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Special series" data-title="Death by Design " data-url="/programmes/specialseries/2017/10/death-design-171019054750796.html" data-description="An investigation into the deadly health and environmental costs of the electronics industry." data-bcmedia="5617299717001">Death by Design
Special series
Death by Design
101 East" data-title="Australia's Mine Games " data-url="/programmes/101east/2017/10/australia-games-171018090852041.html" data-description="Insight into the fight to stop an Indian company's plans of opening one of the world's largest coal mines in Australia." data-bcmedia="5615836777001">Australia's Mine Games
101 East
Australia's Mine Games
People & Power" data-title="Russia: The Orthodox connection" data-url="/programmes/peopleandpower/2017/10/russia-orthodox-connection-171017140019859.html" data-description="What lies behind the close relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and President Vladimir Putin?" data-bcmedia="5617239483001">Russia: The Orthodox connection
People & Power
Russia: The Orthodox connection
Witness" data-title="Urmila: Saving Girls from Slavery in Nepal" data-url="/programmes/witness/2017/10/urmila-saving-girls-slavery-nepal-171016104522430.html" data-description="A former slave fights for the rights of girls sold into slavery while pursuing her own dream of becoming a lawyer." data-bcmedia="5614448159001">Urmila: Saving Girls from Slavery in Nepal
Urmila: Saving Girls from Slavery in Nepal
Al Jazeera World" data-title="The Beirut Spy: Shula Cohen" data-url="/programmes/aljazeeraworld/2017/10/beirut-spy-shula-cohen-171016125514131.html" data-description="The story of Shula Cohen, aka The Pearl, who spied for the Israelis in Lebanon for 14 years." data-bcmedia="5614339999001">The Beirut Spy: Shula Cohen
Al Jazeera World
The Beirut Spy: Shula Cohen
Risking it all" data-title="Dicing with death on the rivers of Vietnam and Laos" data-url="/programmes/riskingitall/2017/09/dicing-death-rivers-vietnam-laos-170925112919069.html" data-description="Bamboo harvesters navigate rapids on rafts while Lao fishermen risk death casting their nets into a roaring waterfall." data-bcmedia="5587784397001">Dicing with death on the rivers of Vietnam and Laos
Risking it all
Dicing with death on the rivers of Vietnam and Laos
Inside Story" data-title="Could battle for Raqqa bring the end of ISIL in Syria?" data-url="/programmes/insidestory/2017/10/battle-raqqa-bring-isil-syria-171015202040500.html" data-description="Syrian Democratic Forces have launched a major operation against ISIL's last stronghold in Syria." data-bcmedia="5611853630001">Could battle for Raqqa bring the end of ISIL in Syria?
Inside Story
Could battle for Raqqa bring the end of ISIL in Syria?
UpFront" data-title="Can nonviolence end the Israeli occupation?" data-url="/programmes/upfront/2017/10/nonviolence-israeli-occupation-171014065940911.html" data-description="We speak to Palestinian human rights activist Issa Amro about his upcoming Israeli military trial." data-bcmedia="5610208466001">Can nonviolence end the Israeli occupation?
Can nonviolence end the Israeli occupation?
The Listening Post" data-title="Taking a knee: NFL as a platform for race politics" data-url="/programmes/listeningpost/2017/10/knee-nfl-platform-race-politics-171015081556618.html" data-description="The Listening Post examines the NFL anthem protests and the relationship between the league and the Pentagon." data-bcmedia="5611361059001">Taking a knee: NFL as a platform for race politics
The Listening Post
Taking a knee: NFL as a platform for race politics
Talk to Al Jazeera" data-title="De Klerk: Looming ANC split 'healthy' for South Africa" data-url="/programmes/talktojazeera/2017/10/de-klerk-looming-anc-split-healthy-south-africa-171010094637906.html" data-description="Former South African president says race continues to dominate politics, calling for S Africa to 'normalise' politics." data-bcmedia="5610207196001">De Klerk: Looming ANC split 'healthy' for South Africa
Talk to Al Jazeera
De Klerk: Looming ANC split 'healthy' for South Africa
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