Hogeman of Orange, N .J.
  • General Hamilton acted quickly. He summoned an orderly and commanded that ten men be placed at Lord Hastings' disposal immediately. The men appeared on the run a moment later and Lord Hastings led them toward the river, where they all embarked in a small motorboat and headed for the spot where they had left the submarine.
  • Shortly after, Jim could hear the flocks being driven out of the town; and looking through a small opening in the wall of the pen, he could see some of the Arabs going out towards the barley fields.
  • Jian turned, a small upward quirk on his lips. Tynon was striding across the deck to meet him, dressed entirely in black from the skull rag tied upon his head right on down to his boots.
  • Having determined upon resting here until Monday, I spend a good part of Friday looking about the city. The population is a mixture of Turks, Armenians, Russians, Persians, and Jews. Here. I first make the acquaintance of a Persian tchai-khan (tea-drinking shop). With the exception of the difference in the beverages, there is little difference between a tchai- khan and a Icahvay-lchan, although in the case of a swell establishment, the tchai-khan blossoms forth quite gaudily with scores of colored lamps. The tea is served scalding hot in tiny glasses, which are first half-filled with loaf-sugar. If the proprietor is desirous of honoring or pleasing a new or distinguished customer, he drops in lumps of sugar until it protrudes above the glass. The tea is made in a samovar-a brass vessel, holding perhaps a gallon of water, with a hollow receptacle in the centre for a charcoal fire. Strong tea is made in an ordinary queen's-ware teapot that fits into the hollow; a small portion of this is poured into the glass, which is then filled up with hot water from a tap in the samovar.
  • Well, this plan was carried out to the letter. On the following morning, after the sun was well up, Saduko, as a great chief does, sent forward two bedizened heralds to announce his approach to Umbezi, after whom followed two other men to sing his deeds and praises. (By the way, I observed that they had clearly been instructed to avoid any mention of a person called Macumazahn.) Then we advanced in force. First went Saduko, splendidly apparelled as a chief, carrying a small assegai and adorned with plumes, leglets and a leopard-skin kilt. He was attended by about half a dozen of the best-looking of his followers, who posed as "indunas" or councillors. Behind these I walked, a dusty, insignificant little fellow, attended by the ugly, snub-nosed Scowl in a very greasy pair of trousers, worn-out European boots through which his toes peeped, and nothing else, and by my three surviving hunters, whose appearance was even more disreputable. After us marched about four score of the transformed Amangwane, and after them came the hundred picked cattle driven by a few herdsmen.
  • Zachary smiled. Spaghetti was a veritable feast in comparison to the only-meat meals his mother use to make. The opposite of a vegetarian, she refused to eat a single piece of fruit or vegetable. She refused to even look at plants most of the time, which was one of the reasons she seldom went outside or looked out the living room windows where a small corner park with trees could be seen across the street. As always, Zachary's thoughts turned down the familiar paths of missing her, wondering where she was, and hating her for not being there. He also wondered how much she had known about his father's connection to magic.
  • But the massacre at Fort Mimms roused a new spirit in David Crockett. He perceived at once, that unless the savages were speedily quelled, they would ravage the whole region; and that his family as well as that of every other pioneer must inevitably perish. It was manifest to him that every man was bound immediately to take arms for the general defence. In a few days a summons was issued for every able-bodied man in all that region to repair to Winchester, which, as we have said, was a small cluster of houses about ten miles from Crockett's cabin.
  • "Is it, Martin? Why 'tis a very ordinary foot, I think. And the pins are behind the buckles." Sure enough I found these silver buckles furnished each with a good stout pin well-suited to my design; so breaking them from the buckles, I had soon bent them into hooks and (with the back of my knife and a stone) I shaped each with a small ring a-top whereby I might secure them to my line; and though they had no barbs I thought they might catch any fish were I quick enough.
  • We spent the night in a hotel just off the interstate. First thing in the morning, we were back out on the road, heading to Peachville, Georgia. I had never lived in a small town before. Or a group home for that matter.
  • The next morning the storm broke, and we started back to our camp behind the rocks, for the skins we had recently shot needed to be cleaned and dried. We reached camp that afternoon, where I found my old hunter, Fedor, who was now better, and had come to join us. He had arrived the night before, and reported that he had seen three bears on the marsh. He said he had watched them all the evening, and that the next morning two more had made their appearance. He could no longer withstand this temptation, and just before we had arrived had shot a small black bear with an excellent skin.
  • Long suffering, Aysha fell to her knees, placed both hands to the fertile soil and cried in despair. Her first teardrop awakened Shadyaikeeper of all the earthen spirits. He searched her heart and discovered the reason for her sorrow. Realizing her mother was no longer a part of the earth Shadyai gifted Aysha with a small portion of his spirit called the 'essence of deadly breach.’ This gift allowed her to travel unhindered between the earth and the abyss.
  • We started off with a small appetizer of marinated tuna with spicy couscous.
  • There were a few houses to the north just outside of what Range considered the town proper, a blacksmith and a small supply shop sat to the east.No one was about, it was cold and nightfall was imminent.They parked the wagon and horses outside the inn and Cortibis stood watch.The inside was like every other inn Range had seen. It had a low ceiling reinforced with thick wooden rafters and smelled earthy like a field after rain. A big warm hearth and a lot of tables tossed about occupied most of the room. A three-piece band played on a small stage.Only a few other patrons sat, drinking and eating. Range and Nicodemus pulled two tables together and everyone took a seat.
  • The irony was that later that day Mr Dashwood sent for me again and gave me a reward, rather a mean amount, but useful. Then, next day Mrs Dashwoods maidservant came to my shop and handed me a small package and hurried away before I could open it. Inside was a gold ring wrapped in a paper on which as written, ‘A reward for discretion’.
  • The Entity dismissed the ever faithful eagle and stepped into the Pantheon, an ancient Athenian temple, and lifted up a carefully selected stone tile, revealing a small keyhole. Shaking his head at the ease of it all, he thrust the key into it.
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